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Couple missing for 2 weeks found in California wilderness

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A couple missing for two weeks were found Sunday in a remote part of San Diego County with the elderly husband dead and his wife severely dehydrated, after surviving on just rain water and some food, authorities said.

Cecil Knutson, 79, Dianna Bedwell, 68, were found near a Boy Scouts camp on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation near Warner Springs, sheriff's Lt. Ken Nelson said.

Knutson's body was near a white car and Bedwell was inside the vehicle, he said.

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Memorial Day Meditation: Obama Creating A New “Hollow Army”—But Many Servicemen Still Want To Defend The Southern Border

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When I was deployed in Afghanistan in the late 2000s, I served with several reservists whose full-time job back in the U.S. was law enforcement. They had all also served in Iraq, and they were generally hawkish. But almost all of them would regularly say that the U.S. military belongs, not in the Middle East, but on our southern border.

Thus, from personal experience, I know that many American service members believe our country is being invaded—and they use the word “invasion.”

And, along with many other veterans, Memorial Day is an occasion where I wonder why I fought. Different veterans will give different answers, but I can safely say what all of us did not fight for: we did not fight for multiculturalism or mass immigration.

Yet, judging from the official U.S. government PR verbiage, you’d think that multiculturalism was a sacred military value.

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SCV Camp # 158 B/Gen E Porter Alexander Augusta, Georgia - Honour Guard at Memorial Day Service

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Marilyn Mosby’s Consequences – 27 People Shot Memorial Day Weekend – Deadliest Month In Two Decades…

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 Lord knows what it would be like married to her, The Queen of Bitches. :)


27 people shot so far in Baltimore over the Memorial Day weekend creates May as the deadliest month since 1999 in Baltimore Maryland.


Baltimore State Attorney, and “Black Lives Matter” activist, Marilyn Mosby, has created an environment of brutal lawlessness in the wake of her visible animosity toward city police officers.  Thugs now rule the streets, particularly in the dangerous Western region as police are forced to stop proactive policing.

 The irony of consequence is lost amid the reality that more black people are being killed specifically because of the approach taken by the local Baltimore prosecutor.

West Virginia Bill to Keep Guard Troops Out of Unconstitutional Foreign Wars Killed by Pentagon Threats

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Threats from Pentagon officials doomed a West Virginia bill that would have blocked unconstitutional foreign deployments of the state’s National Guard troops and effectively restored the founders’ framework for a state-federal balance on the Guard.

But while the bill failed to pass, its story reveals the power and potential of this approach.

Opposition and backroom threats wouldn’t have existed if the legislation didn’t actually pose a threat to the unconstitutional status quo.

Del. Pat McGeehan (R-Hancock, 1) sponsored the Defend the Guard Act (House Bill 2168), McGeehan served as a former Air Force intelligence officer and did tours in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Ten other delegates co-sponsored this bipartisan legislation.

The bill would have prohibited West Virginia Guard units from deploying into active duty combat without an official Declaration of War from the US Congress, or as provided for under the three enumerated powers listed in the “militia clause” of the Constitution.

The story behind the bill’s demise is as fascinating as it is alarming.

Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – Bulk Probable Cause Affidavit – Issued By Justice Of The Peace: Walter Pete Peterson

Below is the “fill in the blank” PCA (Probable Cause Affidavit) used by Waco PD in their arrest of 170 Motorcycle Club members following the Waco “Twin Peaks” shooting:

 All 170 people arrested are held on $1,000,000.00 bond.  More on Jo’P Walter Pete Peterson HERE – Note he is not a judge, nor does he have any law degree.  He is a retired former member of the Texas Dept. Of Public Safety (30 years).

Waco’s Little Big Man

About 20 seconds into Arthur Penn’s 1970 film Little Big Man, 121-year-old Jack Crabb announces, “I am the sole white survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn popularly known as Custer’s Last Stand.”

Last Saturday, about 12 hours into a long holiday weekend, the Washington Post, a paper known mostly for it’s insightful political gossip and one of America’s half dozen newspapers of record, published a solitary first person account of another massacre – the one in the Twin Peaks restaurant parking lot in Waco on May 17 that resulted in nine deaths, 27 injuries, 17 hospitalizations and something like 178 arrests.

