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Excellent: Obama Thinks We Won’t Notice Or That We Don’t Care

Using taxpayer money to buy and sell guns to arm Mexican Drug Cartels; using Solyndra as a money laundering operation with TARP funds; picking an ex-Google Exec from a town hall audience who pleads for his taxes to be raised – Obama thinks he can continue to fool us all with impunity.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool us a third time? Get re-elected? There are more tricks and scandalous treats from this regime on a daily basis than you find on Halloween at your average college frat house. Obama apparently thinks that continuous attempts to bamboozle, lie, obfuscate and otherwise whitewash his misdeeds in front of the American people, is a sign that he is a fit enough politician to be elected as emperor for life.

Either that, or Obama is beginning to crack up under the pressure of trying to keep the lid on the pressure cooker of scandal, lies and guffaws his regime has ignited to the boiling point. Such a case with a hubris narcissist running the country can be more than dangerous.

Armed agents kidnap child from mother who used holistic treatments instead of pharmaceutical drugs to treat condition

Via California Tree of Liberty

Actually, not usual anymore and link sent to HSLDA
which I encourage all whom homeschool to join expeditiously.
Maryanne Godboldo of Detroit, Mich., recently learned the hard way that freedom of choice in medicine is no longer tolerated by the medical mafia in the supposed "land of the free." Recently, armed officers from the Special Response Team (SRT) of the Detroit Police Department (DPD), at the command of Child Protective Services (CPS), unlawfully kicked down the door of Godboldo's home and kidnapped her 13-year-old child. Her crime? Maryanne chose to follow the lead of a doctor's recommendation to take her daughter off a pharmaceutical drug treatment recommendation for psychosis that was worsening the child's symptoms, and instead chose to use natural remedies to treat the condition.

It all started back in 2009 when Maryanne's previously-homeschooled daughter went in for a series of routine vaccinations in order to be enrolled in middle school. Shortly after receiving the shots, the child began to have severe adverse reactions that included "acting out of character, being irritated, having facial grimaces," and other behavioral problems that Maryanne's mother says she had never had before, and all of which emerged immediately after the vaccines were administered.

Maryanne voluntarily decided to take her daughter to The Children's Center (CC), a group that claims to "enhance the emotional well being of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families," in order to get some treatment ideas. CC prescribed Maryanne's daughter some very dangerous psychotropic drugs that eventually ended up only only making the symptoms worse.

Maryanne then consulted with an outside physician who recommended that she stop giving the drugs to her child, and instead pursue other options. Maryanne agreed and began to use holistic and natural methods instead -- and as a result, her child's overall health and well-being improved significantly.

The State of Michigan and CPS, however, decided to go after Maryanne for taking the child off the drugs, even though Maryanne was the one that voluntarily took her daughter to CC, and voluntarily took their recommendation to try the psychosis drugs. In other words, CPS believed that Maryanne needed to continue to give her daughter the psychotropic drugs, even though she is, and never was, under any legal obligation to adhere to the treatment. In fact, no parent is ever legally required to comply with drug or any other treatments that are harm their children instead of helping them.

But CPS demanded that Maryanne either resume the treatment of surrender her child to them. She refused this offer, of course, since it is both illegal and unconstitutional. But eventually CPS succeeded in getting the muscle and guns behind an outrageous scheme to actually go and abduct Maryanne's child from her home.

An armed SWAT-style team arrived at Maryanne's house days after the initial warning. Agents busted down Maryanne's door, and proceeded to pursue capturing her child -- and they actually brought a tank to the house as part of their operation, as well as full protective gear and large assault weapons.

Please appoint the choice of WE THE PEOPLE........Roy Taylor!

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Please copy and paste in the address box and Please appoint the choice of WE THE PEOPLE........Roy Taylor! in the subject line.

Is Your Garage Door Boring?

Roundabout via Tom

Why I Told The Republicans To***** Off

The Market Ticker

Some people have wondered why, after the "debt ceiling negotiation", I became quite hostile to the Republican party, going so far as to call those who voted for it traitors and the act of voting for passage itself bordering on treason.

This is why: The claim that we were going to get actual budget reductions was always a knowing lie, and now we have our evidence.

In an appearance yesterday on the “Fox News Sunday” program, Senator Lindsey Graham said he will introduce legislation to protect the Defense Department from automatic cuts that would take effect if the panel of 12 members deadlocks.

