Wednesday, December 30, 2020

President Trump Abruptly Cuts Florida Vacation Short to Return to Washington


 The Gateway Pundit

President Trump is cutting his Florida vacation short to return to Washington.

The President last week traveled to his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach to celebrate the Christmas holiday with First Lady Melania.

The White House made the announcement on Wednesday however they didn’t give a reason for the President’s abrupt change of plans.

Trump will return to Washington Thursday, a few days earlier than previously planned.

President Trump likely wants to be in Washington as we come to the crescendo of this battle against the corrupt Democrat machine.

Earlier today Senator Josh Hawley announced he will object to the certification process on January 6th.

Trump’s legal team is still working around the clock appealing to state legislatures and urging them exercise their powers under Article II Section 1 Clause 2 of the Constitution and choose to send Trump electors to Washington on January 6th.

A Call to Arms for All Patriots to Come to the Aid of Their Country

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 Full Transcript: President Trump's Republican National Convention Speech -  The New York Times

At stake is whether our country survives as a constitutional republic from this covert, insidious attack both from within by the aid and comfort by elected and unelected officials and others owing allegiance to the United States and by the assistance of hostile foreign governments and The New World Order.  As Benjamin Franklin said, our government is, A republic, if you can keep it. As explained by Richard Berman, “. . . democratic republics are not merely founded upon the consent of the people, they are also absolutely dependent upon the active and informed involvement of the people for their continued good health.”  [My emphasis] We must preserve the rule of law and put an end to this unequal system of justice — rules for thee, but not for me.  As John Adams said, “[We are] a Government of Laws, Not of Men.”

Our founders were visionary and provided ways to resolve disputed Presidential elections. Constitutional law expert Attorney Jenna Ellis, a Trump legal team member, outlined this procedure. The most straightforward solution is for the six contested states' legislatures to convene on their initiative by a simple majority vote without being called into session by a reluctant governor. Then by a resolution by a simple majority vote, reclaim their state’s electors pledged for Biden and appoint electors for Trump before Congress meets Jan. 6, 2020.  

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[Photos] The Maritime Idyll of 1965 Phan Thiet


Before it became a weekend destination for workweek-weary Saigoneers, Phan Thiet was an austere fishing town.

John Hansen, an American veteran, snapped these shots of the sleepy coastal area during a visit in 1965. The pastel-toned photographs reveal a town and economy focused on fishing. Boats make daily pilgrimages to the sea to gather sea creatures, while a fish sauce factory churns out the golden-hued godsend of a sauce. People's intimate relationship with the sea is perhaps best exemplified by the stilt homes with special docks for one to arrive via boat. It's a nice reminder that if humans could fly, we would probably have doors on our roofs.


Mark Levin: 'On January 6, We Learn Whether Our Constitution Will Hold'; and 'Whether Congressional Republicans Care'

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Seven days, America; win, lose, or draw.

I wrote an article in early December titled Mark Levin Has Seen Enough: ‘It Is Time for the US Supreme Court to Intercede’ — and He’s Definitely Not Happy With PA, in which I reported on the fiery Levin going absolutely off on Pennsylvania, and demanding that the Supreme Court intercede. That did not happen.

Seven days, America; it’s for all the marbles.

One week from today, four years of rancor, distrust, and bitter political divisiveness will come to a head on Capitol Hill, as Congress meets to vote on the certification of Electoral votes to make Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States.

While only God knows what will transpire just outside, and no doubt across the country, there is far more at stake than who becomes the 46th president. As Fox News host, author, and Constitutional lawyer Mark Levin sees it, January 6, 2021, will be more about whether “our Constitution will hold” — and “whether Congressional Republicans care” if it does.

In a Wednesday op-ed for The Blaze, “The Great One” masterfully laid out the gravity.

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THE MAN WHO WILL SAVE AMERICA… “This Isn’t the Beating of a Drum, This Is the Burning of a City!” – Inventor Jovan Pulitzer DESTROYS Georgia’s Corrupted 2020 Election Results

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Please watch this presentation and share it with everyone you know.  We need to have Mr. Pulitzer review the ballots from all the swing states.

Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was in front of the Georgia Senate today and he totally destroyed Georgia’s 2020 election results and offered a plan where for free, he will determine the accurate results by examining the paper ballots used in the election.

Prior to today we’ve requested that President Donald J. Trump write an Executive Order mandating that the ballots and images in select states be audited and reviewed for fraud by Jovan Pulitzer.

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Trump Admin Declassifies Intelligence that Indicates China Offered to Pay Non-State Actors in Afghanistan to Attack US Soldiers


President Trump is set to declassify intelligence that indicates China offered to pay non-state actors to attack US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Of course, the mainstream Pravda media says these reports are “unconfirmed.”

When was the last time the mainstream media reported all of their Trump hit pieces were “unconfirmed.”

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Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Unanimously Passes Motion to Audit Fulton County Absentee Ballots


On Wednesday, the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee unanimously passed a motion to audit the absentee ballots in Fulton County.

Fulton County is the county seat of Atlanta and Georgia’s most populous county with a population of just over 1 million.

With so many absentee ballots in question, an audit here can be a game changer in Georgia.

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BP Chief: Joe Biden Will Spur ‘Waves’ of ‘Uncontrolled Mass Migration’ to U.S.

