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How Donald Trump destroyed the Republican Party in 2015

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 Fine with me.

History will remember 2015 as the year when The Republican Party As We Knew It was destroyed by Donald Trump. An entity called the GOP will survive — but can never be the same.

Am I overstating Trump’s impact, given that not a single vote has been cast? Hardly. I’m not sure it’s possible to exaggerate how the Trump phenomenon has torn the party apart, revealing a chasm between establishment and base that is far too wide to bridge with stale Reagan-era rhetoric. Can you picture the Trump legions meekly falling in line behind Jeb Bush or Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.)? I can’t either.

Turkey's Murderous Assault on Kurds

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  • The curfews are accompanied by military assaults against civilian populations -- their homes, businesses, offices, historical monuments, reservoirs and infrastructure are being bombed and destroyed.
  • "No one can go outside. Our water is running out. The food at homes is running out. The telephone lines have been cut. The situation here is terrible. ... After declaring the curfew, they [the Turks] deploy soldiers, police and snipers in the evacuated schools. They have piled up their ammunition inside the schools." -- Osman Tetik, a representative in Cizre of the Education and Science Workers' Union.
  • "They are shooting bullets at hospitals and ambulances. The Ministry of Health is standing by as hospitals are turned into military quarters and as health institutions and employees become targets." -- Gonul Erden, co-President of the Trade Union of Public Employees in Health and Social Services.
  • "All those towns will be cleansed of terror elements. If necessary, neighborhood by neighborhood, house by house, street by street." -- Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, December 15.
  • The curfews and military assaults against Kurdish civilians have reportedly forced at least 200,000 Kurds to flee.
  • "This reminds me of the Bosnian genocide, the mass graves where I worked, and the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. People did not speak up against those mass murders, too. Later, in the face of those massacres, the state authorities were found guilty of staying silent, of looking the other way." -- Prof. Sebnem Korur Fincanci, President of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey.
The Turks have begun another massacre in Kurdistan, this time bigger than before, and imposing curfews to pin down their victims. It is the latest demonstration of Turkey's 90-year-old extermination campaign against the Kurdish population.

Syria: It's Not a Civil War and it Never Was

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As Syrian forces fight to wrest control of their country back and restore order within their borders, the myth of the "Syrian civil war" continues on. Undoubtedly there are Syrians who oppose the Syrian government and even Syrians who have taken up arms against the government and in turn, against the Syrian people, but from the beginning (in fact before the beginning) this war has been driven from abroad. Calling it a "civil war" is a misnomer as much as calling those taking up arms "opposition." It is not a "civil war," and those fighting the Syrian government are not "opposition."


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Yawn. Another day, another hysterical article from a self-appointed Establishment “conservative” gatekeeper bemoaning the candidacy of Donald Trump and the imminent demise of the GOP and conservatism as we know it if Trump is not stopped. These have become so predictable that I didn’t even bother to read the thing before I started commenting on it on social media. They’re all the same. Trump is a buffoon. Trump is an authoritarian who doesn’t understand/respect the Constitution and the separation of powers and may even be a fascist. And best of all, authentic conservatives must support turning the United States permanently Blue through continued mass immigration and impoverishing the middle class with globalist phony “free” trade deals because of the free market… blah, blah … our values … blah, blah.
Well, the George Will article linked above gives us the first two, but oddly hangs its hat on the necessity of antagonism toward Putin and Russia as the reason why Trump is a mortal threat to authentic conservatism. No mention of immigration or trade deals at all. Color me surprised.

First of all, I have already addressed the issue of Trump’s demeanor in a previous article

Conservatives fretting about Trump’s presentation while the country spirals toward becoming irreversibly Blue due to mass immigration, is like fretting about the arrangement of the deck chairs on a rapidly sinking Titanic. If we don’t curtail immigration, then all the talk about every other issue on the conservative agenda is just beating our gums.

Iraqi Commander: US Secretly Evacuated ISIS Leaders from Ramadi

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 Iraq: Popular Forces' Commander Reveals US Plots to Evacuate ISIL Leaders from Ramadi

A commander of volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) disclosed the US plots to evacuate ISIL leaders from the city of Ramadi as Iraqi army and popular troops are completing victory over the terrorist group.

"The delay in operations to liberate Ramadi and Fallujah cities in al-Anbar province is the result of the US interference," Commander of Imam Khamenei Battalion Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi told FNA on Thursday.

"It seems that the US intends to evacuate the ISIL terrorist group's infamous ringleaders secretly (with helicopters) from Ramadi to unknown places," he added.

His remarks came as Iraqi security forces continue to gain ground in Ramadi, and opened their way to the central parts of the strategic city where hundreds of ISIL terrorists are trapped under siege.


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 #фотомузыка. Chill Carrier + Михаил Иоаниди

Reporter Who Spent 10 Days With Islamic State Fighters Says There’s Only One Country the Jihadist Group Fears

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 German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer (Facebook profile photo)

A German journalist who spent 10 days with the Islamic State group and came out unharmed told a British Jewish news site that the jihadist fighters told him that the only country they fear is Israel.

“They told me they know the Israeli army is too strong for them,” journalist and former member of German parliament Jurgen Todenhofer told the U.K.’s Jewish News.