“I hope the supercommittee works,” said Graham of South Carolina. “But if it fails, let’s don’t destroy the Defense Department.” Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, the second-ranking Senate Republican and a member of the supercommittee, also has said he would seek a waiver to protect the Pentagon from additional cuts.

Graham’s comments mark the start of what’s likely to be a bipartisan effort to dismantle the automatic spending cuts to defense and domestic programs scheduled to take effect in 2013 if Congress doesn’t enact a deficit-cutting plan, said Steve Bell, a senior director at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington and a former longtime Senate Budget Committee aide.

There you go. The entire thing was a scam from the outset, exactly as I said.

There was only one way we were going to see actual budget reductions: Refuse to raise the debt ceiling and force a balanced budget now.

Every House and Senate member who failed to do that is a lying sack of crap with regard to their true intentions.

The markets, and the ratings agencies, will react appropriately when the time comes.

I hope you, the American people, are prepared.

Geithner: Obama Is Not In Charge

Godfather Politics

According to The European Union Times, the Russian Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko prepared a report about the Eurogroup meeting of the Informal Economic and Financial Affairs Council in Wroclaw, Poland. In it, she said that the EU Finance Minsters were stunned after Timothy Geithner appeared uninvited to the meeting and started yelling at the participants for their bad economic policies in handling the European debt. After asked whether this is the position of his President, Barack Obama, Geithner replied, “Obama is not in charge.”

The EU Finance Ministers are not the only ones stunned. Those of us who have been following Geithner’s career are stunned too. What does Mrs. Nesterenko mean, that Timothy Geithner really said something true in his life? She must be kidding!;)

Seems like some moral transformation happens to Geithner when he crosses the Atlantic. On this side he can’t say anything else but lies. On the other side he tells the truth – both about the EU handling of their debt and about the incompetence and the inability of his Democrat President to handle the highest government position in this nation. There must be something really redeeming about flying over the Big Pond if it can transform a habitual, shameless liar into a fervent prophet of the truth. May be we need to keep Geithner over in Europe longer, and organize for him as many European meetings as we can. This way we may be able to learn lots of truths about the real mess Obama and his cronies have cooked for us this side of the Atlantic.

We shouldn’t be awfully surprised that Obama is not in charge. It was obvious he collapsed psychologically long ago: when British Petroleum brought tons of oil to the American shores and the highly praised puppet of Soros in the White House couldn’t bear the burden of responsibility to make a single decision to address the situation. We don’t need Geithner to know that at the present America has no President to be worth mentioning. After all, Larry Summers confided to Peter Orszag not long ago that “…we’re really home alone. There’s no adult in charge.” Of course there isn’t.

I am just a little jealous that Geithner tells the truth only to non-Americans. Come on, Tim, we deserve to hear the truth as much as the Europeans do. We are paying your salary, right?

Independent trader to BBC: Eurozone will crash, and hard; governments can't do anything about it

Via The Bonnie Blue Blog

Dear President Obama: Fork out!

The New York Post



That’s the message an irate hotel honcho sent the president last week -- along with a bill for $5,000 -- after Obama’s midtown visit on Wednesday closed West 40th Street for more than four hours and left his servers without tips for the night.

“To me, that was ridiculous,” said Bryant Park Hotel executive Phil Columbo, who said the shutdown prevented patrons from getting to the hotel’s normally busy bar and restaurant.

“Our staff is mostly young -- actors. They can’t afford to take a hit like that.”

Overestimating Global Warming? Scientists Say New Map of Greenland Needs More Ice

Over the last couple weeks, climate scientists have been trying to get ice added back onto the map of Greenland in the latest version of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World. Glaciologists came out in force stating the publisher exaggerated the rate of glacial melt and that scientists were not consulted about the figures.

These glaciologists report that Greenland’s melt should be more like 0.1 percent as opposed to 15 percent from 1999 to 2011, which was stated in publisher’s news release. At first HarperCollins stood by the accuracy of its map. The Guardian reported the publisher as saying, “We are the best there is … Our data shows that it has reduced by 15 percent. That’s categorical.”

But only a day later, HarperCollins’ subsidiary Collins Geo issued an apology saying that the press release with the 15 percent reduction was wrong, although they did not acknowledge that the map itself was inaccurate.


