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15th Annual Nathan Bedford Forrest Birthday Celebration a GREAT SUCCESS!

Well, the 15th Annual birthday celebration for Lt. Gen Nathan B. Forrest at Fort Dixie was another HUGE SUCCESS thanks to ALL Y’ALL who physically came to the party and those who were unable to attend but sent donations, bought ancestor pavers and participated in the drawing for the NBF hot-cast bronze mini bust.  Mr. Jack Skoch of LaFayette, AL won the bust this year…Jack is a champion for our cause and reveres General Forrest, so the General is in good hands this year!

We dedicated the party this year in the HONOR of our precious friends, Bobby & Belinda Holloway. Both are cancer survivors and we are soooo thankful to God for His Amazing Grace and answer to soooo many of our prayers. Both, Bobby & Belinda are literally walking miracles from God! As you know, Belinda is my “parner in crime” and Bobby has been for so many years our Master Chef but this year the weather was just sooo hot they could not attend. Hopefully, they will be back with us next year!

As usual, I DO GUARANTEE HOT weather!  Well, it was hot as blue blazes on July 12 at Fort Dixie but that did not stop folks from coming to enjoy an “ole South Day” at Fort Dixie to fellowship with folks of like minds & hearts! We had approximately 250 folks here…a GREAT turnout! We had folks from AL, of course; Mrs. Betty Mann, Dr. Robert Griffon from Friendswood TX, Dr. Robert Stark and his wife Beth, from Brennan, TX …and folks from LA, FL, GA, MS, TN, and Tom & Jill Forrest from Belleflower, Illinois! Yep, Tom FORREST keeps the skeer on’em in the Land of Lincoln! In the words of faithful compatriot, Tyrone Crowley, “In spite of killer heat, I believe it was the best party yet to my memory”!

We kicked the party off with our friends, Mr. Johnny Westerfield of Monteagle, TN giving a very inspirational invocation and then Kirby Crabtree also of Monteagle sang his resounding rendition of the Bonne Blue Flag in A cappella while waving the Bonnie Blue!  Kirby is outstanding and sings from his heart! Todd Kiscaden, of Monteagle, TN, fired the opening Happy Birthday Cannon Salute to General Forrest after we all sang a resounding rendition of DIXIE and fired a few more times during the day!  We let folks in this community know Fort Dixie is prepared to DEFEND the fort! (Looks like we had Monteagle, TN well represented!)  Also, at the beginning of the party, Ala Div. SCV Chief of Heritage Defense, Cherokee Brasher, on behalf of the Ala Div. SCV, presented Todd Kiscaden with an award recognizing Todd for his work in Southern Heritage preservation…going above & beyond the call of duty. I’d like to add that Todd was also presented the DIXIE DEFENDER AWARD at the National SCV Reunion in Charleston for his work in Southern heritage preservation going above & beyond the call of duty…this award is given to NON-SCV members who are dedicated to the fight against political correctness and defense of the good name of the Confederate soldier and his fight for liberty!  Todd led the fight against the City of Selma and gave us a VICTORY! He is a TRUE PATRIOT!

Past Ala Div SCV Commander, Ronnie Simmons, of Columbiana, AL was our Master of Ceremonies and always does an outstanding job!  Ronnie is a natural born speaker & has a GREAT sense of humor and keeps ME on track with the program…which is the hardest part of his job! For those of you who have never had the experience of hearing Past SCV Chaplain-in-Chief, Pastor John Weaver speak, you have really missed a treat!  It goes without saying that he is inspirational - a tremendous orator… who NEVER lulls you to sleep and he is VERY astute when it comes to the history of General Forrest!  His address on General Forrest is OUTSTANDING & on DVD & CD; I highly recommend you buying it if you don’t already have it!  Christmas will be here before we know it & would be a GREAT Christmas gift! If you need contact information, contact me & I will give you his information.

