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Grinning Obama JOKES during statement on (Islamic) Munich carnage

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YUKKING IT UP: President Barack Obama took a joking and tone-deaf detour from his Friday remarks about a gun mass murder that may be terror-related, chuckling about how he would miss his daughter Malia when she goes to college
 CASUALTIES: One picture on social media shows a man lying on the ground with a blanket over him

As news reports of a gun massacre (Islamic)  in Munich crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, the President of the United States was cracking jokes.

Barack Obama delivered a brief update to reporters at the White House about the still-unfolding shooting rampage that left the German city on lockdown.

Eight are confirmed dead, and 10 injured.

The president was speaking to law enforcement agents at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, adjacent to the White House. 

But as cameras rolled on the somber moment, Obama grinned and chuckled – and drew laughs from his audience – about his elder daughter Malia leaving the nest and heading for college.

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Was the father of presidential hopeful Cruz involved in the JFK assassination?

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Previous questions have surfaced about the 1960s activities of Rafael Cruz, Sr., the father of GOP presidential hopeful Rafael Cruz, Jr. (Ted Cruz). Based on the presence of the elder Cruz, an anti-Castro activist, in Dallas and New Orleans before the November 22, 1963, assassination of President John F. Kennedy, there is a strong reason to believe that Cruz was associated with Central Intelligence Agency's anti-Castro operations.

Furthermore, a Cuban hired by alleged JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and who bears a striking resemblance to Cruz is seen in an iconic photograph of Oswald and a group of Cubans Oswald hired who were distributing "Hands off Cuba!"

pamphlets in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. The photo of Oswald and other Cubans he hired for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee was taken outside the International Trade Mart in New Orleans on August 16, 1963. WMR has been informed by a source that the individual to Oswald's left is none other than Rafael Cruz. The photograph at the trade mart was favorably compared to a 1957 photograph of Cruz attached to an official Cuban Ministry of Education document.

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MH370 Pilot Flew a Suicide Route on His Home Simulator Closely Matching Final Flight

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New York has obtained a confidential document from the Malaysian police investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that shows that the plane’s captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, conducted a simulated flight deep into the remote southern Indian Ocean less than a month before the plane vanished under uncannily similar circumstances. The revelation, which Malaysia withheld from a lengthy public report on the investigation, is the strongest evidence yet that Zaharie made off with the plane in a premeditated act of mass murder-suicide.

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OBAMA Mocked Trump And RNC’s “Vision of Chaos And Violence” 1 Hour Before Munich Attack (VIDEO)

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Obama held a joint press conference with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto approximately one hour before the shooting attack in Munich, Germany and mocked Trump and the Republican National Convention for concerns over terrorism.

MUNICH SHOOTING UPDATE: Muslim Witness Says Shooter Screamed “Allahu Akbar!” and Targeted Children

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shooter munich

Several people are dead including children.

Slavery: Racially Incorrect Facts

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Much you may be aware of already.

As was recently shown, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, with its central claim that police around the country are hunting and killing innocent black men, is a lie.

Yet the BLM myth is enmeshed within a larger narrative, a narrative of eternal White Racism. And couched within this tale are distortions and outright crucially false ideas of slavery.

In the interest of that “honest discussion” of race that the Eric Holders and Barack Obamas of the world claim to want, I submit considerations without which no such discussion can be had.

One glaringly inconvenient truth that, odds are, few folks of any race are aware is that the very first legal slave owner in America was one Anthony Johnson—a black man.  More specifically, Johnson was an Angolan who himself had been an indentured servant in the colony of Virginia before he became a tobacco planter himself.  One of the African indentured servants who worked Johnson’s 300 acre plot of land was John Casor.

'It's as clear as two and two makes four': Hungary prime minister says there is an 'obvious connection' between terrorism and migration

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Mr Orban said that if somebody denies his opinions then 'that person harms the safety of European citizens', while talking to reporters in Warsaw

Hungary's prime minister said there is a 'plain as day' link between illegal immigration to Europe and terrorist attacks on the continent.

'It is clear as two and two makes four, it is plain as day, said Viktor Orban, through an interpreter, adding: 'There is an obvious connection.'

The Prime minister concluded: 'If somebody denies this connection then, in fact, this person harms the safety of European citizens.'

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Finland: Man Thrown in Prison For Using "Excessive Self-Defense" Against Home Invaders

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Mind boggling.

 Leftists in Finland have thrown a man in jail for using "excessive self-defense" to fight off a home invasion.

From RT:

A homeowner in Finland has been sentenced to four years in jail and a hefty fine after fighting off three intruders who attempted to rob his house. The thieves, meanwhile, got lesser prison terms and are to be paid damages by their victim.

