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Calling All Munitions and Fighter Plane Experts: Is German Pilot Claim "Air-to-Air Attack" Brought Down MH17 Credible?


Peter Haisenko, a German aviation expert made a claim yesterday that air-to-air fire brought down MH17.

The above link is to a translated page.

As a lay person, it's easy to be persuaded by such arguments. Moreover, even if Haisenko is an aviation expert, one has to wonder about his munitions expertise.

I have some questions later, but first let's take a look at some images and a translation of Haisenko's thesis.

Haisenko provides this High-Res Image of MH17 Cockpit.

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Jesse Ventura wins $1.8million defamation suit against estate of America's deadliest sniper

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 Kyle, who claimed he killed 255 Iraqi insurgents, shot to national fame with the publication of his harrowing book, American Sniper

Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL, claimed in his book American Sniper that he punched Ventura at a SEAL bar in California in 2006

Kyle claimed on Fox News that Ventura, himself a former SEAL, had said the SEALs 'deserved to lose a few, over their behavior in Iraq

Kyle was murdered by a fellow veteran in February 2013Ventura then sued Kyle's widow Taya Kyle, who inherited the $6million fortune made from the book

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Illinois cop shoots dog in its yard in front of 6-year-old girl

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(Source: Justice for Apollo | Facebook)

A family says that while rounding up their loose puppy, a police officer arrived and shot it in the head, in its own yard, in close proximity to several onlookers, the owner, and a horrified child.

Apollo the dog, a 1-year-old shepherd-mix, had briefly gotten out of its yard on June 25th, 2014, and was being corralled his family.  Owner Nicole Echlin and her 6-year-old daughter had already gotten Apollo to come back to their yard when a representative from the Hometown Police Department arrived in front of their house.

Instead of assisting the family in tying up the dog, or doing anything resembling public service, Officer Robert Norris drew his gun.  The quiet residential street was rocked when the officer abruptly shot dog in the head.  NBC interviewed witnesses and reported the story:

Truth is worse than the denied Oren Nahari reports on Obama Netanyahu conversation

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American and Israeli officials charged that the transcript reported below is
a fabrication.

In truth, the White House press release describing the conversation is far
worse than the transcript presented by Oren Nahari.

According to the White House press release "The President stressed the U.S.
view that, ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the
demilitarization of Gaza."

While the EU declares that the terrorists in the Gaza Strip should be
disarmed, Mr. Obama doesn't see the demilitarization of Gaza before there is
a "lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".

Put bluntly: if we don't agree to divide Jerusalem then Hamas can keep its

So while this transcript has Mr. Obama arguing with Netanyahu over the
choice of mediators, the White House has Mr. Obama stating for the record
that the demilitarization of Gaza is off the agenda until Israel can reach
a "lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict".

In this case the truth is worse than what is now claimed to be fiction.

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Mosab Hassan Yousef (Son of Hamas Founder) tells the truth about Hamas.

Reenactor leading Russian separatists in Ukraine

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Before he became a military star in Ukraine, Strelkov was already a star among war reenactors. These men arm themselves with old weapons, dress in military uniforms, and gather in deserted places to act out long-ago battles. Strelkov “the cat” particularly loves the 1918-1920 battles of the Russian civil war, where he usually plays the role of a White Guard officer. Essentially, he is now playing the same role in Ukraine: his haircut, his mustache, his manners, and even his military tactics are almost all copied from images of White Guard officers in Soviet films.

One of Strelkov’s idols is the White Guard general Mikhail Drozdovsky, killed in a battle with the Bolshevik army in the south of Russia in 1919. While Strelkov’s soldiers held on to Slavyansk, the entrance to the city was decorated with an enormous banner blending allusions to the “Drozdovites” with images from the film “300.” Another fun fact: When Strelkov rewarded his fighters with St. George’s Crosses (the main award given to soldiers in czarist Russia), he thanked on the antique forum a friend who runs a Moscow antique shop for providing him with authentic crosses for free. It is unclear if Strelkov has any real military experience: He is said to have fought in Chechnya, though that is unconfirmed. 

They say that real actors dream of playing the greatest roles in real life beyond the confines of the stage. This may also the dream of war reenactors who play at battle while fantasizing about the real thing. What had once been a game for Strelkov has now become a real war, with real deaths, real shootouts, and real assaults. If Putin does not want to become a sponsor of international terrorism in front of the whole world, he will have to do all he can to stop Strelkov. The Ukrainians think this is very simple: Putin orders Strelkov to return to Moscow, and the Donbass is at peace. To me, this does not seem very realistic: I doubt Strelkov would take orders from Putin. 

