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M-1s With Bayonets At Two Minutes+

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"There is no moral argument that justifies using the coercive powers of government to force one person to bear the expense of taking care of another. If that person is too resolute in his refusal to do so, what is the case for imposing fines, imprisonment or death? You say, 'Death! Aren't you exaggerating, Williams?' Say he tells the agents of Congress that he'll pay his share of the constitutionally mandated functions of government but refuse to pay the health costs of a sick obese person or a cyclist who becomes a vegetable, what do you think the likely course of events will be? First, he'd be threatened with fines, imprisonment or property confiscation. Refusal to give in to these government sanctions would ultimately lead to his being shot by the agents of Congress."
--Dr. Walter E. Williams

There Will Be No Bailout For The States

"This is the chance to pry the parasitic government-employee unions off the body politic. They have bankrupted the states, and the resulting crisis gives us the means and the opportunity to put an end to their plunder."

Senators Now In Contact With ATF Agents About Project Gunwalker Scandal

"Insider sources claiming they can provide testimony and documentation to confirm allegations raised in the “Project Gunwalker” story reported previously in this column are now in contact and/or have been placed in touch with Senate staffers."

Good Neighbor Firearms Ordinance Workgroup Meeting Summary

For your information, attached please find a summary of the Good Neighbor Firearms Ordinance Workgroup meeting that was held on January 20, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. Once the next meeting has been scheduled, a notice will be sent out with this information.


Paula G. Woodard

Clerk to the Board

Johnston County ~ 207 E. Johnston Street ~ PO Box 1049

Smithfield, North Carolina 27577 ~ Ph: (919) 989-5100


Good Neighbors Firearms Ordinance Work Group

Meeting Summary

January 20, 2011

Members Present: Mr. Allen Mims, Chairman; Mr. Jeff Carver, Vice-Chairman; Mr. Buck Pipkin; Mr. Rick Hester; Mr. Berry Gray; Mr. Jeff Lawrence; Mr. Jake McAllister; Mr. Stephen Reeves; Mr. John Reid; and Mr. Mike Stancil.

The Good Neighbors Firearms Ordinance Workgroup met at 6:00 pm on January 20, 2011 in the Emergency Operations Center located in the Johnston County Courthouse Law Enforcement Building.

Chairman Allen Mims opened the meeting by providing a history of the proposed firearms ordinance and he explained that the draft ordinance has not been heard by the Board of County Commissioners. He stated that the Board of Commissioners have received several complaints from residents who have experienced problems with careless neighbors shooting within major subdivisions and dense areas. He also clarified that the purpose of the Workgroup is to discuss the ordinance to see if changes can be made to address all concerned parties.

Each of the citizen representatives of the workgroup expressed their concerns with the proposed Ordinance and provided suggestions. These concerns and suggestions included the following:

  • Concern with creating an ordinance to prohibit shooting because of a few non-responsible citizens.
  • This issue can be addressed in the noise ordinance without prohibiting shooting outright.
  • Suggested regulating shooting using hours and not under influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Concern with the definition which includes bb guns and bow and arrows. Suggested to use ATF definition instead.
  • Concern with how the ordinance would affect hunting.
  • Suggested the ordinance not include a distance.
  • The ordinance should emphasize that the projectile should not leave the property or impact the property of another and that carelessness should be addressed instead of setting a distance.
  • Concern with the difficulty of enforcing a 600’ distance.
  • General Statute already addresses safety issues; therefore, why create another law.
There was discussion on what other jurisdictions do, which range from regulating the bullet leaving the property, to setting a distance.

There was also discussion on the limitations that the Sheriff’s Office has with current enforcement and concerns with enforcement of the proposed ordinance.

There was brief discussion on the need for a County shooting range, but it was decided that the subject would need more discussion at a later time.

The audience members were then allowed to ask questions and make comments.

The County staff will review the ordinance again with consideration given to the comments of the Workgroup and will reconvene at a future date, to be announced.

The Workgroup meeting ended at 7:30 pm.

Note: This is a brief summary and is not a verbatim description of the workgroup session.

Sweet Virginia Belle

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Fairer than the golden morning,
Gentle as the tongue can tell,
Was our little laughing darling;
Sweet Virginia Belle.

Bright Virginia Belle!
Our Dear Virginia Belle!
She bereft us
When she left us;
Sweet Virginia Belle!

How we used to roam together
O'er the mountain, through the dell,
In the smiles of springtime weather,
Sweet Virginia Belle!

While her life was in its morning
Came a sad solemn knell,
She was taken without warning,
Sweet Virginia Belle!

