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Justice Department covers up possible spy ring scandal in Democratic congressional offices

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In an incredible sweetheart plea deal, Imran Awan – a former IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., and other congressional Democrats – pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of making a false statement on a home equity loan.

I sat flabbergasted in the courtroom in Washington as the plea agreement was entered.

I spent the last year interviewing hundreds of people and chasing leads for my upcoming book –titled “Spies in Congress” – about the alleged spy ring believed led by Awan that may have operated in the offices of more than 40 Democratic members of Congress.

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The Great American Political Divide

 Image result for (Ben McCulloch and the Frontier Military Tradition, Thomas W. Cutrer, U

Ben McCulloch (1811-1862) of Tennessee was a soldier in the Texas Revolution, a Texas Ranger, major-general in the Texas Militia, a major in the US Army during the Mexican War, a US marshal, and lastly a brigadier-general in the Confederate States Army. He was killed in action by an Illinois sniper at the battle of Pea Ridge in March of 1862. McCulloch’s prewar visit to New England in mid-1856 allowed him to view that region’s notable historic and transatlantic slave trade sites. His younger brother Henry served in both Houses of the Texas Legislature and was also a Confederate brigadier; their father Alexander was a Yale graduate, ancestor of George Washington, and veteran of the Creek War of 1813.
Bernhard Thuersam, www.Circa1865.org

The Great American Political Divide: Ben McCulloch’s Visit to New England

“Increasingly contemptuous of the North and its institutions, and set in his belief that an abolitionist conspiracy was in place not only to end slavery but to destroy the South’s political liberties, Ben recommended to Henry, then a member of the Texas legislature, that he introduce a joint resolution appointing commissioners to negotiate with the owners of Mount Vernon for its purchase by the State of Texas. “It would be a proud day for our State when it was proclaimed that she owned the Tomb of Washington. Besides,” he wrote, we may want a campaign ground near the city in the event of the election of a Black Republican candidate.”

During the final weeks of June 1856, with [Franklin] Pierce’s term of office drawing to a close and the great regional controversy over the expansion and perpetuation of slavery reaching a crisis, McCulloch took his first trip into New England. After spending no longer in Boston than required to visit “the monument on Breed’s Hill, Faneuil Hall, the Commons, etc.,” Ben reported to Henry that “the whole population looked as though they were just returning from a funeral. Too puritanical in appearance to be good neighbors or patriotic citizens.”

 [In Albany, New York, Whig presidential candidate Millard Fillmore] told the North that the South “would not permit a sectional president of the north to govern them.” McCulloch shared this opinion most earnestly, and he vowed to be “the first to volunteer my services as a soldier to prevent it, and would rather see the streets of this city knee deep in blood than to see a black republican take possession of that chair.”

(Ben McCulloch and the Frontier Military Tradition, Thomas W. Cutrer, UNC Press, 1993, excerpts pp. 140-141)

Goodies from Ol' Remus: Much Doom & Gloom

art-remus-ident-04.jpg A Sunday social in Jere, a tiny settlement near Morganstown, just south of the Pennsylvania state line. It was a hard luck coal mining town in 1938.  

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In the year that's passed, the sentiment and inclination of Hodgkinson has been reconsidered and tacitly embraced by the Left. They've adopted the Antifa idea that opposing Progressives equals White Supremacist Nazi Racism and, to quote them, "it's okay to punch a Nazi". 

Having seen the ongoing assaults on prominent Republicans in public places and at their homes, directly and specifically encouraged by the Democratic Party leadership, who believes they would condemn Hodgkinson-like assassinations today? Once loosed, such violence would expand beyond the ability of law enforcement to contain it. 

Francis Porretto put it succinctly: "The storm clouds have breasted the horizon and they're moving our way fast". We've been here before, the reign of terror in the 1970s with thousands of bombings, targeted criminal assaults, serial urban arson on a large scale and many unpunished murders.

Qanon, Amerika - Mueller is going to attempt to set the stage for an impeachment vote, and the media will throw everything they have at the public to get them to consider. If this fails, they will use all of the media weapons at their disposal to grow a public uprising to try to force Trump out of power while rogue intelligence agents will try to sabotage any investigations that may deter this. It’s possible that Q is just a conspiracy theory, and it’s also possible that Qanon postings are an MI counter op that was planned since before Trump took the Oval Office. But to assume either may underestimate its purpose and its potential. Q may instead be a sign of the empire to come, and a powerful weapon in crafting its long-overdue reign.   American Digest - Whenever You See a Trump Poll, Add 12 ... current polls say “Adding 12” just doesn’t really do it

All this whining about portraying the press as the enemy. Hasn't the media been painting everyone with a Confederate flag as a racist, Trump supporters as nazis and anyone who believes in border security as some sort of racist nazi?