In April, a 35-year-old man from Hyvinkää, a town just 50km north of the Finnish capital, Helsinki, heard a knock on the front door of his suburban house and rushed to open it. As soon as he unlocked it, three strangers rushed in and launched at him, toting baseball bats and a gun. The man retreated to the kitchen, where he found a knife and with it was able to overpower the intruders, two men and one woman.

One man armed only with a knife fought off three armed robbers with a gun.

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Bush Family Backs Clinton By Not Supporting Trump

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In any race that has only two candidates, refusing to support one of them is a defacto endorsement for the other, and this is exactly how the Bush family is planning on working to elect Hillary Clinton as president.

Jeb Bush, when he ran against Donald Trump for the nomination, took a pledge that he would support whoever it would be of the 17 people running who finally became the nominee. When the dust settled, Donald Trump emerged victorious. Jeb Bush has now decided to break his promise to support the nominee. His brother and father have also decided, for the first time in their political lives, to withhold their votes and support of the Republican nominee.

For the first time since his own presidency, George H.W. Bush is planning to stay silent in the race for the Oval Office — and the younger former president Bush plans to stay silent as well.

Bush 41, who enthusiastically endorsed every Republican nominee for the last five election cycles, will stay out of the campaign process this time. He does not have plans to endorse presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, spokesman Jim McGrath told The Texas Tribune.

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Trump's speech: an analysis

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Note: this is based on the prepared text, not the one Donald Trump actually delivered, which was fairly similar. Key passages:
America is far less safe – and the world is far less stable – than when Obama made the decision to put Hillary Clinton in charge of America’s foreign policy.

I am certain it is a decision he truly regrets. Her bad instincts and her bad judgment – something pointed out by Bernie Sanders – are what caused the disasters unfolding today. Let’s review the record. In 2009, pre-Hillary, ISIS was not even on the map.

Libya was cooperating. Egypt was peaceful. Iraq was seeing a reduction in violence. Iran was being choked by sanctions. Syria was under control. After four years of Hillary Clinton, what do we have? ISIS has spread across the region, and the world. Libya is in ruins, and our Ambassador and his staff were left helpless to die at the hands of savage killers. Egypt was turned over to the radical Muslim brotherhood, forcing the military to retake control. Iraq is in chaos.

Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons. Syria is engulfed in a civil war and a refugee crisis that now threatens the West. After fifteen years of wars in the Middle East, after trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been before.

This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction and weakness.
Translation: no more neoconnery. He's rhetorically going after Hillary here, and is correct to do so, but he's dialectically including the Bush administration's aggressive foreign policy as well. 2016-2009=7, not 15. This is the real reason why the conservative media is opposed to Trump; they want their foreign wars.

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The Appalachian Messenger July 22, 2016

This photograph shows Mary Faust and her two children, “Coon” and “Sis.” Faust was born and raised in Anderson County, Tennessee, and this picture shows the Faust family in their cabin home near Andersonville.

The entire family, although they lived within twenty miles of Knoxville, relied entirely upon their own labor to clothe as well as feed themselves. This photo, taken in 1910, speculates that Faust may have been the oldest woman in the United States at the time. Regardless of her age, she worked from early morning till sundown each day, with the result that her two children and she were entirely clothed with cloth she wove and garments she made. In addition to her spinning and weaving she aided in cooking and household duties. None of the modern commodities of 1910 were to be found in her home, but instead her cabin maintained the same appearance as it did 100 years prior.

Faust said she was never sick nor were her children, and her old age she attributed to the simple life she led. She recalled visiting Knoxville in the early 1800s, and at that time there were only a few hundred people in the town. The trip from her home to Knoxville was made on foot and her husband traveled with her to join the band of men who left Knoxville to fight in the Mexican war. She returned alone and lived in that cabin for the remainder of her life.


This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Bring It On

Sam Culper
SHTF Intelligence: Getting Started (Part One)

Paul Rosenberg
Changing The World, Slowly

T.L. Davis
Westcliffe Open-Carry

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The Crisis in Turkey Could Swallow Us All

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Whatever happens next, it’s not likely to be pretty
Turkey has been in a growing crisis for years, and the end seems nowhere in sight.

In the wake of the failed military coup, Turkish officials and civilians are pointing the finger at the U.S. for instigating it. “America is behind the coup,” said Turkey’s Labor Minister Suleyman Solyu. Solyu is a close ally of Turkey’s President Recip Tayyip Erdogan, who also blames the U.S. for harboring the Islamic cleric he says was behind the coup.

Officially, the U.S. says that speculation that the U.S. supported the coup is “categorically untrue.”

