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Excellent: Paul Ryan's Betrayal - Michelle Malkin at Paul Nehlen Rally


The Harassment of the Hammonds – Act III – Finale – a long train of abuses and usurpation

 a long train of abuses

Upon examination of the government’s trail of paperwork spanning a period of nearly two decades , between the Hammonds and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR), it is apparent that they were being persecuted by the federal government for simply insisting upon exercising their historical right to trail cattle. This began long before the controlled burn in 2002 and the backfire in 2006 that resulted in them being sentenced to five years in federal prison.

What is plainly “a long train of abuses” has been well documented by the documents obtained by those who made copies of public records (not classified) that were found at the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Though there were many more incidents, this review of the paper trail of correspondence between the Hammonds and the FWS , as well as other intergovernmental records, clearly demonstrates that abuse. This provides us a bit of transparency to the federal government’s treatment of those who had every right to their historical usage of those public lands.
On October 26, Dwight Hammond notified Fish and Wildlife Services (FWS) at MNWR, some 30 miles south of Burns, Oregon, and explained that historically, he did not have to notify anyone to “trail” his cattle (for you city folk, this means herding cattle along a route from one point to another).

FWS attempted to impose a requirement that they be notified as to the number of cattle, the route, the time, and the date of such movements. The new policy also disallowed grazing off of the trail while the cattle were being moved, held Dwight to a schedule by FWS, and demanded that he obtain a permit from them for each move.

Blue Cross proposes rate hike of nearly 40 percent on some Obamacare plans

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blue cross mmm.jpg

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is seeking an average rate increase of 39 percent on individual plans offered through the Obamacare marketplace, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The proposed rate hikes will affect more than 160,000 people in Alabama who purchase insurance through the federal exchange, or about 5 percent of Blue Cross membership.

Rate increases range from 26 to 41 percent, depending on the type of plan. Proposed increases are lowest for bronze plans, which offer the least amount of coverage, and greatest for the most popular silver plans.

Blue Cross is the only insurance company that will offer Alabamians individual insurance plans through the exchange next year after the departure of Humana and UnitedHealth. Those departures were announced earlier this year.

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The Morrill Tariff

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LongRoom Website: ‘Unbiased’ Polling Averages Has Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton in Tight Race

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The LongRoom Polling Analysis uses the latest voting data from each state’s Secretary of State or Election Division. The voting data is kept current by incorporating the latest updates from each state as they become available. This means that the LongRoom Polling Analysis accurately reflects the actual voting demographics, precinct by precinct, county by county, and state by state.

longroom unbiased results
The LongRoom Polling Analysis uses the latest voting data from each state’s Secretary of State or Election Division. The voting data is kept current by incorporating the latest updates from each state as they become available. This means that the LongRoom Polling Analysis accurately reflects the actual voting demographics, precinct by precinct, county by county, and state by state.

LongRoom took the last four national polls and after correcting them for bias the numbers show Donald Trump with a lead over Hillary Clinton.

Trump leads Hillary Clinton by almost a point when figuring in the polling bias.

Bernie Supporter: Hillary Clinton has pretty unmistakable signs of Parkinson's disease

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Outright Media Fraud=> Liberal Media Rescues Hillary – Fakes Photo of Her Tiny Florida Crowd

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Fake photo, show the real "crowd"