TOPSHOT - US Customs and Border Protection agents check documents of a small group of migrants, who crossed the Rio Grande from Juarez, Mexico, on May 16, 2019, in El Paso, Texas. - About 1,100 migrants from Central America and other countries are crossing into the El Paso border sector …

President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to end a series of United States cooperative asylum agreements with Central America will spur “waves” of illegal immigration to the southern border, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chief Mark Morgan says.

As Breitbart News reported, Joe Biden is planning to tear down President Donald Trump’s legal wall that he has built through U.S. agreements with Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador that have helped stem illegal immigration at the southern border and allow federal immigration officials to quickly return border crossers to their native countries.

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POLITICS-GOVT Gingrich: Swirling controversies will doom GA Dem candidates

                                                                                                 Jon Ossoff 2

“Do you really want a Chinese Communist-sponsored U.S. senator from Georgia?" Gingrich told Fox News. "I think most Georgians are gonna say no."
Georgia’s most well-known Republican lawmaker predicts Peach State voters will reject the two Democrat nominees who are both mired in controversies with less than a week before the pivotal runoff.

Georgia voters are returning to the polls Jan.5 to choose Sen. David Perdue or challenger Jon Ossoff (pictured below), and Sen. Kelly Loeffler or challenger Rev. Rafael Warnock (pictured at left).

A Dec. 29 poll by Trafalgar shows a narrow race: Ossoff is leading Perdue 50-48 and Warnock is leading Loeffler 50-49, according to RealClearPolitics. 

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A Lesson from Robert E. Lee: We can't find a reason to honor the Civil War general because we've forgotten why we needed him in the first place.

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There once was a general who fought a war to protect slavery. That’s not how he would have described it. He would have said he was fighting to protect his way of life from a foreign invader. Whatever construction he put on it, his so-called way of life rested on the sweat wrung from forced labor on plantations and gold earned from buying and selling black flesh.

That general was Samori TourĂ©. The West African chieftain is honored today by black nationalists for resisting French imperialism in the Mandingo Wars of the late nineteenth century, but thousands of Africans were enslaved by Samori’s raiders in the course of building up his empire. After his final defeat in 1898, for more than a decade, columns of refugees tramped into French Guinea to return to their home villages as they escaped or were liberated from Banamba or Bamako or wherever Samori’s men had sold them. 

Ta-Nehisi Coates named his son Samori, after the great resister. That means that Between the World and Me, the best-selling anti-racist tract of the current century, which takes the form of letters from Coates to his son, is addressed to someone named after a prolific enslaver of black Africans.

History is complicated, isn’t it?

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It’s Interesting How the Violent Riots of 2020 Ended Right After the Election (Just a coincidence, nothing to see, move along....)

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 As Nov. 3 election draws near, fears mount of escalating street violence –  Orange County Register

Lest people think that 2020 was only about Covid-19, lockdowns, and economic disaster, don’t forget about the protests, riots, and escalating exhibits of rage.

The triggering event was the death of George Floyd. He was killed during an arrest on May 25th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The entire thing was caught on video. It had all the potential to be a turning point with regard to police brutality and race – the nation was riveted and outraged.

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POLITICS Missouri senator to contest Biden's Electoral College votes

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley says he will contest certification of Electoral  College vote

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., says he will raise objections next week when the Congress meets to decide whether to affirm the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, forcing House and Senate votes that are likely to delay the final certification.

President Donald Trump has charged there was widespread fraud in the election. He has pushed Republican senators to pursue those charges even though the Electoral College this month declared Biden had 306 votes to Trump's 232.

A group of Republicans in the Democratic-majority House have already said they will object on Trump’s behalf during the Jan. 6 count of electoral votes, and they had needed just a single senator to go along with them to force votes in both chambers.

Hawley said he would object because “some states, including notably Pennsylvania” did not follow their own election laws.

“At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections,” Hawley said in a statement Wednesday. 

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Here’s How Mike Pence Could Still Send President Trump The 232-222 Win!


It's for @Mike_Pence to Judge whether a Presidential Election Was Held at All. On Jan 6, a joint session of Congress will open with VP Pence presiding as president of the Senate. His power will be plenary and unappealable. CALL THE @VP

A lot has been written and speculated about Mike Pence.

Is he a white hat?

Black hat?

We know Pence got one of those envelopes at the Bush Funeral and we know the rest of the people that got them were NOT good company to be in.

There are rumors of very bad actions rising out of Indiana when Pence was Governor.

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SCOTUS 9-0 Decision: Federal Elections Undecided by Midnight are Void

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If the Harris/Biden duo take the WH, our constitutional republic will be dead within two years. We will morph into a democracy of mob rule. No democracy in the history of the world has survived; they all go down in flames. It will also be the end of the Republican Party. The shadow government is close to stealing this election with no one held accountable and it will be their SOP from here on out. Are you going to stop this steal ? Your oath of office demands it.

We are approaching the 11th hour and still not a single U.S. Senator or Senator-elect is willing to stand Jan. 6th to stop the stealing of this presidential race.  Perhaps one might find the courage do what should be a given considering there’s an ocean of hard evidence of this concerted effort to put Harris/Biden in the WH.

 Shame on you, Rand Paul, Tommy Tuberville, Ted Cruz and Loeffler.  One would think all of you would be the first to stand for truth, the Constitution and Donald Trump.

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