Monday, December 19, 2016

Will the liberal death threats end today?

As we know, the last gasp attempt by liberals to thwart the election results will unfold today.

Every elector who is bound and planning to  vote for Trump has been subjected to multiple death threats against themselves and their families since the election ended. This level of  hyper-hate and this transparent attempt to overturn our peaceful election process is unprecedented in American history.  That neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama, as the leaders of the Democrat Party,
have spoken out publicly against this (thereby conveying acquiescence, if not downright support for such illegal and even 'felonious' activity) is adding to the shame both already "enjoy." 

Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats not speaking out against this are not only bringing shame to their own political party,  they are nearly ruining it in the process.  They have set a dangerous precedent that acting like election results don't matter, but that pressure from a dangerous mob of Democrats does. They're playing with fire and as most of us who are adults know........when you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.


The Genius and Necessity of the Electoral College

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  • Benjamin Rush“A simple democracy . . . is one of the greatest of evils.”  ~Benjamin Rush, Letter to John Adams, July 21, 1789
  • James Madison“Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”  ~James Madison, Federalist Paper 10
  • Alexander Hamilton“It has been observed, by an honorable gentleman, that a pure democracy, if it were practicable, would be the most perfect government. Experience has proved that no position in politics is more false than this. The ancient democracies, in which the people themselves deliberated, never possessed one feature of good government. Their very character was tyranny . . .”  ~Alexander Hamilton, The Debates in the Several State Conventions, 1787, p. 253
  • John AdamsDemocracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”  ~John Adams letter to John Taylor, April 15, 1814
Were it not for the Electoral College, small densely populated, mostly urban areas on the east and west coasts would have elected Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. The votes of the inhabitants living in the vast central land mass of the USA would have essentially been of no value, and the needs, opinions, and desires of those citizens would have been ignored by a President who owed them no loyalty. In fact, it would be possible for a candidate to win the election by campaigning only in those highly populated east and west coast areas without setting foot anywhere in between. That egregious lack of equality would lead to a dissolution of the country with unfortunate and disastrous results.


Many might be surprised to learn that the word “Democracy” does not appear in the Bill or Rights or the US Constitution.  Nor does it appear in the Constitutions of the 50 States.  A Democracy is “mob rule,” a dictatorship of the majority in which 51% of the citizenry rule the other 49%.  Our freedoms and liberties are guaranteed to us because the framers of our Constitution, through past experience and careful consideration, gave us a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy . . .  A governmental system based on the rule of law and not the rule of the majority.

After the War of Independence and the failure of the Articles of Confederation, when our Constitution was being conceived and written, the total population of the thirteen colonies was estimated to be 2,628,400. The thirteen colonies were not equal in terms of number of inhabitants, with Delaware being the smallest at 45,400 residents and Virginia the largest with 538,000 residents.

Today’s Tower of Babel

Like Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations — the victors imposing their order on defeated and newly-created ethnic “nations” in a utopian fashion — the later United Nations goal was to create the same and prevent future wars. Wilson naively believed that the League could prevent unethical behavior by states and use force to control them which did nothing but spark future wars. Today, formerly Christian nations in Europe have shed their historical identities to become merely market collectives with no borders, and populations of multi-ethnic tribes warring against each other.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Today’s Tower of Babel

“[Western] nations are obviously evolving into godless societies; they hail not the sovereignty of God but of man, and claim that religious beliefs are essentially detrimental to peace. But it takes only common sense to realize that atheism goes hand in hand with unfettered individualism.

Modern times are times of hostility to religion; it is no happenstance that they have also seen the birth of radical individual freedom. Epicurus long ago taught that there could be no society among men but that which obtains among small circles of friends; it is no happenstance that he also taught that there are no gods.

Inasmuch as a nation is a cohesive body whose members are the individual citizens, it needs some sort of cementing mortar to bridge the gap that the freedom of each unavoidably creates between them, and all the more as such freedom becomes absolute. Building such a bridge presupposes that all citizens participate in something . . . [that] transcends them all . . . binding them without oppressing them.