1965 Shelby 289 Cobra Roadster: Estimate $1,000,000 - $1,250,000



  • CSX2549
  • According to the Shelby Registry, fewer than 20 small block Cobras were built with the C4 Automatic
  • Invoiced on January 28, 1965 to Reynolds Motor Company in Los Angeles, California
  • Factory correct Silver/Red color combo
  • Class A accessories
  • Automatic transmission and chrome wire wheels
  • Reynolds was unable to sell the car and asked to return it to Shelby American for credit against future GT350 orders
  • Returned to Shelby American inventory in California in August of 1965
  • Invoiced to Hi Performance Motors and sold it circa 1967 to Marv Tonkin Ford
  • Tonkin sold the car to Jim Farmer of Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Sold in 1978 to Monte Shelton of Portland, Oregon
  • Acquired by auto collector and journalist Jerry Heasley in 1988
  • Heasley commissioned Wayne Davis to refinish the car in original Silver
  • 289 CI engine
  • Red leather interior
Carroll Shelby’s impact on the automobile is almost immeasurable. He won in almost every form of motorsport he attacked, excelling as a driver and then as a manufacturer and racing team manager. He also redefined the sports car with the 289 Cobra, a lightweight hybrid that married AC’s Ace roadster with Ford’s all-new thinwall V-8 engine. Once Shelby’s chief engineer Phil Remington and driver Ken Miles sorted the combination, the Cobra proved a terror in competition, immediately trailering the new-for-1963 Corvette Sting Ray and eventually winning the World Manufacturers Championship in Daytona Coupe form.

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American Culture: Massachusetts or Virginia

 salute of honor

Delivered at the 2016 Abbeville Institute Summer School.

A Frenchman has observed that the qualities of a culture may be identified by two characteristics— its manners and its cuisine. If that is so, then we can safely say that the United States, except for the South, has no culture at all. Aside from the South the only American contributions to cuisine consist of a few things imported by immigrant groups, like the hot dog and pizza. And a great many Americans outside the South either disdain good manners or have no concept of manners at all.

From earliest colonial times to the present, Southern manners have been noted by outsiders as an admirable exception to normal American behaviour. A Northampton, Massachusetts, newspaper says this in 1833:
“The manners of the Southern people we like far better than those of our own. They win confidence without effort, and create a feeling of sociality without ostentation, and throw around them a sentiment of kindness without affected display.”

The Tariff and Other Tales from Alabama

 Alabama Flag 2
My friends,
there is one issue before you, and to all sensible men but one issue, and but two sides to that issue. The slavery question is but one of the symbols of that issue; the commercial question is but one of the symbols of that issue; the Union question is but one of those symbols; the only issue before this country in the canvass is the integrity and safety of the Constitution […] The South has aggressed upon no section. She asks no section to yield anything that is for her safety or for her protection. All that the South has ever asked of the Government is to keep its hands off us and let the Constitution work its own way.
The South has been aggressed upon; the South has been trenched upon; four-fifths of her territory, in which she has equal rights, has been torn from her; and by the acts of Government she has been excluded from it. Revenues have been raised at the rate of two or three dollars in the South to one from any other section for the support of this great Government, but the South makes no complaint of mere dollars and cents. Touch not the honor of my section of the country, and she will not complain of almost anything else you may do; but touch her honor and equality and she will stand up in their defence, if necessary in arms.’
– Alabama Fire-Eater William L. Yancey, ‘Equal Rights in a Common Government’

Dad had enough when his son was beaten by Somali gangs - "my patience is over"

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Brian Anker in Fredericia in Denmark have had enough then a film spread in social media where his own son were assaulted and beaten by several Somalis.

"My patience is over," he wrote on Facebook.
It is one of Denmark's currently most viral news - the film that shows how the five Somalis unprovoked jump on and beat up 13-year-old Noah at a railway station in Fredericia in Jutland, Denmark. All Somalis while others scoff and filming the beating with their mobile cameras.

Ryan to Headline #NeverTrump Conference 3 Days After Primary & Paul Ryan Can't Win

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ryan obama

Paul Ryan hopes to survive his primary contest against conservative businessman Paul Nehlen on Tuesday.

Then on Friday he will headline the #NeverTrump Redstate Gathering in Denver, Colorado.

Speaker Paul Ryan, TV host Glenn Beck, and Lyin Ted Cruz will headline the August Redstate #NeverTrump conference in Denver.


Khizr Khan and the Triumph of Democratic Militarism


Against the wishes of her New York Democratic constituents, Hillary Clinton voted with Senate Republicans to invade Iraq. (It was a pivotal vote. Without Democratic support, George W. Bush's request for this war of aggression would have failed.)

