Sunday, November 22, 2015

Texas Teacher Attacked by 16-Year-Old Student For Correcting Class Assignment…

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 A Texas teacher has suffered injuries after she was attacked in her classroom by a 16-year-old.  She corrected the female student while she was giving a presentation at Skyline High School. The Dallas Independent School District has not named the student or the teacher, but a video that was taken of the incident was posted on Twitter on November 19.

Asylum Seekers Buying Fake Taliban Threat Letters to Get Into Europe

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letter taliban fake

99% of the Taliban threat letters presented to authorities are thought to be fake.
The AP reported:
Threatening letters from the Taliban, once tantamount to a death sentence, are now being forged and sold to Afghans who want to start a new life in Europe.
The handwritten notes on the stationery of the so-called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan were traditionally sent to those alleged to have worked with Afghan security forces or U.S.-led troops, listing their “crimes” and warning that a “military commission” would decide on their punishment. They would close with the mafia-style caveat that insurgents “will take no further responsibility for what happens in the future.”

French Interior Minister: Close Radical Mosques, Arrest Jihadists

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French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said he will begin the dissolution of radical mosques in France.

This comes after 132 people were slaughtered by ISIS militants in Paris last week.

Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of Interior told reporters:
“We have mobilized all our legal means and all possible investigations in order to expel the radical imams and close the mosques that spread hate. We will also send particular letters and will undertake investigations into specific individuals.”
Bizpac Review reported, via Vlad Tepes:

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called for the “dissolution” of radical mosques following last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Belgium’s Prime Minister, Charles Michel threatened similar action in his country where the attacks were staged.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

Earlier Arab Immigrants Also Wary of Syrian Refugees

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They're not rolling out the welcome wagon for the Syrian refugees in the Arab immigrant enclave of Dearborn, Michigan.

And some longtime residents told NBC News they even agree with Gov. Rick Snyder's decision to suspend efforts to bring the long-suffering Syrians to his state after last week's deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

"We don't need no more troubles, you know?" said Hicham Dawil, who immigrated to the U.S. three decades ago. "I feel bad for the people. On the other hand, look what's happening in France. This is crazy, you know. It's just evil."

More @ NBC

What is the appropriate penalty for a hate crime hoax?

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One sure hate crime hoax and one likely hate crime hoax have been in the news in the past few days. At Delta College in Michigan, a person who posted on YikYak that he was going to "shoot every black person I can on campus" turned out to be Emmanuel D. Bowden, a black student.

At Harvard, there was a big outcry this week after students found black tape defacing the photographs of all of the black Harvard Law School professors. It turned out that the black tape was identical to the tape used by a group of activist black students at Harvard Law who used it the very same day to cover up Harvard Law School's current seal, which incorporates the coat of arms of a slaveholding family involved with the school's founding. While it isn't yet certain, this appears to be yet another hoax.

I've always felt that if a false accusation of rape can result in a prison term of, say, five years for an innocent man, if it can be proven that it was a maliciously false charge, the accuser should get an equivalent sentence herself. After all, this is what the accuser was trying to get for her victim, so that seems only fair.

So it should be with a hate crime hoax.