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Baltimore Set to Ban Lee and Jackson, to Welcome Degenerate Divine

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As Baltimore is preparing to honor a coprophagic crossdresser, the city’s double-equestrian Lee-Jackson monument is coming down.  Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who presided over and encouraged the riots following the death of Freddie Gray last year, is expected to direct its removal from Wyman Park where the monument, the site of many Lee-Jackson Day celebrations, has stood since 1948.  Not so bold as to demand the outright destruction of such works of art, the mayor and those who are contemptuous of Maryland’s history are sparing and “recontextualizing” some Confederate memorials but will decommission the most “offensive” ones.  The generals in all likelihood will be sent to Chancellorsville Battlefield in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, a state whose own Confederate memorials are threatened.

"My South: God Never Made A Better Country."

I was born north of Boston.  Not by much, but still North of NORTH!  So I am, by some rights a thoroughbred Yankee.

My father was in the Navy, and his ship was in the Boston Navy Yard for refit and modernization.  This was 1940 and such was in great demand for the US Navy.  He himself was a Floridian, but that's of no account to the "Yankee!" yellers.

I have lived 'up there' for a while, on one job or another and find I have no attachment for the place, the people, or their ways.  I have never missed New England.  Not one bit.  But this is not to be a tirade against that place or people.

Rather I'd like to speak about the South . . . my South.  I've lived and worked in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and now these past 35 years, Texas.  My heart, indeed my soul, is embedded in the red clay and black sandy loam of South Carolina, the Caliche of Texas,  I am bound to Old Dixie by the very fibre of my being.  The sound of a Red Bone at a distance, the 'chop' of a good Walker at a hard run; the scent of a pot of beans properly prepared; deer meat and rice in an iron kettle in the damp woods on a cold November day in the Low Country.  Hot Cornbread 'n Coffee of a mornin', maybe a dollop of honey on the bread.

The tall pines rising up to the stars, soft needle bed underfoot, heavy oaks draped with Spanish Moss in the moonlight.The sudden breath of warm air deep in the woods on a frosty February night late.   That scent tells you to holler, real quick and real loud, "We're just gonna call the dogs and go home now!"  and that deep, deep voice from out of the blackness, "That's a good Idea, boys!"  So the horn blows, once, twice, and we don't breathe until we hear the dogs coming.  "Thankee, Lord, Thankee!"

Moving through the thick tangles of Low Country summertime jungle, `hot and humid ain't in it . . . swimming more like it.  So thick you have to go single file and dodge the 'slap' of the branch ahead.  'Hold Up' vines every where. Bugs as big as Beagles.  The thrill of fear that the next step might fall on a big Copperhead, or Pineland Rattler, or even a Cottonmouth.  Come dark, hearing the 'Gators out beyond the light, red eyes sometimes visible.

And then there's the hogs, big brutes, vicious, fearless, run right over you and tear you up a bunch!  Yassah! Dey some fierce, dey is, fo' sho'.  Uncle Charlie with his single barrel 12 gauge J C Higgins thirty inch full choke, he can shoot quicker than me with my pump gun. "Got 'free shells r'at y'ere", stuck through his fingers like cigars.  Double Ought Buck.  "Yassah, d'em woirks jus' fine on dem deer an' dem hog."  No fancy camo, no tree stands or ladders, Bib Overhauls,  old street shoes, well washed Khaki shirt buttoned all the way up, sleeves down and buttoned, too. Bag o' Red Man and a drink bottle of tea . . . I think.

 Gordonton, North Carolina.

Saturday night at Junior's store, Ryan's Well, Mississippi.  Warm, sultry Mizzippi summer night.  Crowd of folks  gathered around the big ol' Oak out front, pickups backed in, tailgates down.  A bunch of guys 'tunin' up and pretty soon somebody runs a riff and some real, honest to god Mizzippi blues drifts through the leaves and branches of that old tree.  "Nuthin' wrote down, nuthin recorded. We jus' plays!"  No CD's for sale, no Tee Shirts.  There's chicken and catfish plates, slaw and 'tater salad, beans an' biscuit.  Woodrow has some 'likker' in his trunk, if you wants some.