Humayun Khan, 27, was an army captain who got killed during that invasion.

Eight years later, the dead soldier's parents appeared at the 2016 Democratic National Convention -- not to protest, but in order to endorse one of the politicians responsible for his death: Hillary Clinton.

Even more strangely, Clinton's opponent Donald Trump is the one who is in political trouble -- not because Trump sent Khan to war, but because Trump committed a relatively minor slight, especially compared to the numerous outrageous utterances to his name. Trump didn't denigrate the dead Humayun Khan. Nor did he directly insult his parents. Lamely trying to score a feminist point concerning radical Islam, Trump insinuated that Mr. Khan didn't allow Mrs. Khan to address the crowd because as a Muslim, he doesn't respect women.

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Minister joins attack on Obama's praise for Iran nuclear deal

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 PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)

Following statements voiced by the Defense Ministry of the Iran nuclear deal on Friday, in which its was compared to British Prime Minister’s appeasement policy and the 1938 signing of the Munich agreement with Hitler, government officials have continued to heap criticism on the deal.

“There is no basis for the American government’s approach according to which the the full Iranian implementation of the nuclear agreement is indicative of its success,” Hanegbi said. “This is precisely the problem with the agreement: Iran has no reason to violate it during its validation period because it already serves all its purposes. Iran continues its regional subversion unabated. It arms and finances terror organizations and continues to advance its illicit production of ballistic missiles. Despite all this its economy enjoys the removal of sanctions and many countries investing in businesses in Iran,” he complained.

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FOX News Hosts LAUGH OUT LOUD After Wasserman Schultz Says She Wasn't Booed at DNC Convention

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George P. Bush tells GOP to support Trump

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Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is asking Texas Republicans to support the Republican presidential nominee — though he has not endorsed Donald Trump, the Texas Tribune reports.

Bush said it’s time to put aside lingering tensions from the primary — in which Trump defeated his father, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — to back the nomine

“From Team Bush, it's a bitter pill to swallow, but you know what? You get back up and you help the man that won, and you make sure that we stop Hillary Clinton," Bush said, according to video provided by someone in the audience.

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Hillary’s Handler Carries DIAZEPAM Pen for Patients Who Experience Recurrent Seizures

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hillary handler diazepam

 Diazepam auto-injector pens are used for for Acute Repetitive Seizures.

An expert on Secret Service tactics told TGP Secret Service agents would not touch a candidate in the manner that this individual did and especially Hillary Clinton.  It has been widely reported on Hillary’s disdain for the agents who work to protect her. The man who touches Hillary may be a member of Hillary’s close staff – but he is NOT a Secret Service agent.

James Henley Thornwell and Southern Religion
I should not presume to tell Southern conservatives where to place Thornwell in their tradition, but, surely, a straight line runs from him to the Agrarians, who, astonishingly, slighted the thought of all the antebellum theologians.

The God-fearing, Bible-reading, hymn-singing Confederate army grew out of a Southern soil well cultivated during the long struggle of countless, if largely unsung, preachers to civilize a harsh and violent frontier. Personal piety and Bible-centered family circles bolstered the churches in a successful effort to shape the regional culture. The churches assumed responsibility for the education, especially moral, of the people, high and low and to a degree rarely appreciated, they set the terms for a vast consensus on the proper foundations of the social order. Let there be no mistake: a firm commitment to slavery-lay at the heart of that consensus, but few dared to enter public dis­cussion of slavery’s character and consequences without being pre­pared to ground their views in Scripture.

For unlike the North, the South resisted the rising pressure to slight the Word and reduce the Spirit to philosophical speculation. In helping to forge that conserva­tive sensibility, the most humble preachers stood with the most so­phisticated theologians. For, much like the leading secular intellectuals (most of whom also took religious ground) they did not suffer that acute alienation from their society which was becoming the hallmark of the intellectuals of the North and, indeed, of the whole of trans-Atlantic bourgeois society.