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Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’ and Abraham Lincoln
Perhaps what bothered me most was the portrayal of, and constant references to, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln could pen an impressive speech; but I am no fan of Abraham Lincoln, at least not in the category of elevated martyrdom that D'Souza ranks him. I know I'm in the minority with this opinion, but I am in league with people like Judge Napolitano that Lincoln had "total, utter, and complete disregard for the Constitution." Also like Napolitano, I believe Lincoln has been "mythologized since the (Progressive era) of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and particularly by the public school establishment…which would almost have you believe he is the fourth member of the Blessed Trinity."
Slavery was dying in many places around the world, and was on the cusp of dying in the South when Lincoln assumed office. Instead of helping it die, Napolitano explains, "Lincoln set about on the most murderous war in American history in which over 750,000 soldiers and civilians died." He argues that the abolition of slavery, being born out of unprecedented violence, is the reason true freedom for blacks in America wasn't achieved until 125 years later. (To be fair D'Souza does make some good points about the amount of black slave owners and the simultaneous problem of non-black indentured servants.)
As a matter of fact, President Obama probably has more in common with Abraham Lincoln than any other president when you consider Lincoln's unconstitutional income tax, his disregard of civil liberties, suspending the writ of habeas corpus and unjustly prosecuting people who spoke out against the government.
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CBM: Real Love - Johnnie Taylor

Bully Gets A One Hit Knock Out On Atlantic City Boardwalk

Target Joins the Anti-Gun Movement

In all honesty, recent high-profile open carry stunts have done little to help the proliferation of firearm rights. In fact, it has hurt the cause. And this isn’t the opinion of one “carry advocate” with a Townhall column… Even Open Carry Texas seems to understand that there are potential pitfalls to toting an AK around the grocery aisle of your local Super Target.

Well… I’m starting to run out of places to shop. Target Corporation (TGT) made the announcement on Wednesday that they have acquiesced to the Bloomberg fanatics who believe no-one should be armed while shopping. The company (politely) asked customers to keep their guns at home the next time they wander in for a DVD or Cuisinart.
Of course, it’s not all bad news. After all, a Target store in San Antonio recently booted anti-gun activists from its store. The Bloomberg inspired group, Moms Demand Action (moms I know carry .380 automatics), was asked to leave the premises as they petitioned shoppers to sign a ban on open carry.

So, when taken in the context of recent events, it kinda looks like the retail chain simply wants to be left out of the gun/anti-gun debate. And really, who can blame them? Picket signs, petition drives, and even AR-15s aren’t always good for business. I mean, sure, Target is creating a “solution” to an imaginary problem by banning gun-loving America… But they’re not exactly doing this in a vacuum.

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Revising (Or Correcting!) The Declaration Of Independence

The past is not dead. It is not even past, as earnest historians (presumably progressive) attempt to revise the Declaration of Independence. From the Times:

Every Fourth of July, some Americans sit down to read the Declaration of Independence, reacquainting themselves with the nation’s founding charter exactly as it was signed by the Second Continental Congress in 1776.

Or almost exactly? A scholar is now saying that the official transcript of the document produced by theNational Archives and Records Administrationcontains a significant error — smack in the middle of the sentence beginning “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” no less.

The error, according to Danielle Allen, a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., concerns a period that appears right after the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in the transcript, but almost certainly not, she maintains, on the badly faded parchment original.

British and French Mediation Considered

Rarely mentioned as a decisive deterrent to Anglo-French recognition of Southern independence was the presence of Russian fleets in San Francisco and New York from September 1863 through March 1864.  Both the Czar and Lincoln freed serfs and slaves while crushing independence movements in Poland and the American South.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

British and French Mediation Considered

“Ultimately the South’s hopes for independence marched with its armies, and indeed when the Army of Northern Virginia invaded Maryland in the fall of 1862, [British Lords] Palmerston and [John] Russell became convinced of the depth and potential of Southern separation.  

On September 14, Palmerston wrote to Russell about Anglo-French mediation and “an arrangement upon the basis of separation.”  Russell responded, “I agree with you that the time has come for offering mediation to the United States Government, with a view of the recognition of the Independence of the Confederates – I agree further that in case of failure, we ought ourselves to recognize the Southern States, as an independent State.”

In accord with these convictions, Russell informally approached his counterpart in Paris, Antoine Edouard Trouvenel, and discussed with Palmerston a date for a meeting of the cabinet to approve the mediation scheme.  Russell was still firm in this policy on October 4, when he wrote Palmerston, “I think unless some miracle takes place this will be the very time for offering Mediation.”

And on October 7, Chancellor of the Exchequer William Gladstone let the cat out of the bag.  Speaking at Newcastle, Gladstone affirmed, that, “Jefferson Davis and other leaders of the South have made an army; they are making, it appears, a navy; and they have made what is more than either, they have made a nation.”

Then, just a quickly as the mediation enthusiasm had developed in England, it evaporated. [Though as important as the Sharpsburg battle and Lincoln’s abolition proclamation] were, other considerations contributed to England’s return to nonintervention. Mediation was attractive to free-traders who resented the Federal blockade, to liberals who supported self-determination, to conservatives who felt a kinship with landed aristocrats in the South, and to some varieties of nationalists who looked with favor upon the dissolution of the United States.

But these attractions were essentially abstract.  In the end British statesmen had to face the hard reality of what might follow an unsuccessful offer of mediation and subsequent recognition of the Confederacy: they had to ponder the consequences of a North American war.  And if the British should be drawn into an American war, they wanted to support the winning side.  In this regard, [Sharpsburg] and abolition] were indecisive; neither event broke the American impasse to reveal a victor.”  

