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The Biggest Political Mistakes of the Vietnam War: Nixon versus the Left and the Democrat Congress

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Nixon had not learned that Marxist doctrine recognizes only three reasons to negotiate: to consolidate a victory, to stave off defeat, and to open a new front.
 By the time Richard Nixon took the oath of office in January 1969, peace negotiations with the North Vietnamese had droned on for eight months without progress. Nixon’s first step was to order a thorough study of past U.S., Allied, and enemy actions and the facts determining current options for U.S. withdrawal provided South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos would remain safe from future Communist aggression. As a result of this study by the Rand Corporation, Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird began to implement a plan to gradually replace U.S. combat troops with well trained South Vietnamese troops. By the end of 1969, U.S. military strength in Vietnam had been reduced from a peak of 549,000 to 484,000. By May of 1972, only 69,000 U.S. troops were left in South Vietnam, and U.S. casualties had been reduced by 95 percent. In their place was a well trained and tested South Vietnamese active force of nearly one million men. They were dependent, however, on U.S. financed arms and equipment.
 Nixon’s early approach to Vietnam, stated in a May 14, 1969, televised address to the nation, was to negotiate a timetable for mutual U.S. and North Vietnamese withdrawal from South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Nixon had not learned that Marxist doctrine recognizes only three reasons to negotiate: to consolidate a victory, to stave off defeat, and to open a new front. Let our current leaders be forewarned that this philosophy is very similar to the Islamic war doctrines found in the Koran and teachings and example of Muhammad. In both Marxist and Islamic doctrine, truces are used to build up strength to defeat the enemy.

Nixon’s initial 1969 approach to dealing with North Vietnamese peace negotiations was in stark contrast to Eisenhower’s dealing with North Korea shortly after his election. Eisenhower quickly recognized that the North Korean leaders and negotiators were completely disingenuous and treacherous. He sent notice to China through India that unless there was a prompt cease-fire, the U.S. would go on the offensive. North Korea quickly complied.

Nixon, however, was completely different from his immediate predecessor, Lyndon Johnson. Nixon listened attentively to his commanding generals and admirals.  He gradually came to the conclusion that the prevailing political sentiment in Washington and the news media was wrong and that his military leaders, Congressional hawks, Eisenhower’s example, and Clausewitz’s strategic principles were right.  He then proceeded to correct the Johnson-McNamara mistakes.

In the spring of 1970, the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) had fourteen major bases in “neutral” Cambodia.  The largest was in easy  striking distance of the South Vietnamese capitol of Saigon. From these sanctuary bases, the NVA launched surprise military initiatives striking population centers and  South Vietnamese and U.S. troops.  Fortunately for Nixon, the NVA had abused Cambodia’s “hospitality” so severely that a new Cambodian Government finally asked the U.S. and South Vietnam to come to their rescue. Cleaning out these dangerous sanctuaries was long overdue and inflicted a logistical disaster as well as heavy casualties on the NVA.

This urgent and long-needed U.S. and South Vietnamese operation was termed “the Cambodian Incursion” by the unsympathetic U.S. media and Democrat leaders in Congress and was very unpopular on college campuses. I had been out of the Air Force for less than a year and was a graduate MBA student at Stanford at the time. I remember well the propaganda of the fanatical,  brick-headed Leftist campus organizers decrying the U.S. expansion of the war. Unfortunately, the Left, would gain enough influence and power in Congress to overturn the victories Nixon and the military would achieve in Vietnam.

Nixon eventually brought North Vietnam’s leaders to their knees with Operation Linebacker II in December 1972.  Linebacker II was a 12-day joint USAF-Navy strategic bombing attack on previously restricted key North Vietnamese military, industrial, and logistic targets. Naval aircraft also mined North Vietnam’s Haiphong Harbor serving the capitol area of Hanoi. It was essentially the original plan that Pacific Commander Admiral Grant Sharp and the JCS had recommended to Johnson and McNamara in 1965 and several times thereafter.

The devastation in North Vietnam was so great that the Communists immediately sued for peace.  A peace treaty was signed on January 27, 1973, calling for a cease-fire and return of 591 American POWs. Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger, however, were under extreme pressure by Congress to end the war on almost any terms.  The House Democratic Majority Caucus had already voted on January 2, 1973, by a vote of 154 to 75 to cut off all funds for military operations in Indochina as soon as our troops could safely withdraw and the POWs were returned.  A year before, liberal religious leaders from 46 Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish denominations displayed their foreign policy ignorance and ethical disorientation  by  demanding withdrawal from Indochina and cutoff of continued aid to the South Vietnamese and Cambodian governments.