Our family friend, George Denmark & my brother, Ron Smitherman, stayed busy cutting & slicing ice cold watermelon all day long at the “Pickininny Freeze Watermelon Stand”!!!  Everyone enjoys ice cold watermelon on a hot July day in the South!  While just a few feet away from the watermelon stand, at The General’s Mess Tent is Nelson Andrews, our Master Chef and Medford Pharr & Butch & our son, Austin…frying up our famous Southern Fried Catfish. Some folks who come here who don’t “normally” like Catfish, give it a try and LOVE it! Our pond-raised, grain-fed catfish is picked up FRESH (NEVER frozen) at Harvest Select Catfish in Uniontown, AL on Friday afternoon & packed in ice…we don’t serve frozen “slanty-eyed” catfish from Viet Nam!

Everyone enjoyed the music entertainment provided by Celtic singer/songwriters Jed Marum and Rickey Pittman…PROFESSIONALS to the bone!  Their music is lovely, entertaining and inspirational and in touch with our love of our history, heritage & Celtic culture. They were back by popular demand and hopefully they will come back to Fort Dixie again real soon! If you need music entertainment at your upcoming events, I highly recommend them!

The auction was a GREAT success!  We had several beautiful Confederate prints & wonderful Southern items and some rare collectibles in the auction this year!  The proceeds from the auction garnered more than $2300! Thanks to all who participated in the auction & made a purchase!  Bill Anthony of the Tallassee Armory Guards, Camp 1921 did his usual outstanding job at being our auctioneer!  I’d like to thank all who contributed items to the auction and the collection of items for the door prize drawing. Artist Ron Lesser contributed the beautiful print, The War Horse” and if anyone would like to know how to contact Ron & his Publicist, Jerry Ross I will be glad to give you the information. Ron & Jerry are very generous every year to donate a Ron Lesser print.

After supper we had a “special visitor” to come & speak…Emma Sansom Johnson, portrayed in first person by Mrs. Virginia Davis of Rainbow City, Alabama. Ginny portrays Emma Sansom Johnson in her reflections of being a young girl who was named Alabama Heroine by the Alabama State Legislature in 1901 by awarding her 600 acres of land for her valiant assistance to General Forrest in crossing Black Creek during the Abel Streight raid near Gadsden Alabama!  Ginny does a wonderful job in this first person portrayal and I highly recommend her to anyone’s camp or chapter program! After Emma Sansom’s address, we cut the General’s Birthday cake & sang Happy Birthday General Forrest!

This year we enjoyed a 2-fold celebration…the birthday of Gen. Forrest and our victory against the City of Selma! We have been back at work at Confederate Circle in Historic Live Oak Cemetery since April 16, 2014. The project is coming together absolutely beautifully. We have had NO problems with Rose Sanders and her footsoldiers! I invite you All to come to Confederate Circle whenever you are in the area & see our work in progress!  The crew arrives from TN each Monday, works all week & goes back to TN on Friday afternoon! We are shooting for May 2015, the Sesquicentennial year of the Battle of Selma for our dedication. Plans will be forthcoming as they develop and are finalized. So, keep May clear next year…don’t worry, we definitely will NOT have the dedication on Mother’s Day!

I want to thank Darcie Simmons for “soldiering” the General’s Water’n Hole serving sweet tea & lemonade and also a Big Thank You to Mrs. Lee King, the Commander of the Kitchen!  Lee does a magnificent job at guarding the kitchen making sure “no catfish is eaten before it’s time” and literally works herself to the bone in maintaining the kitchen duties!  Also, I don’t know what I would do without Tonnia Maddox and Carol Crowley at the Registration table…handling registration &  selling drawing tickets & selling items out of The Gen’rls Sto’”…Also, thank you sooo much to all the ladies who brought so many wonderful & delicious desserts and side dishes!  It’s a “Suth’rn thang”!

It was dreadfully HOT but God continues to smile upon the General’s birthday party each year with no rain. So far, we have never been rained out, even the year Hurricane Dennis was on his way…it misted & drizzled a little bit & then cleared off & cooled the evening that year! God is truly sovereign and GOOD!

It is additionally important for me to say “THANK YOU” to ALL of you who continue your faithful support of our efforts here in Selma to honor Gen. Forrest who so rightfully deserves his place of honor for his defense of Selma and the Confederate Naval Ordnance Works & Foundry from the invading forces of Gen. James H. Wilson. Without YOU this project would not be enjoying the VICTORY that we have fought so hard for for soooo long!