(The Confederate Nation, 1861-1865, Emory M. Thomas, Henry Steele Commager & Richard B. Morris, editors, Harper & Row, 1979, pp. 179-180)  

Time for Mass Deportations 'by the Thousands,' End Birthright Citizenships



On Wednesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” conservative talker Laura Ingraham made a bold call on how to confront problem of immigration in the United States, in particular regarding the flow of illegal aliens through the U.S. southern border.

Ingraham laid out her plan to host Bill O’Reilly, which included mass deportations, cutting off of foreign aid to offending nations and the end of the “anchor baby” phenomenon which some say has been caused by birthright citizenship.

Partial transcript as follows:

                                                        More with video @ Breitbart

Bill Whittle: On Vietnam and Iraq

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NC: Senate Bill 594 does not affect Concealed Carry Permit holders

Dear Mr. Townsend:

Thank you for taking time to send me an email about this important matter regarding increasing penalties for individuals who knowingly violate the law and who are not concealed carry permit (CCP) holders.  As a concealed carry permit holder, it is very important to make sure we protect the rights of law abiding citizens who have taken the extra steps to comply with the law and obtain a concealed carry permit.  Additionally, it is important to appropriately penalize individuals who willfully and intentionally carry weapons illegally and make law-abiding citizens like us look bad.

Dialogues like this are very important because reading bills that amend statutes and then comparing to “action alerts can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and inappropriate interpretations. I have carefully read your concerns, and I would like to respond by providing information on the impact of this bill.  Let me be clear, Senate Bill 594 does not affect Concealed Carry Permit holders, and they cannot receive a felony charge for a “simple mistake”. Senate Bill 594 Section 1.2 impacts only unlicensed individuals carrying concealed weapons and these individuals would only be subject to a felony after their second offense.  To their credit, Grassroots NC (GRNC) has published an updated Action Alert which clarified that Senate Bill 594 only affects unpermitted individuals.  Distributing accurate information is very important when dealing with detailed statutory changes like those in SB594 Section 1.2 and I am glad GRNC clarified their original alert.

Again, I appreciate that you took the time to contact my office.


Representative Tom Murry
Husband, Father, Pharmacist, Attorney
Co-Chair of Wake County Legislative Delegation
North Carolina General Assembly House of Representatives - District 41
Including portions of Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and New Hill

Office Address
16 West Jones Street
Legislative Building Room 2121
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

Phone: 919.733.5602
Fax:  919.754.3319

Twitter: @Tom_Murry

The bomb disposal expert who has ALWAYS kept a smile on his face - even after he lost limbs in an Afghan IED blast

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Marine Gunnery Sgt. Brian Meyer smiles for a picture by another Marine while waiting to be evacuated after a bomb he was trying to deactivate exploded in Afghanistan. Meyer lost his right leg above the knee, his right hand above the wrist, and three fingers on his left hand in the incident.

US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer was deployed as a bomb technician in Afghanistan in 2011 when the device he was defusing exploded prematurely. 

The then 29-year-old Marine was ripped apart by the blast. He lost his right leg above the knee, his right hand above the wrist and three fingers of his left hand.
While still receiving treatment on the battlefield, Sgt Meyer, fearful of the impact his injuries would have on his squad, ordered Eric Lunson to take his photograph. 

Forcing a smile through the pain, Sgt Meyer, raised what would have earlier been a thumbs' up as the shutter clicked. The photograph, Sgt Meyer hoped, would provide inspiration for his men as he began his own battle with recovery.

Ron Paul: Nation's Hospitals 'Under Siege' in Immigration Crisis

The ongoing crush of children illegally entering the United States has sparked a major health crisis at hospitals along the nation's border, Ron Paul, a former Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate, tells Newsmax TV.

"Our hospitals have already been under siege by immigrants,'' Paul, an obstetrician, said Wednesday on  "The Steve Malzberg Show.''

"And with these thousands, tens of thousands, who knows how many [children] . . . you're going to see some very serious health problems . . . We've already overburdened many hospitals.

"In the 19th century, when we had a massive influx of immigrants, we were still cautious about diseases . . . Today, under these conditions, it just is essentially impossible to do this.''

Paul added that it appears the Obama administration is more concerned with other borders around the world than with U.S. borders.

More @ Newsmax

Healthy School Lunches, Unhealthy Illegal Classmates

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For years, Americans have been harangued with the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” school lunch program. Under the auspices of Barack Obama’s wife’s concerns about child wellness, the federal government has rigorously limited food choices in public school cafeterias.

Promoting and preserving good health has become so fundamental to American culture it now justifies stringent bureaucratic oversight to ensure that schoolchildren no longer participate in things like traditional in-classroom birthday and holiday celebrations. 

What’s odd is that the same supposedly über-concerned government attempting to prod America’s children toward making better food choices are also undermining their long-term health by cooperating with a president determined to subject those eating more wholesome lunches in the cafeteria to an influx of unwholesome Third World students in the classroom.

How can that be, you ask? Well, thousands of illegals are streaming across our open borders, and as they do, the “Brown Shirts” are threatening to arrest border patrol staff and medical personnel if they dare divulge the shocking truth about the hordes of ill people being released into the general population.

The A-10 'Warthog' keeps flying

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Last month, the House voted to bar the Air Force from axing the plane, a move that pleased those who valued the A-10's abilities in support of ground troops.

Here's a look at the venerable "Warthog," and some of the people who fly it and keep it flying.

Slideshow @ Stars and Stripes