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Fanatical Abolitionist Agitation Caused Secession

The American South had acquired a large African population first through England’s colonial labor system and New England slave traders, then from territorial expansion enabled by the machine of Massachusetts inventor Eli Whitney’s that fed raw cotton to New England and British textile mills. Recalling the murderous 1790’s slave uprising of Santo Domingo which massacred the white population, Southerners were rightly concerned about Northern Republicans and abolition fanatics who spurned peaceful solutions to slavery and preached incessant bloody race war in the South.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
The War Between the States Sesquicentennial:
John Brown Going to His Hanging

Fanatical Abolitionist Agitation Caused Secession

“The commercial Charleston Daily Courier for October 24 [1859] printed a large selection of [Northern] editorials [reacting to John Brown’s raid] for the benefit of its readers. The Hartford Times, Boston Courier, and New York Herald confirmed that the recent attempt to incite insurrection should indeed be charged to the teachings of Seward, Sumner, and their ilk, while the New Haven Morning Times hoped that abolitionists would learn the futility of disturbing the harmonious social relations of slavery.

The most significant editorial opinion of the lot came from Henry J. Raymond’s Republican New York Times. [Raymond] asserted that “the great mass of the people North,” whatever their party affiliation, “regard every such attempt to emancipate Southern slaves as that which had been crushed in Virginia with horror and execration.”

The business community of New York City with its close commercial ties to the South, as well as similar groups across the nation, suddenly came forward publicly to preach the same doctrine. With the New York Herald in the lead, spokesmen for the city’s businessmen condemned the fanatical attack, loudly proclaimed their dependence upon Southern markets, and declared their ardent support for the South and slavery.

The news from Harpers Ferry, and its still more dreadful implications had frightened [Charlestonian Francis] Pickens. Should the people of the North fail to rebuke the demagogues who fostered such schemes, Pickens warned…the cause of political moderation in the South would be crippled. If instead, the “Conservative men of the North do their duty promptly, it may be the means of confirming the confidence of the South in their integrity & ability.”

With other South Carolina Unionists, Pickens placed safety from insurrection and abolition far above love for the Union. He called for a constitutional convention to permanently guarantee that Northern border States would not again be used as “nurseries” for abolitionist plots.

Republicans were quick to deny culpability in the [John Brown] raid, and more, to spurn the label of abolitionists. On the floor of the house and Senate Thaddeus Stevens and Lyman Trumbull and others took issue with these charges. Trumbull declared that he had no idea why some Southern leaders were threatening secession if a Republican were elected [president] in 1860. His was not an abolitionist party, he asserted, “We have no intention of interfering with your domestic institutions.”

Fired by John Brown’s raid, Barnwell Rhett denounced [Northern] antislavery sentiment…Abolitionists had split the national churches, stolen slaves, barred the Southern people from the common western territories, and incited black insurrections. The Charleston leader was confident that John Brown had now shown all Southerners what awaited them should the Union come under the control of the Republican party.”

(Crisis of Fear, Secession in South Carolina, Stephen A. Channing, Simon & Schuster, 1970, pp. 84-88)
Fanatical Abolitionist Agitation Caused Secession

NC House Bill 84 Reaffirming The 10th Amendment

North Carolina

League of the South News Service

21 January 2011

Oval 001.JPG

“North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford

Kicks Off the War Between the States Centennial in 1960”

The Sesquicentennial of North Carolina’s role in the War Between the States is upon us. Though the League of the South is not a heritage organization, we follow the maxim that “we do not live in the past, but the past lives in us.” With that in mind, we encourage all to sponsor, promote and participate in a remembrance of the Second American War of Independence, and especially North Carolina’s role in asserting its State sovereignty on May 20, 1861. At this writing an “Ordinance of Secession” observance is planned in Fayetteville on 20 May 2011 with a reenactment of its reading to the assembled citizens---and an artillery salute. The date was chosen by legislators 150 years ago to coincide with the date of the Mecklenburg Resolves in 1775. More on this later and your participation is greatly encouraged.

Political Views:

NC Representative Carolyn Justice (R., New Hanover/Pender) announced last night that NC House Bill 84 Reaffirming the 10th Amendment will be resubmitted to the re-constituted legislature after languishing in the past Social-Democrat-dominated Senate. This of course good news and at least a step in the right direction.

Remember that no matter what happens in Washington City, and even if the corrupt regime crumbled today, we would still have with us Governor Bev Perdue and her fellow-travelers in Raleigh. We must be realists as North Carolina citizens and do our part to be politically active, influential, and vocal about State politics. This year has improved as we see a Tea Party-enhanced Republican party in legislative power and they must be held accountable to those who elected them, and who expect them to reduce State spending. Join local activist groups where you can exert influence and help shape policy.

Some grassroots political groups offer these very sound policies for State government reform:

Pass a budget with zero tax increases.

Increase public charter schools and encourage private schools.

Strictly limit State government spending.

Protect private property.

Stop forced municipal annexation.

End all “welfare for politicians” known as taxpayer funded elections.