Kids runnin' around, dogs chasin' em.  Men, Women, Black and White, enjoy the evening, share Chocolate pie, a few beers - names no one's likely ever heard of outside Itawamba County.  Sure as hell ain't Michelob or Corona. Somebody starts a Country tune and everybody plays and sings.  Big Redneck yells do some 'Gatemouth'! and they do.  Come mornin' they'll all be at Church, Bethel AME;  Missionary Baptist down by Redbud Creek, Next Saturday, they'll all be back here,

That's a glimpse of my South.  No Bill Clintons, no Atlanta beehive congestion, no Charlotte glass towers.

There's more, the hills of Western Carolina, Mount Skyuka, the backroads through the mountains and along the ridges; icy cold, fast water, the Chauga, Chatuga and quiet little villages way off the interstate.  I remember all this and I love all this, and I love the people who lived there, and who 'done right' 'cause it was right! God never made a better country.


Nero “Traumatizes” Special Gay College Snowflakes

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Milo Yiannopoulos visited the University of Pittsburgh (annual cost of attendance $44,250) yesterday and spoke his opinions about things;
During his talk, Yiannopoulos called students who believe in a gender wage gap “idiots,” declared the Black Lives Matter movement a “supremacy” group, while feminists are “man-haters.”
These words… these horrible, horrible  words were simply too much for poor, poor delicate little snowflakes to bear.
Marcus Robinson, president of Pitt’s Rainbow Alliance, said after leaving the lecture on Monday, he felt unsafe on campus for the first time.
“So many of us shared in our pain. I felt I was in danger, and I felt so many people in that room were in danger. This event erased the great things we’ve done,” Robinson said.
“For the first time, I’m disappointed to be at Pitt.”
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NC: Leatherneck March '16 Newsletter

We had 7 attend the Basic Weapons Class. Thanks for all that came out.

Please get your calendar out and carefully plan for the coming events.

Volunteers needed to help the Red Cross install fire alarms in needy homes in the Conover area. We would meet this Thursday, 0800 at 403 Conover Station SE, Conover, NC. We will spend the morning installing and testing alarms. Please send me an email if you can make it or show up.

Saturday - this Saturday the 12th. We will meet in the parking lot of Fair Value Grocery across from McD's on 321 S - at 1100 to carpool to this months meeting at Jacks home.

Bring a small shovel and some matches as we will build a few "Dakota Fires"  Bring your firearm, a target and some ammo for a friendly shoot. No alcohol until the shoot is over. Anyone handling a firearm in an unsafe manner will be asked to stow it.  Please use all your training to insure that we all leave with the same # of holes that we came with!

Directions are fairly straight forward.
Take 40 west and exit at the only west bound Old Fort exit.
If you miss the exit you will be going up over and back down the mountain to turn around.
Turn left off of the exit ramp and proceed for a 1/2 mile and turn left onto Old Fort - Sugar Hill Rd.
Drive for another 1/2 mile and turn left onto Wildlife Rd.
The intersection is a little tricky. Its a three way intersection and Wildlife Rd. is difficult to see until you are into the turn.
Proceed for another 1/2 mile to Warren Holler RD. Warren Holler is a private dirt road but the sign is easy to see.

Fly tying classes at
Appalachian Mountain Brewery and Cidery
163 Boone Creek Dr, Boone, North Carolina 28607
March 28th at 7 pm. If you're interested we will carpool from Caldwell
County. Contact me ASAP if you're going.

There is a III% - Oath Keeper Roundtable Conference to be held in Sunman, Indiana this June 23 thru 27. As you may know one OK was murdered by FBI surrogates during the peaceful demonstration against the Bureau Of Land Management. Well they arrested ~10 others that helped the Bundy family assert their God Given Rights at the end of last year. We are not immune... I am going to try to attend. I will take a collection when we meet and try to get the finances covered. Any member is welcome to come if we collect enough funds and/or you can cover yourself.  More later.

Consider joining up with the Red Cross. Go to and sign up. Instructions are easy to follow. You only take the training you want and help in the areas that interest you.

