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Letter to USMC PAOs



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Arctic Patriot

After reading this post, I wrote up a letter to several USMC PAOs. I eagerly await their answers.

Here's what I wrote:

Sir or Ma'am,

As a veteran with over eight years of prior service in the US Army, I remember well my oath of enlistment. I remember an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I am writing you concerning this story:

According to this news story, the US Marine Corps is actively training armed civilian police officers in military tactics, for purposes of "integration".

There was a statement in the story:

"I think it's always good when you get an opportunity to work on some similar tactics and procedures so that everybody's kind of operating on the same page. That way when you bring teams together from active duty and the civilian side, it makes the integration a whole lot smoother."

I have three questions that I would like to have answered concerning this:

1.) RE: "Operating on the same page"... It is obvious that these civilian officers that the USMC trained will be using these tactics (presumably to include dynamic room entry and other high-intensity-combat methods) against US civilians. Why do civilian LEOs need to operate against US civilians "on the same page" as the USMC would operate against foreign combatants? Can you explain to me how training civilian police officers to more effectively kill US citizens is in line with your oaths of enlistment/commission to uphold the US Constitution?

2.) RE: "That way when you bring teams together from active duty and the civilian side, it makes the integration a whole lot smoother" What exactly do you mean by this? Does the USMC plan to take civilian LEOs to foreign theatres, or are you implying by "integration" that USMC Marines will be used CONUS against US civilians?

3.) As a civilian rifleman, being a part of the United States' Constitutional Militia, when can I and my other countrymen expect an invitation to train alongside US Marines?

An answer would be appreciated, as the "integration" of military and police forces is a matter of grave concern to myself and many of my countrymen.

How Will You Answer?

3 Vietnam pictures I hadn't seen before

CCW holder kills robber

Via Knuckledraggin' My Life Away

Rakeem Odoms
The man who was shot and killed while he was trying to rob a Dollar General Store on Jacksonville's northside has been identified as Rakeem Odoms.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says a customer at the store on Dunn Avenue shot 22 year-old Rakeem Odoms three times when Odoms refused to hand over his gun.

Odom's partner, 19 year-old Aundre Campbell, fled the scene and has since been caught by police.

He faces a felony murder charge for Odom's death because it happened while he was committing a crime.

The 57-year-old grandfather who shot Odoms was doing some late-night shopping at the Dollar General store on Dunn Avenue when all of the sudden, two men stormed in and tried robbing it.

The shopper has a concealed weapons permit, and Lt. Rob Schoonover with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says the man wasted no time springing into action.

More @ WOKV

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@ J&G

Obama Sending Form Letters to Families of Fallen Soldiers - Signed By Electric Pen

That letter to families of our fallen soldiers? You didn't write that. Somebody else did that for you.

And then signed it with an electric pen.

Jim Host writes:
On August 6, 2011, 30 US service members were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter they were being transported in crashed in Wardak province, Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash.
Yesterday, Karen and Billy Vaughn, parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn, spoke at the Defending the Defenders forum sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots outside the RNC Convention in Tampa. Karen brought a copy of the form letter they were sent following their son’s death.

Former Marine Detained for ‘Ominous’ Facebook Posts Speaks Out for the First Time: ‘It Made Me Scared for My Country’

Via Don


The former Marine who was detained by federal and local law enforcement over a number of controversial Facebook posts is speaking out for the first time since a judge ordered he be released from a psychiatric ward in Salem, Va. last Thursday.

Brandon Raub, 26, spoke with John Whitehead, his lead attorney and president of the Rutherford Institute, and recounted his frightening ordeal, saying he is “afraid” for his country that an American citizen can be detained without due process.