The day ended with more cannon salutes and beautiful fireworks…folks went home a little bit more educated, a little bit entertained, a little bit less hungry and HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY after a day at FORT DIXIE celebrating the 193rd Birthday of Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest! The tents have been taken down, the flags that adorned Fort Dixie’s front porch properly folded & put away til we see y’all again next year!

Keepin’ the Skeer on’em,

Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin

Dem Civil Rights Commission Wants College Restrictions On Free Speech Because Student Brains Not Formed…

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 Sometimes I truly wonder......

A former senior advisor to Nancy Pelosi, now on the Civil Rights Commission, wants to restrict free speech on campus because college student brains are not completely formed…..
…. which begs the ultimate “D’oh” question:

So why allow them to vote ?

Wait,.. wha.. huh?…

Greenbrier Military School 1913 

Via comment by Badger on Girl Ambushed By 7 Cops For Carrying Water Wins $2...

"True, we cannot sue the individual criminal cop. We have to sue their bosses. Bring the lawsuit against the actual police department then further up the chain include in the city, county or state, which holds jurisdiction over the department. Start making these people bleed money. Nothing will get their attention faster.

We need to follow the leftist ideas follow the teaching of Cloward and Piven. Simply overwhelm the system and bury them with lawsuits. Make that thin blue line bleed green and they will change their policies. Even if we do not win every lawsuit, we must keep them flooded with “nuisance suits” which also burns their resources. Win or lose we win by making them bleed money.

I come know I across as a bit revolutionary and confrontational but you should know tiny bit of my history. I know their tactics. Why? I was a 60s radical. I knew Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale and others. I was in the 68 Chicago Democratic nomination riots. I wrote articles for The Black Panthers. I was a communist. And I am no less a radical today at 62 than I was at 15. I just got a brain and switched sides. Then as now, I will do what is needed." 

CBM: Let The Doorbell Ring

An Extraordinary Man: Edwin Augustus Osborne: Confederate Colonel, Minister and Humanitarian

I could not wish a better life.

Colonel Edwin A. Osborne distinguished himself in the Fourth Regiment, North Carolina Troops, serving with George Burgwyn Anderson and Bryan Grimes.  Colonel Osborne epitomized the patriotism, high character, chivalry, and humanitarianism of Southern leaders, in civilian life and war.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Edwin Augustus Osborne: Confederate Colonel, Minister and Humanitarian

Born in a Moulton, Alabama log house on 6 May 1837, he was one of eleven children of Ephraim Brevard and Nancy Smith Osborne and named for his paternal uncle Edwin, and for General John Augustus Young.  Osborne’s great-grandfather Alexander was born in New Jersey but moved to Salisbury, North Carolina about 1754 and later in Iredell County. 

Edwin’s grandfather Adlai was one of the first trustees of the University of North Carolina, his father was a physician who fought with General Andrew Jackson – one of the few to escape from Indian massacre at Fort Mims and with Jackson at New Orleans. 

Edwin returned to North Carolina to live with his widowed Aunt Peggy on her Mecklenburg County plantation, and she arranged for his schooling at the Statesville Military Academy in 1859.  After enlisting for Confederate service with the northern Iredell County “Hunting Creek Guard” in June 1861, he was elected captain of Company H, Fourth Regiment, North Carolina Troops and fought at Yorktown, Williamsburg and Seven Pines, where he was wounded in 1862.  Here, while his company was unsupported and facing certain destruction form enemy fire, he ordered a charge which drove the enemy and captured six pieces of artillery.  

He saw further action at South Mountain and Sharpsburg, where he was wounded again, then to Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Spottsylvania and the Wilderness which left him injured again, and with Lee at Appomattox. During his time in action he was promoted to major, lieutenant-colonel, and eventually colonel, leaving his regiment only to recover from the frequent wounds.

Returning home suffering from fever and nothing but his horse and missing two fingers on one hand, he joined his wife and mother in law at the latter’s home in Statesville.

