Thursday, February 25, 2021

Gordon Chang: Biden approves financing China's military: Kills Trump order that canceled permission for investments


Chang was told by Roger Robinson, chairman of the Prague Securities Studies Institute, that changing Trump's order "would only serve to enrich Wall Street and Beijing at the expense of American security, fundamental values, and investor protection."

President Joe Biden has been busy with executive orders focused on reversing President Trump's legacy.

One order dropped a Trump program to deport convicted sex offenders who are in the United States illegally.

Now China expert Gordon Chang, the author of "The Coming Collapse of China" and a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, points out Biden has reversed a Trump action that prevented Americans from financing China's military.

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The Big Monochrome Picture


The principal character in Joyce Maynard’s 1992 novel “To Die For” said that if you look too closely at a black and white photograph, all you see are a series of black dots on a white background and then added that one must step back in order to see the big picture.  That, of course, is the problem today with any discourse in regard to slavery . . . all one is supposed to see are the dots of Southern black slaves toiling away in a field of cotton on their white master’s plantation.  If you step back, however, you will see a far broader picture of slavery and black life in the South, both free and slave.  

One person to see such a scene was the late Dr. Thaddeus Wilber Tate, Jr., a history professor at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  In 1957, at the height of America’s civil rights movement, Dr. Tate wrote a lengthy research report for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation entitled “The Negro in Eighteenth Century Williamsburg.”  His in-depth study probed virtually every aspect of black life in Williamsburg and colonial Virginia that provided an excellent view of black history in general during that period.

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Sell Off 

The brutal sell-off in the stock and the bond market Thursday was ignited by fears that the economy could overheat later this year and generate a high level of inflation that would force the Fed to hike rates earlier than expected. This is the scenario that economists like Larry Summer and Olivier Blanchard were warning about a few weeks ago. It's become more likely because the data shows that the economy is already stronger than expected. Thursday's sell-off, for example, was preceded by jobless claims numbers showing a sharp downturn in layoffs.

The message of the sell-off is pretty clear: we do not need $1.9 trillion of stimulus spending. The bill was written under assumptions about the economy that have turned out to be too pessimistic. What looked responsible back in January now looks irresponsible. The Atlanta Fed's GDPNow says the data show us growing at a 9.6 percent rate. You don't pour another $1.9 trillion onto that kind of growth.

However painful it is to watch broad market downturns, there is some upside. The breadth of the sell-off and the huge spike in bond yields makes the message about the stimulus bill hard to miss. The market is providing a signal to Washington: tone down the stimulus.

That's not to say that the economy does not need any aid. Tens of millions of Americans are still out of work, and many businesses are operating with reduced capacity. Many businesses have folded, and new business creation has been stymied. By Olivier Blanchard's estimate, the output gap—the difference between how much our economy could produce and how much it will produce this year without stimulus—is likely around $900 billion. A bill around that size would not overheat the economy. But can the Democratic leadership walk back their spending plans without enraging the far left?

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We Mean to WIN this Heritage War

 Watch highlights from President Donald Trump's Mt. Rushmore address

"The radical view of American history is a web of lies, all perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition."

President Donald J. Trump,
Speech at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota
July 3, 2020


Going on Offense in South Carolina
with the American Heritage Association
Battles Raging Across Georgia

Multiple Georgia SCV Suits
and a Georgia Minutemen Suit,
ALL at A Critical Stage

Abbeville Institute Will Respond to Washington and Lee University

 I had planned to publish Part II of The War Through Women's Eyes by Douglas Southall Freeman, this week, and will soon, but so many important heritage fights and initiatives are going on, I wanted to help them all as much as possible right this minute!

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Five Counties In Democrat Controlled Oregon Look To Leave To Idaho


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Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell and Joseph Flynn Plan To Primary Out RINOS


Mueller files show Flynn under investigation earlier than ...      

  US vs Flynn: 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' - John B. Wells News

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Equality Act: "Would Promote the most Comprehensive Assault on Christianity ever Written into Law"

 Broken crucifix.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler Texas warned late Wednesday the Equality Act is destructive legislation that would do untold damage to the country if passed.

