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Photos of Saigon in 1971

Even within a year, the facade and personality of Saigon can undergo significant change. Favorite haunts move, new buildings materialize, and once-recognizable corners take on completely novel identities.

In decades past, when photography was still an expensive pastime only the well-off could afford, we remember our city via memories passed down from previous generations and via the smattering of random shots taken by foreign tourists and soldiers.

These film photographs taken by Vincent Yip in 1971 belong to the latter category. Little is known about the identity of the author, but from the visual journey portrayed, one might be able to make out their itinerary in Saigon, from strolls in local markets, car rides past central streets, to the very last moment they stepped on the plane to leave the city.

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Don’t Fall For The Ludicrous Saule Omarova Cover-Up, She Is Too Dangerous To Confirm

Saule T. Omarova attending Committee hearing titled: “Fintech: Examining Digitization, Data, and Technology.” on September 18, 2018.

 What a beauty.....

When President Joe Biden appointed Saule Omarova to the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, it was not hard to discover that the Cornell academic held positions that were far from the American mainstream and would reset the U.S. economy under a command-and-control model.

That’s because the evidence has all been published, quite recently, in academic journals or appeared in videos accessible on YouTube. She has argued for the abolition of private sector banking, has urged said that all corporate charters should be conditioned on pledges to serve bureaucrat approved purposes, and said that the bankruptcy of oil and gas companies would be welcomed.

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Comment on "The Collapse of Kamala Harris

 The Collapse of Kamala Harris 

I'm so glad all of these officials on the right are quite open about their contempt for her and the pile of wreckage that her and joe have turned what was left of this country into. But let us also face a few painful facts, even if the republicans - for the sake of argument - pick up 90 house seats and ten senate seats next year, this won't change anything given the "leadership" of the party. McCornhole and company, his pals Ms. Graham and Mccarthy will NEVER use the levers of power to make the left pay for anything they have done to us. joe and knee pads will never be impeached, garland will never be brought up on charges for using the doj as his own private gestapo and using his position to allow his daughter and son-in-law to pocket huge amounts of money while poisoning the minds of our children.

schiff will not be denied being seated in the house for his role in the drama of lies he peddled for four years while Trump was president. The likes of brennan, clapper, that self-righteous dope comey and their underlings won't be going to prison and lose their pensions and all of their benefits. No, instead we'll hear from leadership empty platitudes about how we need to "move on" from this dark period and begin anew, as McCornhole hands his "good friend" joe victory after victory in the spirit of "bipartisanship".

If Trump is serious about '24, what he should be doing now is selecting people to run for the house and the senate who will be in a position to help him clean house, should he get re-elected. No one should be spared the headman's ax, especially those in his own party. I would remove romney's niece from the chairman of the party and put one of his sons in charge to make sure the money went to candidates who are going to fight. I would not let the leadership that stabbed him in the neck for four years walk away and be allowed to retire, I would have the new AG and the SEC look into all of their backgrounds for what amounts to insider trading and have them indicted. I would then clean house in the offices of the SDNY and once that was done, I would not give Hillary one moments peace, they will claim she's too old for jail, fine, strip them of every last penny and force her to live out her remaining existence in public housing. When a federal judge - like that little pansy in Hawaii who acts as Obama's hatchet man - steps in and says I don't think so, the house must impeach that person and then strip them of their law license.

He should fire every last officer over the rank of major and then move all the junior officers up. Weed out the woke traitors from the ranks and then conduct the same purge in the academies, including civilian staff. Make it clear that this nations military has but one purpose, to kill people and break things and do it better than any other military on the planet. It is not a social experiment to be toyed with by the likes of the woke faculty currently destroying our country from within. 

He should use the RICO statutes to go destroy the likes of the SPLC, the ACLU, the AFT and all of these other groups that are domestic enemies, seize their assets, use them to pay off the debt. He should then go after these uber wealthy globalists - like Soros - seize everything they have and use it to take care of our veterans.

People like McCornhole will scream something about all of that violating the law, or some such crap, but it has to be done. The left has made it clear these last nine months that they are playing for keeps and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Either Trump commits to doing the same, or we all burn.


Federal District Court Judge Issues Ruling That DESTROYS COVID-19 Jab Mandates; Cites Ivermectin & Natural Immunity

T. Kent Wetherell II is a judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. On May 7, 2018, President Donald Trump (R) nominated Wetherell to a seat on this court.[1] The United States Senate confirmed Wetherell on July 10, 2019, by a vote of 78-15.[2] He received commission on July 12, 2019.

A United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida made the best ruling I’ve seen to obliterate COVID-19 jab mandates.

And the judge’s based ruling uses real science to show why these medical mandates mock public health.

First, here’s a little background behind this case.

Ascension Sacred Heart issued a COVID-19 jab mandate for all employees to take the experimental injection by November 12th.

Hospital workers resisting the mandate have protested for the past few months:

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The Collapse of Kamala Harris

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Harris is not interesting, she’s not substantive, she’s not provocative, or innovative, or wry. She’s not funny. She’s not amiable. She’s not accomplished or persuasive or adroit. She’s a heedless, cowardly, cackling cipher — an insipid, itinerant woolgatherer, whose first instinct in any situation is to resort to farcical platitudes or to suggest wanly that we should all have a “conversation about that.”

Last week, a poll by Suffolk University revealed that just 28 percent of American voters approve of the job Vice President Harris is doing. That result is shocking . . . ly high.