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Some People Piss Me Off

Via T

That sweet little boy just turned ten today
His daddy's only God knows where
He ain't called or done nothing
For three years running
To show he even cares

And that woman he left behind
Is scraping by the best she can
If you ask me, that SOB
Is anything but a man

Some people piss me off
Make me mad as hell
They don't care who they're hurting
What rug that they're jerking out
From under somebody else

It gets under my skin
Makes me grit my teeth
They don't think about the cost
Some people piss me off

That proud old man
Somebody's grandpa
Some sweet old lady's whole life
He was walking home Sunday
Some punk stole his money
Left him hard to recognize

To think he was left to die
For seven dollars and some change
Makes me wish I could find that boy
In some dark alley
Take matters into my own hands

Some people piss me off
Make me mad as hell
They don't care who they're hurting
What rug that they're jerking out
From under somebody else

It gets under my skin
Makes me grit my teeth
They don't think about the cost
Yeah, some people piss me off

This world ain't all bad
There's a lotta good going on
Yeah, most of us give a damn
No, but some don't at all

Those people piss me off
Make me mad as hell
They don't care who they're hurting
What rug that they're jerking out
From under somebody else

It gets under my skin
Makes me grit my teeth
They don't think about the cost
Some people piss me off

Make me ball up my fist
They don't think about the cost
Some people piss me off
Some people piss me off

The Wrath of the North

Jefferson Davis heard of Lincoln’s death upon his arrival in Charlotte and was overheard saying: “Oh, the pity of it.” He passed the dispatch to a gentleman with the remark, “Here are sad tidings.” The Northern press reported that Davis cheered when heard of Lincoln’s assassination. Regarding the treason mentioned below, it is as defined in Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution: “treason against the United States shall consist only of levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” The federal government levied war against them, the States.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

The Wrath of the North

[After the assassination of Lincoln] Indignation and memorial meetings simply flayed the South alive. At one New York Custom House, when the grieving, exasperated people did not know whether to weep or to curse the more, or to end it by simply hanging us all, Mr. [Lucius E.] Chittenden [of Vermont] rose and said: “Peace, be still!” And declared the death of Lincoln providential, God removing the man of mercy that due punishment might be meted out to the rebels.

Before the pacific orator finished, people were yelling: “Hang Lee! and “The Rebels deserve damnation!” Pulpits fulminated. Easter sermons demanded the halter, exile, confiscation of property, for “rebels and traitors”….

The new President, Andrew Johnson, was breathing out threatening and slaughter before Lincoln’s death. Thousands had heard him shout from the southern portico of the Patent Office, “Jeff Davis ought to be hung twenty times as high as Haman!”

In Nicolay and Hay’s Life of Lincoln….”Among the Radicals in Congress….though they were shocked at his murder, they did not, among themselves, conceal their gratification that he was no longer in the way. In a political caucus held a few hours after the President’s death, “the thought was universal,” to quote the language of one of their most representative members, “that the accession of Johnson to the Presidency would prove a godsend to the country.” The only people who could profit by Lincoln’s death were in the Radical wing of the Republican party. These extremists thought Johnson their man. Senator [Benjamin] Wade [said:] “By the gods, it will be no trouble now running the Government!”

“Treason,” said the new President, “is the highest crime in the calendar, and the full penalty for its commission should be visited upon the leaders of the Rebellion. Treason should be made odious.”

It is told as true as true “inside history” that the arrest and execution of Lee had been determined upon [thought General [E.O] Ord stated that] “Should I arrest [Lee and his staff] under the [parole] circumstances, I think the rebellion here would be reopened.”

Governors, generals and statesmen were arrested in all directions. No exception was made for Alexander H. Stephens, the invalid, the peace-maker, the gentlest Roman of them all. After Lincoln’s death, leniency to “rebels” was accounted worse that a weakness. The heavy hand was applauded. It was the fashion to say hard things of us. It was accounted as piety and patriotism to condemn “traitors and rebels.” Cartoonists, poets and orators, were in clover; here was a subject on which they could “let themselves out.”

("Dixie After the War, An Exposition of Social Conditions Existing in the South, During the Twelve Years Succeeding the Fall of Richmond,” Myrta Lockette Avary, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1906, excerpts, pp. 89-97)

The Wrath of the North

Cultural Marxism and Christianity

Via Billy

A few years ago on my website I did an article about a college professor in Delaware who made the absurd claim that only white people have the ability to be racists and no one else has that ability.