"We Are Here To Help"

Bishops: Obamacare Rule Targets Catholics, Threatens Religious Freedom

U.S. Catholic bishops have issued a plea to the faithful across the country to object to an Obamacare directive on contraceptives and sterilizations that the bishops contend “poses an unprecedented threat to individual and institutional religious freedom” and violates freedom of conscience.

The rule’s religious exemption is so narrow that even Jesus wouldn’t meet the standard, the bishops allege. The proposed rule under President Barack Obama’s 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act specifically targets Catholics and violates their First Amendment right to freedom of religion, the bishops insist.

The appeal, which the bishops issued through an insert to parish bulletins nationwide Sunday, lambastes a Health and Human Services department rule “requiring rule requiring almost all private health plans to cover contraception and sterilization as ‘preventive services’ for women.”

“The rule includes a religious exemption so extremely narrow that it protects almost no one. It covers only a ‘religious employer’ that has the ‘inculcation of religious values” as its purpose, primarily employs and serves persons who share its religious tenets, and is a church organization under two narrow provisions of the tax code. A great many religious organizations — including Catholic colleges and universities, as well as hospitals and charitable institutions that serve the public — will be ineligible. Individuals and religiously affiliated health insurers will not qualify for the exemption."

I’ve got a bad feeling.........September 27th

Via Dump DC
I’m going to hate myself in the morning … and it’s not often I get a chance to think or say that these days, but this is one of those moments.

I’m about to take a leap of faith; faith in my gut instinct, by ‘going public’ with a feeling that is so ‘crazy’, that if the world, itself, wasn’t so crazy right now, I’d even consider locking myself up, to protect me from my own paranoia!

But I am going to do something new and untried; I’m going to make a public, published, prediction – normally the stamping ground of gamblers and fringe ‘crazies’. Should we have a small side bet which one I am?

September 27th.

Mark it on your calenders.
Put a big ring around it.
Then, somewhere beside September 28th, put a small note; “leave a cheeky comment on Epinoiasphere, mocking Nunc as a crackpot”.


Because my gut tells me we’re going to see a False Flag Operation on September 27th.

Some background; I’m a “dot connector”.
That’s what I do; it’s what I enjoy doing.
Think of it as my personal Sudoku.

There are some serious dots lining up, and pieces of information that stink to high heaven, all of which tells me that some ‘higher level boffins’ either know something is going to happen VERY soon, or they are planning something VERY soon, and by soon, I am specifically talking about Sept 25th to 28th as the most probable, but I’m narrowing it down to September 27th for a specific reason, which is explained later.

You think I’m crazy … guess what?
So do I.
However, I have learnt to trust my gut.
It is seldom wrong.
In this case, I genuinely want to be wrong.

So you can exercise your own discernment, here is why I have this ridiculous feeling.

American Indian Genocide: An Appeal to the United Nations

Bad Eagle

The following is an open letter (slightly modified) addressed to the United Nations. I am introducing the matter of American Indian mascot, logo, and name removal from American college and university athletic teams. This practice is in fact more than “virtual” genocide or “virtual” ethnic cleansing. According to the 1948 UN Convention Mandate, it is genocide.

Mr. Francis M. Deng
Mr. Juan Méndez
Mr. Edward Luck
Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 600
New York, NY 10017 USA


I respectfully present the matter of American Indian genocide (not past, but present) before your august reserves of experience and wisdom. I am an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, an American Indian tribe, with a long family history known from the 19th century. I do not hold office in the Comanche Nation, nor do I profess to speak for the Comanche Nation. I do, however, believe that the matter of American Indian genocide is a living concern for all Indians, and I present before you the case in the matter of the systematic eradication of American Indian (“Native American”) mascots, monikers, logos, and names from American public view, and the prevention of their use by American colleges, universities, and some professional athletic corporations.

According to the Mandate of the 1948 UN Convention, 260 (III), Articles I, II, and III, (pp.174, 175), the modern established practice of removing Indian images from public view, so as to eradicate their memory and visual presence, constitutes genocide. I especially call your attention to Article II (b):

“…Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, such as; …(b) causing serious mental harm to members of the group.”

Parties sharing responsibility for this aspect of genocide against American Indians are: The United States Commission on Civil Rights (as of 2001), The National Collegiate Athletic Association, and numerous individuals whose profession has involved active campaigning for the removal of American Indian images from public view. This effort of eradication has been systematic, and has continued for at least four decades.

