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Marines: A Vote For Repeal Is A Vote To Sacrifice Soldiers

Family Research Council

Anyone who's trying to pick a fight with the Marines over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should have to answer this question, which Gen. James Amos turned on a hostile reporter yesterday: "Have you been out with the Marines in an intense firefight, you personally?" The President certainly hasn't. Nor has his Secretary of Defense. "I don't want to lose any Marines to the distraction," the Commandant warned yesterday. "I don't want to have any Marines that I'm visiting at Bethesda [ Naval Medical Center ] with no legs be the result of any type of distraction... Right now is a very intense period of time for a pretty healthy slice of the United States Marine Corps. This is not training. This is what I call the real deal. And the forces that wear this uniform... came back and told their commandant of the Marine Corps that they have concerns. That's all I need. I don't need a staff study. I don't need to hire three PhDs to tell me [how] to interpret it... [I]f they have concerns, I do too. It's as simple as that." In the end, Gen. Amos is going do what's in the best interest of his Marines and the security of America . If Congress wasn't going to take his concerns seriously, why put him in the position in the first place? "When your life hangs on the line," he told the press, "Mistakes... or distractions cost Marines' lives."

This isn't just hyperbole. In his Senate testimony last March, Gen. John Sheehan (USMC-Ret.), Supreme Allied Commander for NATO, told a shocking story of how one gay soldier almost took out an entire combat patrol (page 16 of the congressional record). "Homosexual marines create problems on the battlefield... [In the] early years of Vietnam, 9th Marines, West of Da Nang, rifle company on a ridgeline combat outpost, the intelligence was that the North Vietnamese were going to attack, that night. The unit was put on 50-percent alert, which meant one slept, one stood on watch. About 1 o'clock in the morning, a fight broke out in a foxhole because the young marine was being molested by his squad leader. To the right of that foxhole, there was a machinegun section that opened [fire] and almost killed a combat patrol that was out in the front [because they thought the unit was under attack]."

That happened under a strict military ban. How many brave men and women are liberals willing to sacrifice so that homosexuals can flaunt their lifestyle? The only reason for changing the present policy is if it would help the military accomplish its mission. So far, no one has produced a single reason how it would. Until then, the Senate has to ask itself: Do they want the blood of innocent soldiers on their hands just to appease the political base of Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)? If they can live with that, then they're unlike any human beings I've ever met.

A Soldier’s Story Of Christmas Past

"During the Christmas of 1919, Bill wanted to pay back the kindness that was shown him. He first caught a train to Macon , Georgia where he was offered help by a newspaper editor. He then took a train to Savannah where he raised Christmas money for the veterans"


Lincoln And The Growth Of Statism In America

'The Federal Phoenix' from Punch magazine

"The Lincoln myth is the cornerstone of the ideology of American statism. Lincoln was the most-hated president of all time during his own lifetime, as Larry Tagg documents in his book, The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: The Story of America's Most Reviled President. The fact that he is now the most revered of all American presidents is a result of the work of generations of court historians and statist apologists who have literally rewritten American history in the same manner that the Soviets rewrote Russian history to consolidate their political power. The deification of Abe Lincoln eventually led to the deification of all presidents, and to the American state in general, as Professor Clyde Wilson has written, effectively resurrecting a version of the medieval notion of the divine right of kings. The divine right of kings is now called American exceptionalism."

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Lincoln And The Growth Of Statism In America

(ALA) BAMA Vodka: Best Tasting In The World?

"If an illegal immigrant happens to be of a racial or ethnic minority, which the vast majority of illegal immigrants are, that individual, as soon as legal status is granted, will be entitled to all the education, employment, job training, government contract, and other minority preferences that are written into our federal and state laws. As a result, the DREAM Act would not only put illegal immigrants on par with American citizens, but would in many cases put them ahead of most American citizens."
--Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Quote via Rebellion
Welcome to BAMA Vodka

French made Grey Goose® claims that it is “the world’s best tasting vodka,” however, is this still the case now that Solomon Spirits has produced BAMA Smooth American Vodka? We invite you to taste both and decide for yourself. We are confident that consumers will overwhelmingly judge BAMA Vodka to be the best.