  Washington Post, Sociology Professor Suzanna Walters, Why can’t we hate men? - "So men, if you really are #WithUs and would like us to not hate you for all the millennia of woe you have produced and benefited from, start with this: Lean out so we can actually just stand up without being beaten down. Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything. Step away from the power. We got this. And please know that your crocodile tears won’t be wiped away by us anymore. We have every right to hate you. You have done us wrong. #BecausePatriarchy. It is long past time to play hard for Team Feminism. And win".

Just the beginning, Splinter News - These people, who are pushing America merrily down the road to fascism and white nationalism, are delusional if they do not think that the backlash is going to get much worse. The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s. This is what happens when citizens decide en masse that their political system is corrupt, racist, and unresponsive. The people out of power have only just begun to flex their dissatisfaction. The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a Mexican restaurant.

Pictures & AAR PATCON XIII + 2 Month Notice PATCON XIV October 3rd thru 8th

Tom hard at work.
Christine and Akai.
Tom's radio class above and below.

Pig Pickin'!

Peter instructing us and leaving below. :)

Philip and Donna above and below. A delightful couple!

A nice shower after all left.


PATCON 13 was May 30th thru June 4th.  We had less than twenty people in attendance.  If you weren’t there, you missed out on a rare instance of a PatCon with nary a gnat nor mosquito.

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Number 10 'bans Donald Trump from meeting Nigel Farage' on UK visit


The paranoid government isn’t allowing Donald Trump to meet with Nigel Farage when the US President visits Britain next week, sources claim.

The Telegraph reports Downing Street has ruled it ‘a red line’ that President Trump doesn’t meet with Nigel, despite the fact the pair have a great relationship that, presumably, could be beneficial for the UK.

A source close to Farage told Westmonster: “Downing Street’s actions have already set the special relationship into a downward spiral. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot again and again by not working with the few people in Britain that know President Trump well.”

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Nunes: “We’re not going to be threatened by the Democrats. They’re the ones that have all this blood on their hands.

North Carolina Social Justice Activist: Boycott July 4, Crash Other People's Cookouts

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Children pouting in their sandbox.

In Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, social justice activists are telling their followers to boycott the Fourth of July this year, not to buy hot dogs or fireworks, and even to crash other people’s cookouts. They say they refuse to celebrate until America addresses what they see as endemic racism; one referred to the current climate as “Trump terror.”

Trump breaking from Obama-era affirmative action policies which hurt chances of white and Asian-American applicants.

 The Trump administration is planning to do away with a series of affirmative action policy documents put in place under former President Barack Obama that encourage colleges and universities to use racial data in their admissions process  in order to promote diversity on campuses nationwide.

The Trump administration is doing away with a series of affirmative-action policy documents put in place under former President Barack Obama that encourage colleges and universities to use race in admissions processes to promote campus diversity.

The guidelines, implemented under Obama between 2010 and 2016, put forth legal recommendations that officials in the Trump White House say “mislead schools to believe that legal forms of affirmative action are simpler to achieve than the law allows,” according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The Trump administration contends that the Obama-era guidelines go far beyond what the Supreme Court has decided on in regard to affirmative action. The court has ruled that colleges and universities can use affirmative action to help minority students get into school, but conservatives over the years have argued that these programs hurt the chances of white and Asian-American applicants.

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Las Vegas cop 'terrified with fear' as gunman murdered dozens, body camera footage shows

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An armed, veteran police officer stood idle for several minutes last October as the Las Vegas gunman slaughtered dozens of concertgoers from a perch one floor up, and now that cop's actions -- and inaction -- are being reviewed by the Metropolitan Police Department.

The investigation into Cordell Hendrex, and the rest of the city’s police department, comes as Las Vegas prepares to release its ninth batch of footage and records related to the shooting, which left 58 dead and hundreds injured.

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M4 Sherman Tank - Crew tell how shocking it was

Richard Henry Lee


Richard Henry Lee was a patriot, Anti-Federalist, and statesman from his “country,” Virginia.  He led the charge for independence in 1776 and was a powerful figure in Virginia political life.  He served one term as president of the Continental Congress and was elected a United States Senator from Virginia immediately after the ratification of the Constitution.  His role in the founding period is often overlooked due to his “personality” and the slapstick characterization of him in the musical 1776

Lee was a Southern aristocrat, sometimes considered pompous and arrogant, but he was not a bumbling idiot.  John Adams, in fact, called him a “masterly man,” though “tall and spare.” 