American Indians, as a race, a people, or as individual nations, have never assented to this visual genocide. There have been only two professional surveys of American Indians, and both of which suggest that 90% of American Indians are opposed to the eradication of Indian images, monikers, and names used in the athletic field, amateur or professional: Peter Harris (2002), and Annenberg Foundation (2004).

I submit to you that such eradication of the Indian images, images that were essentially earned with the historical blood of American Indian warriors, is a devastating humiliation to the self-esteem of modern American Indians. It debilitates the potential social relations between Indians and non-Indian Americans, and severely cripples the identity of the modern American Indian. The removal of the images is vicious identity destruction, robbing the Indian of his history, his honor, and the whole reason he has retained United States government treaty provision and Indian sovereignty.

Thus, the removal of Indian images represents a genocidal effort, and therefore must be considered by the United Nations. I am prepared to pursue this matter with you, providing documents and data verifying my claims.

I realize that presently the OSAPG is occupied with literal blood slaughter of peoples in different parts of the world. However, it is abundantly clear that the 1948 Convention and Mandate on Genocide includes more than physical destruction itself under the definition of “genocide.” I would also point out that Ronald Reagan signed the Mandate in 1988. The United States must make the effort to comply with the provisions of the Mandate.

I humbly thank you for your timely consideration.

Dr. David A. Yeagley
The Bad Eagle Foundation
P.O. Box 75017
Oklahoma City, OK 73147

Wacked Out Democrats Helping TEA Party

Godfather Politics

Advertising is very expensive these days. Many politicians often find themselves unable to afford adequate advertizing to get their messages out to the general public. That is why many believe that any press coverage, even negative press, is better than no press, as long as they spell your name right.

The Tea Party movement is finding that the more wacked out liberal Democrats denounce the Tea Party, the more free press coverage the movement gets. The more press coverage they get, even though it is largely negative, it appears to be causing more people to look into the Tea Party to see exactly who they are and what they stand for.

Every time California Rep. Maxine Waters (D) opens her mouth and tells the Tea Party to ‘go to hell’ many local Tea Party groups see an increase in inquiries. When Vice-President Joe Biden called them terrorists this summer, the number of people checking out the Tea Party took another jump.

Over this past weekend, actor Morgan Freeman was quoted as saying: “Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to [do] whatever we can to get this black man outta here.”‘ When asked if the Tea Party’s motive could be purely political, Freeman dismissed the possibility saying: “It is a racist thing.” If the trend continues, this should once again spur more interest in the movement.

And as for Freeman’s assessment of the Tea Party, I’ve seen a number of Tea Party gatherings and many of them have blacks attending. The only racist things about the Tea Party are the accusers themselves. It’s usually racists that holler the loudest about others. Morgan Freeman clearly demonstrates his racist attitudes by declaring all those who hold a different political view than he does as being a racist.

The rantings and ravings by these and other wacked out Democrats have helped to build the Tea Party movement, whether they realize it or not. I’m sure the Tea Party thanks them for all of the free publicity and press coverage.

South Africa Sept 26 2011 crime updates & Poverty

summary previously unreported crimes: Limpopo teacher murdered: was dragged 2km behind car; Gerda Fouche attacked by job-seekers at Cotswold PE home; Afrikaner meat-transport driver Corne de Lange stabbed to death in Pietersburg; Mrs Derby of Midrand permanently paralysed by bullets fired for no clear reason by metro-cop in road block; Christian-Indian Muthusamy family of Phoenix survive ambush by violent gang at graveside; also: map of attacks against Asian/Chinese residents in South Africa:

Afrikaner teacher found murdered: dragged 2km behind his car, Five Morgan, Dennilton, Limpopo
2011-09-25 - An Afrikaner man whose identity is known, but whose name has not yet been released, was found murdered on a dirt-road at Five Morgan, Dennilton in Limpopo on Sunday-afternoon, Sept 25 2011. The 47-year-old man was clearly tortured to death by being dragged behind his car: it was found abandoned two kilometres down the road: the dead man’s trousers were tied around his neck. A passerby had made the horrific discovery at 7am, said SAPF spokesman lt. kol. Mohale Ramatseba. The police does not know the 'motive for the murder' they said although they implied robbery by saying that the 'car radio was robbed'. The car itself however clearly was not. Nobody was arrested.



Young South African Farmer (father of two) stabbed to death

30-year-old Wesley Wood was stabbed to death on his farm in Doringkop just outside KwaDukuza South Africa on Sunday September 18.