And since this is the very definition of a religious belief, it must be concluded that no nation exists that is not upheld by some religious faith. Nations are terrestrial vessels anchored in the skies.

But Europe used to believe in a religion that (even though the passions of men led them too often to ignore it) preached a love of one’s neighbor that did not imply hatred of foreigners. Indeed, classic orthodox Christianity always taught men to love their own countries together with all men, irrespective of their nationalities. But then it meant that, just as is the case for individuals, nations – though distinct entities – felt they were parts of the same world; not a political one, since they all retained some sort of independence, but a spiritual one, whose unity was manifested at the time by their common compliance with one spiritual authority.

Today, we have something paradoxically called the United Nations, whose more or less goal is to unite mankind in a worldwide society built on the ruins of all nations. It is our Tower of Babel.”

(The Agony of Nations in the West, Claude Polin, Chronicles, February 2016, excerpts, pg. 13)

Stephen Douglas on the Alternatives

Illinois politician Stephen A. Douglas thought the solution to the sectional divide in 1860 was finding compromise with Republicans through amendments to the Constitution. Douglas’s Senate speech in early 1861 listed three eventualities he saw ahead, and knew the last would end the union – as Alexander Hamilton presciently observed many years earlier. Formerly a man of compromise, after Fort Sumter, Douglas implored Lincoln to raise “thrice as many” volunteers, despite his witnessing the subjugation of Americans and the end of the Union.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Stephen Douglas on the Alternatives

“In a speech in the Senate, March 15, 1861, Mr. Douglas had reduced the situation to the following three alternative points:

1. The Restoration and Preservation of the Union by such Amendments to the Constitution as will insure domestic tranquility, safety and equality of all the States, and thus restore peace, unity and fraternity to the whole country.

2. A Peaceful Dissolution of the Union by recognizing the Independence of such States as refuse to remain in the Union without such Constitutional Amendments, and the establishment of a liberal system of commercial and social intercourse with them by treaties of commerce and amity.

3. War, with a view to the subjugation and military occupation of those States which have Seceded or may Secede from the Union.”

As a thorough Union man, he could never have agreed to “A Peaceful Dissolution of the Union.” On the other hand he was equally averse to War, because he held that “War is Disunion. War is final, eternal separation.” Hence all his energies and talents were given to carrying out his first-stated line of policy.”

(The Great Conspiracy, John A. Logan, A.R. Hart & Company, 1886, excerpt, pg. 271)

“I Just Want Truth to Come out”: Syrian Army Captain Tells About Aleppo Victory. America is Helping the Terrorists


Sputnik got in touch with Captain of the Syrian Army Antoine Abboud, who is currently in the old district of Eastern Aleppo and he shared his side of the narrative.

Earlier in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry said that all eastern Aleppo districts had been freed from terrorists, while some hotbeds of militants’ resistance remained.

“I don’t know what has been happening in the media. I could not watch the television. The soldiers don’t have the internet; they don’t know what is being said. What we do know is that when we came to Aleppo the situation was bad. One of my soldiers was killed,” Abboud said.

He further said that in the Old City there was one woman who got sick. The soldiers called the army doctor and he said that she was in dire need of surgery, “The doctor started the surgery right away in order to save her life,” the captain said.

“People asked us [the Syrian Army] for food, we provided them with food. One soldier was carrying an old man on his back,” Abboud recalls.


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Two New Roadside Confederate Battle Flags Raised in Virginia This Week

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the dedication yesterday of our 24th Roadside Battle Flag in Virginia, and the 15th raised in Danville since Danville City Council voted to strip the 3x5 Third National from the Confederate Monument on the grounds of the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

Kellyanne Conway on Blaming Russia for Election Results

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Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway joined John Dickerson this morning on Face the Nation to discuss the alleged Russian hacks on the DNC and President Obama’s response.