Congressional pressure, still being stirred up by a biased media and Marxist-Left organizers, caused Nixon and Kissinger to make a serious compromise on the future security of South Vietnam.  More than 220,000 NVA troops were allowed to stay in South Vietnam, against the wishes of South Vietnamese President Thieu.  This was big mistake number 12 ( Or any sane individual, not that Nixon had any other choice with the traitorous Democratic majority)

BUSTED: CNN Rigged Cruz-Sanders Debate – Caught Handing Out Questions To The Audience

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CNN has been caught handing a out question to a member of the audience instructing her what to ask Ted Cruz during Tuesday nights debate with Bernie Sanders about the future of Obamacare.
The Question that was read by Carol Hardaway:
I have multiple sclerosis but could not afford insurance – without the treatment or medications i need, i had problems with walking, with my speech, and my vision. When the affordable care act was passed I moved from our home state of Texas because they refused to expand Medicaid to Maryland and within 2 weeks I started receiving treatments through Medicaid and am now well enough to work as a substitute teacher.
Senator Cruz, can you promise me that you and the Republican leaders in congress will have – actually have a replacement plan in place for people like me who depend on their Medicaid? In other words, I like my coverage, can I keep it?

Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries, poll reveals

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Can't imagine why.........

47 per cent of Britons want to stop immigration from Muslim majority countries

A majority of Europeans want a ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries, a poll has revealed.

An average of 55 per cent of people across the 10 European countries surveyed wanted to stop all future immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

The Chatham House study, conducted before US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration to the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries, found majorities in all but two of the ten states opposed immigration from mainly Muslim countries.

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John Stossel: The incredible smear machine aimed at Team Trump

Oh, no! I did it again.

It was a foolish mistake. But I slipped.

I read The New York Times.

This is bad for my health, because I get so mad at the smug socialist spin, but how can I not read it?

It's my hometown paper. My wife wakes me up with indignant questions like, "How can you say government is too big? The Times says ... "

Aargh! Nearly every day brings a new Times outrage.

Saturday, a front-page story smeared Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder.

The story begins, "Decades before President Trump nominated him ... Puzder went to battle with federal labor regulators ... "

Wait a second. "Decades before"? They went back decades to criticize him? Actually, three decades -- to 1983, when as a young lawyer, Puzder represented a client whom the Labor Department accused of squandering union money.

More @ Fox

Calexit: California, Adios!


It seems that out in California an impressively large number of people are petitioning for a referendum on secession.  While I don’t think much of their motive, I say more power to them.

The motivation is, of course, fear by California leftists and foreigners that the 2016 federal election has deprived them of the excessive influence they have exercised over American domestic policies at least since a movie actor was elected President in 1980.  The secession move amounts to an adolescent tantrum at not getting their way. This reflects a widespread defect of the Yankee national character—a tendency to reduce public matters to self-centered personal emotions.

However, there is a principle involved here.  The basic principle of the Declaration of Independence that Americans claim to admire (though seldom exercising it):  just governments must derive their being from “the consent of the governed.”  If a majority of the real citizens of California want to be independent of the U.S., they should be and have every right to decide so.  Frankly, I would be delighted to be rid of them—far happier, I suspect, than they would be in getting rid of me.  I do not need them at all.  They need me to boss around and feel superior to.

Trump ready to approve weapons packages to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain that Obama blocked

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The Obama administration blocked weapons deals with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain over concerns about human rights, but the Trump administration is pushing ahead regardless. (Associated Press)

The Trump administration is poised to move quickly to approve major weapons packages for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain that President Obama blocked during his final months in office over human rights concerns in both nations, U.S. officials and congressional sources say.

While the White House declined to discuss its plans, one U.S. official directly involved in the transfers told The Washington Times that a roughly $300 million precision-guided missile technology package for Riyadh and a multibillion-dollar F-16 deal for Bahrain are now in the pipeline ready for clearance from the new administration.

The deals, if approved, would send a significant signal about the priorities of the new administration, where the security challenge posed by forces such as Islamist jihadi groups and Iran is taking a much greater precedence in setting foreign policy.

“These are significant sales for key allies in the Gulf who are facing the threat from Iran and who can contribute to the fight against the Islamic State,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Whereas the Obama administration held back on these, they’re now in the new administration’s court for a decision — and I would anticipate the decision will be to move forward.”