It is believed that he had been living back in South Africa for a few years, after spending time in the UK where he met his wife.

Wood and his British wife, together with their two little children aged one and three, had just arrived back home from the beach late on Sunday afternoon when the incident occurred.

Mr Wood's wife Sara was confronted by two black males, she ran into the house and attempted to prevent the men from entering. On hearing the commotion Mr Wood Rushed to the aid of his wife and children but was stabbed to death by the assailants.

The suspects then fled on foot.

Police say the motive for the attack is unknown as the suspects didn’t take anything from the scene.

Afrikaner poverty: documentary by Breyten Breytenbach

Afrikaner poverty: documentary by anti-apartheid activist Breyten Breytenbach

Sept 26 2011 – Internationally-known anti-apartheid-activist and author Breyten Breytenbach has produced a documentary about the grinding poverty amongst his fellow-Afrikaners in Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation.


Update on yesterday's "U.S. gov't used ATF employees to buy weapons with taxpayer money & walk them -- without help from straw buyers!"

U.S. gov't used ATF employees to buy weapons with taxpayer money & walk them -- without help from straw buyers!


A Sipsey Street Irregulars/National Gun Rights Examiner Column Exclusive: ATF Letter and Sources Confirm That There Was No "Botched Sting Operation" in Fast and Furious.

"One hundred percent us."

By Mike Vanderboegh & David Codreaa
Official ATF documents as well as sources in Arizona and Washington D.C. confirm that in at least two instances in 2010, an agent of the United States government purchased Kalashnikov-pattern semi-automatic pistols from licensed federal firearms dealers with taxpayer money and delivered those weapons directly into the hands of cartel smugglers.

In a letter dated June 1, 2010, then Phoenix ATF Group VII supervisor David Voth instructed a Federal Firearms Licensee in Arizona as follows:
Dear Sir,

Per Section 925(a)(1) of the Gun Control Act (GCA) exempts law enforcement agencies from the transportation, shipment, receipt, or importation controls of the GCA when firearms are to be used for the official business of the agency.

Please accept this letter in lieu of completing an ATF Form 4473 for the purchase of four (4) CAI, Model Draco, 7.62x39 mm pistols, by Special Agent John Dodson. These aforementioned pistols will be used by Special Agent Dodson in furtherance of the performance of his official duties. In addition, Special Agent Dodson has not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. If you have any questions, you may contact me at telephone number 602-605-6501.


David Voth
ATF Group Supervisor
Phoenix Group VII
In the lower left-hand margin of the one-page letter is the hand-written notation:
"Picked guns
up 6/10/10
Paid Cash"
"Paid Cash" is underlined.

5 Reasons Why The Establishment Media Fears Ron Paul Like The Plague

The Excavator
The establishment media in America has now become the official fringe media. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and every other "mainstream" media source are all in the same sinking boat. Their boat of greed, lies, hate and hypocrisy is no match for the iceberg of truth.

The fringe establishment media protects the criminal 1 percent that has taken America hostage and refuses to question political leaders in Washington about the crimes they commit and the lies they tell. It covers protests around the world from Iran to China but it does not want to cover the Occupy Wall Street protesters who represent the voice of the American people and the voice of the American founding fathers.

Establishment media clowns try to dismiss 9/11 truth tellers as "conspiracy theorists" and "nut jobs" but they have failed. They try to ignore Ron Paul's rising popularity and mainstream acceptance but they can't cover up reality. They fear Ron Paul more than the plague because they know that what he stands for is the exact opposite of what they have supported for the past several decades.

Ron Paul is the 21st century embodiment of the founding fathers and represents the tradition of the American revolution. The fringe establishment media represents the loyalist side that stood by the tyrannical British King in 1776. Establishment journalists and commentators are standing by the criminal oligarchy that owns Washington and wants to destroy America's liberty and constitution.

Below are five reasons why the fringe loyalist media is so scared of Ron Paul.

1. Ron Paul is opposed to every government policy that the mainstream media has signed off on by either supporting it outright or by ignoring its ramifications for American society: endless war on terror, criminal bank bailouts, lawless surveillance, torture, Federal Reserve money printing, the 2001 Patriot(Traitor) Act, police state laws, and the illegal war on drugs.