Conway told Dickerson the actions by the electors to use the Russian hacking to change the election results undermines our democracy more than any other conversation that we’re having right now.

After being grilled on CIA and FBI allegations that Russia hacked into the DNC Conway responded:
Kellyanne Conway: I’ll tell you what the unintelligence briefing we all know is, which is that Hillary Clinton and her team spent $1.2 billion, lost an election they should have won, didn’t see us coming, and got a lot of help frankly from people in the media who are still trying to fight the last war. The campaign is over. This man is the president.

North Carolina Wows with Its Impressive Tax-Cut Successes

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North Carolina’s Republican Gov. Pat McCrory was just voted out of office in a heated contest with his Democrat challenger.

Those who voted for Roy Cooper over McCrory will probably live to regret that decision very soon.
Impressive tax cuts in the Tar Heel State have kept more money in the pockets of its citizens, but that wasn’t good enough for the radical left.

And the good news keeps on coming: more jobs, more money for schools, higher pay. State governments are constantly competing for people and businesses, and North Carolina has proved that cutting taxes is a great way to come out on top. Since 2013, Governor Pat McCrory and the state legislature have cut taxes by an astounding $4.7 billion — and the result has been economic growth, job growth, and even additional tax revenue that could spur yet more tax cuts in the years ahead.
North Carolina’s tax cuts to date have included reducing personal income taxes for every single working family in the state, lowering the corporate tax to the lowest rate in the country for states that still levy one, and eliminating the death tax entirely. To help patch budget holes, the state also eliminated exemptions to the sales tax to broaden its base and even the playing field.

Obama’s legacy rhetoric belies scandal-scarred presidency

 U.S. President Barack Obama pauses while answers question during his news conference at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Lima, Peru, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

A president on his way out of town, like a dinner guest who frets the next morning that he talked too much and stayed too long, is obsessed with how he’ll be remembered. As the days dwindle down to a precious few, he spends his time bolstering his image and polishing what he imagines will be his “legacy.” He’s prone to inflating accomplishments and shading the truth about the disasters that occurred on his watch. President Obama is indulging himself only a little more than usual.

He boasts in an interview that his pride swells when he regards his eight years in the White House as “scandal free.” It’s true that no one was jailed for taking a bribe, but calling his administration “scandal free” is more than a stretch. All presidents live in a bubble, but Mr. Obama appears not to have subscribed to a newspaper, not even The Washington Post or The New York Times, over these past eight years. If he had, he could have read about scandals.


Comment elsewhere by Anonymous  

This is laughable. The Obama administration boasts that he leaves with a relatively scandal-free legacy.

Whereas, I can think of two-dozen scandals that plague his legacy, and even exceeds that of Bill Clinton's administration.

✓ IRS targets Obama’s enemies to include Christian and conservative non-profit groups.
✓ The refusal and failure to protect the Benghazi mission.
✓ Fast and Furious. BATF agents implicated in arming Mexican drug cartel; innocent parties killed by these weapons.
✓ Illegal surveillance by DOJ of Associated Press, CBS and Fox News journalists.
✓ U.S. Attorney General Holder was the first in his post to be held in contempt of Congress and he committed perjury
✓ HHS Secretary Sebelius implicated demanding cash from parties subject to regulation. "Pay to play."
✓ USDA Pigford Scandal. Billions of dollars payouts for false discrimination claims to women and minorities.
✓ Department of Veteran Affairs' scandal from financial irregularities and misappropriation of resources; allowing dead veteran's bodies to rot in morgue
✓ Solyndra and green business scandal. Administration gave subsidies to businesses amid kickbacks, and the majority went bankrupt.
✓ Executive usurpation of Congress. Obama: "I'll pass my own laws!"
✓ Obamcare administration violated the statute authorizing it.
✓ Intimidation of Chief Justice Roberts into writing favorable opinion legitimizing the Affordable Care Act
✓ Reprisal and firings directed against whistle-blowers and Inspector Generals that exposed corruption in the administration.
✓ Influence peddling and corruption in immigration and customs handing out work visas to donors and bribe-payers.

