Monday, June 27, 2011

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 06-25-11 to 06-26-11

Injustice Everywhere


Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of June 25-26, 2011:

  • New York NY police sued by cop who was kicked, clubbed & maced after mistaken for suspect at daughter’s bday party [3]
  • Louisiana Supreme Court rules that warrantless searches of cars based on police hunches are permissible [-]
  • Charlotte NC police accused of threatening blogger w/arrest for photographing an arrest of man he reported [4]
  • 2 New Orleans LA cops face false reporting charges on allegations they planted drugs on man during false arrest [0]
  • Edinburg TX cop investigated after 18yr-old woman claims he tried to kiss her to drop ticket at traffic stop [0]
  • Saratoga Springs NY police chief suspended 1mo w/o pay for sending lewd texts to woman while on duty [0]
  • South Carolina state trooper fired after arrested for firing shot into home from moving car while drunk [0]
  • New York NY (Bronx) cop arrested over series of text msgs in 2hr period that threatened to kill mother of his son [0]
  • Connecticut state trooper arrested on assault & disorderly conduct charges in alleged domestic assault incident [1]
  • Cedar Rapids IA police won’t say whether cop photographed while drunk at bar w/police car was fired or quit [0]
  • Fullerton CA cop arrested on felony theft charge, caught on camera stealing iPad at Miami airport TSA checkpoint [1]

That’s it for this weekend, stay safe out there!

Kill Whitey

The Elector Retards



Kill whitey, no need for the link. Those that have plucked their heads from the sand long ago have already read the story. Looking for your crystal ball? You had best understand what is brewing, it's a dangerous concoction.

There are those that want to eradicate the white devil because of the sins of the father, I say go ahead and try, light the fuse I double dog dare you! I will not be prosecuted for events and crimes I did not commit, now if you want to lump me into a group because of the sins of the past, then you had best be prepared for one hell of a fight.

I could go into a long diatribe of government cheese and modern slavery, with a side of poverty pimps, and for the third course we could discuss work ethic and responsibilities, why? It's not necessary is it? This has more to do with the RACIST that is occupying the WHITE HOUSE.

The future need not by acquired by paying the local ethnic ten bucks, opening your eyes is all it takes. Understanding your enemies and why they hate you is a concept you need to wrap your mind around, and quick. The hatred happens to hold the highest office of the land, and he is NOT sending mixed messages, no his message has been very clear to those that want to harm us.

I feel sorry for those that knew better and never left the suburbs and the inner cities, you no longer have control over your fate. RIP WHITEY!


Another round of Let's Play Guess the Race


Vox Popoli


This round's news comes from Philadelphia:

A WOMAN'S leg was broken and several other people were injured Saturday night when a large group of teens accosted pedestrians in Spring Garden, police and witnesses said. Philadelphia police responded to two reports of pedestrians being assaulted by a large group of young people along Broad Street about 9:30 p.m....

According to the police report of the incident, Guendelsberger was "jumped" by 30 to 40 men who punched and kicked her numerous times. Police said they checked the area for surveillance but had no luck.

So here's the question. Were the "young people" involved:

a) White
b) Hispanic
c) Black
d) Asian

Read the article as closely as you like! You won't find any clues there! For a bonus point, guess the a) number of arrests and b) the race of the "unruly teenagers" at a street fair in Cleveland.

About 40 Cleveland Heights police officers had to control a crowd of unruly teenagers in the last hour of the Coventry Street Arts Fair Sunday, an event hat closes Coventry Road every summer from Mayfield Road to Euclid Heights Boulevard. There were no reports of injuries, but Cleveland Heights police were expected later today to release the number of arrests made Sunday.

One seriously wonders who the morons in the media think they are kidding. As any horror director knows, the monster people imagine is always scarier than the one on screen.

Kicking Waco Jim Cavanaugh's ass.

I too I have worked for many Directors for 25 years and am STILL on the job. Therefore I would like to respond to the ATF unofficial mouth piece, Jim Cavanaugh.

First of all please stop speaking for ATF management, they are big boys. They have chosen to speak through DOJ attorney’s instead and that is quite troubling.

Your comments early in this debacle suggested you were trying to mitigate and minimize HQs accountability for being so out of control. You were making excuses for how hard catching gunrunners is. Let me break it down for you; you develop evidence and probable cause you seize their guns and arrest them or not. No Guns hit the street.

They LET 2000 guns go to criminals because no one in the loop had the courage or integrity to stop it. Sound familiar Jim? You are obviously doing a Great bit of promoting. And I am intimately aware of the gunshots you heard in anger, and the circumstances of why you heard those shots. That’s not a GOOD thing Jim. Why exactly did you hear gunshots at all?

Have you lost your mind? Keep the appointment in Justice? Yeah that’s who I want overseeing and making sure ATF is accountable.

Sling Bow

Via avordvet, L&P

Ignorance, Stupidity or Manipulation

Walter Williams

Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., referring to his race and the Constitution on John Stossel's recent show "The State Against Blacks," said, "I wasn't even considered three-fifths of a guy." The Rev. Al Sharpton, debating on Sean Hannity's show, said, "Any black, at any age at any stage, was three-fifths of a human." Even eminent historian John Hope Franklin charged the Founders with "degrading the human spirit by equating five black men with three white men." Statements such as those either represent ignorance or are part of the leftist agenda to demean the founding principles of our nation by portraying the nation's Founders as racists. Let's look at the origin of the three-fifths clause.

Northern delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention and those opposed to slavery wished to count only free people of each state for the purpose of representation in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College. Southerners wanted to count slaves just as any other person. By counting slaves, who didn't have a right to vote, slave states would have had greater representation in the House and the Electoral College. If slaveholding states could not have counted slaves, the Constitution would not have been ratified and there would not be a union. The compromise was for slaves to be counted as three-fifths of a person in deciding representation in the House and Electoral College. The compromise reduced the power of slave states relative to the South's original proposal but increased it over the North's original proposal.

My questions for those who condemn the three-fifths compromise are: Would blacks have been better off if slaves had been counted as a whole person?

Via Sedition, L&P