These elitist and unconstitutional policies have been supported by the now fringe media in the United States (CNN, Fox News, NY Times, Washington Post, etc). Ron Paul wants to end these morally bankrupt policies, restore common sense in Washington, and bring freedom back to America.

2. Ron Paul is not interested in taking the presidency and continuing business as usual. He is a revolutionary candidate in the tradition of the American founding fathers who wants to save America from financial destruction. He has stated that he wants to "change the course of history."

Ron Paul wants to end the empire, bring home the heroic soldiers, and restore the American constitution. The elitist fringe media does not want to cover a revolutionary candidate who wants to represent the vast majority of the American people, protect the Constitution, reaffirm American values on the world stage, and bring peace to the world.

3. Ron Paul is against elite immunity and the culture of corruption in Washington. If he were elected President a bunch of scoundrels in Washington and the sociopaths who lie for them in the establishment media would be held accountable in a very real way - like being put in jail.

4. Establishment news agencies like MSNBC profit from the corrupt money printing policies of the Federal Reserve. MSNBC's parent company, GE, has received billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Under a Ron Paul presidency this illegal activity would be immediately stopped and the looting of the American people would come to an end.

Ron Paul wants to end the corrupt Federal Reserve System not because he is an ideologue but because the Fed is an unconstitutional, illegal and private central bank that was specifically created to enrich a few politically connected banks on Wall Street. The Fed's unjust policies are disastrous for the average American taxpayer and American family.

5. Ron Paul tells the truth and he is for real. The Kremlin in Washington is scared of his ideas and his high popularity. The establishment traitors know just how real, honest and independent Ron Paul is, unlike 99% of the political mercenaries in Washington who hate the American people and the American constitution. The fringe establishment media is on the side of the treasonous oligarchy that has hijacked the federal government and the two political parties.

Ron Paul is the antithesis of the cold-hearted, treasonous, and two-faced establishment that owns Washington, as well as their political, academic and media whores.

Washington's criminal establishment is responsible for evil crimes against the American people such as the murder of President John F. Kennedy, the false flag 9/11 attacks that started the illegal war on terror, and the 2008 robbery of the American people via bank bailouts and Federal Reserve money printing.

1934 Voisin C25 Aérodyne

Awesome Wildcat Cartridges We Should Have


Wildcats are customized calibers, usually from existing cases with the dimensions changed.

I think the greatest thing about wildcats is the names.

.577 Tyrannosaur

.600 OverKill

But what about some others? The 12 Gauge Rifle From Hell reaches up to 18,000 foot pounds. I suggested it should be called ".729 Redneck."

So, one of the fora I'm on started a thread.



The .2 Pac. Used for drive by shooting of rap artists.

9mm Doubletap. A perfectly standard 9mm. We just wanted to remind you of that.

.357 Excedrin Headache. Cure yours by causing theirs.

10mm JBT. If they're going to do it, they need to do it right.

10mm Vasectomy. Because we all know someone who needs one.

.45 MRI. They need this, too.

.451 Fahrenheit. A .308 case necked to .45 and shot from a 6" barrel. The muzzle blast will take care of the paperwork.

.50 Cent. When you want to make sure you get rid of the rapper with one shot.




.23 Skidoo. A necked down .30-06. For grandpa, who can't shut up about how much better things were 80 years ago.

.300 Spartan. For sniping Persians in a completely epic fashion.

.458 Darwin. For hunting endangered species the right way.

.499 Feinstein. a .50 BMG shortened 2mm to get around California's ban.

.6000000 Holocaust. Oh, we're going to hell for that one.

.666 Antichrist. For time traveling back to hunt dinosaur.

.729 Redneck. a 3.75" 12 gauge slug, brass cased, for rifled bores.

Professor Huhn: Another egalitarian social engineer........

who knows so well what is best for us.........
Professor Huhn wrote in behalf of his support of the Lexington City Council's ban on the continuing use of city property/poles to fly our Confederate flags honouring General Robert E. Lee and General "Stonewall" Jackson during our Lee-Jackson Commonwealth of Virginia State holiday. Below is my response posted on the Akron Law Cafe Blog.

Professor Will Huhn:

Your points are what many of us have come to expect from the great
number of egalitarian social engineers that now staff so many of
America's universities.