Trump administration: Dakota Access pipeline approval will be granted

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Heavy equipment is seen at a site where sections of the Dakota Access Pipeline were being buried near the town of St. Anthony in Morton County, N.D., on Oct. 5, 2016. (Tom Stromme/The Bismarck Tribune via AP) **FILE**

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers confirmed Tuesday that it will grant the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access pipeline, but the outcry surrounding the project is far from resolved.

In letters to House and Senate members disclosed in a court filing, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Paul D. Cramer said he will issue the easement within 24 hours, citing President Trump’s memorandum Jan. 24 to expedite the Keystone XL and Dakota Access projects.

The $3.8 billion Energy Transfer Partners project has been delayed for months after the Obama administration suspended and then withdrew an approved easement for the final 1,100-foot stretch running under Lake Oahe in North Dakota.

“The corps intends to execute this easement at a time that is mutually convenient to the corps and the company, no earlier than 24 hours following the delivery of this notification letter,” said Mr. Cramer.

The letters brought relief to the pipeline’s supporters after wrangling since August with the thousands of protesters who descended upon southern North Dakota to stop the project and the Obama administration, which granted the easement in July and then repeatedly delayed it under pressure from the Standing Rock Sioux and environmental groups.

A White Utopia?

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Beauregard’s Romantic Set of Spies
Betty Duvall

Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard’s sweeping plans to annihilate the Northern host invading Virginia in mid-July 1861 were Napoleonic in character though both Davis and Lee discounted them due to Beauregard’s inflated numbers of troops available, and that rather than risk open battle against a superior force, the enemy would simply retire to its Washington’s defenses. Nonetheless, the Creole general did amass an interesting coterie of spies to monitor enemy movements.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Beauregard’s Romantic Set of Spies

“On July 13 [1861, Beauregard] sent an aide to Richmond with a proposal for the union of his army with [Gen. Joseph E.] Johnston’s. Hardly had the aide left when Beauregard enlarged his plan and sent Colonel James R., Chestnut of his staff to explain it to [President Jefferson] Davis.

The completed plan was truly Napoleonic. Johnston, leaving five thousand men in the Valley to contain the Federals, was to join Beauregard with twenty thousand (Johnston had eleven thousand in his command). The combined force would attack and destroy McDowell. Then Johnston would return to the Valley with his own army and ten thousand of Beauregard’s and smash the Federals there.

Next, Johnston would detach enough men to western Virginia to clear the enemy out of that region. These troops would return and join Johnston, who would then invade Maryland and attack Washington from the rear, while Beauregard, coming up from Manassas, would attack it in front.

In describing the plan to Johnston, Beauregard wrote: “I think this whole campaign could be completed brilliantly in from fifteen to twenty-five days. Oh, that we had but one good head to conduct all our operations.” Both the President and [Robert E.] Lee objected to it on two counts.

His design of grand strategy rejected by the government, Beauregard turned to studying the movements of McDowell. Of these he was kept informed by as romantic a set of spies as any general ever had in his service. Just before the war started, Colonel Thomas Jordan, his chief of staff, had arranged a spy apparatus in Washington.

He asked Mrs. Rose Greenhow, famous capital society dowager and Southern sympathizer, to send him information of important Federal movements . . . [and] provided her with a crude cipher. Mrs. Greenhow dispatched her first message in early July: McDowell would advance on the sixteenth.

It was carried from Washington b, who disguised herself as a country girl and rode in a farm wagon to Virginia. Going to the home of friends, she changed her costume to a riding habit, borrowed a horse, and rode to [Brigadier-General Milledge Luke] Bonham’s headquarters at Fairfax Courthouse. Both Bonham and his young officers were thrilled when she unrolled her long hair, took out Mrs. Greenhow’s dispatch, and handed it to the general.

At this time, volunteer girl spies from Virginia were bursting into Beauregard’s lines at every turn, bearing news that the Yankees were coming. They were received with consideration and applause, although their information was generally vague and available in Washington newspapers.

To secure more definite news [Beauregard’s chief of staff Thomas] Jordan sent a man named Donellan to Mrs. Greenhow. He carried a scrap of paper on which Jordan had written in cipher “Trust bearer.” He reached Washington on July 16 and received from her a code message saying McDowell had been ordered to move on Manassas that night.

Travelling in a buggy and using relays of horses, Donellan brought the dispatch into the Confederate lines. It was delivered to Beauregard between eight and nine the same night.”

