Thursday, November 5, 2015

Liberalism self-destructs

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Across the West, liberal policies are creating the opposite of what the voters were told they would do.

As a result, liberalism is self-immolating with all the grace of the fall of the Soviet Union or the end of the Napoleonic regime.

In Europe, the citizens voted enthusiastically for policies like multiculturalism which were promised to end the wars of the past and redeem Europe. Instead, they have made Europe the sap of the world where every grifter goes to get the free benefits, welfare and indulgence of the tolerant nanny state.

Finally, even the New York Times is reporting the grim truth: diversity is ethnic replacement of Europeans. Their grand liberal plans lead to suicide:

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Kurdish Intelligence Chief Says Deadly Raid Freed Baathists

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 Photographer: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Last month's raid on an Islamic State prison in Hawija, Iraq, conducted by a U.S. Delta Force Team and Kurdish special forces resulted not only in the death of the first American in the country since 2011 and the beheading of four Kurds by the jihadists. According to a Kurdish intelligence chief, it also ended up freeing scores of the former tormentors of his people: Iraqis still loyal to the Baathist ideology of Saddam Hussein. And it has exacerbated new political divisions among the Kurds, who have been the U.S.'s best allies in the fight against the Islamic State.

Initially the raid was said to have freed 69 Kurdish prisoners. But within 24 hours the Kurdistan Regional Government officially said no Kurds were freed.

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Surprise! Faisal Mohammad: UC Merced Stabbing Culprit

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Faisal Mohammad, U.C. Merced Mass Stabbing Suspect

The Merced County Sheriff's Office said the suspect has been identified as UC Merced student 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad.

Authorities say Mohammad stabbed four people on the UC Merced campus Wednesday before he was shot and killed by campus police.The four victims included two students, one staff member and one construction worker.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: European Elite Are Traitors

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migrants march

“Ladies and gentlemen, what we face is nothing loess than the challenge of finding ourselves at the gateway to the implementation of a deliberate conceptual project, which could be described as left-wing and which seeks to marginalise the nation states of Europe. Where this project has failed to overcome Christianity and the identity of the nation state – in conventional political struggle, it will strive to eliminate it on ethnic grounds… By whom and on what authority were the European leaders tasked with not only admitting but transporting to the European continent hundreds of thousands of people from groups outside European culture, so that European cultural identity will be called into question?

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"....the best outcome is a civil war within months........"

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[Update: In case you think that Alex's perspective is extremist, just now Hansjörg Müller of the Alternative for Germany party had this to say: “Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a banana republic without any government.” Alex is simply ahead of the curve, while most of the commenters on this article seem to be off in the weeds. None of the commenters seem capable of making an obvious point, so I'll make it for them: Letting in all comers, not even bothering to check which ones happen to be demobilized fighters for Al Qaeda or the Caliphate, and who may have just recently run around raping women and beheading men, is a startlingly dumb idea, and its execution places EU officials somewhere on the spectrum between gross negligence and high treason.]

[Germany—the country at the center of the European Union and its economic powerhouse—is something of a black hole. 70 years after the fall of Nazism, it is still an occupied country, under military and political domination of the US. The national press, popularly referred to as Lügenpresse (the lying press) faithfully echoes the party line set in Washington. Germany's spineless politicians, popularly renamed from Volksvertreter (people's representatives) to Volksverräter (traitors to the people) are no better. And so we are unable to see what is actually happening there, as the European Union is, in the words of Russia's FM Sergei Lavrov, “committing suicide” by letting in the invading hordes from the Middle East. And so this short report by Alex, who tells us what he sees, is most welcome.]

German 'Refugee' Centers Being Burned Down at Rate of One-per-Day

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Burn them all.

Three more just last night... what makes me think this isn't making the German news?

German newspaper BILD has reported seven centers burned-down in just the last week, according to the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA)...

Merkel's CDU has worked in-union with Bavaria's CSU -led by Horst Seehofer- to form the core of the German right throughout the entire post-war period, for over 70 years... but Seehofer has threatened to end that and take-down her chancellorship if she doesn't immediately re-instate border controls.

