Monday, November 23, 2020

Who Owns America Today?

The chief conflict in American history was and remains the conflict between the center and the periphery.  Geographically, this conflict plays out as a powerful antagonism between the large, urbanized, metropolitan areas of America and their satellite college and university towns, and the less densely populated small towns and rural areas.  In the political and financial realms, the conflict is between the champions of the consolidation of political and financial power, the neo-Hamiltonians, and the sparse collection of surviving Antifederalists, Jeffersonians, Libertarians, and Paleo-Conservatives who oppose this consolidation. In our day, the neo-Hamiltonians clearly enjoy the upper hand.

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The Short March to the Door

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What a horrible end to my life’s work.

Tomorrow will be my last day teaching at a local university. It will be my last day teaching, period. For approximately 25 years, I’ve taught at the university level, and I spent seven years in a public high school.

Over the years I’ve seen the effects of technology on students. When I started teaching at University of Missouri as an adjunct in 1990, students read books. They didn’t have cell phones. Computers were still new. I wrote my master’s thesis on an Apple Mac. Now, the overwhelming majority have never read a book they were not assigned. Most never read the assigned books, preferring instead to consult Sparknotes online or submit papers they’ve paid someone to write for them. They cannot follow an argument in an article. They do not have the patience to try and tease out complex ideas and apply them to related issues. They don’t care about learning. They only care about their grades. They see nothing wrong with plagiarism.

Of course there are still a few for whom learning matters. The number has dwindled, however, and I find it decreasing every semester. I cherish those students who value learning.

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Behind his rhetoric, Joe Biden will seek nothing less than global supremacy, escalating a new and even more dangerous arms race that risks the destruction of humanity, what he calls “decency” and “normalcy.”

Throughout his campaign, Joe Biden railed against Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy, claiming it weakened the United States and left the world in disarray.

He pledged to reverse this decline and recover the damage Trump did to America’s reputation. While Donald Trump called to make America Great Again, Biden seeks to Make the American Empire Great Again.

Among the president-elect’s pledges is to end the so-called forever wars – the decades-long imperial projects in Afghanistan and Iraq that began under the Bush administration.

Yet Biden – a fervent supporter of those wars – will task ending them to the most neoconservative elements of the Democratic party and ideologues of permanent war.

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Comment on Sidney Powell: We Have Video and Photo Evidence of Election Fraud; Cheating Crosses Party Lines

I have not the slightest doubt that this woman, not to mention her tacit alliance with L. Lin Wood scares the bejezus out of these leftists. And the higher up the ladder of corruption and treason the more sleepless night she is creating.

The louder and more insistent the Demonrats and the RINO scum become in insisting Trump concede the more assured I am that she and her team have found more than even they imagined. The more vitriolic and personal the attacks become the more certain I become that the conspirators will have no answer to the evidence she will present except to deny it even exists.

The Biden steal was not just a last desperate attempt. It was also the culmination of a long laid plan. The communists have long since completed their "long march" through the education systems and the entertainment industries and to some extent through the churches. They fully expected that by the end of a first Hillary term that the middle class would be into a 40% status, the population so demoralized and dependent on government handouts, that by the time of the second she could just turn the keys over to the ChiComs and nobody would even notice.

But then came along one Donald Trump and more importantly what I call the indignant Americans. The incompetence and emptiness of 8 years of Obama was there for all to see and Trump became his legacy. Their plans for usurping not just Trump but the Constitution itself was put on steroids.

Well they got caught. Not only do they know it, we know it and they know we know it now they are pretty damn sure Sidney Powell knows it and has the proof.

Somebody should start a dead pool on who the first Arkanside victim will be. Once the first one drops the rest are trapped. Caught between the rock of merciless Arkanside and the hard place of an FBI that nobody in their right mind trusts.


Hollywood ‘Teeters’ as 706 Theaters Close Overnight

 Fine with me.

Because Democrats and the fake media are freaking out over a virus with, according to the CDC, a 996 out of 1000 survival rate, the movie business is literally getting wiped out. Over the weekend, according to the left-wing Hollywood Reporter, the number-one movie earned just $1.2 million, which is, “by far one of the lowest chart-topping grosses of all time.”