Reply to Robert Azzi

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In response to Robert Azzi's column on Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS), I must reply.  The Palestinians have been offered a state in the “occupied territories" multiple times.  Each time the offer encompassed all of Gaza, virtually all of the West Bank, and provisions for communication and travel between the two.  Each time the Palestinians said no.

With whom, precisely, should Israel negotiate?  Hamas, whose charter - never revoked or altered - calls for the absolute destruction of Israel?  With Fatah, whose leaders routinely label ALL of Israel as Palestinian territory and which names streets and squares after those who kill Jews?  But let’s walk through recent history.

In 2005 Israel withdrew from Gaza, completely.  Forcibly removing every Jew there, despite archeological evidence of Jewish history there dating back to the Romans and before, Gaza was granted complete autonomy.  Included in that autonomy were, among many other things, a thriving hydroponic greenhouse business purchased from the Jewish owners and given gratis to the Palestinians to jump start their economy.  And how did they react?

They burned the greenhouses and used the husks to hide the terror tunnels they started to dig almost from Day One.  They lobbed an average of three mortars and rockets into Israel PER DAY.  It was in reply to these attacks that Israel build its walls, and enacted the naval blockade.

But there is more than the governments.  The Palestinian people themselves cheer whenever Jews are killed.  They lauded the Fogel family killers, feting those who stabbed a three-month-old infant to death.  A video showing instructions on how to commit random stabbing attacks on Jews went viral.  And nothing says "We are willing to peacefully coexist" like the mother who, even as her son was receiving live-saving surgery from Jews, hoped her son would grow up to kill Jews.

But by all means let us pressure Israel into ceding territory to those sworn to its destruction, resulting in most of Israel being in missile range, and a scant dozen miles wide along its midpoint and thus a prime target for a concerted attack to divide the country in two in prelude to achieving a second Holocaust.  Apparently, for the BDS crowd including Azzi, six million dead Jews within living memory was not enough.

David Hunt

When They Come for the Smaller Groups. . . .

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First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller’s words delivered a painful sting to his fellow pastors in postwar Germany. These words clearly spoke the truth: the guilt for the desolation of Germany lied on their shoulders. From the very beginning of the Nazi movement, the pastors were silent, or complicit, or even openly collaborating with it. Very few of them stood up to the Nazis. If more did, Germany could have been spared the desolation.

What is often missed is that in this confession of his sin of silence in the face of injustice, Niemöller also indirectly described the tactics of the Nazi regime; in fact, not just of the Nazi regime, but of any totalitarian regime. And that tactics was clear:

The government never has the resources and the manpower to terrorize the whole society. State terrorism, therefore, is done by separating and marginalizing social groups: first smaller groups, then larger groups, until each group is subdued.

This is the old Roman principle of divide et impera: divide your enemies so that neither of them associate with the others. Thus, none of them will come to each other’s aid. Then your hand is free to conquer them one by one.

ISIS Planning US Nuclear Attack In Next 12 Months: Report

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Three weeks after the first supposed attack by Islamic State supporters in the US, in which two ISIS "soldiers" wounded a security guard before they were killed in Garland, Texas, the time has come to raise the fear stakes.

In an article posted in the terrorist group's English-language online magazine Dabiq (which as can be see below seems to have gotten its design cues straight from Madison Avenue and is just missing glossy pages filled with 'scratch and sniff' perfume ads ) ISIS claimed that it has enough money to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan and "carry out an attack inside the United States next year."

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Fighter Jets Scramble Following at Least 6 Reports of Threats to Passenger Planes, Officials Say

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At least six flights were impacted by threats at airports in New York, New Jersey and Boston today, according to airlines and law enforcement. 

JFK Airport:
An Air France plane was escorted to JFK Airport in New York City this morning after an anonymous threat was made against the flight, law enforcement officials told ABC News. 

The FBI said the plane has since been checked and cleared with "no incidents or hazards reported on board the flight by either the passengers or its crew." 