Officially, the U.S. says it is “factually incorrect” to say it is harboring the cleric, Fethullah Gulen, who lives in a secluded, 26-acre gated compound in Saylorsville (pop. 1,126 in 2010) in rural, northeastern Pennsylvania. From there, at the Golden Generation Worship and Retreat Center, Gulen, 75, reportedly runs a murky, billion-dollar global program of Islamic education and proselytizing called the Gulen Movement, also known as Hizmet (“service”) and Cemaat (“community”). 

And the Gulen people have contributed substantially to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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White Nationalists And Practicality: If Any

“White nationalists” as they call themselves  would like to US to be close to one hundred percent white. So would I. So would many tens of millions of Americans who do not call themselves white nationalists, but are. Diversity causes nothing but trouble, and is doing so now. However, America can’t be completely white, or even close. The time for that idea is long past. The practical question becomes: What now?

White nationalists, often inaccurately called “white supremacists,”  want to close the border. So do I. They want to make Obama stop importing every sort of third-worlder he has heard of. So do I. They want to deport illegal aliens. With exceptions, so do I.

For the sake of discussion, let us assume that all of this has been done. At this point the white nationalists (hereinafter just “nationalists”) run out of gas, having so far as I am aware no further plan or aim beyond a loathing for anything not white and European.

Ivanka Trump addresses the 2016 RNC

Shooting rampage in Munich: Multiple deaths & attacks reported, gunmen at large

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Multiple deaths are reported in a shooting at the Olympia shopping mall in Munich, Germany. Police confirmed that shots have been fired in the mall but gave no information on casualties.

There are conflicting reports on casualties. According to the local media outlet Muencher Abendzeitung, up to 15 people have been killed in the center, while German NTV channel puts the death toll at 10.

Police say it appears they are dealing with a "shooting rampage."

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Ted Cruz and the Trump Takeover

 Ted Cruz and the Trump Takeover

The self-righteousness and smugness of Ted Cruz in refusing to endorse Donald Trump, then walking off stage in Cleveland, smirking amidst the boos, takes the mind back in time.

At the Cow Palace in San Francisco in July of 1964, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, having been defeated by Barry Goldwater, took the podium to introduce a platform plank denouncing “extremism.”

Implication: Goldwater’s campaign is saturated with extremists.

Purpose: Advertise Rocky’s superior morality.

Smug and self-righteous, Rocky brayed at the curses and insults, “It’s a free country, ladies and gentlemen.”

Rocky was finished. He would never win the nomination.

Richard Nixon took another road, endorsed Goldwater, spoke for him in San Francisco, campaigned for him across America. And in 1968, with Goldwater’s backing, Nixon would rout Govs. George Romney and Rockefeller, and win the presidency, twice.

Sometimes, loyalty pays off.

NC: Lt. Governor Dan Forest releases statement on NBA's decision to relocate the 2017 All-Star Game

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Lt. Governor Dan Forest releases statement on NBA's decision to relocate the 2017 All-Star Game:

What is happening here is so much bigger than a basketball game. A sovereign state is being blackmailed by a private business (NBA) who is being threatened by a national LGBT lobbying effort, all to force North Carolina to open female restrooms, showers and locker rooms up to men. All of this was done under the guise of "inclusiveness" and other politically correct buzzwords. But the reality is that had we not blocked the Charlotte Bathroom Ordinance from going into effect, sex offenders and pedophiles would have had full access to our women and children in bathrooms around the state.

I enjoy the NBA and wanted them to hold the All-Star game in Charlotte but if that game comes with strings attached, strings that would expose women and children to danger, molestation, assault and voyeurism, then no thank you. Take your business elsewhere, and I have no apologies about saying that and never will. The NBA knows the economic hit North Carolina will take from this decision. I wish the NBA would likewise acknowledge the pain, sorrow and devastation a child or woman feels when they are exploited. We will never value a dollar over a woman's or child's safety and security.

Dan Forrest

Trump faced his biggest challenge yet — and he nailed it

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Donald Trump had a big job to do Thursday night, but of course big jobs are what he does for a living — so it’s really no surprise that he got it done . . . beautifully.

The Republican nominee needed to not just act presidential, but be presidential — while still being himself.

He needed to keep every ounce of New York toughness and roughness he’d shown in the campaign to date, while also showing sensitivity and a sincere commitment to making life better for all Americans.

He needed to show a coherent policy vision recognizably his, that spoke to “his” voters, regular Republicans and all Americans.

And he did it in a speech characteristically Trump — wandering and emphatic, hard-hitting and a little chatty; blending policy and principle, anecdote and attack line, while speaking from the heart.

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You can register to vote on the National Council of LARAZA website. No ID required

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You can put in all fake information except an email and you're done.