Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Virginia Flaggers: Powhatan Lions Club Labor Day Parade

On Monday, September 5th The Va Flaggers and the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry were invited to join the Powhatan Troop Camp #1382 SCV for the 5th annual Powhatan Lions Club Labor Day parade.

We were expecting a small crowd and brought about 7 dozen stick flags.  We were out of flags within the first 5 minutes. Support was overwhelming and we were greeted with applause and thanks the entire route, which was lined by thousands.

Special thanks to the men of the Powhatan Troop, Camp #1382, SCV for the invitation and warm welcome.

What a great day in Dixie!

The Uncle Remus Museum

Via Terry

The Uncle Remus Museum strives to educate visitors about the life and work of Joel Chandler Harris using historic storytelling, period artifacts, dioramas of the more famous Uncle Remus character, local history during Harris' formative years, and informative tours.

The economy: If you're not worried yet, you should be

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I've written for years about the dangers of an economic downturn.  Many people regard such talk as 'crying wolf' - seeing non-existent dangers behind every bush.  Nevertheless, I've always been able to give reasons for my concerns, and some of you have researched them for yourselves and come to similar conclusions.  I've emphasized that I don't necessarily see it as a sudden, all-in collapse (although that's possible), but more likely a long, dark economic twilight.  Some of the articles I've written include (but are not limited to):

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The house is on fire! On the hidden horrors of Soviet life.

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Victims of Soviet NKVD in Lviv, June 1941.
Ninety-nine years ago, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated, and, after a few months of weak parliamentary rule, the Bolsheviks seized power. We call that seizure the Russian (or October) Revolution, but it might better be designated the Bolshevik coup d’├ętat. A party of 10,000 people gained control of an empire occupying one-sixth of the earth’s land area.

From the start, they made up for their small numbers with outsized violence. If at first their executions of liberals, socialists, workers who showed independence, and peasants from whom grain was seized at gunpoint seemed like a short-term necessity, it soon became evident that the violence would never stop. In fact, it was to grow, with Stalin proclaiming “the intensification of the class struggle” when Bolshevik control had long been total.

Sharia USA

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Fourteen years ago my life changed forever as I arrived in the United States, holding tightly to hope and a promise.

That promise was freedom and a dream of a better life.

I entered this beautiful country as a documented immigrant at the age of 18 in August 2002, almost one year after 9/11. After surviving 15 years of oppression under Sharia in Iran, I felt older than my years. I had seen too much and I knew all too well the suffering of those who were subjected to Islam. What I had witnessed and experienced had left my soul weary. But in America, I felt safe. I was able to breathe, and I could stop looking over my shoulder and living in fear.

I could now believe in miracles. Here I was, the newest member of the greatest country in the world. It was my rebirth into freedom. I was in a new place that viewed me as a human; someone of value to society. Finally, my life mattered. I was a daughter of liberty; a citizen of the U.S.A.

I’ve never forgotten those who I left behind -- and I have dedicated my life to them. How could I turn my back on them, when I know all too well the vicious suffering women endure in Islamic-ruled countries?

To Fight Climate Change, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Deputizes Thought Police

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New docs reveal that even allies wonder if activist AG went too far

With his latest plan to punish even thoughts and speech related to climate change, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has raised the eyebrows of even his fellow climate-change activist Democrat attorneys general (AG).

Officials from a number of state AG offices expressed anxiety about Schneiderman’s controversial plan to investigate and possibly prosecute not only energy companies, but think tanks, for challenging the science underpinning some of the more alarmist statements coming from the Al Gore camp of the party on climate issues. Newly-released emails, obtained under freedom of information laws, reveal a level of discomfort with Schneiderman’s strategy.

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2016 is the Flight 93 election: Charge the cockpit or you die.

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You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees.

Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain. To compound the metaphor: a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.

To ordinary conservative ears, this sounds histrionic. The stakes can’t be that high because they are never that high—except perhaps in the pages of Gibbon. Conservative intellectuals will insist that there has been no “end of history” and that all human outcomes are still possible. They will even—as Charles Kesler does—admit that America is in “crisis.” But how great is the crisis? Can things really be so bad if eight years of Obama can be followed by eight more of Hillary, and yet Constitutionalist conservatives can still reasonably hope for a restoration of our cherished ideals? Cruz in 2024!

Not to pick (too much) on Kesler, who is less unwarrantedly optimistic than most conservatives. And who, at least, poses the right question: Trump or Hillary? Though his answer—“even if [Trump] had chosen his policies at random, they would be sounder than Hillary’s”—is unwarrantedly ungenerous.

The truth is that Trump articulated, if incompletely and inconsistently, the right stances on the right issues—immigration, trade, and war—right from the beginning.

But let us back up.  

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Another attempt on Vladimir Putin's Life

Via comment by Sioux on Putin bans Rothschilds from Russia

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry points to that an assassination attempt was made on President Vladimir Putin. What inquiry points to is those who were behind this, thought that Mr. Putin had returned home from the G20 and this was a direct attack on Mr. Putin's life.

Mr. Putin's vehicle was traveling one direction and another vehicle crossed over from the other direction and smashed head on into the President's vehicle.

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Planet closer to catastrophic World War III than at any time for 60 years, experts warn & and it doesn’t look good for Britain or America if it kicks off

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Potential WWIII triggers are located in Poland, Syria and the South China Sea

Several flashpoints could erupt into a global conflict involving the US, China and Russia, it is claimed

THE world is closer to a catastrophic and bloody World War III than at any other point in the past 60 years, experts have warned.

Russia and China, both of which are pumping vast amounts of money into their militaries, could soon rival the US in terms of power and prestige.

More @ The Sun

Undercover Video Shows Communist Filth Pushed on Teachers at Brooklyn Conference (VIDEO)

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Leader Of Ferguson Protests Found Dead In Burning Car

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The leader of the Ferguson protests was found dead with a gunshot wound inside a burning car early Tuesday.

Authorities found the remains of Darren Seals, 29, after they extinguished the fire in the car, reports CBS News.

“We were asleep and we heard this big, big boom …  The next thing we knew, it was on fire. Like, flaming,” a woman who lived across the street told KMOV.

Officers responded to a call around 2 a.m Tuesday about a vehicle fire in Riverview, according to a statement from the police.  After authorities put out the fire, they found Seals’ body with a gunshot wound.

Putin bans Rothschilds from Russia

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Putin bans Rothschilds from Russia

Vladimir Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances. Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal.
“They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.”

Worse Than the Depression: 1 in 6 Working Age Males Has No Job Under Obama

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The numbers are in and after seven years of Obamanomics the economic climate in America is “worse than the depression.”

One in six working age males in America has no job. 
** Barack Obama is also the first president on record to not see a single year of 3% GDP growth.
The latest quarterly GDP rate was 1.1 percent.

NPR reported:

MSNBC Skews Poll To Put Clinton In Lead

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Hello there, cable news organizations. Do not ever do this. (h/t ).

MSNBC shifted a recent national poll Tuesday showing Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton to reflect the 2012 electorate, which in effect puts Clinton ahead of Trump.

The adjusted poll appeared during MSNBC’s “MTP Daily.”

One mo' for Cederq: What You Get Is What You See

For Cederq: PROUD MARY

For Cederq

Tina Turner - Better Be Good To Me

Imagine a night with her, even now at 76.