My first thought at that time was “how can people pay good money to these schools and send their kids there to be taught such drivel?” Such drivel is cultural Marxism and it seems even to have insinuated itself into the church in general, whether due to lack of spiritual discernment or what I don’t know, but it is now there. Examples abound.

Awhile back a Reformed denomination had its yearly meeting at which someone introduced a resolution that the denomination should issue and apology for the “sin” of slavery. It was discussed and some spoke against it, but it was almost a foregone conclusion that it would be passed. So now the denomination is on record as having “apologized” for the “sin” of slavery and so all the do-gooders could go home and pat themselves on the back that they had really done something worthwhile. Some might call that cheap repentance. It was somewhat like the situation that author Fred Reed noted a few years ago when a black man wanted him to pay reparations for slavery. Mr. Reed beautifully summed up his argument in this way: “You want me to pay you for something I’ve never done and you’ve never experienced.” That’s about the way the reparations scam works—certain blacks, not all, want to be paid for the “sin” of slavery which ended in this country over 150 years ago now and they would love whites today, who have never been slave owners, to pay them big bucks when they’ve never been slaves. This is one aspect of cultural Marxism today and, sad to say, lots of Christians fall for it. And even if Christians are gullible enough to buy into this it is still a scam.

We can’t even adequately apologize for our own sins. That’s why we all needed Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us to cleanse us of our sins. So how in Heaven’s name are we going to apologize” for the sins of people who lived 150 years ago? We aren’t, really. But so many white Christians have bought into this cultural Marxist guilt trip that they now feel they have to do “something” to atone for the “sins” of their great grandfathers when they can’t even atone for their own.

I’ve been watching this con game go on for over four decades now, all the way back to the late 1960s when James Foreman basically conned the Episcopal Church out of around $200,000 with his “Black Manifesto.” Of course some of the leadership in the Episcopal Church at that time was more than willing to be conned, but not all. However, those that spoke against it were like Ron Paul supporters at the Republican National Convention—they had to be silenced and suppressed at all costs. And they were. Although we didn’t call it cultural Marxism at that time, that’s what it was. Class warfare—take from the “haves” and pass it out to the “have nots.” Redistribution of the wealth ecclesiastically. What it amounted to was well-heeled whites on “stools of everlasting repentance” forking over lots of money to radical black activists so they could practice class warfare with it. I have often wondered what would have happened had the leadership in the Episcopal Church at that point had the courage to tell Mr. Foreman to take his Black Manifesto and go light his cigar with it. We might have less class warfare in the church today.

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The Closing-Down of British Studies in the American Mind

Via Matthew

America’s immigration-driven slide into Third World status affects all areas of life. Thus American higher education has jettisoned traditional areas of study in favor of trendy, multicultural topics. In particular, the closing-down of British Studies in History and English Departments fills a young academic like myself with woe. Within a generation, many college graduates will be largely ignorant of British civilization and its profound influence on (pre-1965) American society.

Chronicled by professional organization such as the North American Conference on British Studies, (NACBS) the decline of tenure-track positions since 1970 is staggering and frightening.[NACBS Report on the State and Future of British Studies in North America, November 18, 1999]

Currently, a hiring season will produce only a handful (5-10) tenure track jobs that hundreds of applicants will compete for. In the past two hiring seasons, Wake Forest University and Lake Forest College saw record-breaking numbers of applicants for the single positions they offered. I’m told by a contact at Princeton that last year’s hiring season produced only one tenure-track opening in Early Modern British History. Coupled with the fact that over seventy percent of faculty are now off the tenure track, a full-time assistant professorship is becoming as rare as the dodo.

Increasingly, the lottery-winning applicants who gain positions do so by professing to be comparative historians—in other words, they make themselves more attractive to hiring committees by showing they are specialists in the Empire (Africa, Asia, trendy non-white peoples).

Many state universities now only employ one or two British History specialists while boasting multiple instructors trained in the latest victim studies, (black, gay, women’s histories).

This decline over the past two generations constitutes a dramatic abandonment of traditional scholarship.

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Tribute to the Confederate generals killed during the War


Confused Confederates