(P.G.T. Beauregard, Napoleon in Gray; T. Harry Williams, LSU Press, 1955, excerpts, pp. 74-76)

A Slow and Gradual Method of Cure for Slavery

Writer Timothy Flint travelled the Mississippi Valley in the early 1800’s and his recollections were published in 1826. After witnessing firsthand the conditions on plantations, Flint cautioned patience and gradualism to erase the stain of slavery in the United States as the fanatic abolitionists would be incautious and rash in their bloody resolution to the question. This underscores the unfortunate fact that abolitionists advanced no practical and peaceful solutions to the matter of slavery in the United States. Only war to the knife.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

A Slow and Gradual Method of Cure for Slavery

“[Prior to Northern slavery agitation], The Southern people were beginning to esteem and regard the northern character. The term “yankee” began to be a term rather of respect than reproach.

It is easy to see how soon this will all be reversed, if we incautiously and rashly intermeddle in this matter. Let us hear for a moment, the Southern planter speak for himself, for I remark that if you introduce the subject with any delicacy, I have never yet heard one, who does not admit that slavery is an evil and an injustice, and who does not at least affect to deplore the evil.

[The Southern planter] says, that be the evil so great, and the thing ever so unjust, it has always existed among the Jews, in the families of the patriarchs, in the republics of Greece and Rome, and that the right of the master in his slave, is clearly recognized in St. Paul; that it has been transmitted down through successive ages, to the colonization of North America, and that it existed in Massachusetts as well as the other States.

“You,” they add, “had but a few. Your climate admitted the labour of the whites. You freed them because it is less expensive to till your lands with free hands, than with slaves. We have a scorching sun, and an enfeebling climate.  The African constitution can alone support labour under such circumstances.

We of course had many slaves. Our fathers felt the necessity, and yielding to the expediency of the case. They have entailed the enormous and growing evil upon us. Take them from us and you render the Southern country a desert. You destroy the great staples of the country, and what is worse, you find no way in which to dispose of the millions that you emancipate.”

If we [of the North] reply, that we cannot violate a principle, for the sake of expediency, they return upon us with the question, “What is to be done? The deplorable condition of the emancipated slaves in this country is sufficient proof, that we cannot emancipate them here.

Turn them all loose at once, and ignorant and reckless as they are of the use and value of freedom, they would devour and destroy the subsistence of years, in a day, and for want of other objects upon which to prey, would prey upon one another. It is a chronic moral evil, the growth of ages, and such diseases are always aggravated by violent and harsh remedies.  Leave us to ourselves, or point out the way in which we can gently heal this great malady, not at once, but in a regimen of years. The evil must come off as it came on, by slow and gradual method of cure.”

In this method of cure, substitutes would be gradually found for their labor. The best modes of instructing them in the value of freedom, and rendering them comfortable and happy in the enjoyment of it, would be gradually marled out. They should be taught to read, and imbued with the principles, and morals of the gospel.

Every affectionate appeal should be made to the humanity, and the better feelings of the masters. In the region where I live, the masters allow entire liberty to the slaves to attend public worship, and as far as my knowledge extends, it is generally the case in Louisiana. In some plantations they have a jury of Negroes to try offences under the eye of the master, as judge, and it generally happens that he is obliged to mitigate the severity of their sentence.”

(Recollections of the Last Ten Years in the Valley of the Mississippi, Timothy Flint; George Brooks, editor, Southern Illinois University Press, 1968, pp. 246-249)

Trump By The Numbers: What The President Has Accomplished In Office Thus Far

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(Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

President Trump has been in office for a little over two weeks now. He has fulfilled several key promises made on the campaign trail, but how does he stack up against past presidents? Let’s have a look at Trump by the numbers.

The number of executive orders Trump has signed since being sworn in.

So far, Trump’s executive orders have included key campaign promises, like ordering the U.S. government to begin construction of a wall along the southern border with Mexico and temporarily barring the citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States.

Charlottesville City Council Votes to Violate State Law - Will Attempt to Tear Down Lee Monument

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“I can tell y’all, we didn’t have these issues. We grew up together. I used to walk through every neighborhood,” he said. “Don’t play black folks for a fool. This disgusts me — and you’re supposed to be our leaders? Our parents didn’t hate the statue.”

Last night, in a city council meeting that once again resembled more of a circus than a representative form of government, Charlottesville City Council voted 3-2 to attempt to tear down the magnificent equestrian statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from its place in LEE Park.  Against the advice of its own City Attorney, its self-appointed Blue Ribbon Commission, and the wishes of the overwhelming majority of its citizens, they voted to violate state law in order to carry out their campaign of hate and bigotry.  Tensions were high and police had to escort several people out of the meeting when tempers boiled over into fighting, all a result of the divisive climate created by City Council.  A 10 year old girl who stood to address city council was actually booed loudly by the monument haters and others were the target of their jeers and taunts.


