Saturday, August 3, 2019

‘Outright Ashamed’: Candace Owens Calls Out ‘Senseless Hatred’ of Trump Over Left’s Defense of Baltimore

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When Candace Owens gets worked up, there are really only two options: Step out of the way, or get ready to be steamrolled by logic and righteous indignation.

Owens has become one of the fastest-rising conservative stars of the last few years, frequently obliterating opponents on talk shows and on Twitter. On Monday, she did just that during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” while taking on Democratic strategist Monique Pressley.

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Sides square up for Confederate flag battle in Alpharetta

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A parade aimed at honoring veterans has turned into a battle over the Confederate flag.

A federal judge ruled on Friday that the flag could not fly in Saturday's Old Soldiers Day parade in Alpharetta. The parade is a decades-long tradition.
"We thought we'd come and check it out," said Ken Leiker, who came to see the parade with his family. "We've heard about all the old soldiers and all the pagentry. So far, it's been a lot of fun."

"I like the flags and all of the stuff and the trumpets too," said young Abby Towe, who was there with her parents.

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CNN’s Don Lemon Takes Attacks To New Low In Interview With Black Pastor Who Met With Trump

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Earlier this week, CNN host Don Lemon took his partisan attacks to a new low in an interview with Rev. Bill Owens, the founder of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP).

 Lemon went after Mr. Owens for attending a meeting with President Donald Trump on Monday, in which the two discussed issues concerning poverty-stricken areas. The CNN host insinuated that the pastor should not be taken seriously and effectively accused him of being a sellout to his race by providing a shield for Trump’s supposed “racism.”

MALKIN: Freedom Of Assembly Under Fire

 General view of a condenser microphone in a shock mount in a recording studio, circa 1980.

Do law-abiding American citizens still have the right to gather peacefully to discuss their ideas without fear of government censorship and retribution?

In my adopted hometown of Colorado Springs, the answer is "No" if you believe in strict border control or question whether the U.S. can survive as a nation-state. The answer is "No" if you wish to meet with others to express concern about the unsustainability of current U.S. immigration policy.

The answer is "No" if you dare to speak unvarnished truths about the deleterious security and economic impacts of illegal immigrants, Third World and sharia-promoting Muslim refugees, temporary guest workers, chain migration beneficiaries, diversity visa lottery winners, and legions of unassimilated and unvetted visitors and other visa holders from around the world. 

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The Coming Middle Eastern Storm

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The next war between Israel and Hezbollah will be a region-wide fight, with Iraq playing a key role

 Since 2013, Israel has attacked Iranian targets in Syria hundreds of times, killing soldiers and decimating equipment and facilities. Israel's aerial campaign led Iran, which seeks to establish another military front against the Jewish state, to move the bulk of its assets away from the Syrian-Israeli border to Iraq earlier this year. Since then, Iran has entrenched itself militarily in Iraq, where, according to Israel's intelligence assessment for 2019, "the domestic and international situation … created better opportunities for [Tehran] to prepare its regional plans" to dominate the Middle East. 

Specifically, Iran deployed more members of its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Lebanese Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization, to bolster the two cornerstones of Iran's military entrenchment in Iraq: missile systems and Shiite militias that obey Tehran.