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It’s All About The (Declining) Dollar

"The good part about the Republicans regaining control of the government again however is it will be easier for Ron Paul to audit the Fed and the US gold reserve, assuming one still exists."

Morehead City NC Veteran's Day Parade


I received a call from the Veteran's Office yesterday morning concerning our position number at the parade on Saturday, the 6th. Position on Evans between 15th and 16th Streets. Number 87.

Parade begins at 1100 hours. Hopefully a Confederate Color Guard up front, any other SCV in uniforms immediately behind. Civilian attired Compatriots and family members after. One pickup truck with musicians in back last. Color Guard: At least two riflemen on ends with at least one CS National Flag and a NC Republic Flag in between riflemen. As many flags as possible, including a US Flag (Betsy Ross, if possible) being highest, and SCV Camp Flags among the SCV people behind the CS Color Guard. Keep a space between CS Color Guard and SCV Camp people. Truck with music will take the rear. Kenny unable to march, therefore, he and Worth will make CS Music.

I Worth Mason

"T" On His Teachers

I'm not sure how many here on the forum are aware of just how much I value Brock's friendship and guidance. However, I believe there are enough here that are aware of such that might find this post slightly interesting.
About three days ago, Brock and I were talking after he was kind enough to post a recount of my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Finch.............may God rest her soul, cause only He could. Anyway, I asked Brock to remind me to recount my top three favorite all-time teachers, and I use the word teacher in a white man's connotation, meaning "educator". I make this distinction to separate the difference between those who influenced me in the red world.

The teacher who comes in at #3 on my list would be Miss Bass, although she was actually Mrs. Bass. I believe the "Miss Bass" was a carry-over that went hand-in-hand with her very strong Virginia accent. Miss Bass was my first grade teacher. She was also my little brother John's first grade teacher. The funny thing is, she was our mama's fourth grade teacher. Twenty three years separated when she taught my mom to when she taught my brother. Miss Bass was 67 years old when she taught me. Today you would be hard pressed to find a teacher that made 20 years of a career. Miss Bass made 50 years of teaching young people, as my brother's class was the year that she retired.

In her room at Cherry Street Grade School, Miss Bass had two photographs on the was George Washington, the other was Marse Robert (there is a theme developing here. You will have to read farther to discover the theme.)

Miss Bass was the consummate Southern lady, by that I mean quiet spoken, gentle to a fault, but if you were stupid enough to disrespect her, she was the first to march you to the principal's office for a paddling. (What happened to paddling in school?)

My fondest memory of Miss Bass was the lessons taught, and the little plays and skits that she would produce for the entire school population to view. These always started with the American Revolution, and ended with the War of Northern Aggression.

In the classroom, Miss Bass made it crystal clear that that war of 61-65 was totally avoidable. She referred to it as "Mr. Lincoln's War", and each time today when I see 'Mr. Lincoln's War' in print, I cannot help but think most fondly of a lady from Virginia who made learning interesting.

Selecting teacher #2 has posed a great challenge.
I am faced with trying to resolve the influence of a teacher that I had for the fifth and sixth grades, or for one that I was only privileged to study under for one semester my senior year in high school. I have just at this moment made that decision.

Mr. Earl Holtz was a giant of a man in stature. I believe him to be the largest teddy bear God ever created. When I first walked into his class in the fifth grade at Cherry Street Grade School, I freaked at his stature; that fear went away when I heard the first word he uttered. A kinder voice, for a male, I've never heard.

Being raised Southern, despite being born above the line, I walked up to his desk, extended my hand, and introduced myself. He graciously took my hand, and said "Mr. Warren, is it your intention to merely pass this grade, or would you like to really learn?" Thinking for some 20-30 seconds before answering, I replied, "Mr. Holtz, I am here to learn." He assigned me the first desk in front of his (remember when you lifted up the top of your desk and it has a hole in them for an ink jar? And they had 40 years of names carved into them? That was my desk for two years.) And inquiring minds might wonder...........did I scratch MY name into that desk? And the answer would be.........YES, I did, with my caramel-color handled Barlow.