This city of Virginia now joins the ranks of those who suppress the
rights of a conquered and subjugated Confederate Virginia. Such
suppression is common in many parts of Europe of their various
minorities leaving many segments of Europe angry and believing that
freedom and liberty is for other people but not for them. To us this is
just another face of the continuing tyranny over the Southern States.

True freedom is often sloppy and most always readily recognized by its
level of what it tolerates. Virginia is clearly becoming less diverse,
less tolerant and less multicultural. People like the Sons of
Confederate Veterans, the Military Order of the Stars and Bars and the
United Daughters of the Confederacy have become much less tolerated than
we were in the past. Our continued and enhanced subjugation causes us
pain and anger. The USA thought it could subjugate the CSA with
overwhelming military force, and it did. Our ancestor's surrendered
their swords, but not the principles that so distinguish the Founder's
of the USA and the writer's of our original constitution. The Founder's
American view is extinguished in government of the USA today, but those
principles are still held and cherished by many of us who are proud our
families resisted U.S. tyranny during the 1860's by fighting in the
behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

These actions by the Lexington City Council and the support of Big
Brother Marxist academic's like yourself simply confirm that we are a
subjugated people without a country that tolerates us and without a
country of our own. Our flags of the Confederacy represent not just the
past, but also they represent many of us. We see nothing but hatred from
people like you who support the denial of our rights. We will not go
quietly into the night. The flags you and the City Council of Lexington,
Virginia censure do not just represent the past. They represent many of
the finest sons and daughters of Virginia today.

Timothy D. Manning
Professor Emeritus of Religion and Ethics

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
Phone: (336) 420-5355
Professor Huhn: Another egalitarian social engineer

Facebook is scaring me

Via Global Guerrillas

Yesterday I wrote that Twitter should be scared of Facebook. Today it's worse. I, as a mere user of Facebook, am seriously scared of them.

Every time they make a change, people get angry. I've never myself been angry because I have always assumed everything I post to Facebook is public. That the act of putting something there, a link, picture, mini-essay, is itself a public act.

This time, however, they're doing something that I think is really scary, and virus-like. The kind of behavior deserves a bad name, like phishing, or spam, or cyber-stalking.

What clued me in was an article on ReadWriteWeb that says that just reading an article on their site may create an announcement on Facebook. Something like: "Bull Mancuso just read a tutorial explaining how to kill a member of another crime family." Bull didn't comment. He didn't press a Like button. He just visited a web page. And an announcement was made on his behalf to everyone who follows him on Facebook. Not just his friends, because now they have subscribers, who can be total strangers.

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Lightweight - 1 of 25 Produced

Black Panther Threatens Student Activist for Passing Out Constitutions

Via Jason

Israel Has Dumped 46 Percent of Its U.S. Treasury Bills; Russia 95 Percent

Via Survival

Foreign ownership of U.S. government debt declined in July for the second straight month, according to Treasury Department data released Friday.

Overall, foreign holdings of U.S. debt dropped from an all-time high of $4.5115 trillion in May to 4.4956 trillion in June and then to $4.478 trillion in July.

In June and July, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders were negotiating legislation to increase the legal limit on the U.S. government’s debt. In August, Obama signed legislation that will permit the Treasury to borrow up to another $2.4 trillion.

Among major foreign creditors of the U.S. government, entities in Russia led the way in divesting from U.S. Treasury securities, with Russian holdings of U.S. debt dropping by $9.6 billion from June to July.

In fact, Russian-based owners of U.S. debt have dropped about 43 percent of their overall U.S. debt holdings over the past year. Those holdings peaked at $176.3 billion in October 2010, according to Treasury Department data, and dropped to $100.2 billion by July.

More dramatically, since March 2009, according to historical Treasury Department data, the Russians have dumped about 95 percent (94.94 percent) of their holdings in Treasury bills, which are short-term U.S. Treasury securities that mature in periods of one-year or less.

Russian ownership of U.S. Treasury bills peaked at $73.15 billion in March 2009 and had declined to $3.7 billion by July.

Israelis have also been decreasing their ownership of U.S. government debt.

Total Israeli holdings of U.S. Treasury securities peaked at $22.0 billion in April 2010. That had dropped to $17.2 billion by this July, a decline of about 22 percent.

Like the Russians, the Israelis have dramatically decreased their ownership of short-term Treasury bills, according to Treasury Department data. Israeli ownership of Treasury bills peaked at $15.638 billion in March 2009 and declined to $8.375 billion in July, a drop of about 46 percent.