Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hilarious: Harry Styles Says Men Should Carry Handbags

UPDATE SOLD: Impressive Multi-Family Compound Fully Stocked $599,900 Sold Off-Grid 1417 Zimmerman Road Blanch North Carolina 27212


 Completely stocked with everything needed.

Tranquility Ridge is one of the most complete retreat properties we’ve had the privilege of listing.  The property is located in Caswell County, about 35 miles northwest of Greensboro, NC in a very rural area with thousands of acres of state owned game lands within walking distance.  Its uses are many: summer camp, church camp, substance abuse recovery center, spiritual retreat center, hunting camp, etc.  However, it was built primarily for one purpose: to provide several families a secure, self-sustainable environment in which to live in the event of major civil unrest.  While this property was created for that purpose, the infrastructure is equally well suited for any of the above uses that don’t require an apocalyptic event.  The common infrastructure that could be utilized by each of these groups include:

Eight cabins (three with full baths, five that share a bath house and all having window a/c units and are weatherized

Common bath house with three individual baths with sink, toilet and shower, plus a laundry area in the building

Community building capable of seating up to 50 persons, complete with very large kitchen

Communications office
Medic/first aid station
Workshop overflowing with tools
Equipment shed
Large rabbit hutch
Chicken coop
Spring fed pond
Year round creek
Fruit orchard
Garden areas
Secure entrance
Outstanding solar exposure
Three RV’s (campers)

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Miracles never cease: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Changes Tune on Rioting, Asks Public to Help ‘Unmask’ Rioters

 Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Changes Tune on Rioting, Asks Public to Help ‘Unmask’ Rioters

 Why don't you just arrest them?  A novel thought I know.....

Portland’s mayor struck a new tone as he called for residents to help “unmask” people behind the continued violence in Oregon’s largest city.

In an address late Friday, Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler extended a city-wide state of emergency and begged for Portland residents to assist law enforcement in “unmasking” and identifying members of the “self-described anarchist mob” that have rioted through the city nearly every night since last May.

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AOC Slams Republicans For Using ‘Statistics’ And ‘Studies’ To Debunk Her Green New Deal Claims

Celebrating “Earth Day,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Republicans for using “statistics and studies” in their opposition to her Green New Deal proposals, which included the widespread abandonment of fossil fuels in favor of “green” energy.

“Happy Earth Day!” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Here’s a friendly reminder from this morning’s committee hearing that investing in sustainable energy sources now makes more financial sense than spending billions to repair fossil fuel infrastructure after each climate disaster.”

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Arizona Auditors Are Checking Ballots For Watermarks With Ultraviolet Lights & 'Georgia is Going to Be Next': Over 600,000 Illegal Ballots in Race Decided by 11,000


The audit going down in Arizona is the real deal folks.

Videos provided by show election workers scanning ballots underneath ultraviolet lights.

It appears the auditors are scanning the ballots for watermarks .

For those who say there’s no watermark on ballots you might want to rethink that because  an investigation by Sidney Powell determined there were watermarks on ballots.

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Dolly Parton Wrote a Song Just For Johnny - Carson Tonight Show

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Gestapo Attacks Canadian Church Again! Pastor again tells them Get Out, Nazi!