Wednesday, September 13, 2017

UNC, take down Silent Sam – or we may sue

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A letter sent Wednesday to UNC system President Margaret Spellings and UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt and their governing boards from lawyers Hampton Dellinger, Stacey Grigsby and Samuel Hall:

We write on behalf of UNC Chapel Hill students to request that you immediately remove the monument of an armed Confederate soldier, known as Silent Sam, from the middle of campus. Silent Sam should go for many reasons including its incompatibility with the “inclusive and welcoming environment” promised by UNC’s non-discrimination policy. We are providing legal notice of an additional reason why Silent Sam must come down now: the statue violates federal anti-discrimination laws by fostering a racially hostile learning environment.

As UNC’s Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office acknowledges, federal laws guarantee a series of rights to members of the UNC campus community. Among the applicable laws are Title IV and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which forbid racial discrimination at UNC as an institution of higher learning and a recipient of federal funds. Because Silent Sam violates the rights guaranteed by these and other federal laws, we request that you authorize its immediate removal in order to avoid needless litigation.

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Milo to bring '16-man Navy SEAL security detail' to Berkeley

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Milo Yiannopoulos says “nothing will deter” a planned “Free Speech Week” at the University of California, Berkeley next week, even vowing to bring a 16-man Navy SEAL team to provide security.

A university spokesperson hinted Tuesday night that the event might have to be cancelled because the organizers have not "completed the critical steps," but Yiannopoulos insists that is "fake news" intended to undermine the event.

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Trump limits visas for countries that refuse deported immigrants

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The Trump administration announced Wednesday it has ordered the State Department to limit certain visas for Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone because those countries have refused to accept the return of its nationals who are deported from the United States.

"International law obligates each country to accept the return of its nationals ordered removed from the United States," Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke said in a statement.

"Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone have failed in that responsibility. The United States itself routinely cooperates with foreign governments in documenting and accepting its citizens when asked, as do the majority of countries in the world. However, these countries have failed to do so, and that one-way street ends with these sanctions."

Roger Stone: Will call on Trump to pardon the Bundys and their supporters

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We all witnessed the left have an utter meltdown a couple weeks ago when President Donald Trump issued a pardon for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a long-time enemy of the Obama administration due to his tough enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Now, a second meltdown may be in the cards. Another Trump pardon has been suggested for a different enemy of the Obama administration. Namely, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who led an armed standoff against federal officials in 2014 following a dispute over federal land ownership, cattle grazing fees and the overreach of federal agencies, according to The Daily Caller.

The suggestion that Trump pardon Bundy, on trial in October for charges of conspiring to “incite” a rebellion against the federal government, came from long-time friend and confidant Roger Stone.

Ryan: Making DACA benefits permanent would have to include border security measures.

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"I think a wall actually works," said Ryan. "The reason I say that is because I went down to the Rio Grande and the Border Patrol themselves told me that there are certain spaces where we actually need a physical barrier."
He added a wall would not need to cover the entire length of the border.
"There are circumstances on the ground that should dictate how we do border security but doing border security should not be a negotiable thing, we should have security over our borders." (He needs to stop talking out of both sides of his mouth.)

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Exclusive: Paul Ryan Reportedly Says No Chance for Border Wall at Private Dinner

 Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan, at a private dinner earlier this year, said he thought only “one member” wanted to build a wall across the entire U.S.-Mexico border, Breitbart News has learned from multiple sources with direct knowledge of the comments, including former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO).

The dinner, sources said, took place on the eve of the House’s passage of two relatively minor immigration bills at the end of June: Kate’s Law and sanctuary city reforms. The far wider reaching Davis-Oliver Act was tabled at the same time.

“Ryan told a group of Republicans he met with … that only one person wants a wall,” Tancredo told Breitbart News shortly after the dinner.

Tancredo took issue with the Speaker’s characterization of support for the wall within the House GOP. “Of course he means only one person in his entourage and of the leadership,” he told Breitbart News. “I know several people in Congress who want a wall and I know that there are millions of Americans who want a wall.”

“You have to understand the level of fear that exists in the Republican establishment about this issue,” Tancredo told Breitbart News, seeking to explain the pressures that Republican members of Congress face when addressing immigration.

“The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t want a wall … the pressure is greater from the Chamber of Commerce than it is from the members,” Tancredo, who for years in the House fought a mostly fruitless battle to get Congress to combat the flood of illegal immigration, added. “That’s the basic problem. It was then. It is now.”

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Slavery and the War


To assert the dogma that slavery caused the war of the 1860s sanctifies the North, vilifies the South, glorifies the Blacks, and mythologizes the war. This dogma has been thrown out there as an unchallenged “given” for a hundred and fifty years to put the South on the guilty defensive and keep her there, but it all collapses with one question: How? How, exactly, did slavery cause the war?