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Trump vs. Globalists: Why globalists detest a populist president who puts Americans first.

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President Donald Trump has been confronted by unprecedented demonstrations not only in the United States but even in foreign countries.

President Trump’s support of Brexit and his promises to secure our border with Mexico and subject aliens seeking entry into the United States to “extreme vetting” runs contrary to the Globalists goals.
Consequently they fired up the mobs even before Trump’s inauguration.

Globalists are behind the vilification of President Trump and anyone who supports effective immigration law enforcement.

Globalists abhor the notion of national sovereignty and see secure borders as impediments to their wealth and consequently are doing everything possible to create Immigration Failure -- By Design.
Globalists have support “Sanctuary Cities” ignoring the nexus between terrorism, enclaves and sanctuary cities.

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Poll shows growing support for Trump, travel ban

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Support for President Trump is turning around and growing, especially in the Midwest and among middle class workers, and the public's opposition to his tough immigration orders isn't anything close to what critics and some in the media are reporting, according to a new survey.

A poll from Zogby Analytics provided to Secrets Monday found that 48 percent of voters approve of Trump's job as president, while 43 percent disapprove. "This is a five point jump since our last poll in January," said the survey.

Perez Gains on Ellison in DNC Race: Two radical leftists who could help keep Democrats out of power for generations.

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Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez appears to be gaining on Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota in the increasingly fractious race for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.

That things are bad out there for Democrats is part of South Carolina party chairman Jaime Harrison’s stump speech. “We like to say, if Jesus Christ came back and ran in some of these districts as a Democrat, he couldn’t win.”

The jihad-friendly Ellison is still considered to be the frontrunner over Perez who joined the chaotic contest in December, the month after Ellison launched his own campaign to become the public face of the Democratic Party. Ellison is reportedly leading Perez and all the other DNC candidates in fundraising. The 447-member DNC is scheduled to choose its next chairman Feb. 23 in Atlanta.

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Byron York: The challenge to Trump's order? It's a lot about money

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Much of the public discussion of the Washington State lawsuit has focused on constitutional rights and the debate over whether Trump's order is a "Muslim ban." But Washington State has motives of its own in pursuing the case. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Why is Washington State mounting such a vigorous challenge to President Trump's executive order temporarily suspending non-American entry from seven terrorism-plagued countries? Of course there are several lawsuits against the president, and there are lots of motives among the various litigants.

But Washington State's is the suit that stopped the order, at least temporarily. And a look at the state's case suggests that, behind high-minded rhetoric about religious liberty and constitutional protections, there is a lot of money at stake.

 Judging by the briefs filed by Washington State, as well as statements made by its representatives, some of the state's top priorities in challenging Trump are: 1) To ensure an uninterrupted supply of relatively low-wage H-1B foreign workers for Microsoft and other state businesses; 2) To ensure a continuing flow of high-tuition-paying foreign student visa holders; and 3) To preserve the flow of tax revenues that results from those and other sources.

GOP shuts Warren out of Sessions debate

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Senate Republicans late Tuesday voted to block Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., from engaging in any more debate over President Trump's attorney general nomination, after deciding that Warren impugned the motives and conduct of the nominee, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

The rare move came after Warren sparked a floor fight by reading harsh critiques of Sessions from 30 years ago, when he was trying to secure confirmation as a federal judge.

Sessions is expected to be confirmed Wednesday, and Warren was one of several Democrats arguing against his nomination. Tuesday evening, Warren started reading a 1986 letter from Coretta Scott King on the floor.

That letter was a response to President Reagan's nomination of Sessions as a federal judge. Warren read several passages in which King accused Sessions of working against the intent of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Assassination Dogwhistles: Media Ramps Up Dangerous Rhetoric Against President Trump


Imagine if the sitting President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, a man with his finger on the nuclear button and the authority to start wars just because, was a mentally unstable megalomaniac who stole the election and was on the path to murdering his critics and launching a racist Holy War… Would it not be a moral and patriotic act to assassinate this man?

Long before Donald Trump became president, our culture made it clear that murdering dangerous tyrants before they have a chance to become dangerous tyrants, is a righteous and heroic act.

Just last year, CNN itself asked then-presidential candidate Jeb Bush the "Would You Kill Baby Hitler?" question.  Numerous fictional stories have been told on television, movies, and elsewhere, that explore what is presented as an ideal situation.

And now our national media is consciously and regularly sending out messages aimed to portray Trump as a racist, mentally unstable, soon-to-be murderous tyrant.