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DeMint: I’ll Force Democrats To Read Bills Aloud
"It’s a senator’s privilege to require that bills be read aloud on the chamber’s floor. The readings could last seven to 12 hours for START and 40 to 60 hours for the spending bill, according to a DeMint spokesman"

1st In History: President Can Assassinate Americans

Hellfire missile impact
"If the court's ruling is correct, the government has unreviewable authority to carry out the targeted killing of any American, anywhere, whom the president deems to be a threat to the nation.

"It would be difficult," Mr. Jaffer added, "to conceive of a proposition more inconsistent with the Constitution, or more dangerous to American liberty."

Affirmative Action = Anti-White Discrimination

The Costs of Diversity
"........a video of highlights from Richard Spencer's engaging presentation at Vanderbilt earlier this month. The event was very successful and well attended. It drew criticism from the usual suspects, but introduced the open-minded attendees to an alternate perspective than the one aggressively marketed by most university professors and administrators. We look forward to having Mr. Spencer speak at other YWC chapters in the future."

Conservative Heritage Times

WikiLeaks Fights Big Government
Jack Hunter, The Southern Avenger speaks.

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Start Debating, Stop Hating

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Family Research Council

Join with over 150 national leaders & government officials in standing FOR civil debate and an end to character assassination by signing the open letter at

Start Debating, Stop Hating
December 15, 2010 |

Dear Brock,

The surest sign one is losing a debate is to resort to character assassination. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a liberal fundraising machine whose tactics have been condemned by observers across the political spectrum, is doing just that.

The group, once known for combating racial bigotry, is now attacking several groups that uphold Judeo-Christian moral views, including marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

How does the SPLC attack? By labeling its opponents "hate groups." No discussion. No consideration of the issues. No engagement. No debate!

These types of slanderous tactics are not limited to a handful of Christian groups. They have been used against voters who signed petitions and voted for marriage amendments in all thirty states that have considered them, as well as against the millions of Americans who identify with the Tea Party movement.

This is intolerance pure and simple. Elements of the radical Left are trying to shut down informed discussion of policy issues that are being considered by Congress, legislatures, and the courts. The SPLC has even admitted that their goal is to censor our views in the media.

We need you to stand with us. Please visit, and join with other national leaders and me in telling the radical Left it is time to stop spreading hate-charged rhetoric about individuals and organizations simply because they disagree with our ideas. Our debates can and must remain civil -- but they must never be suppressed.

Remember, if they can silence pro-family organizations, they will attempt to use pressure and the power of government to target pastors and citizens like you who publicly stand for traditional principles. Make your voice heard.

Join with over 150 national leaders & government officials in standing FOR civil debate and an end to character assassination by signing the open letter at


Tony Perkins

The Hate Industry


"After doing extensive research on the SPLC, the Social Contract Press revealed that the organization “has little to do with assisting poor people and much to do with enriching its already well-heeled directors…[The SPLC] has been rated ‘poor’ by Charity Navigator, stating that net assets were $152 million.” In short: the SPLC isn’t a nonprofit run by brave civil rights crusaders. It’s a band of sleazy, greedy lawyers who have gotten rich by declaring organizations hate groups and suing them." (After I write this column, they’ll probably try to sue me.)

Plymouth Hemi Cuda Pro Stock Sox And Martin, 426 CI, 4-Speed

"Strangers are welcome because there is room enough for them all, and therefore the old inhabitants are not jealous of them; the laws protect them sufficiently so that they have no need of the patronage of great men; and every one will enjoy securely the profits of his Industry. But if he does not bring a fortune with him, he must work and be industrious to live."
--Benjamin Franklin, Those Who Would Remove to America, 1784
S150.1 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Pro Stock Sox & Martin, 426 CI, 4-Speed Photo 1

