Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Mainland Mexico

A new one to me.

Three above at TJ Airport. Round trip non-stop $211 for us both v $800 with a stop from San Diego.  Insane.  Three hour flight, but made it to Guadalajara (nine photos below, in two hours twenty minutes.

John's wife's family.

One of Betty's brothers drove us everywhere. Interesting that he changes hands after cutting with a knife and fork as we were raised. Also, I noticed that you will see men open doors for the opposite sex. Feel right at home. :)

Cafe stop above.

16 above: Chapala

I have been awarded Taco topper of the year. :)

Lasik surgery $250.  She is a relative and  said she sees perfectly afterwards. We picked her up from the doctor.

10 above Guadalajara

Above 19 Tequila, MX and the Cuervo distillery tour.

I believe the three above are at Ajijic

Two above back at the family home. Most warm and friendly.

Shooting the four above, I was using aperture priority and don't know why they came out like they did. Haven't had this before. My room, four above, and wake up to the birds chirping.  Very pleasant.

17 above at Hotel Isabel

Fred of Fred On Everything and his lovely wife in Ajijic. Expatriate's galore here but I feel just fine walking the streets of Guadalajara and making do with the little Spanish I know and dealing with many who have little or no English.  There are many Spanish who have not married outside their class/race that it is difficult to tell they are not Caucasians and I think most of the time they think that I am from here also. (Though Spanish are considered Caucasian) Very friendly and they are extremely polite in receiving your money and counting carefully when they hand your change back. The weather is more pleasant down here, though only 1 1/2 hours away.  As Fred says it gets almost cold enough that you want heat and almost hot enough to want A/C of which he has none. It's not cheap though, where new car dealers abound and is about 2 1/2 times more expensive than Vietnam. 

Above the bartender's child and we had a grand time playing with the ball inside.