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Memorial Day, Lowe's Tarboro

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Borderless (2019) | EMERGENCY BACKUP

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Turning New England’s Mind to Thoughts of Peace

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The American Confederacy’s leadership exploited Northern war-weariness in 1864 by sending agents and money to Canada to open a northern front, increased its destruction of New England’s merchant fleet, and work toward Lincoln’s political defeat in November 1864.

Confederate commerce raiders effectively destroyed the North’s merchant shipping as it caught, burned or sunk hundreds of vessels, made future merchant voyages uninsurable, and forced the North to transfer goods to foreign ships for safety. The CSS Shenandoah of Captain James Waddell targeted New England’s whalers, capturing or sinking 38 vessels in one year.

It is noteworthy that Confederate overseas agent James Dunwoody Bulloch’s half-sister Martha was the mother of Theodore Roosevelt and grandmother of Eleanor Roosevelt.  The Great American Political Divide

Turning New England’s Mind to Thoughts of Peace

“Ironically, however, the very success of the Florida, the Alabama and other Confederate cruisers had added one more dilemma to those confronting Bulloch: toward what end would any new raiders be directed?

Earlier cruisers, after all, had succeeded beyond the Confederates’ wildest expectations. Writing to [Secretary of the Navy Stephen] Mallory the previous February [1864], Bulloch had reported, “There really seems nothing for our ships to do now upon the open sea.”

Even in the Pacific, passing mariners noticed a conspicuous absence of US ships. As one correspondent wrote, “The master of a French ship reported not one [Northern] ship at the Guano Islands off Peru, where in 1863, seventy or eighty had waited impatiently for their profitable cargoes.”

By early spring, however, Mallory had a new target in mind. That March, in a letter to Bulloch, he proposed redeploying existing commerce raiders and acquiring new ones for a concerted assault on New England’s globally-dispersed fishing and whaling fleet. The Alabama, the Florida, and other raiders had already made sporadic attacks on New England’s whaling vessels operating off the Azores and other Atlantic islands; likewise, there had been raids on fishing schooners off the New England coast.

What Mallory now envisioned was something on a grander scale. By driving up operating costs and insurance rates for New England’s fishing and whaling industries, he believed, the Confederate Navy would render the region a powerful lobby in Washington devoted to ending the war.

As he put it, “The simultaneous appearance of efficient cruisers on the New England coast and fishing banks, in the West Indies and South Atlantic, in the Pacific among the whalemen, and in the East Indies, would have a decided tendency to turn the trading mind of New England to thoughts of peace.”

(Sea of Gray: The Around-the-World Odyssey of the Confederate Raider Shenandoah, Tom Chaffin, Hill & Wang, 2006, excerpts pp. 24-25)

"What a way to wake up someone set a American flag on fire on my truck." - Allen Tullar

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Memorial Day

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Memorial Day On Memorial Day, when we honor the fallen of the many wars throughout our short history, it seems inconceivable that we should have to defend the freedoms for which they have given their lives.

It would be one thing to consider that the enemies of freedom are merely seeking a better way, a more just, more humane way of dispensing government and surely, there are many who are seduced by this proclamation, but it is untrue and deviously contrived to convince the unwitting. But, there are many more who are willingly engaged in this deception, who understand and endorse the collectivist agenda.

This is a fight begun in the shadows of the great European powers. It is a fight against the construct of master and servant, lord and peasant. The meaning of the United States is the idea of a nation organized, built, defended and administered by the people themselves offering each an opportunity to take whatever part they might choose.

The ideal, to those colonists seeking to build a nation, was to be freely engaged in commerce; to plant crops; to husband livestock; to build houses; to forge tools and equipment; to engage in trade and shipping. Administration of the local government: sitting in committee; organizing projects and selling bonds was a necessary duty to further enable the other endeavors. It was an obligation and resented as time taken away from those labors that supported the family, built the business and laid in supplies against winter and drought. Defense of the home, the state and the nation was a product of those same obligations. For decades the citizens carried all of these burdens through civilian dedication to the system of self-government. Somewhere along the line, there is no clear demarcation, we began to hire professionals to do the work of the citizen. We stopped trying to figure out how to operate larger bureaucracies, more complicated economies and national defense by a volunteer corps.