I met Strelkov in Crimea in February, several hours after the “polite people” in unmarked Russian military uniforms took control of key points of the peninsula. I didn’t know his first or last nameonly one and a half months later, after seeing him on television, did I realize I had been speaking with Strelkovbut I observed his role as an emissary from Moscow when he accompanied Crimea’s new Prime Minister, Sergei Aksenov. Dressed in a dark green civilian suit that somewhat resembled a military uniform, Strelkov led the negotiations between Aksenov and the Ukrainian seamen who were to give themselves up to the Russian side. Russian naval officers also took part in these talks, and next to them Strelkov looked like a real diplomat, clever and subtle. The Russian officers insisted on negotiating from a position of power: “if you don’t surrender, we’ll destroy you.” 

But Strelkov preferred to speak of an officer’s honor and an officer’s oath, which he respects. It was precisely this tactic that led Ukrainian Admiral Denis Berezovsky, now serving in the Russian navy as deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, to be one of the first to come over to the Russian side. 

W&L Denies, then Admits Incident with 15 Year Old DID Take Place


Almost as soon as the story broke of the 15 year old boy who was forced to remove his shirt, cap, and name badge because they contained images of the Confederate flag before being allowed to visit the LEE Chapel Saturday, several amateur historians/bloggers immediately called his story false, labeled it a "publicity stunt",  and used it to continue their campaign of slander and false attacks against the Va Flaggers and the SCV.

At the same time, when asked for a statement by the press, W&L officials DENIED THE INCIDENT EVER TOOK PLACE, effectively joining the bloggers in their chorus of hate, and calling the boy a liar.

"Meanwhile, university officials initially denied the allegations being brought against it. Brian Eckert, the spokesperson for Washington and Lee, stated there is no indication the incident took place."

Sons of Confederate Veterans demand apology from Washington & Lee


However, on Tuesday the University admitted that because of "safety" reasons they forced 4 people "not to carry or wear Confederate flags or emblems on the campus." 

We never ONCE doubted the honesty or integrity of this young man! SHAME ON Washington & Lee for trying to cover up their misconduct, and for impugning the character of a 15 year old boy! HE told the truth.  THEY lied.  Is it any wonder such men have no regard for the honor and integrity of Robert E. Lee?


Please contact University officials and request the University end its discriminatory, random, undefined policy and apologize for its mistreatment of persons of Confederate ancestry.  Please, write, phone or e-mail:
Mailing Address:
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, Virginia 24450-2116 


Grayson Jennings
Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Real Unemployment Rate Is at Least 18 Percent


The Labor Department on Friday is expected to report the economy added 235,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate remained steady at 6.1 percent, but that hardly tells the story.

The jobless rate may be down from its recession peak of 10 percent, but much of this results from adults, discouraged by the lack of decent job openings, have quit altogether. They are neither employed nor looking for work.

Only about half of the drop in the adult participation rate may be attributed to the Baby Boom generation reaching retirement age. Lacking adequate resources to retire, a larger percentage of adults over 65 are working than before the recession.

Riding in style after the catastrophe

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 The atomic bomb hits Nagasaki, Japan in WWII.

As the world around us seems to be falling apart and America teeters on the brink of total collapse, a key question for citizens focuses squarely on the ability to travel. Mobility in the aftermath of a massive catastrophe is an integral component for survival. Very few, except in rural areas or very small towns, will be in a position to flee using a car or truck.

In large urban centers such as New York City, most citizens will not be able to leave. Snarled traffic jams will close all bridges to the mainland. And in other regions the issue will be what to do when the gasoline and oil run out, even at the local gasoline stations.

These questions and issues are of vital importance to survival in the worst case scenario. Without the ability to travel to safer areas or to accumulate supplies, citizens will be at the mercy of logistics.

Your survival will run out when the food, fuel, medicine, and ammo run out. At that point, you are waiting for death, unless you can travel to the closest depot of vital supplies.

