Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Biden Campaigning in Georgia

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NC: Cheating Around The Edges Of The 9th Congressional District.


   Petition · Texas Legislature: Create an Independent ...

The Demonrats aren't just going to cheat in the Presidential race but are targeting local Congressional districts for cheating as well.

After having a conversation with my neighbor about her voting experience and doing my own explorations my fears have been realized. Somebody either at the board of elections or more likely a corrupt Demonrat judge is messing with the boundary between the 12th and the 9th to help the Demonrats in the 9th.

Ever since the ballot harvesting fiasco in 2018 and the subsequent special election had only a 5000 vote margin, the Demonrats have had a target on the 9th district. 

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[Photos] Wander Along the Beach in 1967 Nha Trang


We often yearn to visit tourist destinations before they became heavily developed, but what would that actually be like?

For example, where would one stay, given the presumed dearth of hotels? And how was the food and beverage scene? Something tells us that picky TripAdvisor reviewers wouldn't be a fan of 1960s travel amenities.

These photos from Jack McCabe, an American veteran, depict Nha Trang in 1967. What is today a hyper-developed city with a wall of high-rises fronting the beach was then a quiet town with acres of empty beach and barely a building higher than three or four floors.  

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We Can Win a Total Victory in This War on Southern History: Three Things Are Key

"Everyone should do all in his power to collect and disseminate the truth, in hope that it may find a place in history and descend to posterity."--Robert E. Lee - Confederate History Books and DVDs - The South - Black Confederates - Southern History - Slavery Not Cause of Civil War - Right of Secession - War Between the States - World History - World War I - World War II - The World Wars - Bonnie Blue Publishing - Gene Kizer, Jr. - Charleston Athenaeum Press Logo

Remember when the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico was in the news constantly? President Trump had to be unconventional but he got much of the wall built and now you don't hear a peep about the wall.

The same will happen when the war on Southern history is won and there is no possibility that any monument anywhere in the South can be removed, ever.

Our enemies are intent on destroying Southern history completely but it's American history they really want to destroy. This horror they have inflicted on the country is about destroying America, not just the South. We were low hanging fruit for them, but what we really were was the canary in the coal mine. Attacks on us foreshadowed the destruction of American history all over the county by people proudly proclaiming themselves as "trained Marxists" and who mistakenly think that their street violence will intimidate people into giving up their history, the Constitution and rule of law because we are scared of being hurt by them.

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A Neo-Confederate Prediction of Post-Election America


The political chaos that has accompanied President Trump’s first term will not abate anytime soon. From the Russian Collusion hoax to rioting in the streets to the public policy responses to the Covid-19 so-called pandemic, there appears to be something afoot that does not bode well for the future. Whether the motivation is ideological, economic, official incompetence, or a toxic mix of all three, be prepared for chaos qua politics for the foreseeable future. Many are alarmed and have warned about an impending new civil war. The alarm is well warranted by the evidence.

Politics is essentially the struggle for power. The greater the power, greater the prize for those that capture it and greater the loss for those that don’t. The flipside of the cliché “to the victors goes the spoils/plunder” is “to the losers goes the losses/plundered”.

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'Four more years.' Vietnamese cross-country caravan rallies for Trump in Biloxi

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Latest NPR, Atlantic and The Sacramento Bee hit pieces on Patriots


I am reading an article right now in "The Atlantic" (November 2020
issue) about Oath Keepers - earlier today I listened to a one hour NPR
interview with the author of that article. The article is titled "Civil
War Is Here, Right Now" by Mike Giglio. A link to it is here:

We have a problem, and it's not just the lying left, but rather a larger
effort to paint the patriots as those instigating political violence.
It's a classic Alinsky tactic - blame others for the evil that you do.

As we all know, just the opposite is true. But, that's the way they are
preparing the information battlefield in order to win either way the
election goes - if President Trump gets re-elected and the already
widespread rioting and looting gets worse, the media will paint the
patriots who rise in defense of their communities as the instigators of
unwarranted violence against "mostly peaceful protestors." We've already
seen that play out in Kenosha where a young man fired in self-defense
and was immediately charged with murder, with no investigation. And how
the assassination in Portland shortly thereafter was quashed and if
there has been any investigation of the full hit team that was involved,
I am unaware of it.

Conversely, if Biden wins, they will then launch nationwide efforts to
persecute and prosecute all members of the patriot movement. Or, more
accurately, ramp it up. The article in The Atlantic as well as the NPR
interview today both noted how the $PLC provided the author with a file
of those who signed up as Oath Keepers which, of course, is meant to
instill fear. Fat chance.

The only solution that I see is to continue to counter those lies with
the truth. I'll be writing some more on this a bit later this week.

The interview on "Fresh Air" only ran today, so it is not on the NPR
archive as yet - probably tomorrow. I recorded it separately, in order
to address its point of misinformation. If you check tomorrow, it will
probably be there: the October 28, 2020 episode -
 Yet another instance of preparing the information battlefield - this one
against the good people of SOJ in NorCal:

November’s Choice: Trump or the Establishment

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Approximately half of the American population are too indoctrinated and brainwashed to understand what is at stake

The November presidential election is not about a choice between a Republican and a Democrat, Trump or Biden/Kamala.  It is about a choice between Trump and the Establishment.

You are voting for or against the Establishment.  

If you vote against Trump, you are voting for your continued dispossession of your personal freedom, your independence, your income and wealth if any, your integrity, the First and Second Amendments, and any hope for your future and the future of your country.  It is as simple as that.

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Tony Bobulinski Full Interview with Tucker Carlson Hunter Biden Ex Business Partner

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6 Days

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 Six days. Six days until this nation decides if we will continue to be the land of the free and home of the brave, or the land of the government and home of fear. The differences could not be more stark. Trump, who believes in America, who loves this country, who has cut taxes and wants to roll back burdensome (and expensive) regulations on businesses, or Biden, who said America is an idea that was never achieved, who wants to raise your taxes, and who will put mandates (think environmental Green New Deal for starters) on businesses that will cause many to go out of business (like the millions of jobs created by the oil sector). 
Donald Trump, who is making 3 or more campaign stops daily. Or Joe Biden, who can barely make it through one small rally without his aides having to rush to his side and hide him the rest of the day. 
Donald Trump, who has donated his salary as president every month to charities, or Biden, who HAS taken money from the Chinese government. 
Trump, who gives off vibes of Reagan with his smile and positivity towards our future. Or Biden, who looks so serious, and honestly so lost, and gives off nothing but fear (fear Corona, fear for the environment, and the list goes on). 
Trump, who has given us 3 1/2 years of prosperity, or Biden, who has accomplished nothing positive in 47 years of government work. Not in the Senate, and not as Vice President. 
To me the choice is clear and easy. If you still believe America is great, that we can overcome any obstacle thrown our way, and that we needs jobs and a strong economy and that those things are possible even with the Coronavirus around, then vote for Trump. 
If you believe America is just an idea that we never achieved (look how much we have accomplished since our founding - in less than 300 years), that higher taxes and getting rid of the oil industry (which would cost millions of jobs and trillions of dollars), and an uninterested and sometimes lost and confused president would be better, by all means vote for Biden. 
I have already cast my vote. Trump. Straight Red. Let's keep America on the path to more greatness and reject the Democrats' playbook of fear!