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Walker Percy’s Homage to Robert E. Lee


Lee In The Mountains, By Donald Davidson  
Walking into the shadows, walking alone
Where the sun falls through the ruined boughs of locust
Up to the president's office. . . .Hearing the voices
Whisper, Hush, it is General Lee! And strangely
Hearing my own voice say, Good morning, boys.
(Don't get up. You are early. It is long
Before the bell. You will have long to wait
On these cold steps. . . .)
The young have time to wait 

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Bazz, his wife Rachel and Dixie at General Pender's grave at Calvary Episcopal church in Tarboro when they were our house guests some years ago.

Bazz, RIP, said he could never read Lee In The Mountains without crying.
The novelist Walker Percy was inescapably Southern by virtually any measure. Born May 28, 1916 in Birmingham, he lived briefly in Athens, Georgia following the death of this father, grew up in Greenville, Mississippi, and lived most of his adult life in Louisiana, in New Orleans and Covington.

Both the culture into which he was born, and the fatherly—as well as literary—influence of his older cousin William Alexander Percy, who raised him and his two brothers in Greenville following his mother’s death, helped to mold some of his fundamental views for the rest of his life. Will Percy, author of Lanterns on the Levee, was partly responsible, by both precept and example, for instilling the stoic philosophy and, relatedly, something of the southern chivalric code, neither of which Walker as an adult could ever disown.[1]

Dershowitz delivers spirited constitutional defense of Trump

West Virginia in the Un-Civil War: The Union Annexation of 50 Virginia Counties

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Confederate Monument in Romney, WV
 Confederate Monument in Romney, WV

I have no doubt that the great majority of the people of West Virginia today believe they are better off separated from Virginia. They have their own two U.S. senators, and most importantly, they are not ruled by the wacko-leftist, anti-Second Amendment, pro-baby-disposal Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and his slavishly politically correct Neo-Marxist comrades in the Virginia Legislature.

“Democrat” was once a virtual synonym for conservative, especially in the South. But that was a far cry from the present madness. The Republican Party during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods was dominated by its big-business-big-government establishment wing. That has been slowly changing since Eisenhower. Reagan was a first peak of pro-worker, pro-middle class, common sense economic and social conservatism. President Trump has been a flowering and aggressive triumph of these same principles, vanquishing titanic errors of globalism and obsequious political fashions. It is a grave mistake to assume Republican and Democrat mean the same thing today as they did in 1860.

Mulvaney Rips Apart Alleged Bolton Claim: Didn’t Happen, ‘Publicity’ Rather Than Truth

Mulvaney Rips Apart Alleged Bolton Claim: Didn't Happen, 'Publicity' Rather Than Truth

Media is all atwitter today with the Bolton news, despite people not even having seen the actual book or knowing precisely what it says.

It should be a recognized standard at this point that such reports from the New York Times should be taken with a grain of salt. 48 hour rule, it always tends to fall apart as you see more facts emerge.
But despite that, media is still falling all over it immediately as a smoking gun.
There are already emerging two basic problems with the claim.

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Report: Alexander Vindman’s Brother Reviews Manuscripts at the National Security Council

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Report: Alexander Vindman's Brother Reviews Manuscripts at the National Security Council

As we all know, on Sunday night, The New York Times reported on leaks about former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s forthcoming book. Bolton allegedly writes in his new book that President Trump told him he planned to continue freezing $400 million in aid to Ukraine until they agreed to help investigate the Bidens and other Democrats.

Bolton’s lawyer, Chuck Cooper, issued a statement about the leak which said, “It is clear, regrettably, from The New York Times article published today that the prepublication review process has been corrupted.”

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The Liberals and media act like they've discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in a soon-to-be-published book authored by former Trump Administration adviser John Bolton.  There are claims Bolton has solid evidence that President Trump tied the U.S. aid to Ukraine to a requirement that Ukraine reopen the investigation into Burisma Holdings that employed Hunter Biden as a board member.

