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Man goes viral with plan to retire to a Holiday Inn instead of nursing home to save costs

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   I read about one man who stays on cruise ships at $100 a day. Not bad!

A Texas man is planning to spend his retirement years at Holiday Inns nationwide instead of moving into a nursing home, in an effort to cut costs, ABC affiliate WSET reported.

Terry Robinson of Spring, Texas, listed his reasons for spending his golden years as a customer of the hotel chain in a viral post on Facebook earlier this month.

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Irate Woman All Smiles Attacking Man in MAGA Hat. ICE Learns She’s Illegal and Makes Arrest

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“Santos is currently facing local charges for assault and other offenses. She is presently in ICE custody and has been entered into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts.”
Assaulting someone over their hat is a crime, but bragging and seeking media attention for doing it while you’re in the country illegally seems particularly unwise.

Rosiane Santos was recently arrested for after assaulting a Trump supporter who was wearing a “MAGA” hat inside a Mexican restaurant in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Even employees of the restaurant confirmed that Bryton Turner had simply ordered food before he was accosted by Santos.

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Left Trying Hard to Weaken Freedom of Speech

To Southern Women

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‎Travis Reynolds‎ to English Friends of the South
February 26, 2019

At twenty-two years of age John Worsham enlisted in the 21st VA when the War started. During his time of service he recorded his experiences and later published his memoirs. This post is a sad illustration of the passion and devotion of the Southern women that tugs on the heart even today.

Source: One of Jackson's Foot Cavalry his Experience and what he saw During the War 1861-1865, Including a History of "F Company," Richmond, Va., 21st Regiment Virginia Infantry, Second Brigade, Jackson's Division, Second Corps, A. N. Va.: by Worsham, John H.

Vietnam's Landscape

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Image result for Enchanting waterways, other-worldly valleys and perfect beaches: Breathtaking images show the stunning beauty of the Vietnamese landscape

There's a reason why 15million tourists flocked to Vietnam last year. These incredible pictures reveal the country in all its exotic glory. The collection includes other-worldly mountains and buzzing cities.

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"Now do you see Trump won the shutdown?"

Four weeks ago, President Trump and Congress agreed to end their stalemate over the wall and end the government shutdown. Democrats immediately declared victory.

I explained to readers the who, what, where, when, how, and why Democrats lost.

First, "Trump is getting the wall."

Second, "No, Trump did not cave."

Third, "Trump wins because he isn't screwing anyone over."

Let us review.

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New Gallup Study Spells Disaster for Dems Going into 2020 as Almost Entire Country Dominated by Conservatives

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President Donald Trump gestures at a campaign rally in August in Wlkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the first few days and weeks saw liberals beset with howling about how the Electoral College needed to be done away with.

Sure, the whole point of the election was to win 270 electoral votes, which is why the candidates allocated campaign resources the way they did. Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote must have been salve to her ego, but that and $11.99 could have bought her a 12-pack of Yuengling.

She also had twice as much money as Trump to blow over the course of the campaign and couldn’t win Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, states that hadn’t gone red since the Nintendo Entertainment System was considered high tech

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‘Unsustainable’ Single-Family Housing Declared ‘Racist’

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Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, an internationally recognized private property advocacy groups says, “The immediate result of eliminating single-family homes and in turn, destroying private property rights, is to degrade the property values of the homes so many have worked to build. It used to be called the American dream. Now it’s labeled racism, discrimination, and social injustice.”
The UNs’ Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and New Urban Agenda policies intend to end private property rights altogether to flip capitalism and Free Enterprise into Sustainable Development. This attack is intensifying throughout America. ⁃ TN Editor

One of the main indicators used by economists to measure the health of the nation’s economy is housing starts – the number of private homes being built around the nation. In 2018 housing starts fell in all four regions of the nation, representing the biggest drop since 2016.

While many economists point to issues such as higher material costs as a reason for the drop in housing starts, a much more ominous reason may be emerging. Across the nation, city councils and state legislatures are beginning to remove zoning protections for single-family neighborhoods, claiming they are racist discrimination designed to keep certain minorities out of such neighborhoods. In response to these charges some government officials are calling for the end of single-family homes in favor of multiple family apartments.

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Federal Court Judge Rules In Challenge to Bump Stock Ban. Here's What You Need to Know.

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Federal Court Judge Rules In Challenge to Bump Stock Ban. Here's What You Need to Know.

Back in December, the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) finalized a new regulation that changed definition of “machinegun” to include “bump-stock-type devices." Beginning March 26, owning or possessing a bump stock will be illegal.