- Thisis the very car That "Mr. Four-Speed", the legendary Ronnie Sox , piloted to 14 dominating wins in the 1971 NHRA season. The '71 Cuda represented the pinnicale of performance for the Chrysler factory drag racing program and also for the Sox & Martin team, as oppressive weight breaks, the discontinuation of the Hemi and rule changes favoring tube-framed small block racecars conspired against Pro Stock Mopar racers. Never the less Sox & Martin '71 Hemi Cuda's spectacular racing success that season stands proudly in the record books
- Extensive restoration to its '71 race configuration and is in exquisite condition
- 426 CI Hemi engine with dual plug cylinder heads, dual quad intake
- 4-speed transmission that Ronnie Sox shifted with such virtuosic skill
- Finished in the Red, White and Blue Sox & Martin livery
- Races won in '71, Super Nationals, Nationals, Grand, Spring, Gator and Winter Nationals

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71st Anniversary Of Gone With The Wind

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By: Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.,

Speaker, Writer, Author of Book “When America Stood for God, Family and Country” member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Two years before the United States entered World War II; there was jubilation throughout America, especially in the Southland, when….

Gone with the Wind premiered during the Christmas Season of 1939, just 74 years after the end of the “War Between the States” and Wednesday, December 15, 2010 marks the 71st anniversary of that classic movie which opens with:

“There was a land of Cavaliers and Cotton Fields called the Old South. Here in this pretty world, Gallantry took its last bow. Here was the last ever to be seen of Knights and their Ladies Fair, of Master and of Slave. Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered, a Civilization gone with the wind.”

Gone with the Wind won 8 Oscars for 1939, including Best Picture, and;

Hattie McDaniel, the first Black American to win an Academy Award, expressed her heart-felt pride with tears of joy, when she was presented the 1939 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her unforgettable role as "Mammy."

Victor Fleming won the Academy Award for Best Director and even though Max Steiner did not receive an award for his excellent music score, the "Gone with the Wind” theme song has become the most recognizable and played tune in the world.

Vivien Leigh, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role, humbly and eloquently summed her appreciation by thanking Producer David O. Selznick.

And, who can forget Olivia De Havilland as the pure-sweet Melanie Hamilton, Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler.

Atlanta’s Mayor William B. Hartsfield proclaimed a three-day festival for this grand event and encouraged all women to wear hoop skirts and men to wear Old South attire.

Friday, December 15, 1939, has been described as an icy-cold day in Atlanta but folks warmed to the excitement of the premiere of “Gone with the Wind”--The Selznick International Pictures "Technicolor" Production of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Release of Margaret Mitchell’s novel about the Old South at the Loews Grand Theater.

Do you remember Thomas Mitchell who played (Gerald O’Hara) telling daughter Scarlett:

"Do you mean to tell me, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, that Tara, that land doesn't mean anything to you? Why, land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it's the only thing that lasts."

And, we all wept when Bonnie Blue Butler, the daughter of Rhett and Scarlett—played by Cammie King, was killed in a pony accident.

Anne Rutherford, who played Scarlett’s sister Carreen, took time to visit the Confederate Veterans at the soldier’s home and the stars toured the famous “Cyclorama” at nearby Grant Park.

The festivities surrounding the premiere of Gone with the Wind included a parade down Peachtree Street with over three-hundred thousand people cheering the playing of “Dixie,” waving Confederate flags and shouting Rebel Yells.

Many people also witnessed the lighting of the "Eternal Flame of the Confederacy," an 1855 gas lamp that survived the 1864 Battle of Atlanta. The lamp remained for many years on the northeast corner of Whitehall and Alabama Streets. Mrs. Thomas J. Ripley, President of Atlanta Chapter No. 18 United Daughters of the Confederacy, re-lit the great light with Mr. T. Guy Woolford, Commandant of the Old Guard by her side.

Time Magazine wrote: Quote

"The film has almost everything the book has in the way of spectacle, drama, practically endless story and the means to make them bigger and better. The burning of Atlanta, the great 'boom' shots of the Confederate wounded lying in the streets and the hospital after the Battle of Atlanta are spectacle enough for any picture, and unequaled." unquote

You can read the entire article

2011 marks the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States. Please see a video by the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans that is airing on National TV to commemorate this period of American History HERE.

Surprise! Media Lies/Southern Hatred: $chultz And $harpton

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