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Obama’s team cancels Muslim registry to foil Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’ plans

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The Obama administration rushed Thursday to cancel a program set up in the wake of Sept. 11 to track and deport illegal immigrant Muslim and Arab men, hoping to hinder President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to impose “extreme vetting” on Muslim visitors.

Civil rights and immigrant groups cheered the move and said they hoped it would force a rethink by Mr. Trump who, while softening some of his other positions postelection, has not budged on his call for more thorough checks on those coming into the U.S. from terrorism-connected countries.

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System had been dormant for years, but activists demanded that the Obama administration take it off the books entirely. They feared Mr. Trump could use the program as a shortcut to starting his own vetting.

Sheriff Clarke on MTV's White Guys Video :)

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Snowflake gets kicked off Sky Blue after harrasing Ivanka

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Future First Lady (sort of – potentially) Ivanka Trump was harassed aboard a flight this morning by a radical leftist who is upset that her father is the next president of the United States.

Some people just don’t want their taxes to shrink and America to thrive, I guess.

It’s still Obama’s America.

FYI, Ivanka and family were flying coach.

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Saigon December 22, 2016


The telephone repairman carries everything he needs on his 50cc including a ladder.

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6.9% home loans.

Even the street sweeper has a cell phone.  The Internet is $9.

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We have street idiots of  both genders.  The police ignore them whatever they do which would be shocking elsewhere. 

An elderly couple who walk/exercise on their top porch often, even at night.

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They Belong in a Zoo: Campus Demand for "Marginalized, American Indian, Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, Muslim, Pro-Palestine, and Undocumented" students.

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Students at the University of Maryland have released a list of 64 demands in their effort make the campus more amenable to “marginalized student populations.”

The project, known as ProtectUMD, is a collaborative effort between 25 student organizations at the University of Maryland, including Students for Justice in Palestine, Bisexuals at Maryland, and the Black Student Union.

Mpre @ Campus Reform

Russia: Relations between Washington and Moscow “frozen” until Trump takes over

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The Obama administration is pushing back at Russia’s assertion that relations between Washington and Moscow have essentially been “frozen” until President-elect Donald Trump takes over the White House next month.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov made headlines Wednesday by claiming that “a dialogue with the United States has been frozen on practically all levels,” and that the Kremlin expects Mr. Trump to take a “fresher and more constructive approach.”

But Mr. Peskov, who made the remarks to Russia’s Mir TV, also cautioned against “excessive optimism,” according to The Associated Press, which reported on the development.

The remark about relations being “frozen” appeared to trigger unease at the State Department, where spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Wednesday that, “I don’t know exactly what to make of that comment.”

“Obviously, we don’t agree and have issues with Russia on a variety of issues, but dialogue has not been broken,” said Mr. Kirby, who stressed that Secretary of State John F. Kerry spoke by phone with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday.

Descent Into Madness

There is a point at which the globalist snowflakes cross from legitimate political activism to criminal activity and perhaps even constituting a criminal organization. That line was crossed when George Soros began funding Black Lives Matter, who continued to call for the death of law enforcement officers. Up until January 20, they will have been protected by the Attorney General, but that is all likely to change. Prosecutorial discretion only goes so far, before it becomes part of the conspiracy to commit criminal acts.

The criminal activity of the Obama Administration has gone so far that there is no way to go through a house-cleaning without a massive societal upheaval. Understanding that any action to put the rule of law back into effect will be accompanied by riots and violence, it is a dark passage. A dark passage that would not have been as severe had the globalist Republicans taken their oaths with any degree of sincerity.


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Higher Education has long led the Marxist Parade Would you like to know the truth about how and why students in all levels of American education have been dumbed down? Are you aware that once America led the world in education, but now is noted internationally for the ignorance of its people?  Read Cry Havoc: The Great American Bring-down and How it Happened by Ralph de Toledano.