There was a lot of interest in a professional government and whether that was by design or circumstance means little, it has led us to this: a government intentionally subverted by its employees. In effect, people hired by the people to subvert the system that benefits the people. But, they have taken that one step further, to not only subvert the system, but to replace it with a soviet system. This, to the apparatchiks, is better for them to not have to care about the people, or what they vote for. Any vote can be written off as the ignorant and foolish making bad decisions, decisions the apparatchiks can nullify through procedure and interdepartmental rules. This works at the local DMV as well as it does at FBI Headquarters.

 So, on this Memorial Day, when we honor those who have fallen defending the nation, the republic, the Constitution or just their homes, it must be reflected against the harsh reality that while some fought and died to preserve freedom, others in the same government, at the same time, cashed paychecks for working against it. We have allowed propaganda to set policy and lies to become culture.

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My New Outhouse

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Actually a well house. :)

A Southern Memorial Day


Noblest of martyrs in a glorious fight!
Ye died to save the cause of Truth and Right.
And though your banner beams no more on high,
Not vainly did it wave or did ye die!

No blood for freedom shed is spent in vain;
It is as fertile as the Summer rain;
And the last tribute of heroic breath
Is always conqueror over Wrong and Death.

The grand procession of avenging years
Has turned to triumph all our bitter tears;
And the cause lost, by battle’s stern behest,
Is won by Justice, and by Heaven blest.

Dark grew the night above our sacred slain,
Who sleeps upon the mountain and the plain;
But darker still the black and blinding pall
That whelmed the living in its lurid thrall.

But taught by heroes, who had yielded life,
We fainted not, nor faltered in the strife;
With weapons bright, from peaceful Reason won,
We cleaved the clouds and gained the golden sun.

And so today the marble shaft may soar
In memory of those who are no more;
The proudest boast of centuries shall be,
That they who fell with Jackson rise with Lee!

Trump Counterattacks Using Democrat's Hypocrisy

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 Trump Counterattacks Using Democrat's Hypocrisy
 These people are not our betters. They are our worsers, our much, much worsers.
George Orwell’s socialist tyrants worked hard to impose what he called “doublethink,” but today’s left can’t even manage singlethink. Our bloated, soft and lazy elite no longer bothers to try to fool us with consistent, coherent lies – it is too busy reacting to the actions of one solitary hero who knows how to play these blue city geeks like Keith Richards knows how to play a guitar, only with less Jack Daniels.

Now that I have Nancy Pelosi’s attention…

That hero is President Donald Trump, who I hope is president forever because watching him use his narrative jiu jitsu on his feckless opponents is so much fun that I dread the day when he’s no longer in the ring body-slamming our enemies for our amusement.

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Veteran’s Private Border Wall Project Builds First Section Near El Paso After Raising $22 Million

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New border wall being constructed by We Build the Wall in the El Paso, Texas, metropolitan area on May 24, 2019. (Courtesy of We Build the Wall, Inc.) 
“Today is the big day!” Kolfage said in a May 26 tweet. “Today is the day the haters, the liberal media, and every doubter, chokes on their words. Check back later.”
An Air Force veteran who lost three limbs in the Iraq War has built a wall on a short section of the U.S.-Mexico border, delivering on a promise to hundreds of thousands of donors.

Brian Kolfage raised more than $22 million and plans to build the wall mile-by-mile in strategic locations, getting permits from local private landowners.

Lindsey Graham Chimes In On Declassifying Russia Probe Document And Dems Won't Like What He Has To Say

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Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace he believes the former intelligence officials that oppose the declassification of documents relating to the Russia probe “are worried about being exposed.”

"I was one of the Republicans insisting that [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller be allowed to do his job. I never thought it was a witch hunt. The Mueller report is in. No collusion," Graham said. "You know Mueller didn't do anything on obstruction. Now I'm insisting that we get to the bottom of this, all of the documents around the FISA warrant application released.

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Memorial Day: The Forgotten History of America’s Memorial Day and What It Commemorates

Hey Brock,

I’ll keep this brief… I hope you are having an amazing Memorial Day and are remembering what this day is truly about. Remembering and Honoring those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

People tend to forget what the day is actually about and simply view it as an “unofficial start to summer” or “another day off work.” Feel free to share this guide so we can remember the significance of this day. And God bless all those who have served our country. 


