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Trump’s NATO criticism wins positive reviews

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Donald Trump’s criticisms of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are winning positive attention from analysts who argue the military alliance should be getting more scrutiny from Washington.

“When Trump talks about NATO being obsolete, it is dismissed as crazy rhetoric,” said Job Henning, a defense analyst who recently wrote a piece advocating for broad reform of the alliance. “But he is actually asking questions that are pretty similar to what a lot of people have been asking.

Trump made headlines over the weekend by questioning NATO’s relevance and arguing its members aren’t paying their fair share. The comments came just before NATO officials arrived in Washington for meetings with President Obama and the Pentagon.

“Either they pay up, including for past deficiencies, or they have to get out. And if it breaks up NATO, it breaks up NATO,” Trump said Saturday in an interview with The Washington Post.

The Trump comments were aimed at NATO members who have repeatedly failed to meet the target of spending 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense. Only five of the 28 members — the U.S., the United Kingdom, Greece, Estonia and Poland — now meet the standard.

Plenty of people beyond Trump see a problem with those figures.

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Bailout Outrage: Chinese-Built Cadillacs to Be Sold in United States

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Cadillac XTS China REUTERSKim Kyung-Hoon.

General Motors is hiring Chinese workers to build Cadillac autos that will be sold to the American taxpayers who bailed the company out in 2008.

The plug-in hybrid version of the CT6, which is already manufactured in China, will be available in American showrooms this summer, according to Bloomberg News.

There is growing criticism about General Motors’ decision to hire Chinese workers for manufacturing jobs after accepting a huge bailout from American taxpayers. “America invested in GM and GM turned around and stabbed America in the back,” Rick Manning, the president of Americans for Limited Government, told Breitbart News.   

Breitbart has already reported on GM’s plan to sell the made-in-China Buick Envision in the United States. 

Business mogul Donald Trump has made U.S. trade policies with countries like China a central theme of his populist campaign.

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TED CRUZ Stealing Delegates in North Carolina, Too

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trump north carolina

 This was sent to TGP this morning:


I applied to be a delegate from North Carolina. It’s a selection process, which is this Saturday for the 4th district.

I just got a call from Cruz campaign, asking me if I plan to support Cruz. I told them I plan to support the nominee.

They said the vote hadn’t happened yet. I said the people voted already. He said but the delegate vote hasn’t happened.

Evidently they have a list of everyone that applied and only Cruz supporters will be chosen.

I know you probably can’t do anything, but I’m just disgusted with the blatant stealing of delegates.


Interpreting Southern Art By Brion McClanahan


For several weeks my local art museum displayed a traveling exhibit from the Johnson Collection of art permanently located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.   The prevailing consensus among historians is that the antebellum South did not produce much in the way of art, that its literature was substandard, and that its only contribution to American history was slavery and militaristic oligarchy.  Those who read this blog understand this position to be blatantly false, but the opinion still exists.

The important part of this critique, however, is the perception that anything Southerners produced or anything produced about the South in antebellum America is somehow substandard unless it is an open critique of Southern society.  Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin: good;  William Gilmore Simms’s The Sword and the Distaff: bad;  Theodore Weld’s American Slavery As It Is: good; Nehemiah Adams’s A Southside View of Slavery: bad.

Several paintings in the Johnson Collection stood out, not the least of which was the original Lost Cause by Henry Mosler, but there is one that nicely exemplifies the thinking of the modern historical profession in regard to Southern art, William Thompson Russell Smith’s Shenandoah Valley (pictured above).

Smith was a Northern artist who enjoyed Southern life and often painted sweeping landscapes of the South.  Shenandoah Valley is a picturesque landscape complete with several slaves harvesting wheat.  The description of the painting includes this gem: “Smith chose to romanticize Southern rural life rather than depicting its harsh realities….Thus, he presents African-American figures in the painting as if they are picturesque peasants working contentedly in an idyllic field rather than as slaves laboring involuntarily for the owner of the plantation home at right.”

Smith could not have been painting what he saw.  No.  He was making this up so that people would buy his work.  This is not an endorsement of slavery, but merely a point that anything remotely benign or positive about antebellum Southern life has to be a product of the “Lost Cause” mentality and needs to be corrected by our wise Northern academy.  Forget that Smith painted this in 1846 and that he was a Northerner.  That doesn’t matter.  It is only sufficient to “correct” an “idyllic” impression of the South and to explain the true harsh realities of Southern life.  This type of narrative only serves to compound racial animosity. It has been this way since the antebellum period.