Back to the story....Mr. Holtz was the only teacher at Cherry School that taught fifth and sixth grades simultaneously. I feel totally blessed in this, as it is the closest thing, except when I taught on the reservation, to a one room school. Hopefully someone on this forum actually attended a one room school, and would be kind enough to recount that experience. I found it marvelous.

Fifth grade always received the daily instruction first. I should interject this occurred just after Mr. Holtz lead us in the Lord's Prayer......and what happened to that? Oh yeah, some atheist got her way. I digress.

Mr. Holtz was seen as somewhat an outsider in my hometown. If memory serves me correct, he came from Maryland. He was teaching high school, at the time that my mother was a freshman. I know this because I have seen photos in her freshman yearbook........he was her coach on the rifle team (and what the hell happened with that?). Tell me what is wrong with schooling young adults in the safety and skills of marksmanship............totally unheard of today. Proudly, I was also on the rifle club team through high school. Again, I digress.

In two years of Mr. Holtz's lessons, I remember most clearly two things: #1, him saying most adamantly that the war for Southern independence (his words not mine) was constitutionally appropriate and that "that war" was avoidable and was most definitely a war over tariffs, not slavery (find me an educator today who will make that statement....I want to shake his/her hand). #2 most memorable influence was when Mr. Holtz showed us, on 16mm film, the Nuremberg Trials. That was a lesson I have never forgotten, and it laid the groundwork for my love of learning of anything WWII related. I stayed in contact with Mr. Holtz, working on his farm on occasion, up until his death. I could not force myself to attend his funeral. I loved him that much. I have regretted not attending his final services ever since.

"The finest teacher I ever had" was Ronald Berkshire, a mere pencil of a man, an overwhelmingly strict military disciplinarian, who has just recently passed over the river.

Mr.Berkshire taught me, in one semester, more history than I had learned from grade one through eleven combined. I must also say that in four years of university, I never had a professor that was so well-versed in history, as was Mr. Berkshire.

I believe it was in 1939 that he left the United States and became a fighter pilot for the RAF. I believe he received his flight training in Canada. I know that he met and married his first wife in England during WWII. On a personal note, I played music with his eldest child, who is still living, and I dated his middle child, now deceased for nearly two years, and my little brother dated his youngest daughter.

Mr. Berkshire never used film, maps, overhead projectors, or a pointer stick. He merely painted pictures in words. That is a trait, that has been on several occasions, applied to me. I believe those that have said such do me great honor, but an honor of which I am not worthy.

I wish that I could say that my fondest memories of lessons taught by Ron were of the war of 61-65. In all truth, I cannot make that statement; in fact, I believe we spent one day on the so-called Civil War. The reason behind that, and I can hear his voice at this moment saying, "there wasn't a damn thing civil about that war, the term civil war had no application in regards to that conflict". To loosely quote that day's lesson, simply would be to say 'it was a war of greed, waged by the Northern industrialized sector of New England; to which the Midwest fell in line like dominoes'. I believe he was right in not only his take on the war, but for not wasting any more time on the subject.

Ron Berkshire could tell you stories, first-hand accounts, of being in an underpowered, over weighted Spit Fire, and having two or three Messerschmidt's on your backside. When he taught our class about WWII, everyone, excepting the two farm boys who had worked all night, and the one cheerleader who had spent all night with the football team, lived what he taught. Though we were too young, and lucky enough to have missed it, we lived it through him. That is a teacher. That is a real educator.