 Early American Militias: The Forgotten History of Freedmen Militias from 1776 until the Civil War

Memorial Day is more than just the “unofficial start of summer.” It was originally a celebration of the lives sacrificed on both sides during the War Between the States. Not an official federal holiday until 1971, the history of Memorial Day is one of controversy. This guide traces the origins of this American day dedicated to remembering and honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Early Celebrations: Annual Decoration Days


While the day was eventually codified as a Civil War-centric holiday, people had laid flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers for decades before there was such a thing as Memorial Day, or “Decoration Day” as it is sometimes called. Annual decoration days were most common in the American South. Because the American South was more rural and agrarian based, it was not uncommon to have a family cemetery. It was here that families would gather for picnics and grave decorations.

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This Years Memorial Day Flag Display

He's going to go broke buying flags. :)

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Hatchet-wielding thief backs down when store clerk pulls out gun - but firearm costs employee his job

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Oregon authorities are seeking a would-be thief who was armed with a hatchet when he tried to rob a convenience store, only to flee when the clerk drew a gun and called 911.

However, the clerk's quick thinking cost him his job, with the president of Plain Pantry in Oak Grove explaining to local station KOIN-TV that the chain has a zero-tolerance policy for weapons.

He said employees are trained to de-escalate robbery situations to avoid injury, according to the station.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office on Friday released surveillance video of the incident which took place April 28 at the store, seeking tips in identifying the suspect who fled empty-handed and without the 12-inch hatchet.

Image from surveillance video showing a convenience store in Oregon pulling out a gun on a masked would-be robber who had a hatchet.

“We’d like to reunite you with the hatchet you left behind after the clerk responded with a handgun and a 911 call and you fled the scene,” Sgt. Marcus Mendoza said in a news release.

Mendoza said the suspect placed the hatchet on the counter and reportedly telling the clerk, “I’m sorry. I’ll leave."

Wrongly Imprisoned Former Rep. Steve Stockman Files Appeal

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Wrongly Imprisoned Former Rep. Steve Stockman Files Appeal

Former Republican Congressman Steve Stockman is fighting back against The Swamp. He was targeted by powerful Democrats and wrongly convicted of misusing nonprofit funds. Corrupt, left-leaning prosecutors in the Department of Justice went after him because he called for the arrest of the IRS’s Lois Lerner, was the first to expose Obama’s ransom payment for Bowe Bergdahl, and aggressively rooted out corruption under both Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s presidencies. He made the Drudge Report during his most recent term in office more than any other House member.

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Two Gunshots That Changed the World: The Death of King Carlos I of Portugal & The Winchester 1907

It is a timeless conundrum of astrophysics. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? On February 1, 1908, at the Praca do Comercio on the bank of the Tagus River in Lisbon, Portugal, the world got an answer to that question. On that fateful day, an immovable centuries-old traditional European monarchy felt the unstoppable power of popular revolution.

The Portuguese King Carlos I was related to just about everybody and by all accounts was a fairly well-intentioned guy. It is difficult to grasp through our modern eyes just how intermarried the royal families of late 19th-century Europe had become. Carlos I, the regent of Portugal, counted cousins from Germany, France, Romania, and England. His mother was Italian. Napoleon Victor Bonaparte was a relation on her side.

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350 Legend: Caliber Overview & Best Ammo Options

photo of the ruger american ranch rifle next to winchester 350 legend ammo

When a new cartridge like the 350 Legend is released, there are generally the two polarized reactions from the shooting public. Half are eager to try it out and let everyone know about it, the other half sit back and wonder why no one sees the wisdom in sticking with proven cartridges that already work just fine.

“A rock is a rock.” They’ll tell you. “Good, old rocks. Nothing beats rocks.”

The rest of us, who shoot and review ammo, fall somewhere between the extremes of blindly embracing shiny things or curmudgeonly condemning change. That is to say, if we are going to reinvent the wheel, will the new wheel be a nice wheel, or better yet, a wheel that gets us to where we are going faster and more efficiently?

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"Daddy would have liked to have seen this."

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Brings tears to my eyes and reminds me of the bottom land at Green Acres, one of Daddy's farms.

Liz Cheney: Statements by agents investigating Trump 'could well be treason'

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said on Sunday that statements by FBI agents investigating President Trump sounded “an awful lot like a coup, and it could well be treason.”

Cheney told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week” that the beginnings of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation were suspect and need to be investigated.

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