“The Equality Act being considered in Congress is a threat to people of faith in this nation,” Bishop Strickland said on Twitter. “I urge all who believe in God and the truth of His Divine Revelation to speak up and let their members of Congress and Senators know that this bill threatens the heart of our nation.”

The bishop’s appeal dovetails with a recent summons by leaders of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) for Congress to reject the proposed legislation, insisting it would demolish “precious rights to life and conscience.”

Writing to members of the U.S. Congress, the bishops warned the Equality Act would “discriminate against people of faith” and “inflict numerous legal and social harms on Americans.”

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Greene a plumb target or trouble for Trump-hating Dems?

 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

The targeting of a controversial GOP lawmaker by Democrats is not about punishing bad behavior but conservative dissent, says a conservative columnist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the freshman Georgia congresswoman, made herself an easy target for Democrats and the media when it was revealed during her campaign she had embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory and endorsed other conspiracy theories, too, as recently as 2018.

Prominent party leaders openly distanced themselves from her after the first-time candidate won election last November but those same party leaders openly stood behind her when Greene apologized for “words of the past” in a Feb. 5 floor speech.

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White House NOT MENTALLY FIT: Three Dozen House Democrats Demand Biden Relinquish Control of Nuclear Codes

President-imposed Joe Biden is already being undermined by Democrats who want him out of the picture and replaced with an individual who does not have severe cognitive impairments. 

Three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter urging for the nuclear codes to be removed from Biden as they attempt to neuter the illegitimate Commander-in-Chief before his dementia leads to a potential disaster.

In their letter, the disingenuous Democrats framed it as if Trump, who pulled troops out of many different countries, was the reason they were taking this order even though he was just ousted from office.


Via David "Short video.  Precisely right. If you can disappear someone from public life, isolate them, and terminate their ability to work, etc., and you view them as outright evil, then the death camps cannot be far behind."

Black Lives Matter Foundation Raked In More Than $90 Million Last Year

 Voices for Life : Sign Outside Local Planned Parenthood ...

Outside of the Planned Parenthood building in Bedford, Ohio sits a sign stating “Black Lives Don’t Matter Here.” Sadly, this sign accurately represents Planned Parenthood’s blatant targeting of minorities, especially African Americans.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) made more than $90 million amid the unrest that swept the U.S. in 2020.

Disclosing their financial situation for the first time in their eight-year history, the foundation revealed in documents shared exclusively with The Associated Press that much of the windfall came from small donations gathered via their main fundraising platform.

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Liz Cheney Slammed for Attacking Trump at Conference, GOP Leaders Seen Cringing at Her Remarks

 Liz Cheney Slammed for Attacking Trump at Conference, GOP Leaders Seen Cringing at Her Remarks

Donald Trump Jr. blasted Cheney following her remarks, writing on Twitter: “Liz Cheney knows she can’t get reelected in Wyoming because the people there hate her, so she’s trying hard to make sure her new friends at CNN will hire her once she loses her primary. #LincolnProjectLiz is less popular with Republicans than Andrew Cuomo is at nursing homes!”

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was slammed on Wednesday morning following remarks that she made during a press conference in which she attacked former President Donald Trump, a move that visibly irritated top Republican House leaders present at the event.

The remarks come as the political left has sought to divide the Republican Party by continuing to press GOP officials about where they stand on Trump moving forward.

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School-Wide (St. Margaret’s) Email Condemns Student For Calling ‘Racist’ Candace Owens A ‘Black Trailblazer’

In a school-wide email, a Virginia high school student was attacked for choosing “racist” Candace Owens as a “Black Trailblazer” for her Black History Month presentation. 

Julia Saville was a junior at St. Margaret’s High School in Tappahannock, Virginia. St. Margaret’s is a small school with approximately 107 students in the 8-12th grades. Saville is a chapter leader for Turning Point USA and joined her school’s Black Student Union to diversify her understanding of cultural issues, particularly in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

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