Monday, September 13, 2010

Build Anew On A Smaller Scale, Restoration Futile

Immigration & The Fate Of Empires
"......this theory of imperial decline actually indicates that there is no point even attempting to restrict immigration at this late stage because the imperial culture of America has already been fatally diluted and is now well into the final stage of is already too late."

The Principle of Secession

The great pro-liberty thinkers all agree that secession is a basic human liberty. All people naturally own their own bodies and therefore have the right to be free in their person and property. This is the fundamental principle on which secession is based. Check out these pro-secession quotes from Ludwig von Mises (Austrian), Gustave de Molinari (French) and Lysander Spooner (Northern abolitionist).

Sadie Strickland, 'Real Daughter' Of Confederate Soldier Dies At 100

"With her death, Florida's number drops to five and North Carolina tops the list of 10 states in the number of women who carry on the legacy, said United Daughters of the Confederacy spokeswoman Gail Crosby"

Redford Digs Into Lincoln Assassination Plot

"History is a series of loops. We keep repeating ourselves. Now we're living in a condition of confusion and anxiety and fear and that was the same thing 150 years ago."

$outhern Poverty Law Center Completes Its Descent Into Madness

"...... the SPLC has descended into an organization which seeks to demonize legitimate opposition to Democratic Party policies and the Obama administration."

Nothing new, but more and more are finally catching on.

50 Mind Blowing Facts About America That Our Founding Fathers Never Would Have Believed

"...... they would be able to grasp how far we have fallen as a nation and how far we have strayed from the fundamental principles that they enshrined in our founding documents"

My 3x great grandfather who saved the flag at Brandywine is surely turning over in his grave.