Excluding Lee from a list of Founding Fathers would be a travesty, for he was as important to the cause of independence as Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin.

More Africans Entered America in Last Decade than During 300 Years of Slave Trade

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Between 2000 and 2010, the number of legal black African immigrants in the United States about doubled, to around one million. During that single decade, according to the most reliable estimates, more black Africans arrived in this country on their own than were imported directly to North America during the more than three centuries of the slave trade.

Threatened with arrest in 2009, Lamin F. Bojang fled Gambia after publicly contradicting its president’s claims that he could cure AIDS. Now 31, Mr. Bojang lives in Concourse Village in the Bronx with his wife and 2-year-old son and works as a receptionist at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn, while working toward a bachelor’s degree in political science at City College.
With educational and professional opportunities in Gambia scarce for his generation, “the rest will have to find ways of leaving,” he said, “and African migrants here, just as previous migrants, are likely not going to return to their countries of origin.”

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London Fears Losing 'Market' And 'Influence' If Trump Makes 'Peace' With 'Boogeyman' Russia

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London fears losing 'market' and 'influence' if Trump makes 'peace' with 'boogeyman' Russia

The UK establishment is alarmed by a “peace deal” that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump may reach at their upcoming meeting. London has used Moscow as a “boogeyman” to preserve its fading influence in Europe, experts told RT.

After the time and date of the meeting – that is, Helsinki, Finland on June 16 – was set this week, the Times laid out a piece conveying the fears of unnamed cabinet ministers that a “peace deal” will undermine NATO and compromise European security.

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The War of Coastal Aggression

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War of Coastal Aggression

Most nations have regions that are unique and known for their special qualities. For example, France has its wine country and Mediterranean coast, Germany has castles along the Rhine, Switzerland has ski resorts in the Alps, and Italy and Greece have ruins from centuries past.  What makes them nations, however, is the commonality of language and culture that unites their citizens regardless of political or philosophical differences.

We used to have that unity in America, when our nation was a true “melting pot”. Legal immigrants added the flavors of their nationality to the mix but swore allegiance and loyalty to America not their country of origin.  They learned English and American History, and proudly sang “Oh say can you see . . .” standing and saluting the flag, not burning it or taking a knee.

Our nation is now seriously and purposefully divided along geographical and philosophical lines, a repeat of the conditions, motives, and political treachery that existed in our young nation between 1828 and 1860. And the results were disastrous. 

Trump Narrows SCOTUS Pick To Two Judges. Here's What You Need To Know About Them.

According to CBS News, President Trump has narrowed his potential Supreme Court Justice picks to two federal judges: D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Chicago Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Sources say that Trump will reveal his official nominee in just one week, ahead of Anthony Kennedy's retirement, which begins on July 31. CBS reports:

When Right vs Left is Right vs Wrong.

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Democrats risk a backlash with hardball tactics on immigration and high court

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The Democratic Party is suddenly lurching left in ways that may be self-destructive.

And it's driven in large part by 2020 politics.

Two or three weeks ago, the Democrats were riding a wave of moral outrage and favorable media coverage. Most of the country agreed that President Trump's policy of separating families at the border was wrong and rather heartless. The White House was awash in contradictory messages and some leading conservative voices were demanding that the president stop a policy that he insisted he had no power to halt. When Trump reversed himself, it was a rare win for the Democrats, who control nothing in Washington, and for journalists and commentators who were emotionally invested in the border issue.

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In Newly Obtained Memo, Congress’s Top Cop Said House Democratic Caucus Server VANISHED

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A secret memo marked “URGENT” detailed how the House Democratic Caucus’s server went “missing” soon after it became evidence in a cybersecurity probe. The secret memo also said more than “40 House offices may have been victims of IT security violations.”

In the memo, Congress’s top law enforcement official, Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving, along with Chief Administrative Officer Phil Kiko, wrote, “We have concluded that the employees [Democratic systems administrator Imran Awan and his family] are an ongoing and serious risk to the House of Representatives, possibly threatening the integrity of our information systems and thereby members’ capacity to serve constituents.”


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Let's cut through the phony rhetoric to the reality: the gun control lobby wants to fully disarm Americans and "extreme risk" is just a a cynical pretext for taking a giant step toward that goal.  And our "Republican" Governor is leading  the charge.

Think about it: 

If a person's mental state truly threatens the safety of those around them, a rational approach would be to take the person into custody, not the objects in their home!!  Confiscating the gun and leaving the dangerous person behind is so crazy that only the loonie left could have written this terrible bill.

The Real Reason for the Red Flag Bill:
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Do you agree with recommendation to take down Confederate President Davis’ statue in Richmond?

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