Authorities said that the decision to have the plane escorted by two fighter jets was done "out of an abundance of caution" after the Maryland State Police McHenry Barrack, in Garrett County, received an anonymous call of a “chemical weapons threat” aboard Air France Flight 22, which was en route from Paris to the New York City airport.

More with video @ ABC

Few Patriots Found in New York City

Tammany Hall’s Boss Tweed brokered a deal with local politicians to solve Lincoln’s problem of obtaining soldiers after the draft riots of July 1863. Locating substitute recruits for drafted city residents, he would use the city treasury to pay whatever signing bonus the competitive market required and tap a special $2 million substitute fund financed by Wall Street bonds. Should a resident get caught in Lincoln’s draft net, he could either use the fund to buy his way out, or join the army and keep the money. With this scheme, Lincoln used Tammany Hall to run his draft in New York, though Tweed’s recruitment drive eventually attracted scandal with abusive bounty brokers, unqualified soldiers (from local prisons or immigrants literally straight from Europe) and middlemen who made fortunes from graft.
Bernhard Thuersam,

Few Patriots Found in New York City

“For four days terror reigned, marked by a series of grisly lynchings. A mob even swarmed onto a British ship in the harbor, and despite the Captain’s protests, cruelly beat up the foreign Negroes among the crew. The police were barely able to save the Tribune Building from total destruction. Men searched for the Tribune’s editor, singing, “We’ll hang Horace Greeley from a sour apple tree.”

A Negro orphanage on Fifth Avenue was burned to the ground. Looters had a field day, among them screeching women who opposed conscription. Troops were rushed from Gettysburg [immediately after the battle]; cadets from West Point came to aid the police; the entire naval force in the region was called upon to quell the disturbance. Finally, in desperation, the military raked the streets with cannon fire. But what really stopped the rioting was a posted notice: “the draft has been suspended in New York City and Brooklyn.”

The newspapers carried the word in huge print. Order was finally restored. According to the Tribune of July 25, some 350 people had been killed; but other estimates went much higher. Casualties, including the injured, amounted to 1,000 and private property damage was estimated at $1,500,000. Republican newspapers claimed the outbreak had been sparked by Confederate agents. But Democratic party feeling and a sincere desire for peace were mingled with race prejudice and resentment against what the anti-Lincoln papers called the “incompetence” of the Administration.

Men resented fighting against their convictions and were indignant at “governmental “frauds and profiteering.” Apparently, from the magnitude of the outbreak, the London Times had not been far wrong in predicting that if the South won in Pennsylvania, Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee would receive a rousing welcome along Broadway. Soon after the tumult subsided, the Democratic City Council of New York voted that the exemption [from military service] money of four hundred dollars for impecunious draftees would be paid from the city treasury. To meet Governor [Horatio] Seymour’s charge that the conscription as practiced was “unequal, fraudulent and a disgrace,” President Lincoln reduced the New York quotas [for troops].

When the draft was resumed a month later, he took the precaution of sending 10,000 infantrymen and three artillery batteries from the Army of the Potomac to see that the business went off quietly.

During New York’s bloody pandemonium, [British Colonel Arthur] Freemantle had been surprised to hear everyone talking of the “total demoralization of the Rebels.” To him it sounded absurd, since only a few days previously he had left Lee’s army “as full of fight as ever,” much stronger and more efficient from every military point of view than when it had crossed the Potomac to invade Maryland the previous September. In the Colonel’s opinion, Lee’s army had “not lost any of its prestige at the battle of Gettysburg, in which it had most gallantly stormed strong entrenchments defended by the whole Army of the Potomac.”

Freemantle took ship for England and completed his book of observations at sea. “The mass of respectable Northerners,” he wrote, “though they may be willing to pay, do not very naturally feel themselves called upon to give their blood in a war of aggression, ambition and conquest . . . The more I think of all I have seen in the Confederate States of the devotion of the whole population, the more I feel inclined to say with General Polk—“How can you subjugate such a people as this?”

[And] even supposing that their extermination were a feasible plan, as some Northerners have suggested, I never can believe that in the nineteenth century the civilized world will be condemned to witness the destruction of such a gallant race.”