Eyewitness and fact witnesses Ukraine President Zelensky and our President Trump both contend such a demand or arrangement never happened, which means any evidence Bolton claims to have is irrelevant. There may have been previous discussions or even a proposed plan to do that, but the actual transaction between the two presidents did not include a quid pro quo element in the transcript of the original telephone call, and it is only the final transaction that is relevant and not any discussions or proposals leading up to that call.

The other problem the Liberals have is the fact the House is exclusively tasked to assemble all the elements of their impeachment evidence.  Once that is completed, the House then sends the impeachment documents to the Senate, where a trial is conducted on the evidence the House provided -- and nothing more.  Any additional alleged evidence the Liberals claim became available after they completed their impeachment could be brought forward in a separate impeachment process, but that is not required in this current Senate trial.  Of course, the Senate can change the rules and allow further evidence or witnesses, but in the end the final verdict will still be that no impeachable offenses occurred -- and that's all that counts.

Obviously, allowing additional witnesses and evidence will result in a prolonged trial that could last 3-5 more months, and that means the Congress will be hamstrung from doing the Peoples' Business that much longer.  The Liberals are already seeing swing-voters leave their side because they've been wasting our time on their impossible impeachment scheme, instead of working on matters like health care, RX drugs, infrastructure, etc.  If the Liberals get their way and more witnesses are called and additional evidence allowed, the Democrat Party will find itself almost extinct after the 2020 elections.  Either way, the Democrats are facing certain defeat in 2020, where we will see the Conservatives win a majority in the House and the Senate in addition to seeing President Trump win a second term with ease.  How badly the Democrats will be turned away depends on how much more time they waste, so they face a lose-lose situation that they brought about entirely themselves.

Oh boo-hoo!

~~Carl F. W.


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Former Chief of Staff to John Bolton: Withdraw Your Book Immediately

 The Associated Press

Fred Fleitz, former CIA official and former National Security Council chief of staff, urged his friend and former boss, former National Security Adviser John Bolton, to withdraw his tell-all book from his publisher “immediately.”

Fleitz, who served as Bolton’s chief of staff twice, said it was “crushing” to read weekend press reports that Bolton planned to publish a book on his time in the Trump White House. Those reports included a bombshell New York Times report on Sunday that alleged Bolton’s leaked manuscript draft said Trump told Bolton he wanted to withhold aid from Ukraine until its government agreed to investigate his political rivals.

Fleitz wrote in a Fox News op-ed:

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“Orders to Kill” Dr. Martin Luther King: The Government that Honors MLK with a National Holiday Killed Him

MLK DAY 2020. In commemoration of Martin Luther King’s assassination, we bring to you this article by Edward Curtin first published on Global Research in January 2017.


Very few Americans are aware of the truth behind the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Few books have been written about it, unlike other significant assassinations, especially JFK’s. For almost fifty years there has been a media blackout supported by government deception to hide the truth.  

And few people, in a massive act of self-deception, have chosen to question the absurd official explanation, choosing, rather, to embrace a mythic fabrication intended to sugarcoat the bitter fruit that has resulted from the murder of the one man capable of leading a mass movement for revolutionary change in the United States.  Today we are eating the fruit of our denial.

In order to comprehend the significance of this extraordinary book, it is first necessary to dispel a widely accepted falsehood about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. William Pepper does that on the first page.

Supreme Court Allows Trump Administration to Enforce ‘Public Charge’ Immigration Rule

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The Supreme Court of the United States in Washington on May 7, 2019. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

The Supreme Court has voted to allow the Trump administration to enforce its new rule that restricts the eligibility of new immigrants who are deemed to likely become “public charges” if they receive visas.

The top court justices voted 5-4 to grant a stay on nationwide injunctions issued by a lower court on Monday, allowing the Trump administration to enforce its “public charge” rule across the country, except for Illinois, while the appeals play out in court.  A separate injunction ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois remains in effect but only in that state.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan said in the opinion (pdf) they would have prevented the rule from taking effect.

The public charge rule, which was issued in 2019, provides clarification about what factors would be considered when determining whether someone is likely at any time in the future to become a public charge. A public charge refers to an individual who is likely to become primarily dependent on the government for subsistence through assistance such as food stamps or Medicaid.

