Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ryan: Making DACA benefits permanent would have to include border security measures.

Via Billy

"I think a wall actually works," said Ryan. "The reason I say that is because I went down to the Rio Grande and the Border Patrol themselves told me that there are certain spaces where we actually need a physical barrier."
He added a wall would not need to cover the entire length of the border.
"There are circumstances on the ground that should dictate how we do border security but doing border security should not be a negotiable thing, we should have security over our borders." (He needs to stop talking out of both sides of his mouth.)

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  1. Democrats say they have deal with Trump on illegal aliens:

    1. Thanks and I saw that, but really don't know what else Trump could do considering 9 months of failure with his Senate and House. Neither one of their leaders wants him to succeed and I believe Trump is convinced doing nothing would be worst. Although the D's still look bad in 2018, I don't believe they would continue to do so if Trump didn't accomplish anything for the next 9 months. Screw Ryan and McConnell.

    2. He'll fare better with no amnesty.

      A really good deal might be a win, but they won't give it to him. Trump's just in an impossible situation.

      If he ended the warring, he'd appear more humane.


    3. If he ended the warring, he'd appear more humane.

      What a novel idea.......:)

  2. The uniparty made the same promises during the Regan amnesty...why should we believe the uniparty once again. indyjonesouthere

  3. If amnesty is granted then there is no reason to build the wall. It would be like closing the barn door after the animals are gone.

    The bottom line is that we BARELY won this past election. Handing out "legal status" to 700,000+ illegals, and that's is likely much, much higher, combine it with brining in roughly 4 immediate family members, and you now have a democrat voting block of 3,000,000+. That means the GOP will a regional party with zero chance of ever electing anything that espouses conservative principles. Take a look and California after the 1986 amnesty and the conclusion is obvious to any honest person capable of reasoned thought.


    Y'all have a nice day.