And it’s not just that…

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"I Had Lost My Beloved Country" - Repost 2017

What a tear jerker.  April 30th, the saddest day of my life.

Eric Coomer, Antifa leader, in charge of security at Dominion Voting, is a shareholder and on its Board of Directors

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Sidney Powell Releases Another Statement: "We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists....."

I agree with the campaign’s statement that I am not part of the campaign’s legal team. I never signed a retainer agreement or sent the President or the campaign a bill for my expenses or fees.

My intent has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may–whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.

The evidence I’m compiling is overwhelming that this software tool was used to shift millions of votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and other Democrat candidates. We are proceeding to prepare our lawsuit and plan to file it this week. It will be epic.

We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists from without and within or our votes altered or manipulated by foreign actors in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, or Serbia, for example, who have neither regard for human life nor the people who are the engine of this exceptional country.

#WeThePeople elected Donald Trump and other Republican candidates to restore the vision of America as a place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Is America Doomed to Split Apart?

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 Is anyone else too old to start living on his knees? See, submission is not in the cards. The question is whether preserving our freedom means dissolving the Union. And though our alleged betters tell us we are not allowed to think about that horrible prospect, it’s the ruling caste itself that raised the question.

When you get a vile clown like Chuck Schumer promising to “change America” if he steals another Georgia election in the coming run-off, it only reaffirms that we don’t want to “change America” – at least not into the Venezuela-lite he and his coterie of neo-Marxist bother-wedders, fake Indians, and buck-tooth morons want. We’re not living in a dictatorship of the mediocre-tariat, or of anyone else, period. That’s non-negotiable. Nor does any alleged conservative principle of the kind pushed by supine gimps of the Mitt n’ French variety bind us to do so.

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I can't believe it - what a shame - next thing you know they'll be trying to disband the Corps - again. USMC forever - Semper Fi !

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I spoke with my old Gunnery Sgt. yesterday, who I grew up with, regarding what's going on in the  Corps. He joined in 1959 did 24 years and spent four years in Vietnam.; He lives just outside of Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville. He says that the Marine Corps has changed drastically. He said that they disbanded the tanks and one of his best friends, who is also a Gunnery Sgt., says that he will not change his MOS and he is going to retire. He said that they did do an exercise from Camp Lejeune to Fort Drum concentrating on urban warfare.. It was very hush-hush and a big secret but he thinks it's because of the possible trouble after the presidential election is finalized. He said that the Corps has changed a lot and many old timers have no respect for the Commandant.  

He said it's not like when we were in where you kicked ass and took names but it is now a softer gentler group of crybabies that bitch about everything. He said that's why the Commandant got rid of all things Confederate because the Blacks pitched. a bitch.; now he has created animosity with the Southerners. He said that even at  boot camp they have timeout cards and you can't yell anymore. He said there's still some very gung ho Marines but why they would let this other element survive is beyond him and it will be interesting to see what happens to them in the time of war. We laughed about the old days when if you didn't do something right you got your ass handed to you and rightfully so but when you got called upon you did your extreme best and didn't bitch

Gunny just turned 80 years old and is still a hard charger!

Semper Fi!


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Our friend David Horowitz wrote this essay, which he titled “Fighting Words.” It is a call for freedom-loving Americans to fight back against the totalitarian Left.

By now it should be obvious – even to conservatives – that we are in a war. It is a conflict that began nearly fifty years ago when the street revolutionaries of the Sixties joined the Democrat Party. Their immediate goal was to help the Communist enemy win the war in Vietnam, but they stayed to expand their influence in the Democrat Party and create the radical force that confronts us today. The war that today’s Democrats are engaged in reflects the values and methods of those radicals. It is a war against us – against individual freedom, against America’s constitutional order, and against the capitalist engine of our prosperity.

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Sidney Powell: We Have Video and Photo Evidence of Election Fraud; Cheating Crosses Party Lines

 It’s all coming together now!

The truth is coming out.

And the truth shall set us free!

Well, not all of us.

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