“They are not scared of the British and the Americans,” Todenhofer said. “They are scared of the Israelis and told me the Israeli army is the real danger.” He added that Israel Defense Forces can fight a guerrilla war.

More @ The Blaze

ISIS Commander’s phone shows contact with Turkish intelligence

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 Islamic State fighter with US-made M4.


 An Islamic State commander was killed in Salahuddin province and his body was searched. A cell phone retrieved from the corpse revealed messages from Turkish intelligence services proving the NATO country was providing security for ISIS militants when they traveled between Turkey and Iraq. This is the second NATO country implicated in assisting the Islamic State’s troops. The first was Canada.

The IS commander was killed by Hashd al-Shaabi, a loyalist volunteer force. Jabbar al-Ma’mouri, a leader within the force made the announcement. He said, “The mobile phone also contains other important information which cannot be disclosed now, and it has been delivered to the specialized security groups for further scrutiny.”

Turkey and the Islamic State share two enemies: President Assad of Syria and the Kurdish people. This incident comes on the heels of the Turkish Air Force shooting down a Russian plane engaged in operations against the Islamic State. Ten days ago, Turkey invaded Iraq briefly. It sent its troops to within a few hundred miles of where the phone was recovered. Turkish artillery has also rained shells down on the Kurdish community of Kobane.

Syria's "civil war."

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[The concerns of Imad Moustapha, Syria's ambassador to China] were echoed by a Washington foreign affairs analyst who has closely followed the passage of jihadists through Turkey and into Syria. The analyst, whose views are routinely sought by senior government officials, told me that ‘Erdoğan has been bringing Uighurs into Syria by special transport while his government has been agitating in favour of their struggle in China.
Uighur and Burmese Muslim terrorists who escape into Thailand somehow get Turkish passports and are then flown to Turkey for transit into Syria.’ He added that there was also what amounted to another ‘rat line’ that was funnelling Uighurs – estimates range from a few hundred to many thousands over the years – from China into Kazakhstan for eventual relay to Turkey, and then to IS territory in Syria. . . . IHS-Jane’s Defence Weekly estimated in October that as many as five thousand Uighur would-be fighters have arrived in Turkey since 2013, with perhaps two thousand moving on to Syria. Moustapha said he has information that ‘up to 860 Uighur fighters are currently in Syria.’[1]
Some civil war.

Who is this prick who runs Turkey? And why is Turkey still in NATO, that grossly inflated and out-of-control relic?

More @ IGST

Cruz to kill Iran nuclear deal, move embassy to Jerusalem on first day as president

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Surging Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is laying out what would be the most aggressive first day in office ever for a new president, starting with the elimination of "every single illegal and unconstitutional" executive action taken by President Obama.

In an epilogue to his father Rafael Cruz's upcoming autobiography, the Texas senator also said that he would rip up Obama's controversial deal with Iran, open an investigation into Planned Parenthood's abortion practice, end the IRS's "persecution of religious liberty," and shift the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

D.C. NPR Family Another Victim of Black Violence and Denial

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If Lori Kaplan depended only on her employers at NPR for news, she was probably surprised at the black mob violence that almost killed her white husband. 

Kaplan is the Senior Director of Audience Research at NPR in downtown Washington, D.C. That is where she regularly meets her husband at the end of his evening commute on the Metro Red Line.

That is what she was recently doing when she received a text message from him: An “idiot gang” was acting belligerently in his train car, so he was going to move.

That was the last she heard from him until he got off the train: bloody, beaten, and dazed. With a broken jaw and missing teeth.

The Washington Post writer who covers commuting -- not crime -- picked up the story: 

2 arrested on suspicion of plotting New Year's Eve attacks in Belgium: Found With Islamic State propaganda

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Two people were arrested in Belgium on suspicion they were planning attacks in the country's capital city, Brussels, during the holidays.

The pair had planned to target the city on New Year's Eve, according to a statement from the country's federal prosecutor's office Tuesday.

The investigation revealed "the threat of serious attacks that would target several emblematic places in Brussels and be committed during the end-of-year holidays," the prosecutor's office said.

The statement did not specify if the two people were male or female, but said they were arrested after a series of searches on Sunday and Monday in Brussels, the Liege region and Flemish Brabant.

No weapons or explosives were found in the raids, but police reportedly seized military-style clothing and computer equipment.

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Minorities line up behind ... Donald Trump

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Donald Trump

Pundits might point to billionaire Donald Trump’s huge lead in the GOP presidential primary race as being the result of his generally anti-Washington, anti-government, anti-establishment, anti-politically correct attitude.
If so, it’s not just whites who are ticked at the bureaucracy, but minorities too.

Because a new poll, which still has Trump leading the race, shows 40 percent of blacks are lining up behind Trump, as are 45 percent of Hispanics, and even nearly 19 percent of Asians.

Blacks and Hispanics, in fact, even support Trump at a higher level than whites.

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Iconic Comedian Jerry Lewis Slams Obama – Praises Donald Trump

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“Refugees should stay where the hell they are,” said Lewis bluntly. “Hey, no one has worked harder for the human condition than I have, but they’re not part of the human condition. If 11 guys in the group of 10,000 are ISIS—how can I take that chance?”