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Comment on CYA: Nikki Haley says the Confederate flag was about "service, and sacrifice, and heritage" until Dylan Roof "hijacked" it "

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"CYA: Nikki Haley says the Confederate flag was about "service, and sacrifice, and heritage" until Dylan Roof "hijacked" it "

I voted for Nimrata based solely on her promises to allow the Southern Cross upon the Capital grounds as was the deal made in EXCHANGE for the "SLAVE MUSEUM"...

After the Roof shooting this woman went on a non apologetically 3 week media tour bashing White Southerners invoking her fathers name into the narrative as to why White Nationalist symbols must be removed, because as she stated over a dozen times, she was harassed and mocked by her 3rd grade classmates "future White Supremacist" over her daddy's turban...

We're talking about children here 8 & 9 year olds for goodness sake.

She's a liar and back stabber and only loyal to her cause and that is getting into the White House, once a #NeverTrumper now holding onto his shirt tail for her political life.

And I'll add this, she''s ineligible, she was born on American soil as an Indian Citizen to two Indian citizen parents who did not confer their American citizenship to Nimrata Randhawa until 6 years after her birth.

She never has, does not now nor ever will meet the requirements of Article II Section I Clause V of the Constitution to hold either of the offices of the Presidency.

But like the Obama idolaters, many conservatives are pushing for her to run. And, like Obama, she'll pollute this nation with Multiculturalism-Diversity and her neocon globalist multi-facited religion called MAN!

 --Jeffrey Hardin

NC Welcome Sign

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The Lady Who Saved Mount Vernon

Ladies, the home of Washington is in your charge…let no irreverent hand change it; no vandal hands desecrate it with the fingers of progress!  Those who go to the home in which he lived and died, wish to see in what he lived and died!  Let one spot in this grand country of ours be saved from change!  Upon you rests this duty!

Born in 1816, Ann Pamela Cunningham was raised at Rosemont, a plantation on the Saluda River in Laurens County, South Carolina.  At the age of seventeen, she suffered an injury to her spine when she was thrown from a horse and was crippled for the rest of her life.  In 1853, when she was 37 years of age, she was distressed to receive a letter from her mother describing the neglected, decaying condition of Mount Vernon, the plantation home of George Washington in Virginia.

A Historical Sketch of Miss Cunningham’s life published in 1903 gave more details about the incident that led to her life’s mission:

"It's almost Virginia time."

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" If you don't have a gun, get one. If you don't have armor, get some" 

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Virginia Militia Muster August 2, 2009
 & more
My comments after viewing all.
That was just marvelous, Travis, and I knew I could count on you for III & IV! I was really impressed, and if we do get out of this without blood in the streets, I strongly urge you to enter the dirty game of politics, but you can take heart with your fellow Patriots, Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. along with some others. I truly believe Hussein is attempting one bridge too far, and I don't know if he can be stopped through the people's wishes, but we shall try until the very end, as Patrick Henry did, and then if unsuccessful, "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"

WATCH: Trump Science Advisor Will Happer Says Global Warming Is a ‘Scam’

On Al Gore:  "It has been very profitable for him so he’s a very wealthy man.”

President Trump’s former Science Advisor, Dr William Happer, has spoken out against the global warming scare.

“It’s a scam,” he says.

Happer, Professor of Physics Emeritus at Princeton University and, till September this year, the science advisor on the Trump Administration’s National Security Council, was speaking to Breitbart News in Madrid, Spain, at a conference staged by the Heartland Institute.

He described how he first spotted the nature of the scam during the Clinton era, when he was briefly director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science before being sacked by Vice President Al Gore. Gore didn’t like the way Happer was asking so many inconvenient questions about his friends’ supposed “climate” research projects.

Happer said:

 More @ Breitbart

Making Trouble Generally in the South

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At Fredericksburg in December 1862, Lee’s 70,000 men repulsed the North’s 114,000-man army and inflicted heavy casualties. The latter army looted the town before advancing against Lee, and blue-clad soldiers, many in Gen. Meagher’s brigade of Irishmen, were “found dead . . . with women’s shawls and bonnets on.” Lincoln replaced this discredited commander with yet another general, under orders to defeat Lee and lay waste to Richmond. This was not to be a war to effect reunion, but to conquer and subjugate those States wishing to form a more perfect union.  The Great American Political Divide

Making Trouble Generally in the South

“As May, 1863 approached, the prospects of the South looked far more favorable, and the victories of Cold Harbor, Cedar Run, the Second Manassas and Fredericksburg had inspired the troops with enthusiasm. In Virginia, two years of arduous struggle had not enabled the Federal authorities to penetrate beyond the Rappahannock; and on the southern banks of that river . . . the long lines of Confederate pickets warned the enemy that any attempt to cross would be resisted by the army which had repulsed them in December at Fredericksburg.