SHOT Show 2020 Report

 photo of federal HST ammo at shot show 2020

It’s that time of year again. (NSSF) SHOT Show 2020 is in full swing at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV and Widener’s is bringing you all the action from the show floor. The gun industry is buzzing with new announcements, products, and breaking news. With more than 1,600 exhibitors there’s a lot to see and review in every category of the firearms industry. We’ll break up our report by product category for easy navigation Let’s dive in below and take a look at some of the hottest new items at SHOT Show 2020.

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Atty Jane Raskin: "If We're Keeping Score on Who Got it Right, It's Giuliani 4, Mr. Schiff Zero"

Will Democrats Take Up Arms To Remove 'Dictator' Trump Or Are They All Talk?

 Will Democrats Take Up Arms To Remove 'Dictator' Trump Or Are They All Talk?

I want to know why you Democrats are such cowards that you have not yet launched another civil war to free America of the totalitarian nightmare of President Donald J. Trump. I mean, if he’s truly Hitler 2: Electric Boogeyman, then isn’t it your sacred duty to remove this cancer on our body politic with arms if necessary? Look, I get that you Dems have a track record on insurrections designed to oppress the rights of Americans you feel superior to that is pretty poor (0-1) but come on, heroes of democracy, make your move! Just sitting here in the midst of this crisis you keep whining about makes you look like sissies or lying piles of talking garbage.

Actually, both.

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She Begged Him For Sex And Then Accused Him Of Sexual Assault. Columbia Expelled Him Despite Audio Proving His Side.

 Cropped shot view of woman hands holding a small condom before using it with her partner. - stock photo

Columbia University continues to deny students accused of sexual assault their due process rights, going out of their way to ignore exculpatory evidence in order to find accused men responsible no matter how thin the allegations.

The latest example is Ben Feibleman, who is using his real name to fight the allegations against him, made by a woman who, as usual, gets to keep her anonymity and is only referred to as Jane Doe in court documents. The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein recently published an exclusive interview with Feibleman regarding the $25 million lawsuit he filed against the university last May. I encourage you to read her full story (warning: language and graphic depictions of sex), which includes a complete transcript of the 30-minute audio recording Feibleman made of the woman when he started to suspect things might go wrong.

Athena Rifle is First "Bedded Action" AR-15 - Sub-MOA $1,799 - SHOT Show 2020

Virus linked to covert bio-weapons program

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 Hospital staff wash the emergency entrance of Wuhan Medical Treatment Center, where some infected with a new virus are being treated, in Wuhan, China, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020. The number of cases of a new coronavirus from Wuhan has risen to over 400 in China health authorities said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Dake Kang)

The deadly animal-borne coronavirus spreading globally may have originated in a laboratory in the city of Wuhan linked to China’s covert biological weapons program, said an Israeli biological warfare analyst.

Radio Free Asia last week rebroadcast a Wuhan television report from 2015 showing China’s most advanced virus research laboratory, known the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The laboratory is the only declared site in China capable of working with deadly viruses.

Dany Shoham, a former Israeli military intelligence officer who has studied Chinese biological warfare, said the institute is linked to Beijing’s covert bio-weapons program.

The Democrats’ Burisma Bait and Switch


When you get to court, though, you are horrified to learn that the judge is excluding your defense.

The prosecutors peremptorily assert that it’s all a big lie. The judge doesn’t want to hear your constitutional claims about the rights to present a defense and call witnesses; your motion to subpoena evidence is denied.

Then, at the trial, not only do the prosecutors establish that you planned to take millions from the bank; they tell the jury there was not a shred of evidence that you had any legitimate collateral or business investment prospects. The whole thing, they insist, was a scam. That is, they stop you from presenting your defense, and then they argue that you should be convicted because you have no defense.

It sounds like something out of Kafka. It would never be tolerated in the U.S. judicial system: no competent judge would bar an accused from attempting to prove his defense; and if one did, any conviction would be reversed on appeal. It would not matter whether the prosecutor’s proof was convincing; having one’s day in court means having an opportunity to present any exculpatory evidence

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