Pam, Mayme and I moved to Lawrence County, Illannoy, in 1995. I believe that it was in the first week we lived here, that Pam asked "can you find me a real newspaper in this one cow town?" offense intended to the local papers published here, just a "city girl's" way of asking for a national paper. I left our home on Refinery Row, the baddest neighborhood there was in town, and made my way to Ada Lee's (great name, ain't it?) Candy Shop and Newsstand. I walked in the door on a Saturday morning, saw about 6-10 people sitting at vintage ice cream tables having coffee, smoking cigars and cigarettes (and what happened with that?) and reading the national papers which I had gone to find. Among those sitting was Mr. Ron Berkshire. I went to the counter, purchased a Wall Street Journal and an Evansville Courier, and on my way out stopped at the table where Ron was sitting and said "Mr. Berkshire, do you find yourself residing in Lawrence County, too?". He looked up, smiled, and said "Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Mr. Terry Warren, the finest history student I ever had the privilege to teach".

As I previously noted, Mr. Berkshire is now gone, as well as his first wife and daughter Gina. Mayme is privileged at her work, to see Mr. Berkshire's son, Allan, almost daily. I believe they have become friends, generations apart, yet Mayme is bright enough to know when she is in the presence of genius; though it pales (no disrespect Allan) to his father's.

This is undoubtedly the longest post I have ever put forth on this forum. I will not, however, apologize for its length. To do so would be an injustice to three human beings who most definitely shaped the positive side of this old half-breed. So to Miss Bass, Mr. Holtz and Mr. Berkshire, I send my highest regards, as well as the strongest salute I can muster at age 60. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for giving me the best shot at making something of myself, that a person of minority, from the wrong side of the tracks in a small town, in the land of ape, could hope for.

Warmest Confederate Regards to anyone who took the time to read this far.

Brock, I kept my word. I hope neither you nor anyone else was bored.


"If you are so afraid, just get a big dog!"

Oleg Volk

"Get a dog is a common advice from people who are opposed to guns for self-defense. Dogs aren't very good substitutes for firearms for several reasons, one of them being their high cost."

A Beauty Pageant For Patriots With Firearms

" qualify as a Miss Liberty America contestant, women have to boast at least a 3.5 grade point average. In another twist to classic pageants, the women also have to be registered to vote, be CPR certified and must be proficient in the “handling, use and safety of firearms.”

Via taurusndixie, SWR

Pravada: Two Articles On Obama

America says " No to Socialism "
Americans who voted for Obama but never questioned his allegiance wised up and voted out his cronies November 2nd. The Republicans stormed into the House of Representatives and kicked out "Mad Woman Pelosi" as Speaker of the House.
Obama ignores border war, allows illegal Mexicans to vote
"If Obama secured the border than less Mexicans can illegally come to America. Mexicans are votes which means money and power to Soros and his idiot American president."

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Jefferson Davis: Premonition At Vicksburg

Vicksburg, Miss., Nov. 3, 1860

"If Mississippi in her sovereign capacity decides to submit to the rule of an arrogant and sectional North, then I will sit me down as one upon whose brow the brand of degradation and infamy has been written, and bear my portion of the bitter trial. But if, on the other hand, Mississippi decides to resist the hands that would tarnish the bright star which represents her on the National Flag, then I will come at your bidding, whether by day or by night, and pluck that star from the galaxy and place it upon a banner of its own. I will plant it upon the crest of battle, and gathering around me the nucleus of Mississippi’s best and bravest, will welcome the invader to the harvest of death; and future generations will point to a small hillock upon our border, which will tell the reception with which the invader met upon our soil"

Via Ann, BelleGrove
Belle Grove in ruins

Via John, BelleGrove

Anti-White Strategy And Last Victory?

Two good ones from Conservative Heritage Times.

The Specter of Karl Rove and Harry Reid’s Anti-White Strategy in Nevada
"Looking ahead to future elections, identity politics may well be the bread and butter of American elections, as the Republican party is largely the Euro party and the “heart and soul” of the Democratic Party is: Gays and Lesbians, Blacks, Single Mothers, Latinos........."