I spent last weekend training with the Red Cross at Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference and Retreat Center. They have a series of camps for children coming up in the Spring and need help clearing the trails for the kids. We would need one or two chain saws with operators and a bunch of helpers. They will feed us and give us a comfortable place to sleep... Stand by for the date. It would be a great time for all.

Gingrich: Contested convention would bring 'civil war' to GOP

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Newt Gingrich on Sunday warned that a contested convention to try to prevent Donald Trump from securing the GOP nomination would have a disastrous effect on the Republican party.
"If Trump comes in [to the convention] with 45 percent or more of the delegates, he's gonna be the nominee," the former House Speaker said in a radio interview with John Catsimatidis. "You would have a civil war if people stepped in, if the old guard stepped in, and tried to steal the nomination."

Gingrich added that if the real estate mogul loses in some key states then his rivals could make the case for taking the race to convention floor.
"Now if Trump somehow stumbles in Florida, stumbles in Ohio, you've got a little bit of a different story – now there's a real brawl."
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RNC Rules State GOP Nominee Must Have Won 8 States to Be Considered Candidate at Convention

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trump south carolina
On FOX News Sunday this morning Rush Limbaugh pointed out that even with a brokered convention the Republican nominees must have won a majority of delegates in at least 8 states.

So far only one candidate qualifies with 12 state victories – Donald Trump.

Rev. Franklin Graham Smacks Mitt Romney Over his Scurrilous Attacks on Trump

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franklin graham

Yesterday former governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney stepped in and gave a scathing attack against the current Republican front-runner. I’m 63 years old and I’ve never seen anything like this. This Republican presidential campaign has not only sunk to new lows, but the Republican establishment seems to be desperate to pick their own candidate. There are some good candidates running, but I’m not going to endorse any of them. I’m fed up with both the Republican and the Democratic parties. Both are corrupt—clearly broken—and need to be overhauled. They need radical change. What do you think?

Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars And A 40 Year War Couldn't

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Legalize all drugs, since they're get them anyway, and crime will plummet. 

The Mexican drug cartels are finally meeting their match as a wave of cannabis legalization efforts drastically reshapes the drug trafficking landscape in the United States. It turns out that as states legalize cannabis use and cultivation, the volume of weed brought across the border by Mexican drug cartels dramatically decreases — and is putting a dent in their cash flow.

A newly-released statistical report from the U.S. Border Patrol shows a sharp drop-off in cannabis captured at the border between the United States and Mexico. The reduction in weed trafficking coincides with dozens of states embracing cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes.

In fact, as the Washington Post reports, cannabis confiscations at the southern border have stumbled to the lowest point in over a decade — to only 1.5 million pounds. That’s down from a peak of four million pounds in 2009.

Speaking to Anti-Media, Amir Zendehnam, host of the popular cannabis show, “In the Clear with Amir” on, told us what he thinks of these new statistics.

Black Lives Matter Organizer Posts Guide To Riotwear…In Arabic

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BLM advice


A Black Lives Matter activist who was part of the Ferguson riots posted a visual guide to urban riot wear in both English and Arabic on Twitter.

The tweet is significant because it was posted by Ashley Yates, who uses the handle @BrownBlaze on Twitter. Yates is a prominent protest organizer in the Black Lives Matter movement who is an advocate for violence. The Guardian quoted her in 2014 during her involvement with the Ferguson protest:

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Trump Nation Sick ‘N Tired of Racial Sadomasochism

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 GrAl /

Van Jones was having a tantrum on TV.

The former special advisor for green jobs to Barack Obama, and all-round politically privileged and successful African-American, was demanding that Donald Trump, forthwith, get “passionate” about the black community.

Atone The Donald must for allegedly cozying up to the Klan.

The dust-up was about David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Duke had endorsed Trump. Trump was supposed to flagellate for it. He didn’t. When CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed a peeved Trump to disavow the Duke endorsement; Trump hummed and hawed, and seemed generally annoyed at the reprimand. Apparently, he’s not into racial sadomasochism.

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"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."



 “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”
– Henry David Thoreau

“The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority.”
– Stanley Milgram

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The Political Prisoners


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