(Jefferson Davis, Confederate President, Hudson Strode, Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1959, pp. 458-460)

Lincoln’s Scarce But Well-Compensated Patriots

Russian Minister to Washington Baron de Stoeckl supported his government’s intrigues with Lincoln’s regime but privately believed a negotiated settlement between North and South and Confederate independence was preferable to the bloodbath instigated by Lincoln and the Radicals. It is said that he had easy access to Secretary of State William Seward’s office — the latter was courting Russian favor and an alliance against England and France, both of which came close to recognizing the Southern Confederacy.

With his unique position to view internal American affairs, “Stoeckl persisted in his belief that the North could never subjugate the South. The Union, he felt, could not endure . . . he was sure it was divided forever. “It is difficult to witness events without being convinced that a return to the old system is impossible.” His communiques during the war are well-preserved and one excellent source is “Lincoln and the Russians” written by Albert A. Woldman in 1952.

When Washington was again in danger of attack in mid-1862, Stoeckl wrote that “General Halleck has been ordered to Washington to take charge of military operations.” He wrote that Lincoln was experiencing great difficulty in replenishing the depleted military ranks and “the government has been compelled to offer a premium of $25 a man.” Later he reported that premiums up to $50 have been offered, yet there are few volunteers. Two weeks later, Lincoln issued another call for volunteers, with premiums up to $300.

“Mr. Lincoln told me himself one day that in case of necessity he could count upon two or three million men. Experience has demonstrated that such estimates are inaccurate . . . at the outset the armed services absorbed the adventurous types, the poor, the unemployed laborers and the foreigners who filled the large cities. Not many of these classes remain. The new recruits must come from the farmers, businessmen and, in general, the prosperous classes who are opposed to the war.”

He added that “those who volunteered at the outset never dreamed of the dangers and privations which awaited them. It was generally believed that the mere presence of the Northern army would coerce the South into rejoining the Union. The ever-increasing number of mangled, sick, crippled or maimed soldiers who have returned to their homes has opened the eyes of the Northerners to the horrors of war.

Men no longer volunteer for military service. Bonuses of $250 to $300 are being offered to volunteers without spurring enlistments. As a result, the government was forced to resort to conscription . . . But it is doubtful if the government will succeed in recruiting the number Lincoln has fixed in his call.”

When the House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing the President to arm 150,000 Negroes, Stoeckl reported that “the Democratic Party regarded this measure as humiliating for the nation” since it was an admission that “an army of a million men cannot win without the help of some 100,000 Negroes.” Stoeckl continues, “Mr. [Thaddeus] Stevens, the author of this measure, said that the federal army . . . scarcely numbered 500,000 men under arms; that half these troops were scheduled to return home soon since their term of service expired next May; that volunteers are no longer enlisting; and that conscription was so unpopular that the government hesitated to invoke it again.”

“At the beginning of the war men came forward in large numbers. It is difficult to procure volunteers even by offering them bounties of $700 to $800. This state of affairs is not surprising. All the adventurous spirits that there were — all the unemployed in the great cities — immigrants brought here from Europe by poverty, have been absorbed by the army. Only force will be able to drag (the prosperous classes) away from their homes, and it is doubtful they will submit willingly to it.”

His perspective on Radical Republican leaders was revealing: Stoeckl wrote that “Peace, no matter what the terms, is the only means of resolving this situation. But the leaders in charge of affairs do not want it. Their slogan is all-out war. Any compromise would endanger their political existence. They are politicians of low-caliber — men without conscience, ready to do anything for money . . . They constitute the swarm of speculators, suppliers of material, war profiteers through whose hands pass a large portion of the millions of dollars spent daily by the federal government. Aside from these and some fanatics, practically everybody else desires the cessation of hostilities.”

Baron de Stoeckl held a low opinion of Lincoln’s commanding general, Ulysses Grant. Grant earned the nickname “butcher” as a general who could count on limitless recruits to hurl against the enemy. Stoeckl wrote Russian Prince Gortchakov in late May 1864 that “General Grant has so far given no proof of being a great strategist. It appears that he undertakes no maneuvers, and that he simply drives his masses of men against the fortified positions of Lee trying to crush him by sheer superiority of numbers.”