Keep North Carolina a “Right to Work” State.

Allow easier ballot access for political parties.

Reduce the regulatory burden on citizens and business.

Reduce State tax on gasoline.

Pass the NC 10th Amendment Reaffirmation Bill

Be active!

Let’s keep the momentum going as the NC LS gains respect as a viable political organization in North Carolina---and expands it influence with other organizations.

NC LS Winter Conference and Nathaniel Macon Institute (NMI)

“Cracking North Carolina’s Closed Political System”

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, 1160 Huffman Mill Road

Burlington, North Carolina

ncflag1861-2 copy.jpg

Beitler.jpg Tuggle.jpg NCLS Winter2010 008.JPG

L-R: Dr. Michael Beitler, Michael C. Tuggle, Dr. Tom Minsel

Join us for a day of provocative analysis of North Carolina’s political system, an important part of our daily lives no matter what happens in Washington City. Our keynote speaker will be free market proponent and former US Congressional candidate Dr. Mike Beitler of Greensboro. He is the author of “Rational Individualism” and “Strategic Organizational Change,” and will be presenting his views on North Carolina’s political system and limited ballot access for non-mainstream candidates.

League of the South Board member, author and LS REBELLION! blogger Michael C. Tuggle will speak on “Short Circuiting the System,” a unique do-it-yourself political guide for Tarheel voters seeking better results at the polls. Mr. Tuggle is past State Chair of the NC LS and author of “Confederates in the Boardroom” and he will have copies of his books to personally sign.

Dr. Tom Minsel, Director of the NMI, will present “November 2010: Catch 22” an analysis of poll data results and the systemic problem built into our State political "system.” He will ably demonstrate how the State needs to take the lead in national politics and why the League of the South offers the only solution to our national plight. We expect a third speaker on the same topic and are in negotiations with a well-known political analyst from Charlotte.

Mark your calendars for February 12th. Members are expected, guests are always welcome.

Order Your Free Magnolia’s To Distribute!

This power-packed tabloid is one of the best tools the League provides for us to spread the good word in local restaurants, shops and information racks. They are available from the LS national office for only $20 for a bundle of 100.

Directions to the Mayflower Restaurant:

Take Exit 141 off I-40/85 and turn West away from town (left if you are coming from Raleigh, right if you are coming from Greensboro). The Mayflower is located on the left just beyond the interstate overpass and beside the Kangaroo gas station.

See for agenda information.

Bathroom Mirror Prank

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Remembering Robert E. Lee: A Week-Long Observance
North Carolina’s Legal Holiday Observes Lee’s Birthday January 19th

Lee’s Own Emancipation Proclamation Predates Lincoln’s:

“Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation made an impression upon Robert E. Lee. He understood its significance. Lincoln intended to win the war and to preserve the Union regardless of consequences. When he was inaugurated he had affirmed that he had neither the power nor the disposition to interfere with slavery. He had now reversed himself. But thereby, his military government was made perfect.

This view [Lee] expressed to [President Jefferson] Davis. “The military government of the United States has been so far perfected by the recent proclamation of President Lincoln, which you have no doubt seen, and civil liberty so completely trodden under foot, that I have strong hopes that the conservative portion of that people, unless dead to the feelings of liberty, will rise and depose the party now in power.”

Yet while Lee was penning his letter to Davis he was signing and delivering the deed of manumission to the three hundred Custis slaves. This act antedated Lincoln’s proclamation by three days; Lincoln’s proclamation became operative January 1, 1863, Lee’s manumission papers had been in effect since December 29 previous.” (Although Lee's act physically freed slaves, Lincoln's did not.)

(Robert E. Lee, A Biography, Robert W. Winston, W. Morrow & Co. 1934, pp. 208-209)

Remembering Robert E. Lee: A Week-Long Observance

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GOA Alert
ObamaCare Repeal Passes Its First Test
-- Don't listen to the liberal prophets of doom; victory is possible

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

January 21, 2011

Wednesday night, by a vote of 245 to 189, the House passed H.R. 2 -- a bill to repeal the anti-gun ObamaCare law.


As you may recall, this is the law that will allow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to troll a federal database containing your most confidential health care data in order to create millions of new "prohibited persons" for the FBI's InstantCheck data bank.

But to listen to most media accounts after the vote, you would think that while we won the first battle -- we have already lost the war.


True, we have some tough battles ahead of us. But don't believe the far left's premature pronouncements of our defeat. For instance, they claim the repeal bill won't even come up for a vote in the Senate.

Well, the truth is that a single Senator can use the Senate rules to force the House-passed bill onto the Senate legislative calendar. And at least one Senator has indicated that he will do this.

Once H.R. 2 is on the Senate calendar, ANY SENATOR can move to proceed to it. True, Harry Reid will squeal and whine that Republicans are interfering with "his prerogatives." But as red state Democrats stare into the face of electoral defeat, Reid's prerogatives may not be that important to them.