Reds Gather for 1934 May Day Parade to Union Square in New York City Photo 
Reds Gather for 1934 May Day Parade to Union Square in New York City

Americans should check out the history of Germany’s Frankfurt Institute and its dauntless collection of Critical Theorists. Those Critical theorists, realizing the failure of Marxist efforts to captivate U.S. working folks (the proletariats), directed their seductive, Marxist efforts toward the intellectuals. They pursued folks in academia and, most especially, the offspring of wealthy Americans. Their Critical theory (a new method designed to bring to fruition Marxist beliefs and goals) accompanied them from Russia to Germany and then to America.

 Under the guidance of America’s John Dewey, the tenets of Critical Theory spread throughout the U.S. Institutions of Higher Learning. Beginning at Columbia in NY, it then infiltrated every area of American culture. The clever Marxists made sure that only a few at the highest levels in academia understood what was transpiring—the rest of Americans—the “sheeple,” had no inkling of the truth.

1:47: Montage Of Hillary As A Purveyor Of FAKE NEWS

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Birth of The Blues: St. Louis 1965 The Rat Pack + Johnny Carson with Quincy Jones & the Count Basie Band

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 This show is at Kiel Opera House in St Louis in June, 1965 when Johnny Carson hosted the Tonight Show. The Rat Pack were playing Vegas, but visited Carson for this wonderfully entertaining performance. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Carson, and to top it off Quincy Jones was conducting the Count Basie band, and he is visible in the background.

Gingrich: Obama's legacy will vanish within a year

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Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) says America has little room for criticizing Russia’s apparent meddling in the most recent U.S. presidential election.

“I think it is politics more than anything else,” he said of global election interference on Fox Business Network Wednesday. "This really is nothing new. It’s like, guess what – someone may have done A, B, C.”

"I’m sure the Russians are interfering,” added Paul, a three-time White House hopeful. "We are interfering all the time.”

“If you review the history of how many elections we’ve been involved with, how many countries we’ve invaded and how many people we’ve killed to have our guy in, I’ll tell you what – we don’t have very much room for condemning anybody else.”

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Gingrich: Obama's legacy will vanish within a year

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Obama’s legacy will disappear within a year of him leaves office.

In an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday, Gingrich criticized Obama for telling President-elect Donald Trump to push his policies through Congress, rather than by executive orders.

“What you’re watching is a man who realizes all of a sudden 90 percent of his legacy is going to disappear because he didn’t do the hard work of passing legislation,” Gingrich said.“Starting the opening day when Trump starts to repeal all these executive orders, it’s going to be like one of those balloons that deflates and down to a core to 10 or 15 percent of what he originally did,” Gingrich continued. “The rest is all going to disappear within a year.”

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Arrest made in ‘Vote Trump’ burning of Mississippi black church

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Photo of church: Angie Quezada, Delta Daily News; Photo of McClinton: Mississippi Department of Public Safety

Mississippi authorities have made an arrest in the burning of an African-American church spray-painted with the words, “Vote Trump.”

Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain says Andrew McClinton of Leland, Mississippi, who is African-American, is charged with first-degree arson of a place of worship.

McClinton was arrested Wednesday. Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, Mississippi, was burned and vandalized Nov. 1, a week before the presidential election.

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‘Oppression Olympics’: Students of Color Conference at UC Irvine Descends Into Chaos

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A conference meant to be a “safe space” for students of color at the University of California descended into complete chaos after students disagreed over which minority group represented at the event was “more oppressed.” Ultimately, the event had to be canceled.

“Tensions got high” at the UC Irvine Students of Color Conference after various organizers and attendees disagreed whether the theme of “Fighting Anti-Blackness” was truly a cause that all students of color could embrace.

Apparently, the decision to focus on a single oppressed minority group offended other marginalized students who felt their causes were equally as important, and that they should have gotten a say in selecting the annual event’s theme.

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Harry Reid Says He ‘Did What Was Necessary’ By Lying About Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

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 Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks at a campaign rally with President Barack Obama for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at Cheyenne High School on October 23, 2016 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
in an interview with The Washington Post in September, Reid said that lying about Romney’s taxes on the Senate floor was “one of the best things I’ve ever done.”
Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he “did what was necessary” in 2012 when he falsely accused Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes for 10 years.

Reid was asked about those comments, which he made during a speech on the Senate floor, in response to call during a live interview on Las Vegas’ KNPR.