Friday, March 23, 2012

An Ode To My Mosin Nagant

Tom's Scout.


Mine is stock with pristine barrel and holds 2 inches at 50 yards off hand.


Also some info on my brake.

For Don: Mosin Nagant M44 Brake


Via Keep It Simple Survival

My Mosin Nagant comforts me,

I do not fear the PTB.

With ample ammo held in store,

I’ll never fear the kicked in door.

My mind is spoke without reserve

for deep within I have the nerve

to exercise my given right

for which I’ll always stand and fight.

So come and take it at your risk,

Resistance, it will be quite brisk.

Defend my home and family,

in that pursuit, quite fierce I’ll be.

So tread on me and poke the bear,

I think you’ll find I won’t fight fair,

for fairness has been too long lost;

we’ve been enslaved, at any cost.

So listen up, and warning heed,

I’ll not lament my righteous deed.

Within my rights is to defend

me and mine, right to the end.

I’ll die atop a pile of brass,

so ante up, or kiss my ass.