Thursday, December 22, 2016

Saigon December 22, 2016


The telephone repairman carries everything he needs on his 50cc including a ladder.

Crab Soup

6.9% home loans.

Even the street sweeper has a cell phone.  The Internet is $9.

I love Bamboo

We have street idiots of  both genders.  The police ignore them whatever they do which would be shocking elsewhere. 

An elderly couple who walk/exercise on their top porch often, even at night.

Teeny fish and excellent. 


  1. Damn I think I would probably stay there after seeing this.

  2. Brock,

    I am insanely jealous, once again. The food looks amazing!
    What is the egg and rice dish with the tomatoes?

  3. :) Actually, I just told them I wanted fried rice with a sunny-side egg and they added tomatoes. There doesn't seem to be the exact same dish in Vietnamese, but it translates as:

    Egg fried with rice fried and tomato.
    trứng chiên với cơm chiên và cà chua

    1. Forgot. This was 1/2 as there was another egg and slices of both tomato and cucumber.

  4. You are enjoying your trip. Does it temp you to stay? I think you've missed it. :-)

    1. :) We shall see. The perfect time would have been in 1999 when I could have bought a villa confiscated from one who fought against the Communists for $82K. 4 story, on street that dead-ended on a park with many embassy rentals. Now it's $400K+. :( All I had in the states at that time was an RV which I had stored on Camp Pendleton for $50 a month and my household goods for $120.

    2. Ah, well, our fortunes rise and fall, but our experiences and memories are with us forever. Take care my friend.

    3. Brock, if we do see a collapse of China/India in 2017 or 2018... (I was expecting sooner), then housing prices could also fall in Vietnam.

      Just my thoughts. Or they could continue to rise of course.

    4. our experiences and memories are with us forever.

      Most fortunately.

    5. a collapse of China/India in 2017 or 2018..

      Good point and I'm just getting ready to post about a Chinese company who is moving to the states because it is cheaper!