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Government Policy of Genocide


The basic strategy of the US government, as explained to Red Cloud in 1871, was for “the Great Father to put war-houses all through the Indian country.” The idea was to make the Yankee soldiers highly visible to tribes for deterrent effect, and it “demoralizes them more than anything else except money and whiskey.”  Sherman’s genocidal policy was learned by his young Spanish attaché, Valeriano Weyler, who practiced it on Cubans in the 1890s.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Government Policy of Genocide

“The surprise attack on the [Indian] village was total war.  In such encounters women and children were nearly always present.  They mingled with the fighting men, often participated in the fighting, and in the confusion and excitement were difficult to identify as noncombatants.  In engagement after engagement women and children fell victim to army bullets or were cast upon a hostile country, often in winter, without food or shelter.

Total war raised disturbing moral questions, not only for the eastern humanitarians who shrilly protested military butchery, but for the army as well.  Some officers openly acknowledged the surprise attack to be indiscriminate killing.  “The confessed aim was to exterminate everyone,” concluded Colonel de Trobriand, “for this is the only advantage of making the expedition; if extermination were not achieved, just another burden would be added – prisoners.”

But what of the morality of a strategy aimed at finding and destroying Indian villages where women and children would unquestionably be present and suffer death or injury?  Whether, as General Sherman contended, such warfare is in the end more humane because it is more speedily and definitely ended may be argued.  The significant point is that Sherman’s strategy for the conquest of the Indians was as moral, or immoral, as his march across Georgia . . . 

Humanitarians, appalled by the killing of women and children, scored the army for practicing extermination.  Some pronouncements of Sherman, Sheridan, and others sound like exterminationism . . . [and] Extermination – a later generation would call it genocide – is the systematic obliteration of a whole people.  

Many officers believed that extinction was the Indian’s preordained fate . . . [rather] it was an impulse to civilize the Indian that dominated military attitudes as it dominated public sentiment and government policy – and that belies the charge that the United States pursued a policy of genocide.

[General George Crook] turned to the very tribe against which his operations were directed [for Indian allies and discovered] the psychological impact of the enemy finding his own people arrayed against him.  {Crook said in 1886:] “Nothing breaks them up like turning their own people against them . . . [and it has a] broader and more enduring aim – their disintegration.”

(Frontier Regulars: The US Army and the Indian, 1866-1891, Robert M. Utley, Macmillan Publishing, 1971, pp. 52-55)

Rancher: Gov’t ‘Bullying People’ Who Have Been on Lands ‘for Generations’


Ranchers from Western states told Congress last week that they are routinely threatened and bullied by federal land management officials, including the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife.

“I sit before you today to let you know what’s going on up there, and I hope that we can come to some kind of agreement on what needs to be done and move forward on it, because enough is enough when it comes to bullying people that have been on this land for generations,” Michael Lucero, fourth generation rancher in New Mexico, said in his sworn testimony at the hearing of a House Natural Resources subcommittee on "Threat, Intimidation and Bullying by Federal Land Management Agencies, Part II."

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Feds to illegals in U.S.: Come back to court in 2020


The U.S. congressman said his trip to the border showed him the mind-boggling nature of the problem in a nutshell.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, described to a hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday morning how he saw illegal immigrants arrive on the border, claim asylum, and then be given a court date as far in the future as 2020.

“Meanwhile they get a work permit to compete against those legally and lawfully here.”

Chaffetz said there is a proper place for asylum but the current system is being abused in great numbers, and it’s all the fault of President Obama for not enforcing the immigration laws.

“The president owns this issue,” declared the congressman.

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Michelle Nunn: Favorable Media Bias Part of Democrat Campaign Strategy

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Over at National Review, Eliana Johnson got hold of a confidential campaign plan for Michelle Nunn, the Georgia Democrat running for the U.S. Senate. Nunn is one of the two or three hopes Democrats have of actually picking up a Senate seat. The campaign is cynical, to say the least, especially in its assessment of Jews as a "tremendous financial opportunity" and Asians as "very tight." 

Ricochet looked at the report and found one area the campaign felt very good about: How Nunn could count on the media to be on its side and even warn them of in advance of GOP attacks:

“This Does Not Come From The Federal Government,”

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“That’s the biggest distinction here. This is the governor taking unilateral action. Not having that oversight and supervision and direction as part of a plan from the federal authorities, I think it is reckless and could lead to significant safety issues.” Jayson P. Ahern, former Customs and Border Protection commissioner, retired after 33 years working for the feds – criticizing Rick Perry’s deployment of Texas NationalGuard troops to the border.
The same feds who cannot will not enforce our immigration laws, “leading” us into this crisis. Yeah right. We need their expertise.