Slavery did not cause the war. The North itself admitted it in the New York Times (quoted in the Richmond Whig of April 9, 1861, just before Ft. Sumter):

Most Voters Welcome Trump’s Outreach to Congressional Democrats

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Despite their failure to advance President Trump’s agenda, congressional Republicans aren’t happy about his outreach to Democrats in the House and Senate, but most voters think it’s a great idea.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 66% of Likely U.S. Voters say it is good for the country if Trump works with congressional Democrats to advance his agenda. Just 13% think the bipartisan cooperation is bad for the country, while 21% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Only 19% believe the president should continue to rely on congressional Republicans to pass his agenda. That’s down from 29% in early April. Sixty-five percent (65%) now feel he should reach out more to Democrats in Congress for help versus 58% who felt that way five months ago. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

Republicans (72%) are even more enthusiastic about the president working with congressional Democrats than Democrats (62%) and voters not affiliated with either major party (63%) are.

Trump surprised his fellow Republicans when he bypassed them last week to strike a deal with congressional Democrats to move quickly on aid for victims of Hurricane Harvey and to raise the ceiling on government money borrowing until mid-December.

Internal Data Shows Democratic Party Proposals Falling Flat With Voters, Attacks on Trump Ineffective

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 President Trump
"People do think he’s bringing about change, so it’s hard to say he hasn’t kept his promises," said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake.
A Democratic strategist fretted "we're going to drive right into the ocean" if the data was accurate about the electorate's attitude toward Democrats.

Both Democratic policy proposals and attacks on President Donald Trump are falling flat with voters heading into 2018, with a new report bluntly stating "none of it is working."

In a story out Wednesday from Politico, swing-state data from a range of focus groups and internal polls "paint a grim picture" for the Democratic Party, which is out of power in Congress and the White House after a disastrous 2016 cycle.

The range of attacks on Trump include he hasn't accomplished much, his campaign colluded with the Russians, and that he's used the White House to enrich himself, but it's not forming a "succinct narrative" with voters, according to one focus group conductor:

Contractors: Clinton State Department Silenced Us On Benghazi Security Lapses


Security at the State Department's Benghazi compound was so dire that another contractor was brought in to clean up the mess just two weeks before the 2012 terror attack – and was later pressured to keep quiet by a government bureaucrat under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to two men from the American security company.

Brad Owens and Jerry Torres, of Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, say they faced pressure to stay silent and get on the same page with the State Department with regard to the security lapses that led to the deaths of four Americans.
They spoke exclusively with Fox News for “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” revealing new information that undermines the State Department's account of the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, where Islamic militants launched a 13-hour assault from Sept. 11-12 that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, foreign service officer Sean Smith and former Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty.

More with video @ Fox

The fate of Europe was decided long ago...Brit Girl

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Communist protestors at UVA cover Jefferson statue and demand its removal.

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It is covered in a black tarp and a sheet stating "Black Lives Matter" and "TJ is a Racist Rapist" They are chanting "F*ck White Supremacy" and "Black Lives Matter"

First it was the Robert E. Lee Statue, and recently the Stonewall Jackson Statue. Now, the Social Justice Warriors and their assorted supporters have covered and are asking for the removal of a statue honoring the writer of the Declaration of Independence, the third President of the United States, and the founder of the University of Virginia - Thomas Jefferson.

Elected Charlottesville City officials have already indicated that Jefferson and Monticello are next, even though Monticello is located in Albemarle County:

Bellamy: "Right now, we are going to be looking at the Confederate statues, but in terms of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson, and things of that nature, I think those are conversations we do need to have here in the city of Charlottesville."

Do these short-sighted fools realize that Monticello is 1 of only 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the US and that it, and the University of Virginia, are the primary economic drivers of both Charlottesville and Albemarle County? Do they still teach math and history at our public universities? Because there is certainly a distinct lack of economic and civics acumen in this supposed "world-class" city.

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'Racist Anthem' spray painted on 106-year-old Francis Scott Key statue in Baltimore

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The Grandson Of Francis Scott Key Arrested By Lincoln    
November 27, 1862 - "We came out of prison just as we had gone in, holding the same just scorn and detestation [for] the despotism under which the country was prostrate, and with a stronger resolution that ever to oppose it by every means to which, as American freemen, we had the right to resort."

 Mayor Catherine E. Pugh was disappointed by the vandalism of the Francis Scott Key Monument in Baltimore on Wednesday — and has no plans to remove the monument from Eutaw Place, a spokesman said.

Exactly 203 years after the attorney penned the poem that would later become the national anthem, the city awoke to find the words “Racist Anthem” spray-painted on the Bolton Hill monument and red paint splashed on it.

Baltimore police are investigating, and the city's Commission on Historic Art Preservation will send a conservator to evaluate how to clean it and the cost. But officials don’t have a plan for protecting it against future vandalism, Pugh spokesman Anthony McCarthy said.

“We can’t ensure it’s not going to happen again,” McCarthy said. “We understand the freedom of expression, but there certainly has to be a more constructive and productive way to have a conversation about history.”

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