On Monday night, a federal court judge denied three separate preliminary injunction requests. The decision was a consolidated ruling in two cases, Firearms Policy Coalition v. Whitaker and Guedes v. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

According to court documents, the plaintiffs had varying arguments for a preliminary injunction:

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A Crisis of Confidence

What Caddell understood better than anyone else, even during the 2016 election, is that mainstream America doesn’t care for social justice, violent activism, or radical change. They want blue collar jobs, a stable economy, low crime, and a positive future without being hectored by self-righteous hypocrites with a treasury of counterfeit virtue. In other words, they don’t like Yankees. Trump may not be from the South, but as a real New Yorker, he was certainly more genuine than the poseurs that masqueraded as candidates from both parties. Americans can tolerate moral failings so long as the candidate seems authentic. 
What the establishment didn’t get then–and what they don’t get now–is that the Crisis of Confidence speech honestly reflected the American character, and the “silent majority,” which may not be a crushing mandate in 2019, still believes in a Southern Jeffersonian order. Promoting it with a Southern accent helps, but most Americans will take a New Yorker with Jeffersonian principles as long as he champions the “rebirth of the American spirit.


Pat Caddell died on February 16. Several major news outlets ran stories about his influence in both the Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump campaigns. Everyone understood Caddell’s role as the voice of the “outsider.” A colleague at the College of Charleston, where Caddell served in the Political Science department for the last couple of years, said that Caddell hated everything about modern politics, including the corporate press. Caddell viewed the world as the people versus the establishment. Party didn’t matter, only ideas, which is why he could move seamlessly between Democrat and Republican campaigns.

Hollywood’s Fake History

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The battle of Jenkins Ferry near Little Rock, Arkansas in late April, 1864, is pronounced a victory for Northern forces by Wikipedia despite Gen. Kirby Smith holding the field of battle afterward and preventing the juncture of two enemy armies. The infamous Red River campaign of Northern commander Nathaniel Banks, of which Jenkins Ferry was part, was as noted below, a cotton-stealing campaign, as officers had their men confiscate cotton bales and send them to New Orleans for their personal enrichment.
Bernhard Thuersam, www.Circa1865.org   The Great American Political Divide

Hollywood’s Fake History

“The [Steven Spielberg] film [Lincoln] begins with a false portrayal of the battle of Jenkins Ferry, a victory by outnumbered (as usual) Confederates that put an end to a major Union cotton-stealing campaign. There was no massacre of black troops at Poison Springs, nor any massacre of Confederate prisoners by blacks in retaliation at Jenkins Ferry, as is claimed.

Most Northern soldiers would have slaughtered their black “comrades” before allowing them to slaughter Confederate prisoners. I suppose this invention makes a gratifying vicarious revenge fantasy for the leftist homosexual screenwriter.

The 1st and 2nd Kansas Regiments (Colored) are described inaccurately as cavalry. There were no black cavalry units in active service in the war. Northern soldiers would have balked at blacks riding while they walked.

During the war blacks soldiers were mostly labor and garrison troops, and occasionally, as at Ft. Wagner and the Crater, sacrificed in forlorn hopes of sparing the lives of white Northerners. Ambrose Bierce, a frontline Union soldier for the entire war, said he never saw any black people except the servants and concubines of Union officers.

The film shows Lincoln in friendly conversation with black soldiers who were veterans of Jenkins Ferry, though how they got to Washington from Arkansas is not explained. Such a scene is unlikely. Lincoln throughout his life had relatively little contact with black people. Some were run out of Springfield in Lincoln’s time, and at least one lynching occurred there after the war.

Lincoln did receive a delegation or two at the White House, to whom he hinted that the best thing their people could do was to emigrate to some friendlier clime . . . [and] used the N-word routinely. As Frederick Douglass observed, Lincoln was emphatically “the white man’s president.”

Obviously, these filmmakers wanted the film to be all about slavery, requiring a basic perversion of accuracy. But like so much of the treatment of the war, charity for black people actually takes second place to the whitewashing of Northern behavior, to safeguarding what Robert Penn Warren called “the treasury of virtue.”

Southerners and Confederates fared much better in Hollywood during the first half of the 20th century than they do now, although the picture is mixed, and an occasional sympathetic treatment sneaks through. A recent film, The Conspirator, about the execution of Mary Surratt for the Lincoln assassination, was fairly even-handed and accurate. Even so, it could not escape a certain amount of whitewash, almost as much as Tom Sawyer’s fence.

Inevitably, the degree to which Lincoln was beloved by his own side is exaggerated. Lincoln worship was a posthumous thing. And the film implies that Mrs. Surratt would not have been executed if her son had not escaped, thus shifting the blame of her murder from her killers to John Surratt. Think about it: It is suggested that these people were right to execute a mother since they could not lay hands on the son.

Indeed, the film entirely fails to convey the atmosphere of haste and secrecy that surrounded the whole of the proceedings after Lincoln’s assassination. Here again is something that has been broached by an occasional maverick historian but which Americans have never faced.

You would think in a matter so important there would be an exhaustive investigation. Instead, the supposed guilty parties were bound, hooded, gagged, and swiftly executed, and Booth when cornered and badly injured was killed rather than captured.

Why the haste? Cui bono? In fact, [Secretary of War Edwin] Stanton’s secret and summary dealings guaranteed that the full truth would never be known.”

(Civil War Cinema, Clyde N. Wilson, Chronicles, May 2013, excerpts pp. 45-46 www.chroniclesmagazine.org)