I was saving the best for last, and left out Aiding of radical Islamists destabilizing Libya and Syria; presidential covert action led to a cascading series of events that gave rise to ISIS.

GOP electors cite rural voice in Electoral College

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As members of the Electoral College prepare to choose Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, some Republican electors say they are defending rural and small-town America against big-state liberalism and its support for national popular vote leader Hillary Clinton.

But the picture is more complicated.

"Our Founding Fathers established the Electoral College because those larger states, those larger areas, don't necessarily need to be the ones that rule," said Mary Sue McClurkin, a Republican elector from Alabama.

In Trump's hometown of New York City, which Clinton won easily, Democratic elector Stuart Appelbaum countered that "we're electing the president of the entire country," so "the will of the entire country should be reflected in the results."

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Barack Obama Setting Up Shadow Government of Ultra Liberal Progressives

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Huma vs. the “Night Stalkers”

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Maybe I’m just pissed off, but I really don’t give a shit about what happens to Huma to be honest with you,” one close adviser to Hillary Clinton told me recently. He was irked, in particular, at Abedin’s seemingly superfluous breach of decorum during a post-election event. On the day after Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Donald Trump, this person said, Abedin appeared within the rope line while Clinton greeted her morose and woebegone supporters. “You’re staff, O.K.?” this adviser continued. “Staff is staff. You’re not a principal.” (A spokesperson for the Clinton campaign notes that Abedin was seated alongside the rest of the campaign’s senior leadership team that morning. Abedin declined an interview request.)

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FAKE NEWS: Just HOW Worthless Are Those New ‘Media Monitors’… Here’s A List!

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Seriously? THESE clowns are supposed to be the hall monitors of our news feeds?

Snopes? ABC? Politifact? And the Associated Press?

Because they are the nations’ guardians of truth. Is that it?

What happens when their biases blind them to the truth, especially since they are all singing from the SAME political songsheet?

Here are a few examples:

1. Politifact took great pains to deny that Obama made an ‘apology tour’.

2. Politifact gave a ‘mostly false’ rating to something they also admitted was technically true. It was a CONSERVATIVE publication’s calculation on Clinton Foundation Donations. (The Federalist)

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The “White” Versus “European” Identity Crisis

Via comment by The End on The Appalachian Messenger

The Mainstream narrative has narrowed its scope over the past ten years in what it defines as European culture. And this has been by design, as there is no evidence that it occurred organically. In fact, there is ample proof that the characterization of “Whiteness” and the deliberate dislocation of this modern concept from its cultural and racial core—that of a European realization and identity—has been a massive victory by the Liberal Elite over the collective consciousness of European peoples. Furthermore, this continued effort to abstract our self-identity into the synthetic abstraction which has come to be known as “White” will assuredly annihilate whatever sense of distinctiveness we still have left while leaving our entire group vulnerable to the racialist, marginalizing policies of the Cultural Marxist establishment.

The whole point of this endevour has been to pacify the instinctive urge to defend one’s family, nation, and birthrights. It is that simple. The result has been the migration of 100 million non-Europeans into Australia, Europe, and North America over the past 50 years without a single significant incident of pushback. This could never have occurred with a group of people who were self-aware.

Electoral College members from Pa. issued state police protection

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Members of the Electoral College from Pennsylvania say they are receiving thousands of phone calls and emails from around the world ahead of Monday's vote in Harrisburg, according to a report from
One elector told the website that each elector has been assigned a plain clothes state police trooper for protection.

"Such has been the life of Pennsylvania's 20 electors for President-elect Donald Trump since the Nov. 8 election," according to the report.

The state's electors will convene inside the state House chamber at the Capitol at 12 p.m. to cast their votes.

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