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Danish army babes: exclusive air show!

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A 2008 Danish commercial for Fleggaard. Dream bombing. Hope comes from the sky. The music track is Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner.

AH-64 Apache Helicopter • FLIR Combat Guntape

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 Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) guntape from AH-64 Apache helicopters as they engage targets, only to illustrate the effectiveness of FLIR systems integrated with the AH-64 helicopter in combat situations.




Trump: "It’s a crooked system and we’re going back to the old way where you vote and win.”

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Donald Trump basked in his New York primary victory from Trump Tower on Tuesday night, declaring that the GOP nominating process is all but over.

“We don’t have much of a race anymore,” Trump said. Sen. Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated.”

Trump is poised to take a strong majority of New York's 95 delegates on Tuesday night.

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NEWT GINGRICH: If Cruz Comes in a Distant Third in New York “It Could Be a Very Big Game Changer” (VIDEO)

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trump ny win

Ted Cruz is a distant third in the Empire State.

The Imprint of the War Between the States


The American South fought for its rightful place on these shores and when denied parity in the Union of the Founders’, it would have it in its own American nation and as envisaged in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. The energetic resort to arms by Southerners was the response of a free people defending their ancient political rights as Englishmen.
Bernhard Thuersam, www.Circa1865.com   The Great American Political Divide

The Imprint of the War Between the States

“The people of the South,” wrote George Fort Milton, of Tennessee, historian of the Confederate War and its aftermath, “probably have the closest contact with the true fundamentals of democracy of any portion of our national citizenship. We have had fewer lush days to lead us into forgetfulness of the early faiths.”

Senator Burnet R. Murbank, of South Carolina, agreed. “An instinctive patriotism,” he called it, “an immutable determination vigorously to defend the security of their country and their sovereign rights against unjust and unwanted inroads from any quarter . . . These characteristics are not engendered by any adverse material or educational conditions.”

Senator Lister Hill, of Alabama, made a similar point after mentioning the English stock and tradition and the “imprint of the War Between the States.” He thought “Southerners are more belligerent not just about this war [against Germany] but about everything that pertains to their rights and their country . . . not merely because they are a people quick to action once their emotions are aroused but because they are willing to make a great sacrifice in this struggle for democracy just as their forebears risked their lives.”

Chancellor Oliver Cromwell Carmichael, of Vanderbilt University, believed that “the great belligerence of the South towards this war is due to its greater abhorrence of dictatorship and greater love of liberty and freedom. The spirit of . . . Robert E. Lee is still reflected in the background and thinking of the mass of Southern peoples and expresses itself in the vitality of its opposition to tyrannical systems.”

There is the remembrance that in the war the ruling class in England sided with the Southern cause . . . [and So Red the Rose author Stark] Young [mentions] a theory that modern German methods of invasion and destruction [are] derived from ones used against the South in the Confederate War. “Many a Southerner, reading news of the German war over England, has by inheritance a certain added perception of its impact.” He quoted James Truslow Adams’ “America’s Tragedy”:

“In 1870, when Germany was fighting France, [Union army General] Sheridan had gone over as a private observer but was received by Bismarck and other high officials, both civil and military. Dr. Busch, the biographer of Bismarck, notes that at a dinner given by the Chancellor the discussion turned to the recent conduct of some of the German forces, and Councillor Abeken thought that war should be conducted in a more humane fashion.

Sheridan denied this, says Busch, and expressed himself roughly as follows:

“The proper strategy consists in the first place in inflicting as telling blows as possible upon the enemy’s army, and then in causing the inhabitants so much suffering that they must long for peace, and force their government to demand it. The people must be left with nothing but their eyes to weep with over the war.”

The German noted in his journal: “Somewhat heartless it seems to me, but perhaps worthy of consideration.” During the [First] World War the Bishop of London, in an address quoted the words of the American general but attributed them to the Kaiser.”

(The Fighting South, John Temple Graves, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1943, pp. 9-12)


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Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) issued the following statement Tuesday in response to a 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruling:

“People need to wake up:  Roy Cooper, Barack Obama, two unelected federal judges and the liberal media are on the verge of completing their radical social reengineering of our society by forcing middle school-aged girls to share school locker rooms with boys. House Bill 2 was our effort to stop this insanity, and I hope this proves the bathroom safety bill has nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with protecting women's privacy and keeping men out of girls' bathrooms."


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Bulldozer Battle on the Streets of China

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Damnest thing I've ever seen. :)


Administrative Agencies – The Fourth Branch of Government Circumventing the Constitution


Suppose you lived in Washington state or Colorado.  Suppose, too, that consistent with state law, you grow, process, and use marijuana.  Now, state law says you can, but federal law says that you can’t. 

What happens if the feds arrest you and charge you with a crime?

The Constitution/Bill of Rights says that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed”. 

Would a federal requirement that demands that you register your firearms be such an infringement, if your state did not require such registration?  Could you be successfully prosecuted by the federal government if charged with failing to register your firearms?