It is also widely believed that the bill would fail in the Senate even if it were voted on. Maybe, maybe not. Many bills start without a majority of support in Congress, but ultimately pass.

The trump card of the left is they believe President Obama will veto any ObamaCare repeal.

We'll see. If Republicans choose to tack the ObamaCare repeal onto some "must pass" legislation such as the funding of the government or the debt limit increase, Obama will face the choice of repealing his treasured legacy or shutting down his rule-making agencies for the remainder of his term.

So, the bottom line is this:

The successful legislative strategy of the far left over the past year is to pronounce, like a mantra, "We're going to win. You're going to lose." All too often, our side concedes.

But we have all the legislative tools we need to repeal ObamaCare -- or shut down the Obama administration.

Action: Contact your Senators and urge them not to believe the lie that there's no way to repeal ObamaCare. You can use the Gun Owners Legislative Action Center to send your Senators a pre-written e-mail message.

The National Right To Work Act Petition

Dear Concerned American,

They snickered when I said I came to the U.S. Senate to change Congress.

But their laughter stopped when I sponsored the National Right to Work Act to free U.S. workers from forced unionization and break Big Labor's multi-billion dollar political machine forever.

President Barack Obama and Big Labor allies in the Senate are now feverishly scheming to bury the National Right to Work Act without a vote.

So I have a question for you.

Will you be my sledgehammer?

Your signature on the petition to your Congressman and Senators is what is needed to bust through the opposition and force a vote on the National Right to Work Act.

This is an opportunity you and I cannot afford to miss.

As you know, the right to decide freely whether or not to join a union was taken away from American workers by Congress almost 75 years ago.

A result of back-room deals between union bosses and their tax-and-spend Congressional puppets, compulsory unionism provisions in federal law currently empower union officials to:

>>>Force nearly 11 million Americans to pay tribute to a union boss to get or keep a job ...

>>>Brazenly loot union treasuries to fund the election of their hand-picked political puppet candidates like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ...

>>>Terrorize workers and communities with violent strikes -- where they get away with beatings, arson -- even murder.

The National Right to Work Act strikes at the foundations of the union bosses' power.

And here's the thing -- the National Right to Work Act is wildly popular with American voters.

In fact, for years polls have shown nearly 80% of Americans think it should be against the law to force workers to pay money to union bosses just to get or keep a job.

All you and I have to do is force an up-or-down roll call vote on the National Right to Work Act ... And the American people will do the rest.

Many Democrats and more than a few Republicans elected with Big Labor's over $1 billion in forced-dues political cash cower in fear of casting a vote against the National Right to Work Act.

What will they do when forced to vote?

It's a win-win situation -- either they pass the National Right to Work Act and free American workers or they pay in 2012.

It will be a marathon battle.

But I will not flinch in the face of opposition and insider attacks.

I believe, with your help, this is a fight we will win.

And I know it's a fight worth fighting.

You see, the union bosses fear a vote on the National Right to Work Act more than just about anything else.

They know it's a losing proposition for them whether the bill passes or not.

The fact is for decades union officials have schemed to seize billions of dollars from their "members" and then used it to elect their candidates to protect these privileges.

This is how Washington -- from Jimmy Carter to Ted Kennedy to Bill Clinton to Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama -- got to be what it is today.

The National Right to Work Act will turn this entrenched, corrupt Washington order on its head.

Every year Big Labor siphons over $8 BILLION from workers' paychecks; mostly from workers who, if they refused to pay, would be fired from their jobs.

Union bosses take this eye-popping heap of dough to feed a lifestyle of limousines, penthouses and raw political power.

And, my friend, Big Labor's political corruption costs all of us:

*Hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts and bloated government spending suck the life out of our economy, rewarding failed businesses like GM and letting union-boss featherbedding and rigged contracts rocket the cost of schools, hospitals and roads through the roof.

*Millions more good-paying jobs destroyed or driven overseas as union czars cripple America's bedrock industries with wasteful work rules, hate-the-boss propaganda and violent strikes.

*You and all Americans robbed of your wealth as the economy stays in recession and the price of cars, gasoline and groceries climbs upwards.

*Small businesses strangled with red tape and bureaucracy designed by greedy union flunkies to kill companies too small for so-called union “organizing.”

That's why it's crucial you sign the petitions today and, if possible, make a generous contribution to the National Right to Work Committee.


Rand Paul, M.D.
U.S. Senator

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IDF Women

"As on the one hand, the necessity for borrowing in particular emergencies cannot be doubted, so on the other, it is equally evident that to be able to borrow upon good terms, it is essential that the credit of a nation should be well established."
--Alexander Hamilton, Report on Public Credit, 1790