Edwin taught school in Statesville and later in Charlotte, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar.  Appointed Clerk of Superior Court in 1867 and re-elected twice, he held the position for ten years.  He joined his wife’s Protestant Episcopal church in 1874 and soon decided to enter the ministry, being ordained deacon on 3 June 1877 and named rector of Calvary Church in Fletcher.  

In 1884 he was appointed to St. Mark’s and St. Paul’s missions in Mecklenburg County where under his leadership both received new church buildings.  He also added a black congregation, St. Michael’s and All Angels, in Charlotte.  In addition, his concern for orphans led to the opening of Thompson Orphanage and Training Institution on 10 May 1887.  

When war broke out with Spain in 1898, Osborne resigned from the orphanage to serve a Chaplain of the Second Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers and remained on active duty for the duration of the war. 

Osborne was “Noted for his gentle spirit, chivalry, bravery, and idealism.  Very much affected by his [War] experiences, he wrote poetry in a diary he had kept during the war.  Years later he reflected that one year, on the first day of July, he had noticed a feeling of sadness coming over him, then remembered that it was the anniversary of Gettysburg.  For a time Osborne was the chaplain of  the Mecklenburg Camp of Confederate Veterans.

Edwin Augustus Osborne died at age eighty-nine after a period of declining health, and was buried in Charlotte’s Elmwood Cemetery.”

(Source: Biography of Edwin Augustus Osborne, Dorothy H. Osborne, Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, William S. Powell, editor, UNC Press, 1987, pp. 401-402)  

ISIS Praises John McCain For Helping Them Invade Iraq

The Muslim terrorist group, ISIS, issued a statement attributing their success to the Iraq war, and they had John McCain to thank for it. In the statement they wrote:
…the crusader John McCain came to the Senate floor to rant irritably about the victories the Islamic State was achieving in Iraq. He forgot that he himself participated in the invasion of Iraq that led to the blessed events unfolding today by Allah’s bounty and justice.
More @ Shoebat

American aid worker stricken with Ebola arrives in U.S. for treatment

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An American aid worker infected with the deadly Ebola virus while in Liberia arrived in the United States from West Africa on Saturday and walked into an Atlanta hospital, wearing a bio-hazard suit, for treatment in a special isolation unit.

A chartered medical aircraft carrying Dr. Kent Brantly touched down at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia, shortly before noon. Brantly was driven by ambulance, with police escort, to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for treatment in a specially equipped room.

Television news footage showed three people in white biohazard suits step gingerly out of the ambulance. Two of them walked into the hospital, one seeming to lean on the other for support. A hospital spokesman confirmed that Brantly walked into the building under his own power.

More with video @ Yahoo

Brutal: Trey Gowdy grills another slimy character who doesn’t like to answer questions directly, even when they are obvious:

PELOSI LOSES IT! Angrily Confronts GOP Rep. Tom Marino On House Floor During Immigration Debate…. (video)

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Rep Tom Marino rightly pointed out that Democrats held veto-proof majorities in the House, the Senate and held the White House in 2009 and 2010; they did nothing about immigration issues.   Yet now they want to use the lack of immigration reform as a political tool.   Pelosi went batsh!t crazy on the House floor…..

A heated debate over the southern border crisis late Friday led to a rancorous confrontation on the floor of the House between House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa.

FBI, police surround Michigan town with checkpoints, stop & question every vehicle

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Police question drivers at a checkpoint in Armada, Michigan.  (Source: WXYZ)

“They’re stopping every car both ways, and they’re taking license plate numbers, names and addresses,” one driver said after being stopped at an FBI checkpoint.

Long lines of traffic formed as travelers attempted to enter or leave the Village of Armada; government agents roadblocked all routes around town and put every driver under scrutiny as part of a massive murder investigation.

The blanket search was conducted on the evening of Thursday, July 31, 2014. Swarms of FBI agents, Michigan State Police, and local police officers joined forces to create three massive checkpoints around the small community (population 1,730), causing traffic to be “backed up for miles.”

The police action came one week after a local teen girl was found murdered in a drainage ditch on July 24th. Short on clues in the search for April Millsap’s killer, investigators decided to stop, question, and document every traveler in town — “car by car.”

