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Woolwich Outrage: We Are Too Weak To Face Up To The Extremism In Our Midst

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Flowers laid in trirbute to Drummer Lee Rigby. 'This act of blatant, total barbarism on an English street in broad daylight shocked every decent person, but not quite enough'   
Flowers laid in tribute to Drummer Lee Rigby. 

'This act of blatant, total barbarism on an English street in broad daylight shocked every decent person, but not quite enough'

It is less than a month since Drummer Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich, yet already the incident feels half-forgotten. In terms of the legal process, all is well. Two men have been charged. There will be a trial. No doubt justice will be done. But I have a sense that the horror felt at the crime is slipping away.

The media, notably the BBC, quickly changed the subject. After a day or two focusing on the crime itself, the reports switched to anxiety about the “Islamophobic backlash”. According to Tell Mamma, an organisation paid large sums by the Government to monitor anti-Muslim acts, “the horrendous events in Woolwich brought it [Islamophobia] to the fore”. Tell Mamma spoke of a “cycle of violence” against Muslims. 

Yet the only serious violence was against a British soldier, who was dead. In The Sunday Telegraph, Andrew Gilligan brilliantly exposed the Tell Mamma statistics – most of them referred merely to nasty remarks on the web rather than actual attacks, many were not verified, no reported attack had required medical attention, and so on. Yet the “backlash” argument has sailed on, with people shaking their heads gravely about the need to “reassure” Muslims. Tell Mamma equates “hate inspired by al-Qaeda” with the “thuggery and hate of the EDL [the English Defence League]”. 

A trap is set here, inviting those of us who reject such statements, to defend the EDL. I do not. While not, in its stated ideology, a racist organisation like the BNP, the EDL has an air of menace. It must feel particularly unpleasant for Muslims when its supporters hit the streets. 

But the EDL is merely reactive. It does not – officially at least – support violence. It is the instinctive reaction of elements of an indigenous working class which rightly perceives itself marginalised by authority, whereas Muslim groups are subsidised and excused by it. Four days ago, six Muslim men were sentenced at the Old Bailey for a plot to blow up an EDL rally. The news was received quietly, though it was a horrifying enterprise. No one spoke of “white-phobia”. Imagine the hugely greater coverage if the story had been the other way round. 

NC: Sheriffs' opposition could sink restaurant/campus carry and other initiatives!


The North Carolina Sheriffs' Association (NCSA) is pressuring both House Speaker Thom Tillis (R, Mecklenburg, GRNC ****) and NC Governor Pat McCrory (R, GRNC-***) to oppose GRNC's repeal of the antiquated pistol purchase permit system that has been in place since 1919. As part of omnibus gun bill HB 937, which contains restaurant and limited campus carry, the purchase permit law would be repealed IF the House votes to concur with Senate improvements to the bill and IF Gov. McCrory doesn't veto it.

Felons with purchase permits

The purchase permit law slated for elimination through HB 937 was designed to grant discriminatory power to NC Sheriffs and enable them to subjectively deny handguns to whoever they consider “undesirable." To this day, several counties abuse the permit system in ways that make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to rightfully obtain handguns.

Ironically, as documented by The Charlotte Observer, the law sheriffs defend is letting untold numbers of felons bypass background checks to buy guns. Why? Because the untrackable slips of paper issued by sheriffs after background checks can't be repealed and are good for 5 years. Eliminating the system would mean that checks using the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) would be done at the point of sale.

Sheriffs want money & power

Beyond the power to deny purchase permits for arbitrary reasons by claiming applicants don't have "good moral character" (whatever that means), consider the fact that currently proposed legislation will double the fees sheriffs collect. Are Sheriffs refusing to do what's right in order to maintain a cash cow worth millions?

In jeopardy: Future of white South Africans


As former South Africa President Nelson Mandela remains hospitalized and reportedly in serious condition, questions about the future of increasingly marginalized European-descent South Africans are edging into international headlines.

Recent developments on multiple fronts are striking fear into the hearts of many Afrikaners, descendants of primarily northern Europeans who began arriving in South Africa three to four centuries ago.

From legally mandated race-based economic discrimination against whites to the thousands of farm murders targeting Boers across the nation, the problems are only getting worse. Poverty and unrest are spreading quickly as well.


The world’s most prominent expert on genocide, President Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, already warned last year that the Afrikaner population could be on the verge of a government-linked extermination campaign.

During a fact-finding mission to South Africa, Stanton, who helped fight against apartheid, found evidence implicating the ruling African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP) government in a plot to eradicate whites as part of a scheme to foist Marxist tyranny on the nation.