The Johnson Collection includes works by Charles Bird King, stunning portraits Stonewall Jackson and John C. Calhoun, the famous The Burial of Latane, and others.  For more on the collection, visit its website.

Fountain Valley Massacre: 30 Years later (2002)

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Editor's note: Jim Day, until recently an Associated Press correspondent for the Virgin Islands, focuses on fugitive Ishmael La Beet in his 30th anniversary account of the "Fountain Valley massacre" and its aftermath.

Sept. 6, 2002 - Thirty years after Ishmael Ali LaBeet and four associates massacred eight people with gunfire at the St. Croix golf club today known as Carambola, the Virgin Islands' most wanted criminal remains a fugitive since skyjacking an airplane and forcing its pilot to take him to Cuba in 1984.

LaBeet, who was born on St. Thomas but was living on St. Croix after his discharge from the U.S. Army, was sentenced along with the other four defendants to eight consecutive life terms in 1973 for the murder of eight people in what became known as "the Fountain Valley massacre."

“Whiteness” Presenters Rip NRA, Trump, FOX, Cruz, Rush, Say All Mass Shooters White Males

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While giving a presentation on hierarchy and busting hierarchy as part of “whiteness history month” at Portland Community College, presenters Harriet and Charlotte Childress went on a rant about the NRA and white males, saying that there are no mass shooters of any other demographic. They also talk about the psychology involved in debating single issue subjects by NOT talking about the issue, and instead framing it in as an evil hierarchy of some sort.



College’s Black Power Forum Ejects Whites At “WHITENESS MONTH” EVENT

Tuesday’s festivities at Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month” incorporated a series called “Black Love“, which featured several breakout workshops with titles such as “Colorism”, “Black Founding Fathers”, and “Self Defense/Discussion”. Signs outside the rooms at the college read “Please respect that this workshop is for Black and African identified folks exploring their Blackness in a healthy and community based manor.”

At one point during the “self defense” workshop, they claimed that Donald Trump is racist, and a white woman raised her hand to point out that Trump has had several black people speak at his events. For this, they took her off to the side and told her she was being disrupting and had to leave.

(Note the militant Black Panthers lined up on the right in the above pic, in uniform, complete with berets)

We decided to go back, with cameras rolling, as events cannot discriminate based on color, and events at public educational institutions are legally open to the public for participation.

More with video @  Progressives Commies Today

Dumb Move and lucky he wasn't killed

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The Decline and Fall of Common Core?

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 Brookings Institute :“American children are receiving objectively worse academic instruction because of Common Core,” and “Common Core has done nothing to help children learn more overall.”

To the understandable relief of countless children and even more parents, Common Core may not remain so common. The grand scheme of centralized education that hijacked classrooms nationwide to align instruction and ideology with Big Brother isn’t passing the test. And while reports of Common Core’s demise might be premature — government programs are the closest things to eternal life on earth — America’s short-lived love affair with the program is quickly coming to an end.
One year before Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were finalized in 2010, 46 states formally endorsed the effort. Not because they thought the still-unknown national standards would lead to an educational rebirth but because billions in Race to the Top Bottom federal grant money was tied to states' willingness to comply with Washington’s agenda.

Fast forward a few years, and states began to tell Washington bureaucrats exactly where they could put their standards. In 2014, Indiana, one of the earliest to sign on to Common Core, became the first state to ditch the standards. All told, dozens of states have either pulled out completely or scaled back participation. After Massachusetts abandoned the standardized tests late last year, even The New York Times admitted that “what was once bipartisan consensus around national standards has collapsed into acrimony.”

Bill Clinton Unleashes On Black Lives Matter: They Defend Gang Leaders Who Get Kids ‘Hopped Up On Crack’

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Former President Bill Clinton slammed a Black Lives Matter protest against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and said the group defends gang leaders who get kids “hopped up on crack.”

“I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out into the street to murder other African American children—maybe you thought they were good citizens,” Clinton said.

“She [Hillary] didn’t. She didn’t. You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. Tell the truth.”

More @ Breitbart

Castro's American Victims

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In 1972, Ishmael Muslim Ali LaBeet and four other killers walked into the Fountain Valley golf club in the Virgin Islands. They rounded up four Florida tourists and four employees, forced them to kneel on the ground, and opened fire.

That was how the Fountain Valley Massacre began.

Afterward LaBeet and his fellow murderers were swarmed by civil rights attorneys eager to claim that their clients had been tortured into confessing. But the claims of torture were undermined by LaBeet.

At his trial, Ishmael LaBeet yelled, "I killed them all. I don't give a f__. I killed them all.”

More @ Sultan Knish

Rudolph Giuliani to Vote for, but Not Endorse, Donald Trump

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“The man that I know is not the man you see on television. He’s a gentleman, he’s a good father.”

Rudolph W. Giuliani is not endorsing Donald J. Trump. But he is voting for him. 

In an interview, Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York who has been uncharacteristically quiet in the last week about the Republican primary, said that he was planning to vote for Mr. Trump in the state’s primary on April 19, over Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. 

“He’s my friend, and I think of the candidates, of the choices that I have, he’s the best choice for president,” Mr. Giuliani said. “He’s a better choice than Cruz and a more realistic choice than Kasich.”

More @ The New York Times

Black Pro Trump Protester: Blacks Are Out Of Jobs Due To Mexican Immigration, ‘Trump For President!’

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Pro Donald Trump counter protesters took to the streets to assert that anti-Trump activists congregating in Columbus Circle in New York City today were “Soros funded”, with one man, a black local with his children, insisting that the Republican front runner had his backing for raising the issue of Mexicans taking employment away from black locals.

The man, who stood across from hundreds of anti-Trump demonstrators outside the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue this afternoon, told Breitbart News that “Come to Harlem. There’s so much building going on right now in Harlem. Buildings are going up right now while we’re talking. And I’ve got it documented, on every construction site in Harlem, you don’t see [any] blacks working”.''

'More @ Breitbart

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Enough Is Enough=> Time to DUMP FOX News – Constant Trump-Bashing

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Image result for Megyn Kelly anti trump

In February Brand Index reported that trust in FOX News network had dropped nearly 50% since January. 

And it’s only gotten worse.

It’s one thing to endorse a candidate – It’s quite another to give 90% of your air time to Trump bashers.

This goes on ALL DAY LONG.

Viewers are sick of it.

From the time you turn on the TV in the morning – to their last show at night you are inundated with Trump haters, Trump bashers and anti-Trump segments.

If it’s not the host, it’s the majority of the guests.

Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren are fair. Bill O’Reilly gives double segments to Trump basher Krauthammer and then wonders why the Trump campaign cancels an interview the next night. Hello?

Once in awhile, FOX News will mix things up and invite a Conservative Trump-basher to debate a liberal Trump-basher.

Now, that is a real crowd pleaser!

Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas Va

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In 1914, my Great Grandfather John Pelopidus Leach died, and the monument above was erected to him in Littleton. It depicts two hands shaking, one black and one white, with the inscription, "This Is What He Meant, All Men Up Erected By His Colored Friends." Private/Captain/Colonel/Judge Leach donated the land for the Enon Baptist Church in Littleton, and was generous to the poor and needy throughout his life.

Dear Ms. Harris,

Any knowledgeable Southern Black can tell you that the Honorable Thomas( Stonewall ) Jackson, and his wife were more than just a friend to the African people. They cared for his spiritual welfare, and opened their home and Church and gave them an introduction to Jesus Christ like no other. And to this day that influence is still incorporated in the beings of their African ancestors.

 However, it is important for you to understand that the NAACP set upon the attack of the Christian Cross of St. Andrew to raise funds for their depleting coffers, and for the new occupation of our homeland by the sons and daughters of the thieves and murders who came here under orders of Lincoln to rob, steal, rape, and murder innocent old men, men and children. Nothing else. There is no other reason that we find ourselves as a Black race once again being used as the weapon of choice against our White Southern family.

It makes no difference that the whole world was complicit in the economic institution of slavery, or that the Christian charity of the Southern White people to the African race has no parallel worldwide. Or that General Jackson and General Lee's Virginia was working so hard up until the South was illegally invaded to free the African people in honor. The bottom line is that those White folks who own the NAACP have an agenda of Southern social and cultural genocide that will make it comfortable for them to attain what they left behind. And could care less about the African people that they have duped as the Honorable General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne so well predicted.

The NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center are the foremost hate organizations in America today and try to disguise this fact as if they are friends to the African people. Having me to write to them is like feeding food to a dead man. I can only try to educate the masses to their treachery. God bless you!

Your brother,

 HK Edgerton
 Honorary Member of the Lt. General Richard Taylor Camp 1308 Sons of Confederate Veterans
 Shreveport, LA


Hello ,
I live in Gainesville Va just outside of Manassas home of the Manassas Battlefield and many Civil War statues and monuments.. I have grown up walking those fields, starring at statue and cannons and reading on all the Generals from the North and the South. Learning about the battle for control of the railroads in Manassas and seeing Henry Hill where the first women in the Civil War was killed (  I do believe).  I went to Stonewall Jackson Middle  and graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School in 1986. I have burial plot at Stonewall Cemetery and local business have also carried on the name of Stonewall Jackson..  I know a Church in Roanoke Va that has a glass pain in memory of Jackson as he built Sunday school for slaves and helped educate them and taught them how to read and when the church was built by members of this family they chose to honor him for his kindness in educating the family members. I don’t know a ton about General Jackson but he seems to me to have wanted the best for everyone and tried to live a godly life and had strong beliefs in god and in education.  

The reason I am writing you  is because after all these years of Stonewall Jackson High having its name (40 years) the local NAACP $NAACP$ has written a letter to our school board almost demanding a name change and comparing Jackson to OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby. Well needless to say our community is now in an uproar and the NAACP $NAACP$ is calling us whites racist and  all kinds of nasty names. Like I said , I grew up in Manassas lived and went to school with black and whites, we all got along we all loved our school and had pride in it ..We all walked those battlefields and had great times.. They have turned this into a white/black thing that was Never there before and it is shameful.. I don’t know if you could write a letter or an email on behalf of Stonewall Jackson to the Naacp $NAACP$  to help them understand that he was not the hateful racist they are trying to make him out to be.  Any kindness you could show in helping us in this matter would be grateful. If you are busy with life I understand, I don’t want to intrude.. THANKS FOR READING THIS !


Ruth Harris

NC: “War Comes to Laurinburg - 1865” - 9 April 2016 - A War Between the States Living History and Reenactment, Free Admission

The Historic John Blue House, 13040 X-Ray Road, Laurinburg, NC.  11AM to 5PM

Periodic artillery firing, Gen. W.J. Hardee’s HQ’s and staff, artillery/infantry skirmishes, CSA Surgeon and Field Hospital display, Youth CSA Enlistment Table, Drills and Certificates.  The Sons of Mars NC SCV Camp will discuss local men and the companies and regiments they served in. Bring your children to be enlisted in the Sons of Mars and Scotch Boys – Youth Infantry Charge before skirmishes.

Lectures and Presentations:

“Civilians in Sherman’s Path,” acclaimed author Karen Stokes of Charleston.

“War Comes to Laurinburg – The Carolina Campaign and the Cowan House.” Wilmington historian Bernhard Thuersam.

“When the Yankees Come – North Carolina Slaves Remember Sherman.” Columbia author Paul C. Graham.

A 5PM artillery salute to North Carolina veterans will close the day’s events.  The Edenton Bell Battery and Braddy’s Battery.

This event is sponsored by the Scotland County Tourism Development Commission, Scotland County Historical Properties Commission, the Cape Fear Historical Institute, the Sons of Mars NC SCV Camp, Scotland County Genealogical Society, and GriffinEstep Benefit Group, Inc.  For more info, email or call 910.619.4619.

My Trump Card

Via comment by Quartermain on "KASICH WILL BE THE GOP 

As time goes on, I find myself liking the Donald more and more. There are several reasons why.

For one, he is absolutely despised by the folks out here. They ridicule and lambast him every chance they get. I even saw a car defaced because the driver had the nerve to affix a Trump bumper sticker on it (someone painted the F word on the car, on top of the sticker). So if Trump is incurring this much hostility, the man must be doing something right!

Another reason for my increased interest in the Donald is that the most common adjective I hear describing him is “crazy.” Now that rings a bell for me; sensible, level-headed Sarah Palin was labeled “crazy” as well. It’s Soviet-style tactics; when a person is a threat to the Powers that Be, and when there is no real dirt against him, the radicals resort to calling the person “crazy.” In the real Soviet Union, the “crazy” dissidents would be forced into insane asylums. Here the “crazy” person is marginalized, insulted, and dismissed, Saul Alinsky-style. Again, another compelling reason for voting for Trump.

In addition, the media absolutely despises Trump.