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Ringbrothers 1965 Mustang SPLITR is a 427 Track Star

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From coast-to-coast you’ll find hundreds of shops capable of building high-end, resto-mod classic cars. But in recent years, few can match the attention earned by one shop—Wisconsin’s Ringbrothers…and it isn’t hard to see why. 

Meet SPLITR, Mike and Jim Ring’s latest remake of the iconic ’65 Ford Mustang, and a car that’s currently sweeping 2015 SEMA Show attendees off their feet.

Interestingly, SPLITR is a bit of a tangent from typical the Ringbrothers formula, which usually sees Jim and Mike create their designs from scratch. In this instance, SPLITR was the brainchild of a graphic designer, who sought out the Ringbrothers to bring his Mustang render to life, and they did.

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Clit-Chopper Invasion or Germans: The Henry Ford of Ethnic Ceansing


Pure class........ 
Tonight’s link round-up is brought to you by the invasion of sub-human sand-rats “across the pond,” as all the kids like to say.

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge fame provided this little nugget:

VIDEO: Muslim Man Warns Germans: “We Will Marry Your Daughters And Conquer You With Births”
“A week ago, we showed a video of what we hoped was not representative of the general sentiment among Germans towards the refugee crisis as two ladies suggested, “Every year 2-3 million arrive…it’s generally about foreign infiltration.” Now we have the other side as the following video shows a muslim man threatening a German that “his daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a Muslim and that Germans stand no chance with their low birth rate,” adding that muslims will will “conquer Europe not with weapons, but with birth rates.”
- Tyler Durden
Read the entire pieces and watch the video article HERE.

Indulge us in a brief aside here – as we need to note that, if there is one thing German nationalists are extremely good at, it is killing people in numbers and with a mechanical efficiency that was – and remains – the bench-marked gold standard for genocide. The Germans are the Henry Ford of ethnic cleansing. We just felt it necessary to toss that out there before the cl*t-choppers get too full of themselves. (We’re helpers here).

Putin & Obama



Nobody Wanted to Give Up the M-1 Carbine

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A grim-faced U.S. Army major led a group of armed men away from a tropical village he decided not to attack. Wearing jungle boots and olive-drab battle dress, Edwin Brooks grasped a lightweight, reliable, .30-caliber weapon in his right hand as he walked.

It was an M-1 carbine. ( I am sure he would have been carrying the M-2, my favorite.)

Love It :) Gun Sales Set Record for Sixth Month in a Row

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation processed a record number of background checks in the month of October, indicating that gun sales were at an all time high for the sixth month in a row.

The FBI’s National Instant Background Check System processed 1,976,759 firearms related checks in October. That is a 373,290 increase in checks over last year and a new record for the month. It also makes October the sixth consecutive month to see a record number of checks.

U.S. officials believe ISIS planted bomb on Russian plane

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Exactly my original thoughts.

 The latest U.S. intelligence suggests that the crash of a Russian passenger jet in the Sinai over the weekend was most likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted by ISIS or an ISIS affiliate, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter. 

But the official stressed a formal conclusion has not been reached by the U.S. intelligence community. 

"There is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in luggage or somewhere on the plane," the official, who is familiar with the latest U.S. intelligence analysis of the crash, told CNN.

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In Europe, Right Now -- Here, In The US TOMORROW

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Let me explain what you're not seeing reported about the European situation right here, right now.]

There are millions of immigrants coming into the EU.  Germany alone has apparently taken in close to 800,000.  The story being sold to the population is that these are just people from a war-ravaged part of the world seeking a better life.  The first part may be true, the rest is bunk.  There are, on some weekends, over ten thousand migrants coming over one border (Hungary) alone and virtually none have an interest in remaining there.  They are all concentrating in the places where they believe the handouts (not opportunity) will be greatest.

But that is not the bad part. No, the bad part is that these are not, for the most part, refugees from a war.  The demography doesn't match that profile; war refugees trend female, very young (children) and very old (men past the age of productive resistance to the war in their own country.)  These "refugees" are the exact polar opposite of that demographic profile; they trend male and of fighting age.