'A Soldier's Walk Home' reminds us of grit and resilience

Stan and Cathy Clardy. They spent the night and performed at Dixie's 6th birthday at Dixieland. He does a great puppet show, with Bobby Lee Opposum! 

Afterwards he performed Soldiers In Gray at Dixieland, I was so moved that I couldn't speak. 


My Grandfather's Words Engraved On Confederate Memorial

Via Cousin John

On May 14, I received an early Memorial Day reminder. I saw newly-released Confederate prisoner-of-war Washington Duke walking down N.C. 11 just after he crossed the King Street Bridge.

Duke, aka Philip Brown, had been held prisoner in New Bern. When the war closed and Union forces released him, Duke faced a 165-mile walk back to his home place in Durham.

The Duke reenactor arrived in Kinston late May 12, spent a busy day in our city on May 13, and then, after breakfast on May 14, he headed down the road towards Whitehall – today’s Seven Springs.  

More @ Kinston

NC: Senatorial Deceptions and Conjures

Northern Republicans and local scalawags made every effort to frighten voters against Democratic rule in postwar North Carolina. The Republican press gave assurances that should Democrats win they would levy a tax to pay for lost slaves, abolish public schools and Jefferson Davis would be made president of the university with the obscene annual salary of ten thousand dollars. In a campaign speech, black Republican candidate from Chowan County named Page said “If we get control of the convention, we will give the white folks hell, damn them.” (Hamilton, Reconstruction in North Carolina, pg. 633)
Bernhard Thuersam,

Senatorial Deceptions and Conjures

“The [North Carolina] Constitutional Convention of 1875 may be likened, not inaptly, to the Mecklenburg Declaration. But the new assertion of independence did not need any Bill of Rights precedent to incorporate the causes of discontent in the hearts of North Carolinians or to catalogue the rights for which they yearned. It was a protest against actual wrongs inflicted; against malicious bonds fastened on a people held in the grip of unrestrained military power.

The [Mecklenburg] Resolves were to right wrongs and even those were expressed in moderate tone. The Republicans were reinforced by a body of well-trained black voters, enfranchised ostensibly for freedom’s sake, really to keep a standing political army in the Southern electorate.

Banking on the Negro disposition, the schemers in the Republican party planned to amuse them with baubles. Not even this was necessary. No colored man voted with a sure-enough white man. If he did, he was a son of Belial and an outcast from his color.

[At the convention were] Negroes of education and no education [and] a carpet-bag writer of agnostic pamphlets who believed in all the isms except the isms of the Bible. There was a particularly contentious radical Negro, a boaster of his mulatto blood. Another as black as the Duke of Hell’s boots, whose newspaper name was “Archives of Gravity.”

Also, there was a contest in Robeson County where the Republicans tried to overturn a Democratic victory by herding and voting a number of Negro laborers working on railroad construction. Then there was William H. Moore, a coal-black Negro from New Hanover County, conjure doctor. Think of the wealthiest constituency in the State having such a senator!

But that is what Reconstruction meant. When [Moore] left the senate he became what is called a conjure doctor and prospered sufficiently on the ignorance of his patients to maintain a handsome horse and buggy and many other comforts with which his victims had no acquaintance.

On one occasion an unusually ignorant woman believed she had swallowed a spring lizard and that he could cure her. That was an easy matter. The next day after procuring a small lizard and bringing it along with him together with a harmless emetic, he threw her into a spasm of nausea and by an adroit bit of legerdemain produced the lizard which he had bought.

This almost miraculous feat added greatly to his prestige and his pocketbook. I asked him if he were not ashamed to practice such deceptions. His answer was very frank.

“There was no way to deal with a fool who thought she had swallowed a lizard but by getting the lizard. I did it and she was cured. No other doctor could have done any more.”

(Southern Exposure, Peter Mitchel Wilson, UNC Chapel Hill, 1927, pp. 97-110)

Det. Frank Serpico to Det. Joe Crystal: Nothing has changed in police work

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 Eric Garner did not try to grab an officer’s weapon, nor did he assault any police officer.

 Walter Scott was running away from and not towards a police officer, with no weapons in his hands. He was not a threat to anyone. Freddie Gray did not try to grab an officer’s weapon, nor did he assault any police officer.

