Saturday, December 1, 2018

516th AFF Suzuki A37 Battalion at Bien Hoa Air Base Supporting Xuan Loc 2-14-1975

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Gun Sales So Low At Dick’s They May Yank All Hunting Gear

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Dick’s Sporting Goods took a firm, anti-gun stance. Oh, it’ll still sell guns, but it’ll only sell “approved” guns, the kind that anti-gunners generally pretend are fine. At least until they get around to demanding those be banned too.

When Dick’s made its announcement that it would not sell AR-15s at any of its stores going forward and that it would discriminate against legal adults looking to buy long guns, gun rights advocates called for a boycott. It was answered. So much so that the company has been reeling from the lost revenues.

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Can the Republic Be Restored: Presidency

 Monroe Washington

The American President began as Cincinnatus, a patriot called to the temporary service of his country (a republican confederation). The President ends as Caesar, a despot of almost unlimited power, presiding over a global empire. Like the Caesars, in some quarters the President is even worshiped as a god. Cincinnatus was called because of his proven ability and patriotism. Caesar achieves power by fraud, bribery, convenient wars, and manipulation of the mob. As with Rome, candidates for the American emperor are sometimes selected by heredity, from the decayed descendants of powerful families: Roosevelts, Bushes, Rockefellers, Kennedys, Romneys, Gores.

94% of the time armed citizens thwart active shooters

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Reviewing FBI crime statistics, Jacob Paulsen of recently found that “in 94 percent of cases, armed citizens successfully intervene during what the bureau calls ‘active shooter events.’” The FBI defines an “active shooter event” as “one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.” Paulsen based his research on FBI records from 2000 through 2017, but he does note an important caveat: “The FBI does not include domestic shooting or gang-related shootings in its reports.” He also adds, “For the FBI to define an incident as an Active Shooter incident both law enforcement personnel and citizens have to have the potential to affect the outcome of the event based upon their responses to the situation.”

Democratic Socialism Is......

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CDC Planes Fly To San Diego To Bring In Sick Illegals We Were Lied To And Conned Again

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Hello, Jeff - The tear gas was essentially misdirection and perfect media nonsense...just a show for Trump constituents.  In my analysis, it was a planned diversion and hid the fact that some of these ailing Third Worlders are being clandestinely brought into the US after which they are flown by CDC planes to other states and hospital facilities for the best treatment money can buy.  OUR money.  CA is all but destroyed, so why now just keep them there?  Because the agenda is to destroy ALL the states and turn America into a paradise of Third World human junk.

Obviously, these are very sick illegals and now will be given First World medical treatment for AIDS, TB, Leprosy, Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, Measles and so many more transmissible Illnesses that we had long ago eradicated. My guess is that 95% of Latino illegals have deadly chagas disease.   The Measles, Mumps and Chickenpox we are seeing are essentially all foreign strains.   And let's not forget the rapidly spreading Polio and Adenovirus outbreaks now paralyzing and killing innocent Americans.   We must face reality...our 'government' has abandoned and betrayed us all.

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Deep Quandaries of the Deep State

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Watergate had tragic Shakespearean overtones, with Nixon as King Lear, but Russia-Gate — perhaps the last gate America goes through on its giant slalom run to collapse — is but a Chinese Fire Drill writ large. The reason? In 1973, we were still a serious people. Today, the most lavishly credentialed elite in history believe the most preposterous “stories,” or, surely even worse, pretend to believe them for political advantage.

Now, an epic battle of wills is setting up as Robert Mueller’s investigation concludes its business and its primary target, the Golden Golem of Greatness, girds his loins to push back.

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The Religion of Leftism

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The Religion of Leftism

Over the last decade, America has moved drastically to the left. Not only are more people on the left than ever before, the left is further left than it’s ever been. This radical brand of progressivism has come to be known as “leftism”—an extreme yet increasingly dominant segment of the political spectrum.

At the same time, America has grown more secular. According to Pew, “religious nones” are rapidly growing in number. These “nones” are most concentrated among millennials: 36% of millennials are religiously unaffiliated. Millennials happen to also be America’s most politically progressive generation.

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