The last victory for white, middle class America?
"If one of the problems with race relations in this country is a lack of honesty, I’ll be happy to provide it today and I’m backed up by Tuesday’s election results"

The Morning After

The Obamas leave for India after the mid-term elections.

Who Were You?

"You remember Bob Etheridge, right? You know, the former U.S. Representative from NC-2."

Obama Talked Class War -- Now He's Got One

"In the future, America must follow either Obama's Marxist vision or return to the vision of ordered liberty embedded by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution."

Take Your Olive Branch And Shove It, Democrats

"No more compromising deals behind closed doors. No more compromising bailouts in times of manufactured crisis. No more compromising conservative principles for D.C. party elites. No more compromising the American economy for left-wing special interests. No more compromising transparency and ethics for bureaucratic self-preservation."

Notice: Termination Of Employment


Today’s message is coming to you courtesy of the three stooges (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) as well as the rest of the DUMB-O-CRATS that jammed every piece of legislation through regardless of the will of “WE THE PEOPLE”. One year ago Pelosi called the GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT “ASTROTURF”. Reid said there was no “TRACTION” it wasn’t going anywhere and Obama laughed while dangling tea bags on national TV. Well Obama, take a close look; they are not dangling “TEA BAGS” but PINK SLIPS.

Wal-Mart will be getting resumes from politicians for “GREETERS” ( welcome to Wal-Mart, can I spend more of your money ?) November 3rd we will start a referendum on term limits to ALL politicians who do not govern with the will of the people, and guess what Obama (you got it) YOU’RE NEXT !!!!!!! You will be a one term president (809 days left in your term) due to your dismissive attitude toward the American electorate. November 2nd a LARGE percentage of the 53% of those who voted for your “HOPE AND CHANGE” realize that they “MIS-VOTED” in 2008, but rectified their decision in 2010. As an American and part of the tea party movement I am VERY PROUD of America who rose to the “CHALLENGE” at hand and that is what separates America from the rest of the world.

Although this message is aimed mostly at democrats it is because they are in power now, but the message is for ALL politicians regardless of party. The message is VERY CLEAR AND VERY PLAIN—- vote through “WE THE PEOPLE” or you’re gone at the end of your term. The days of the “CAREER POLITICIAN” are gone, and this election is a prototype of future elections. November 3, 2010 will become the first day of political sanity. God bless America and the Tea Party.

Via Billy

Rubio:Victory Not An Embrace Of The Republican Party

"We make a great mistake if we believe that tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican Party," Rubio told supporters at a rally, referring to his and other GOP wins around the country. "What they are is a second chance, a second chance for Republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago."
Just love it!
"When you're 35 points down in the polls and the only people who think you can win live in your house, and four of them are under the age of 10, you better know why you're running," Rubio said in his victory speech.

Election Day Fraud Found All Over U.S.


  • In the heated race in Nevada between Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and GOP challenger Sharron Angle, the Associated Press reports, Republican Party legal counsel has already filed a 44-page complaint alleging voter logs in a pair of counties showed the number of ballots cast was larger than the number of voters who signed the election registers. Furthermore, Angle's campaign has alleged Reid and Democratic union backers were illegally buying votes with free food and Starbucks gift cards in repeated e-mails to supporters.

  • Angle's lawyers have also filed a complaint with the Justice Department alleging casino executives sympathetic to Reid put pressure on union employees to vote, even telling bosses to "put a headlock" on supervisors to make sure their workers vote.

Charity Navigator

Overall Rating

1 star

Poor. Fails to meet industry standards and performs well below most charities in its Cause.

Overall Rating

2 star

Needs Improvement Meets or nearly meets industry standards but underperforms most charities in its Cause.