In fact, after the investigation, WND reported that Genocide Watch raised its alert level on South Africa to stage 6 out of 8 – the planning and preparation phase of the extermination process. 

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Arlington Heights man, police in dispute over confiscating his antique guns, including a musket

 Arthur Lovi is suing the Arlington Heights police for what he says was an illegal search of his home and seizing of three antique guns, including a double barrel musket that’s more than 100 years old.

Arthur Lovi sat down with a therapist one day last August to talk about some things that were bothering him. He had high blood pressure, and his physician suggested he talk to someone.

He already spoke to a VA psychiatrist once a month — he has persistent memories from his days as an Air Force crash rescue helicopter pilot in the 1960s — but he agreed. He'd been through a lot lately and figured it couldn't hurt to get some of it out.

"I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders," he said.

Lovi told her about the loss that had been all around him the past few years: his mother, a 3-year-old granddaughter who drowned, a son-in-law lost to a drug overdose, and worst of all, his wife of 33 years.

Court to Holder: Answer embattled homeschoolers


The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder to respond to a request for rehearing by a homeschooling family that claims it will face persecution if forced to return to Germany as the White House wants.

The order itself doesn’t guarantee that the petition for rehearing will be granted in the case involving the Romeike family, but it does give the family and its supporters reason to be optimistic.

James R. Mason, director of litigation for the Home School Legal Defense Association, which represents the family, said the order from the court was a step in the right direction.

He noted that most requests for a full panel of the appeals court are summarily denied without any further action.

“Here, the court has requested that the Justice Department respond, indicating that the court is taking our petition seriously,” he said.

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Bonnie's Father's Day Post

I have no idea who the young man in the first picture is.....:) I guess the flash startled her. She is the third from the left in the second one and her wedding in 2008 in the third. 


Palin on Syria: 'Let Allah Sort It Out'

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said until the United States has a Commander-in-Chief who knows what he is doing, America should stay out of the mess in the Middle East.

"Until we have someone who knows what they’re doing, I say let Allah sort it out,” Palin said, in reference to the Obama administration's decision last week to arm Syrian rebels. She made her comments while headlining the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C on Saturday.

Palin asked, "militarily, where is our Commander-in-Chief?"

She noted America is "talking" about "more new interventions" in "radical Islamic countries" where both sides are slaughtering each other" by crossing "arbitrary red lines" while screaming "Allah Akbar."

Palin noted that these countries do not even respect "basic human rights."

Here is Palin's quote in full:

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DATA Dystopia. The NSA Scandal and Beyond.


In the last couple of weeks, we've gotten confirmation that what we've been assuming is true:
The government is snooping on us.  They aren't lightly snooping.  :
  • They are gathering data on EVERYONE (inside and outside the US) simultaneously.
  • Storing it in databases that will last forever, and 
  • Mining that data in the hopes of proving that you are a criminal/terrorist.
What are they snooping on?
  • Who you talk to.  E-mails and phone numbers.  When and who.
  • What you are saying.  Copies and details are stored.
  • Where you are/were.  GPS info from your phone tracks your location.
Add to open info to that list.  Stuff like satellite pics, CCTV coverage of major cities/buildings, and open source social media mining.

There's even deeper data.  Information like the growing national DNA repository (which is going to mine captured DNA for traits -- see ).  

It's safe to say that at the end of the day, there's not much you can do without big brother detecting it.
So, should you be worried?  Of course.  There's all sorts of nightmare scenarios that can emerge from this collection effort can enable the automation of tyranny (and that's a very bad thing).

What do I find interesting about this situation? 


As we sit back and buckle in for the next phase of the Middle Eastern endless war ride that our Chicago Jesus is preparing to start us off in, it is good to contemplate the comment that a Mr Fleming posted over at American Digest:

  "Can anyone name even one constitutional purpose of American foreign policy that is being satisfied by an intervention into the Syrian pesthole? Did We the People grant our Powers and wealth to our government so that they could succor the grinding misery that foreigners, hoisted by their own deluded petard, have put themselves into? We never did. The powers We the People granted to our government were to be used for the benefit of Us, only us, and not some Levantines forever in thrall to both secular and religious tyranny.

Syria can live, can die, be gassed, anything, and it won't make one single bit of difference to the United States. I'm sorry all you Syrian people, but in the calculus of the United States your value is zero; and to even mess with you brings nothing but your misery and delusion to our shores. Be off with you, and save yourselves!

If the Usurper does this, and our Armed Forces professional officers do not resist this to the last man, then I will know we are well and truly f'ed. Who will be left to defend us against our enemies foreign and domestic? If the Usurper does this, It will be clear, that his aim is to destroy our Armed Forces. 
May God have mercy on us, because we don't have His Blessings anymore."