Saturday, May 17, 2014

GMO producers should be punished as terrorists, Russian MPs say

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Reuters / Thierry Roge

A draft law submitted to the Russian parliament seeks to impose punishment up to criminal prosecution to producers of genetically-modified organisms harmful to health or the environment.

The draft legislation submitted on Wednesday amends Russia's law regulating GMOs and some other laws and provides for disciplinary action against individuals and firms, which produce or distribute harmful biotech products and government officials who fail to properly control them.

At worst, a criminal case may be launched against a company involved in introducing unsafe GMOs into Russia.

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Sloviansk militias await combat assault of Ukrainian servicemen

Militia fighter near Sloviansk

In recent days, militias in Sloviansk are in combat readiness. A representative of the Kramatorsk people’s militia told ITAR-TASS that the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic “has introduced martial rule” expecting assaults and mopping up from Kiev-controlled units. “Militiamen are in combat readiness,” he said. “Yesterday, employees of the city’s enterprises were let home earlier; they expect mopping up from Kiev authorities.”


Abortion & Gay Marriage: Due To Backlash Suntrust Bank and Financial Services Reverses Position

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Real estate entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham

SunTrust Inc.  Has reversed itself.   But what difference does that make ?  

Anyone who would continue to do business with SunTrust Bank is being codependent to an ideological system quite comfortable with radical progressive, ideological targeting – now exposed. 

It matters not that SunTrust would recognize *NOW* the insufferable stupidity behind such a bigoted un-American decision.   What matters, what really matters, is that they would act on a sensibility of mob rule without care or consequence in the first place.

The “reversal” is a business decision.   Would they have reversed without the calls, emails and consequences of the soon-to-be closed bank accounts ?

Realistic Training with ID Target Systems IDTS modular: Reusable 3D targets bring greater utility to shoot-house scenarios.

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 From the front, the target looks like a hostile person.

 From the front, the target looks like a hostile person.

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