Thursday, November 1, 2018

Patcon 14 AAR

Usual culprits above. :)

On October 6th, the 14th North Carolina Patriot Convention was held at Dixieland just a little north-east of Tarboro. There was a little less than two dozen participants for the three presentations and the roundtable discussion. There was plenty of Bar-B-Q for everyone for lunch and there were many good items at the raffle.

The first presentation was a brief demonstration of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. This model has the 64 bit quad-core 1.4 Ghz processor with 1 GB of memory and built-in wireless and Bluetooth, and uses the Raspberian Linux operating system. The Raspberry Pi runs from a 32 GB micro SD card. For $40, it’s a powerful little computer in a small package.

The second presentation was on some extra prepping considerations in anticipation for increased civil unrest post mid-term elections. This detailed local information gathering, finding your county emergency preparedness plan, and working on basic medical skills, including a brief demo on wound suturing practice.

The third presentation was on how fundamental common law has formed the basis for the body of law and constitutions of the original colonies to present day, and how we now have strayed from those principles meant to be easily understood by the common folk. This was very detailed, citing references from several different states that are worded very similarly addressing some of the same basic concerns in the states. There was a reading list with suggested further references.

The Roundtable Discussion covered the usual topics of what was seen as the most important immediate concerns and where those concerns would evolve in the next six months. Some of the issues mentioned were lack of the rule of law, where there is little to no accountability for certain people blatantly violating laws. Another was the increase in violence on the left, specifically with Antifa and similar local groups, seemingly sanctioned by local authorities.

Items given away at the raffle included two buckets of long-term emergency food from MyFoodStorage, several boxes of ammunition, a couple of books, and the Raspberry Pi from the demo.

Patcon15 is tentatively scheduled for 7 – 9 June, 2019.

--Tom of the Alamance County Rangers

The Truth about George Soros Is Damning Enough

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Making the click-through worthwhile: a deep dive into separating fact from fiction when it comes to George Soros, and finding that the truth is bad enough without any of the exaggerations; the Washington Post offers another round of white-knuckle polls for control of the House; and a prominent force in past election cycles has been a little quieter in 2018.

The Bad-Enough Truth About George Soros

This morning, the New York Times writes about George Soros and declares . . .

More @ NRO

Victor Davis Hanson Wakes Up

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Pro-Southern writers have long been suspicious of Victor Davis Hanson, given his association with the neoconservative ascendance of the Bush II era.   Yet unlike most of his former colleagues, the California classicist seems to have learned something from the dramatic transformations of recent years.  His book Mexifornia marked his enlistment in the unfashionable cause of border control, in part because of his first-hand experience of the consequences of mass migration.  In the wake of the 2016 upheavals, Hanson joined a cadre of pundits who insist that global elites should take seriously the concerns which led to the passing of Brexit and propelled Donald Trump to the White House.

Now Hanson has come out in defense of Confederate memorials.  On the blog American Greatness, he observes how contemporary attacks on the symbols of Dixie have disturbing precedents:

McChrystal vs. Lee


Retired General Stanley McChrystal who never led troops in a winning war bravely threw out a picture of Robert E. Lee because his wife apparently made him do so. As a defense of the action he went into a brief explanation that he no longer considered Lee one of the great leaders. Lee, he said was a great soldier for 32 years but failed when he tried to destroy the country that Lee’s hero, George Washington had help build.

“CBS This Morning,” one of the outlets President Trump described as “the enemy of the people” i.e. fake news –was McChrystal’s soapbox. To accept what that CBS panel and guest offered as news would be no better than accepting a history  lesson from most contemporary T.V. historians.

100 Central American Migrants Cross into South Texas in One Day, Say Border Patrol

 MCALLEN, TX - JUNE 12: Central American asylum seekers wait as U.S. Border Patrol agents take groups of them into custody on June 12, 2018 near McAllen, Texas. The families were then sent to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing center for possible separation. U.S. border authorities are …

Central American migrants continue to flow into the Rio Grande Valley Sector in large numbers, Border Patrol officials say. In about 24 hours, agents apprehended nearly 100 from Central American countries including families and unaccompanied minors.

Weslaco Station agents working near the border town of Hidalgo, Texas, encountered one large group of migrants on Tuesday evening. Agents said the group gathered along the U.S. side of the Rio Grande border with Mexico before moving out to find a law enforcement officer so they could surrender, according to Border Patrol officials.

The Border Patrol agents rounded up the migrants and placed them into custody, officials stated. The agents interviewed the group of 30 and learned they came to the U.S. without documentation from Guatemala.

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Widener's Blogger Contest Winner

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President Trump: Pledge for More Career Opportunities Helped 6 Million

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President Trump: Pledge for More Career Opportunities Helped 6 Million


“Four months after signing an executive order creating the National Council for the American Worker, President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that more than 160 companies and organizations have pledged to provide more than 6 million new career opportunities for Americans,” including apprenticeships, continuing education, on-the-job training, and reskilling, The Associated Press reports.

“This represents an enormous opportunity for us to think about making sure that every American worker is equipped with the skills they need,” Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump said from the State Dining Room yesterday.

Update: Mueller rape allegations

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Attorney-Journalist Jack Burkman and Journalist-Private Investigator Jacob Wohl held a press conference today in Washington DC on the Mueller rape allegations.


Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks attended the much anticipated news conference. The room at the Holiday Inn was filled with reporters.

The video is here.

Trump has precedent, common sense on his side in birthright citizenship fight

Birthright citizenship makes America great

A Virginia senate candidate said in one of his new adds …


that is the absolute best argument I have heard.

Hear!  Hear, y'all! :)

As it turns out, the framers were quite clear. Former Sen. Jacob Howard (R-Mich.), author of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment, said on the floor of the Senate in 1866 that the clause “will not, of course, include persons in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.” In other words, “quod erat demonstrandum.”

In his continuing effort to shake up the status quo in Washington, President Trump has dropped a bombshell. The announcement that he would sign an executive order restricting birthright citizenship sent the anti-borders movement into a state of apoplexy: “He can’t overturn the Constitution! The issue has been settled!” Closer inspection reveals that Trump can indeed correctly interpret a law that has been misinterpreted for more than a century.

More  @ The Hill