That America’s voters disdain Harris as much as they obviously do gives me an extraordinary amount of hope for our future. In December of 2019, I celebrated Harris’s departure from the presidential primary with a “good riddance” that turned out to be woefully premature: “May Harris’s failed attempt,” I hoped, serve to “destroy her career and sully her reputation for all time.” Alas, the first part did not happen; on the contrary, Harris was springboarded up to within a heartbeat of the most potent office in the land. But the second part? Well, I got that in abundance. We are now ten months into this baleful presidency, and already Harris is the most unpopular vice president in history. And they say Christmas doesn’t come early!

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Kamala Harris is a very weird person

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Kamala Harris

Maybe Kamala isn’t an alien; maybe she’s just a machine. Has anyone tried downloading and installing Political Hack 10.4? Has anyone checked to see whether there’s a switch on her back that says “Weird/Not Weird”? Try unplugging her and plugging her back in — though it may be too late.

When Kamala Harris considers movie titles that make people think of her, she probably goes straight to “Wonder Woman.” I have news for her: Every time she opens her mouth, people are wondering, “What Planet Are You From?”

It’s pretty clear everyone in the White House hates her and is blame-leaking to every reporter around in hopes of emerging from this explosion in the stink-bomb factory without carrying any failure fragrance.

All politicians blather, but Harrisblather is like an air salad with vapor croutons and nullity dressing. She went all the way to France to offer insights like, “We must together. Work together. To see where we are. Where we are headed, where we are going and our vision for where we should be. But also see it as a moment to, yes. Together, address the challenges and to work on the opportunities that are presented by this moment.”

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Rittenhouse Judge SLAMS “Grossly Irresponsible” Lies of Mainstream Media Regarding Trial

Judge Bruce Schroeder slammed what he called “grossly irresponsible” behavior on the part of the mainstream media during Wednesday’s proceedings, questioning the merits of televising proceedings as a result of the coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse’s double homicide trial.

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U.S. 6th Circuit Court chosen to consider Biden vaccine mandate


 .... the split is 19-9 in favor of Republicans. Six of the full-time judges were appointed by former President Donald Trump.

The Cincinnati-based court was selected Tuesday in a random drawing using ping-pong balls, a process employed when challenges to certain federal agency actions are filed in multiple courts.

The selection could be good news for those challenging the administration's vaccine requirement, which includes officials in 27 Republican-led states, employers and several conservative and business organizations. They argue the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not have the authority to impose the mandate.

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'I'm Just Trying To Get You To Answer': Kennedy Presses Mayorkas On Release Of Criminal Migrants

'The View' abruptly ends fiery segment with conservative guest who is not COVID vaccinated: 'I just don't think we should allow this misinformation'

Talking to people like Whoop and Jot Behar at The View about Covid is like asking your surgeon for advice on how to stop a running toilet. 

It is the vaccine that is EXTENDING the pandemic; which, of course, is what it is designed to do.
There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that Democrat elites will not do promote and consolidate their power over The People of the United States. Everything they do,
whether it be open orders, abusive and counter-productive regulations, lying, stealing, cheating, is employed in that singular purpose. 
Nearly 800,000 Americans dead from Covid demand we do better; much better. Aside from well-defined vulnerable groups, who should be treated prophylactically to prevent getting Covid, the bulk of the population should be allowed to get the virus, recover from the virus and join the herd immunity that will eventually snuff out Covid just like putting the cover of the candle holder snuffs out the flame.  And we NEED to snuff out the flame, not feed it with ineffectual vaccines. 

Tucker: Why did they let Kenosha burn?

Reports Say a New “Vice President Nominee” May Be Voted On Imminently!

BioNTech, Pfizer and Moderna earn over $65,000 per minute

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unnamed (87)

People’s Vaccine Alliance conducted a study that showed that the profits earned by Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech are almost $1,500,000 per day 

The crisis is not affecting everyone, and it is certainly affecting companies like Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna, which are making a combined profit of $65,000 per minute from their Covid-19 vaccines, according to a study by the People’s Vaccine Alliance, which advocates for a better distribution of vaccines around the world. These pharmaceutical companies have amassed this money by selling the vast majority of their doses to wealthy countries, at the expense of less developed nations that remain very poorly vaccinated, the association laments.

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The Paxlovid Paradox

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Zvi at LessWrong rounds up the COVID news including this excellent bit on Pfizer’s anti-Covid pill Paxlovid which looks to be very effective but is not yet FDA approved.

The trial was stopped due to ‘ethical considerations’ for being too effective. You see, we live in a world in which:

  1. It is illegal to give this drug to any patients, because it hasn’t been proven safe and effective.
  2. It is illegal to continue a trial to study the drug, because it has been proven so safe and effective that it isn’t ethical to not give the drug to half the patients.
  3. Who, if they weren’t in the study, couldn’t get the drug at all, because it is illegal due to not being proven safe and effective yet. 
  4. So now no one gets added to the trial so those who would have been definitely don’t get Paxlovid, and are several times more likely to die.
  5. But our treatment of them is now ‘ethical.’
  6. For the rest of time we will now hear about how it was only seven deaths and we can’t be sure Paxlovid works or how well it works, and I expect to spend hours arguing over exactly how much it works.
  7. For the rest of time people will argue the study wasn’t big enough so we don’t know the Paxlovid is safe.
  8. Those arguments will then be used both by people arguing to not take Paxlovid, and people who want to require other interventions because of these concerns.
  9. FDA Delenda Est.

Shipments Containing Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Seized by Customs Officials in Chicago - Now We Know It Works:)

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Buy it!

100/200 Congressional Members/Staff Treated with I...

 Shipments containing Ivermectin tablets and Hydroxychloroquine pills were recently seized by customs officials in Chicago.

According to a press release from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the seizure happened at the international mail facility within Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on October 4. 

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