What had, however, a direct bearing on the Virginia campaign . . . was the evident impression among many of the most prominent politicians at the North, that unless the approaching campaign was successful, the [Northern] government was must make peace upon the basis of separation and Southern independence.

The New York “Tribune” announced the programme of operations which the times demanded, and gave its views as follows:

“Having massed our forces and filled our depots and caissons, charge upon the rebels in every quarter – assailing their ports with iron-clads, their armies with stronger armies, fighting resolutely but warily with intent to capture their strongholds and exhaust their resources – while expeditions of light-armed black Unionists, carrying only arms and ammunition, traverse those portions of Rebeldom most exposed and thickly populated with slaves, carrying liberty to all who wish it, and arms wherewith to defend it; moving rapidly and evading all fortified points and overpowering forces, while breaking up railroads and telegraph lines, and making trouble generally.”

If this “making trouble generally” by black Unionists and others did not attain its object, then the war must be given up by the North.

“If three months more of earnest fighting,” said the “Tribune,” “shall not serve to make a serious impression on the rebels – if the end of that term shall find us no further advanced than at its beginning – if some malignant fate has decreed that the blood and treasure of the nation shall ever be squandered in fruitless efforts – let us bow to our destiny, and make the best attainable peace.”

(Life of Stonewall Jackson: A Military Biography, John Esten Cooke, D. Appleton & Company, 1876, excerpts pp. 395-396)

If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world

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  “The Chaos” by Gerard Nolst Trenité

After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he’d prefer six months of hard labour to reading six lines aloud, and we’ll be honest with you, we struggled with parts of it.

“The Chaos” by Gerard Nolst Trenité, was written nearly 100 years ago in 1922, designed to demonstrate the irregularity of English spelling and pronunciation. 

There’s also a video of the poem being read out should you want some help on couple of the more unusual words:


 Many more words @ The Poke

Gingrich: Pelosi Deliberately & Methodically Lied to the American People on Impeachment

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In an appearance Friday on Fox News, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was lying about why former President Bill Clinton got impeached.

As you may have heard, Pelosi went on CNN for one of their “town halls” in which politicians answer mostly obsequious questions about how awesome it is being Nancy Pelosi and how she’s going to make sure being Donald Trump isn’t awesome at all.

More @ WJ

Donald Trump did the RIGHT thing on pulling out of the Paris Accords

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The CIA's Secret Heart Attack Gun

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Dated + Re-post

Great Aunt Bithiah Matilda Pippen Saves The Mansion

Re-post 2007 

 (A picture to go with the story. A newly found cousin, * & **Ed Harrell, took me here a few days after our 2010 Pippen Reunion. Under restoration, the brick foundation, and the two chimneys which are used by the eight fireplaces, are all new. I could not find any rot on all the exposed, weathered boards! Just amazing. BT)    
*Ed said that when Aunt Bithiah's daughters, would go out that the buggy was brought around to the side porch (You can see the roof above the large bush on the right) so that the girl's feet would not have to touch the ground.

"In Memory Of Miriam," Edna Guilford Cook, 1957

Near Palmyra Plantation, Martin County, NC

"A company of Yankee troops, foraging for food, came to the plantation. A faithful old darkey had already taken the carriage horses and hidden them in Ward's Swamp, near the house, and had hidden the family silver down in the well. The Yankee troops killed every chicken and hog on the place and were cooking in the big iron wash-pot in the yard. About this time, other soldiers discovered casks of apple brandy stored in the gin-house, had broken into them and gotten royally drunk. It was a very anxious moment at this time for Bithiah Pippen (Brown). None of her daughters were married then, with the possibility of Aunt Kate who married **Kenneth Harrell, the other girls were all at home and the boys were away in the Confederate Army. Lunsford Brown was dead and Bithiah was in charge of the plantation. She locked the girls in an upstairs room and went out on the porch, under the big tall white columns, and met the leader of the troops. He was a young Yankee officer, nicely mannered, and after dismounting came to the front steps and very respectfully told the lone woman that he regretted the havoc his troops had made of the place, that he had ordered them to break open the remaining casks of brandy and cider and pour them out, as his troops were getting out of hand. This officer told Bithiah that his own home was in Massachusetts and that she reminded him of his own mother whom he had not seen for two years. After offering her protection for herself and daughters Bethiah invited him into her own dining room and had her cook prepare dinner for the Yankee officer and several of his staff. In this way the old mansion was saved, just in time as sacks soaked with kerosene had already been placed under the front porch by the Yankee soldiers. When the troops departed they took every scrap of food with them, and neighbors had to bring the family what food they could find from their own slim stores." 


September 12, 2010
An addition of a post by Faye on BelleGrove. Just priceless! BT

"One of the only memories I have of going to my granny's house was her big hug and her molasses cookies. My grandfather died when I was 4 and Granny moved in with the children. She is the one who told me her tales of her family and the Civil War. I thought it was the Silver War when I was little because she would tell about them hiding the silver in the well!"

More comments with enlarged picture @ NamSouth