Yet all three of these men died at the hands of the police. I say that Freddie Gray died at the hands of the police because he was in their custody. The police had a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure his safety and well-being; they did not do that.

When I was working in law enforcement I was extremely pro-active. I made hundreds of arrests; some involved combative offenders who fought because they did not want to be arrested. I always used the minimum amount of force that was necessary to affect the arrest. In the late 70s and 80s, PCP, LSD and other hallucinogens was prevalent.

More with video @ Baltimore Post-Examiner

NATO Forces practice Night Raid on "Russian" Communications

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NATO Forces practice Night Raid of "Russian" Communications

KOSOVO | At Next News we're monitoring domestic and international drills as they intensify globally.

A mere 3 days ago in the forests of Kosovo cavalry soldiers with multinational battle group-east practiced destroying the communications infrastructure of a perceived enemy.

We've secured exclusive footage from the department of Defense of the drills while they were underway.

Mission accomplished. Those were the words of First Lieutenant Christopher Mittach.

In an annotated edition Sun Tzu's book THE ART OF WAR it is written: "not to allow the enemy to cut your communications." as Napoleon's Dictum stated "the secret of war lies in the communication."

This holds true even more so in the digital age. And here you see US troops training with multinational forces to crush the enemy's ability to communicate.

But who is the international threat? While Russia wasn't specifically named, with last month's NATO drills and their recent threats to Russia one can only assume that the target is indeed Russia - and this drill - and the recording of it - only serve to further illustrate the widening chasm between the two superpowers. A direct result of the failure of Obama's foreign policy putting the lives of every American and the world at risk.

That's my take. What is yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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I'm Gary Franchi - keeping an eye on world affairs - for you and the Next News Network.

Video credit DOD/NATO Channel

Memorial Day Requires a Rethink

 Re-post from NamSouth 2009 and FNC 2011/2012

Here richly, with ridiculous display,
The Politician’s corpse was laid away.
While all of his acquaintances sneered and slanged, I wept:
For I had longed to see him hanged.
 --Hilaire Belloc  

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex. This speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many. Throughout his distinguished career in the Marines, Smedley Darlington Butler demonstrated that true patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to government policies with which one does not agree. To Hell with war.


Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881June 21, 1940), nicknamed " The Fighting Quaker " and " Old Gimlet Eye ", was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps and, at the time of his death, the most decorated Marine in U.S. history

During his 34 years of Marine Corps service, Butler was awarded numerous medals for heroism including the Marine Corps Brevet Medal (the highest Marine medal at its time for officers), and subsequently the Medal of Honor twice. Notably, he is one of only 19 people to be twice awarded the Medal of Honor, and one of only three to be awarded a Marine Corps Brevet Medal and a Medal of Honor, and the only person to be awarded a Marine Corps Brevet Medal and a Medal of Honor for two different actions.
In addition to his military career, Smedley Butler was noted for his outspoken anti- interventionist views, and his book War is a Racket.

His book was one of the first works describing the workings of the military-industrial complex and after retiring from service, he became a popular speaker at meetings organized by veterans, pacifists and church groups in the 1930s.
 Memorial Day Requires a Rethink
 When the United States and England loaned Mexico money in 1903 using its customs revenue as collateral, Illuminati banker Jacob Schiff cabled his English counterpart, Ernest Cassel:

"If they don't pay, who will collect the customs?"

Cassel replied:

"Your marines and ours."   (The Life of Otto Kahn, p. 22)

Marine General Smedley Butler (1881-1940) confirmed that he was "a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers."

Russia bans 'undesirable' NGOs, sparking international outcry

Via comment by Anonymous on Rand Paul Out Maneuvers Mitch McConnell On Spy Pow...

Outcry away, who gives a Rat's ass?

Non-governmental organizations working in Russia awoke Sunday to a new reality -- that they operate now under a law that allows the government to prosecute them on the grounds they are 'undesirable.' 

And those who work for such organizations could be sentenced to as much as six years in prison.

The new measure, signed into law Saturday by President Vladimir Putin, has provoked an international outcry.

More @ CNN