A Day Late, A Dollar Short

Received directly from at 11:03 eastern today. ========

Overseas Ballots Available Online

GOA's Larry Pratt Will Speak At 3rd Southern National Congress

Weekly Commentary & News Analysis from the SouthernNational Congress Southern National Congress
We Hold These Truths: Weekly Commentary & News Analysis from the Southern National Congress

National Gun Rights Champion Larry Pratt to Address the Third Southern National Congress

Floyd, Virginia – Thomas Moore, Chairman of the Southern National Congress, announced today that Mr. Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, will be the keynote speaker at the Third Southern National Congress (SNC), which will convene November 12-14, 2010, at Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson, Tennessee. His address to the SNC Delegates will be “America in Crisis: a Southern Solution.” He will focus the traditional Southern principles of state sovereignty, nullification, and interposition as the only practical and peaceful solution to Federal encroachments on our liberties.

Thomas Moore said, “We’re deeply honored to have Larry Pratt as our keynote speaker at theLarry Pratt - Third Congress speaker Third Congress. He has made Gun Owners of America into the most effective and steadfast protector of the Second Amendment rights of Americans, which is the one right that guarantees all the others. GOA is highly respected for its principled and uncompromising defense of the right to keep and bear arms. GOA is smaller than some better-known gun rights groups, but thanks to Larry Pratt it is a hundred times more effective. However, Larry Pratt is much more than an expert on gun freedoms. He is a nationally respected leader in the growing effort to restore limited government and the rule of law, which, along with our firearms, safeguards all our freedoms.”

GOA is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue and is not satisfied with defending the status quo. Americans have lost many gun rights, and the GOA has taken on the mission to win them back. This is why GOA is considered the "no compromise" gun lobby. From state legislatures and city councils to the United States Congress and the White House, GOA represents the views of gun owners whenever their rights are threatened.

The Southern National Congress is the only representative assembly of Southern citizens that provides an alternative forum to voice their grievances and to restore liberty, justice, and prosperity in the Southern states. It offers Southerners a platform to act in their interests in ways no longer possible in today’s corrupt political process. The SNC seeks to reclaim the great Southern principles of individual liberty and a small central government limited to its enumerated powers, and which is the servant, not the master, of the sovereign people acting through their respective states. These principles have been consistently violated by the Federal Government. Decent, honorable people who love liberty must exercise their sovereignty and create alternative institutions which speak and act for them. This is the principle behind the SNC.

The First Congress, the “Seed Corn Congress,” met in North Carolina in December 2008 with 100 Delegates. The Second Congress, the “Congress of the Covenant,” met in Alabama in September 2009 with 150 Delegates.

Chairman Moore noted, “New Delegate applications are pouring in daily, and we expect 300 Delegates at the Third Congress in Dickson, Tennessee. We also expect a number of non-Delegate guests to the banquet to hear Larry Pratt, including legislators who sponsored Tennessee’s recent state sovereignty resolution, leaders of various pro-freedom groups like the Campaign for Liberty and Tea Party, local gun-owners, and news media representatives.”

Represented States are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Residents of these States who possess good character are invited to apply to become Delegates, without regard to race, sex, or creed. Potential applicants may apply online via this link: .

Those interested in learning more about the SNC should visit the website at . There they will find the various resolutions adopted at the two previous sessions, the Southern National Covenant, and the SNC’s powerful new film, “America in Crisis: a Southern Solution.”

News media representatives wishing to cover the event should contact Mr. D.R. “Doc” Smith of Tennessee at . Other queries about the SNC may be directed to Chairman Thomas Moore at: .

Tom Moore

The Duty Of A Gentleman While His Lady Reloads

Oleg Volk

Tea Party, GOP Win Control Of 'America's Heartland'

"Turbocharged by the tea-party, Republicans scored a stunning landslide Tuesday, knocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi off her political throne in a midterm election upheaval that may ultimately add up to the biggest GOP (S/B Tea Party) wave in modern electoral history"
Now, the Tea Party shall not compromise until we have reversed course 100% back to our Founder's Republic, period. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Anything else is unacceptable.