Congressman Demands the Impeachment of the IRS Commissioner

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IRS Liar John Koskinen

Conservative Congressman and current GOP primary candidate to replace Marco Rubio in the Senate, Ron DeSantis , (R-FL) recently called for the immediate firing or impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Here’s what DeSantis had to say on Facebook:

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Obamacare meltdown: Health insurers suffer massive losses

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President Barack Obama delivers remarks at an Affordable Care Act event at Temple Emanu-El in Dallas, Texas, Nov. 6, 2013. (White House photo)

The nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth, announced Tuesday it has lost at least $1 billion under Obamacare’s insurance exchanges, and it can no longer afford to participate in a number of states, including Arkansas, Georgia and Michigan.

UnitedHealth is just one of the many health-insurance companies  sounding the alarm that they will have to drastically hike premiums in the coming year or consider exiting the individual health-care marketplace in the wake of massive losses sustained over the first couple of years under the rules of President Obama’s signature health-care law.

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Almost three out of every four Louisiana residents oppose removing Confederate monuments and symbols.......

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.......... from public space, according to a poll taken by LSU in February. Only 20 percent of people surveyed favored Confederate monument removal.

New Orleans city government has been trying to take monuments down from local public property for the better part of the year, in spite of several roadblocks being thrown up to their removal.

Currently, a court has stopped the city from removing the monuments until litigation over the matter is resolved. On a more practical level, New Orleans hasn't been able to find a contractor to take down the monuments, because potential bidders have been threatened and intimidated.

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Gun sales create massive job opportunities

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Demand for guns has created plenty of job opportunities. (Photo: Twitter)

Surging demand for guns over the course of President Obama’s administration has led to the addition of nearly 25,000 new jobs in related retail and manufacturing industries, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

In 2015 alone, 24,763 jobs were created in the United States due to gun sales, the organization found, Breitbart reported.

PIX 11 News first reported the jobs that were added last year came primarily from “manufacturing and retail jobs for guns, ammunition and related supplies, like hunting gear,” and the states that offered the most gun-related employment were “Texas, with about 21,386 [jobs], followed by California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Missouri.”

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NBC Reporter: Cruz to Win Half Of Pennsylvania's Delegates, "Even If He Comes In Distant Third"

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NBC's Hallie Jackson reports Cruz has changed his focus to Pennsylvania and making a play for the state's unbound delegates. Jackson, the network's Cruz correspondent, said even if Cruz has a third place finish in Pennsylvania's Republican primary, he'll win more than half the delegates.

"It's very telling that's Ted Cruz tonight is not in Brooklyn or Manhattan or any of the boroughs or state. He's in Pennsylvania," reported Jackson.

"He'll be in Philly for his watch party tonight," Jackson said. "That's indicative of where he and his campaign see this race going, to Pennsylvania, where they are looking to make a play for these unbound delegates. Even if they come in a distant third, a top campaign aide tells me, they will still, they believe, pick up more than half the delegates there."

"They're looking at more than 30," Jackson said.

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Is the GOP Risking Suicide? Like the 1919 World Series, the fix is in.


Risking?  Hell, they might as well put all the rounds in a revolver, squeeze the trigger while pointing at their head, and see what happens.

Donald Trump has brought out the largest crowds in the history of primaries. He has won the most victories, the most delegates, the most votes. He is poised to sweep three of the five largest states in the nation -- New York, Pennsylvania and California.

If he does, and the nomination is taken from him, the Republican Party will be seen by the American people as a glorified Chinese tong.

Last week, Ted Cruz swept 34 delegates at the Colorado party convention. Attendees were not allowed to vote on whom they wanted as the party's nominee.

This weekend, Cruz shut out Trump in Wyoming the same way.

What does this tell us? Cruz has a better "ground game." His operatives work the system better. Ted Cruz is the king of small ball.

But having gone head-to-head in some 30 primaries and caucuses, Cruz has fallen millions of votes behind Trump, and will fall millions further behind after New York, Pennsylvania and California.

Cruz will soon join John Kasich in being mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on the first ballot. His fallback strategy is to keep Trump just short of the 1,237 votes needed for victory on the first ballot, and then steal the nomination on the second.

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NC: FBI Roundup of Bundy Ranch Protesters Continues… in North Carolina – 2 Women Detained, Questioned, Threatened with Arrest

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"Now they come for our wives and our sisters…" Gavin Seim
In another round of arrests by the FBI over a two year old peaceful standoff at Bundy Ranch, the federal tyrants raised their ugly heads in North Carolina to arrest two your women for traveling out to Nevada in 2014 to take pictures at the Bundy Ranch siege.

On Thursday, Beth Chelle Austin and Marie Parker (no relation to Eric Parker, who was arrested last week) were arrested by the FBI, interrogated and then released without charge over their participation at the Bundy Ranch siege in 2014. Gavin Seim has more on what happened.

America Ws Founded On Diversity



Hillary Clinton: AR-15s are “Combat Weapons… Advertised to Children”

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Somehow, you wonder where some of these people come up with the things that they say. Prior to the recent Democrat circus (debate), Hillary Clinton lauded a recent ruling that would allow Sandy Hook families to sue gun manufacturers (unlike her opponent Bernie Sanders). Then during the debate, she that the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is a "combat weapon" that is "advertised to children."

Seriously, she actually said this: