Monday, February 29, 2016

Racist Anti-Trump Robocalls Hit SEC Primary States – Looks Like Coordinated Attack Between GOPe and Liberal Media

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There are reports of racist anti-Trump robocalls hitting the SEC primary states tonight.
This is after a weekend of racist smears by the liberal media and GOP establishment – including Marco Rubio – on Donald Trump.

The calls are reportedly coming from the Rubio Conservative Solutions PAC.

On Our Children's Future

In order to save our culture, history, religion etc. for future generations groups like the S.C.V. & U.D.C. among many other conservative Pro – American organizations should invest time, money & resources into building our own private schools where we ensure what our children & grand-children are taught to learn, honor & respect.
Before anyone shoots out the usual & expected barrage of why this cannot be done before even trying I ask you this, aren't our children's' future worth whatever this effort takes or costs? Are you not tired of government controlled public schools using your own tax money against you & your family? They tell our children to honor & respect cultures that produce nothing but, rap artist with filthy rap lyrics with sexually deviant dances to accompany them while, demonizing Americans like Washington, Jefferson & Lee & teaching our children to hate their own history, heroes & culture.
They are brainwashed & indoctrinated into believing that all others come ahead of themselves & that they owe all other cultures for things they themselves never did. All through propaganda & code words like racism, bigotry, white privilege etc. Innocent but, still accused & forced into white guilt by crimes we or our children never committed.
The bottom line is to force our American / Southern culture to become like their cultures where there is no room for our own & they offer us nothing in return but our own elimination. At our present rate of descent the majority of our children will not join groups like the S.C.V. or U.D.C. There will be no one to remember the American heroes of our past or even know of its existence & I am not just talking about the South but, all of America's past founders & every leader up to the present.
I do not remember which communist leader said, “ give me one generation & their link with their own past will be broken.” Well, the 30 somethings & younger are those generations. While we have many worthwhile objectives there is none greater than this. America & the South are almost unrecognizable. Unless we institute our own schools & reverse this trend we will not even be a footnote in anyone's history books.
No more Confederate holidays being observed by our own descendants, no flags placed on Confederate Veterans graves, no re-enactments, no July 4th Independence Day celebrations, No presidents Washington, Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, No Memorial Day or Veteran's Day........All is being censored, erased & rewritten as you read this.
Those who consider themselves to be great minds & leaders in our midst had better step forward & institute a system of educating our own & on a massive scale. Government public schools have failed us & are getting worse every year & teaching our children about everything else but, their own.
The worse news is, they are teaching socialism & communism to our children as our replacement culture at an accelerated rate. So, tell me again why we cannot or will not save our own including ourselves from this oncoming nightmare that we all see whether we would admit it or not?

Billy Price

The Ballad of Michael Behenna

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Burns Chronicles No 12: "...arrested six people and murdered one person without constitutionally required warrant."

R 12 19 Meridian Idaho R 12 19 route

I have never met Jon Ritzheimer, though I have spoken and worked with Jon on various enterprises. I found him to be quite affable, and perhaps more importantly, a willing learner.

I had hoped to finally meet Jon when I arrived at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in the late afternoon of Sunday, January 24. Unfortunately, Jon had left for his home in Phoenix, earlier that day.
However I have no doubt that Jon and I will finally shake hands, in friendship, in the near future.

So, we know when Jon left Burns, Oregon, on January 24, but that is really not the point. The real question is; When did Jon arrive in Burns, Oregon and the Refuge?

Well, the FBI has their answer as to when Jon was in Burns. It is clearly stated in the “Redacted Criminal Complaint“. (Why the Complaint is Redacted will be discussed later in the article.) The Complaint is in the form of the “Affidavit of Katherine Armstrong”, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Perhaps a bit of background and educational foundation of SA Armstrong is in order. According to the Affidavit, she has been employed by the FBI for “one-and-a-half (1 ½) years”. Surely, that is sufficient time for a novice FBI Special Agent to prepare the foundation for a case that the Court, based upon a “Government’s Motion to Declare Case Complex, Vacate Dates, Set Status Hearing, and Exclude Time Under Speedy Trial Act“, is considering waiving, “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial“, as protected by the Sixth Amendment.

Horror in Moscow as burka-clad babysitter 'decapitates four-year-old girl in her care' - then walks through streets carrying her severed head and shouting 'Allahu Akbar'

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A burka-clad babysitter decapitated the little girl in her care before walking through Moscow carrying the child's severed head, police say.

The woman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as she appeared near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in the northwest of the Russian capital and threatened to blow herself up.

It came hours after officers found the headless body of a four-year-old child when they were called to a fire at a block of flats in the city. 

More with video @ Daily Mail

Salt Lake City: Violent Somali teen shot by police

Via comment by Anonymous on RIOTS in Salt Lake City Following Police Shooting ...

 Utah shooting

You watch, this will turn into another story about overzealous police.  There will be no mention of the refugee resettlement program bringing Somalis and other Muslim refugees to colonize Utah and no mention of the huge problem with many refugees not assimilating.  Or, maybe they are assimilating—-to American black gang violence.

Here is the news.  Wish I had the energy to tell you more about what is happening in Utah where, although the Mormon Church doesn’t directly resettle refugees, they encourage their Catholic brethren to do so.

From Fox 13 Salt Lake City (hat tip: Utah reader):

You Can’t Have a Constitution Without a Nation to Go With It


You can tell it’s an election year, because the Republicans are all of a sudden talking about the Constitution again.  Not that I mind, of course, but it seems that they only start paying attention to it when the generally more conservative and constitutionalist Republican primary voters start paying attention to them.  So suddenly, the political realm is filled with talk about what the Constitution says about every issue, from abortion to xylophone maintenance.

The problem that I see with this, however, is that at the same time as they are claiming their love and devotion to our founding document, most of these same politicians are pursuing policies relating to demographics and national sovereignty which are completely at odds with the perpetuation of the diluted remains of constitutional government.  Put simply, the mainstream Republican pursuit of amnesty, open borders, and massive immigration (both legal and illegal) works to destroy the very Constitution they profess to be so concerned about.

"Is the USC/BoR/amendments/caselaw edifice worthy of our efforts?"

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.45.35 AM

Your person.

Your people.

Your property.

Your principles.

Those are worth defending to the final extreme.

Not the verbal vomiting-forths of elitist lawyers for the past 200+ years.
More @ WRSA

Trigger Recall : Understanding the GLOCK Trigger

Mine: 21 & 30

GLOCK’s domination of the handgun market is the envy of all of its competitors, yet there’s a controversial element of the GLOCK design: the trigger. So how does the GLOCK trigger really work?

Safe Action Trigger

In designing their trigger system, GLOCK engineers went with as simple a system as possible to reduce parts to an absolute minimum. They incorporated three safeties in the design to protect against accidental discharges, or in the language of the gun community “negligent discharges” (NDs).

And yet the forums are still populated with horror stories of NDs. So what’s the story? Who takes the blame, GLOCK or the negligent user?

Southern Core Values

 Charleston 3

In American higher education of the past forty years, I have observed two American histories, and two American literatures – which teach different American ideals and values, resulting in different societies and different vision of what it means to be an American. Today we have a Northern history and a Southern history; we have a Northern literature and a Southern literature. As I write, there is no consensus, nor has there been for two centuries. The Northern perspective is dominant, even though it is an aberration and even though it has become increasingly intolerant. If you don’t like the Northern/Southern dichotomy, then use a Lincolnian vision of America versus a Jeffersonian vision of American.

The Wise But Unschooled Uncle Remus

The antebellum plantation culture informally educated the African workers in European trades and agriculture, customs and traditions; the postwar Southern economy needed people informally schooled in the useful arts of agriculture and mechanics, and little if any use for workers with advanced university degrees and speaking Latin or Greek. Thus Booker T. Washington’s method was far more acceptable and productive than DuBois’ method of political agitation.

Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

The Wise But Unschooled Uncle Remus

“Southern historians, trapped by the belief that education is a cure-all, have exaggerated the accomplishments of formal schooling. They like to prove that Sir William Berkeley was inaccurate when he said that there were no free schools in seventeenth-century Virginia. They are dazzled that today we have “a triumphant “progressive” education which progresses even faster than the North.” They gloss over the defects of our much-praised educational system.

The historians would be wise to admit the defects of Southern education as measured by the proclaimed goals of American public schools; indeed they might be skeptical of these goals. They might admit that Berkeley was not a complete fool when he inveighed against schools and presses.

In New England the Prussian-type school was loaded with antislavery sentiments and with notions of social reform repulsive to a region of Christians not dominated by hopes of earthly perfection. The leveling tendencies of the new schools ran counter to the Old South’s conception of hierarchy. Their content was more suited for those who need guidance in town life than for a people whose chief task was to subdue a wilderness and to establish farms.

Someone should tell that the South’s resistance to formal schooling did not grow out of laziness or stupidity. Their resistance was vital part of the region’s attempt to survive as a social and cultural entity. The South unconsciously fought against the idea that the school be allowed to iron out provincial differences in order to make the Southern States into undifferentiated units of the republic.

Southerners have preserved their folkways and ancestral superstitions. Thereby they have avoided the fate of the people of Hawaii, a people who have deliberately escaped their ancestral heritage in order to become Americanized through the public schools. Such a people lack creative originality.

Our chroniclers of the past should quit being ashamed of the cloud of illiteracy which once hung over their province. They should wake up to the fact that Uncle Remus was among the wisest Southerners. They have stressed to such a degree the benefits of the schools that they have neglected the triumphs of informal training outside the school.

This informal education was good because it was useful. Our colonial and frontier ancestors put the art of subduing the wilderness first; they learned to use the ax and the rifle extremely well. With some justice they regarded formal education as an adornment of the upper classes.

The dark spot on Southern civilization of denying formal education to the slaves can be wiped out by an understanding of what was accomplished in the so-called school of the plantation in which the barbarian captive of Africa was Anglicized. This was a type of training more effective than anything the South had experienced since.

The slave was so well inoculated with Anglo-American culture that almost all elements of his African background disappeared. The Negro imbibed the rich heritage of European folklore and became so skilled in English handicrafts and in the intricate practices of plantation agriculture that he was perhaps better educated in the industrial arts than those Negroes who had lived since the time of Booker T. Washington.

(Tolerating the South’s Past, Francis Butler Simkins, Address in Columbia, South Carolina, November 12, 1954, The Pursuit of Southern History, George Tindal, editor, LSU Press, 1964, pp. 319-320)

Some Major developments in campaign 2016

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Fox Goes All Out for Rubio  Murdoch seems to be tightening reins on conservatives like Sean Hannity. Fox ratings although high are down 50 percent in last few months. Now it will be a last ditch stand to nominate Rubio. Rubio is down over 10 points in his home state of Florida.  That will be the end of him on March 15 unless Fox and some SuperPacs can bring trump down and Rubio up, or get Cruz to drop out. Interestingly, Murdoch is attending a big fund raiser for hillary Clinton in London, which may indicate he believes Rubio might not make it through march 15.Florida primary.

Sessions probably endorsed Trump at this time to counter the tsunami of half truths (more like 1 percent truths) Rubio has been putting out in the last debate and recently.  I have also seen some others that are pretty far fetched.

Fox/Rubio/Establishment will probably put tremendous pressure on Cruz to drop out, which makes little sense before the Texas primary.

Trump has over 40 percent among Massachusetts republicans!, followed by Kasich and Rubio. Kasich would get a big boost if Rubio drops after a Florida defeat. .