Invasion by Design

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Border Crisis: A new report shows the vast majority of unaccompanied minors aren't unaccompanied at all, have family members inside the U.S., are not victims of human trafficking and thus can be deported immediately.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and other Democrats have repeatedly made the argument that Republicans shouldn't complain about the current border invasion since it was a 2008 law that automatically entitles minors from noncontiguous countries to asylum hearings before they face deportation.

Gutierrez and his liberal colleagues in Congress and the media should read the law to find out what's in it.

As the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) points out in a recent report, under the definition of what constitutes an unaccompanied child (UAC) in the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, most children from countries other than Canada or Mexico do not qualify to stay here while they await a hearing.

According to CIS, the law says that to receive the UAC designation the illegal alien must be under 18 and without "a parent or legal guardian in the United States." Yet, CIS notes, about 90% of the non-Mexican and non-Canadian children pouring across the border are placed with family members or guardians in America.

"An illegal immigrant who arrives at the U.S. border who is not a victim of trafficking and has family inside the United States should not be benefiting from protections in the 2008 trafficking law," said Jon Feere, legal policy analyst at CIS

More @ Doug Ross

Deer Explodes Into Puréed Venison After Collision With Speeding Porsche

U.S. sells Iraq 5000 Hellfire missiles to “help it in war against jihadists”

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What in the Hell is Obama thinking?

How many of these missiles will be used against American or Israeli troops?

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency said that ‘the U.S. State Department agreed to sell Iraq five thousand Hellfire missiles to help it in the war against Jihadists.’” What’s that you say, US Defense Security Cooperation Agency? “Jihadists”? Don’t you know that CIA director John Brennan has declared that jihad is a positive concept, and that the Obama Administration has deleted all references to jihad from counter-terror training manuals? In other words, the Obama Administration policy is that jihad is a positive thing, and that Islamic jihad terrorists are not really jihadists at all.

Another Travesty of Justice: The Carr Brothers Live


In December of 2000, within the span of less than a week, two brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, engaged in a series of crimes in Wichita that Kansans recognize as among the worst in their state’s history.

First, they abducted and robbed assistant baseball coach Andrew Schreiber. Three days later, the Carrs set their sights upon 55 year-old librarian and cellist, Ann Walenta: they shot and killed Walenta as she attempted to flee them in her automobile.

But it wasn’t until three days after this murder that the Carrs’ campaign of evil reached its horrifying climax.

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ISIS Opens The World's Biggest Bazaar of Violence

ISIS isn't a state and it's not your typically insurgency.

It's much more interesting than that.

ISIS is a marketplace -- a freewheeling bazaar of violence -- and it is rapidly expanding. 

So far, it's been very successful:
  • it operates freely in an area bigger than most countries (and it has lots of oil),
  • it's been attracting the participation of a growing number of organizations and individuals, and
  • it's financially successful and self-funding (it's already made billions of $$ from oil, crime, bank robberies, and more).
This success is due to the fact that ISIS isn't trying to build a "state."  It's not a government.

Girl Ambushed By 7 Cops For Carrying Water Wins $212k From Va. Taxpayers

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The state of Virginia will spend $212,500 in taxpayer funds to settle a $40 million lawsuit filed by Elizabeth Daly, the University of Virginia student who spent a night and much of the next day in jail after seven cunningly plain-clothed agents from the Alcoholic Beverage Control division ambushed her for the crime of purchasing bottled water.

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North Carolina restaurant offers a 15 percent discount to pray in public

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A Winston-Salem restaurant is giving customers a 15 percent discount if they pray in public.
Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem gives the discount for anyone who takes the time to appreciate their food before digging in. Although the restaurant has been offering the special for four years, a recent Facebook post featuring a receipt with the discount has gone viral, highlighting the practice.

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2 Months Until 6th NC PATCON October 1st - 6th 2014

The 6th NC PATCON will be held October 1st - 6th 2014.

The schedule should approximate the last and we need input concerning speakers, classes and raffle donations, etcetera.  Would like to have as much as possible by the one month notice.  Thanks.