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DC: The same as ISIS and the musloid political system = convert, pay or die.

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Imbecile pundits who still can’t get their heads around objective reality are sowing confusion with regards to the overthrow of the government in Iraq.  Let’s state the obvious so that clear, logical, reasoned thinking may follow:

1.  The Obama regime is delighted to see Iraq destabilize because its objective is the reformation of the islamic Caliphate.  Baghdad is now primed to be conquered by ISIS, who are Musloid Brotherhood/Al Qaeda and have been supported and armed by the Obama regime, which is up to its neck in musloid agents.

2.  Additionally, the Obama regime is heavily allied with Turkey, which has as one of its top goals the reconquering of all Kurd territory, and a likely genocide against the Kurds.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, Eric Holder Dispatches DOJ To Ferguson, Missouri…

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Nothing says social justice like the backdrop of a cloud of teargas against the running silhouette of an impoverished lad clutching a freshly looted flat screen TV.

Into the valley in the shadow of plunder rides the DOJ to Ferguson Missouri:

Now Your Neighbor, Co-Worker, or Competition can Snitch and Destroy You or Your Company

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Let us start this horror show of an article with a fictional scenario which is about to become reality:
Joe works for Alpha Company and owns a nice home with two SUVs and even purchased a BMW for his daughter because she received straight ‘A’ grades at the private Christian school she attends. Bob who lives a few blocks over in a smaller home with a clunker for his wife, an old car for himself, and no car for his two sons works for the competition to Alpha Corp. at Beta Inc. Beta has been struggling lately and advised its employees that they will have to take a pay cut to continue to survive  but by golly they will struggle through this period of slow sales, making Bob’s life even harder.
Joe and Bob just happen to run into each other at the local Applebee’s at happy hour and start to talk. “Hey Bob, long time no see,” Joe starts the conversation out, “how the heck have you been? I haven’t seen you here in ages!” Bob looked down at his drink at the bar and muttered, “Hard times old friend. Our company is struggling, our benefits have been cut, our pay cut, and now we lost our healthcare coverage today and I don’t have the money for my family to pay for it.” Joe was worried about his old pal and offered to buy him a drink then said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t I give you the number for my accountant who has helped me to save enough money in taxes to invest and keep up our lifestyle. He might be able to help you after all!” Bob’s face lit up as he said, “Thank you Joe! I need a break and maybe this guy can help me out by finding deductions that I’ve missed.”
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The New American Principle of Temporary Dictator


The Dunning School

The War Between the States was triggered by the ongoing process of the old giving way to the new, and where traditional principles were felt to be incompatible with existing circumstances and in this case, Republican party revolutionary goals.  The Republican’s pursued war as a necessity for saving the territorial Union and their dominance of it, not to save the Declaration of Independence or Constitution of 1787.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

The New American Principle of Temporary Dictator

“Granting the right in the President to decide when war was technically begun, both the powers in question spring naturally from the recognized authority of the commander-in-chief.  In the interval between April 12 and July 4, 1861, a new principle thus appeared in the constitutional system of the United States, namely, that of temporary dictatorship. 

All the powers of government were virtually concentrated in a single department, and that the department whose energies were directed by the will of a single man.

The dictatorial position assumed by the President was effective in the accomplishment of two most important results, namely, the preservation of the capital and the maintenance of Union sentiment in the wavering Border States. Congress labored with the utmost energy to fill the gaps which the crisis had revealed in the laws.  Small heed was given to the demands of the [conservative] minority for discussion of the great constitutional questions that constantly appeared.  The decisive majorities by which the Republicans controlled both houses enabled work to be transacted with great vigor. 

[The] executive had declined to recognize the State organizations as elements of the uprising against the general government [and] Congress necessarily adopted the same policy. Its measures were made to refer primarily to combinations of individuals against the laws of the United States. 

War is the negation of civil rights. Granting the power in Congress to designate certain citizens as public enemies in the technical sense, the exercise of that power puts in the hands of government a control over the life, liberty and property of all such citizens, limited only by the dictates of humanity and a respect for the practice of nations. 

From the moment that they assume the character [of belligerents their] constitutional guarantees of civil liberty lose their effect as against the executive.  It becomes authorized to enforce submission to the laws by bullets, not by indictments. 

The first step taken by Congress toward confiscation [of Southern property] was the act of August 6, 1861. This made it the duty of the President to seize, confiscate and condemn all property used in aiding, abetting or promoting the present of future insurrection against the government of the United States. For the purpose of freeing the slaves [to deny the South agricultural labor], the ultra-slavery men were perfectly willing to sacrifice their old scruples about regarding men as property . . . “

(Essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction and Related Topics, William Archibald Dunning, The MacMillan Company, 1898, excerpts pp. 21-28)  

NC Colonel Thomas S. Kenan

Friends and Supporters of the Cape Fear Historical Institute,

We are pleased to announce that we have added to our “Historical Essays” page the biography of Duplin County native Colonel Thomas S. Kenan.  He was born at Liberty Hall in Kenansville, the family home of the Kenan family and currently a beautifully-maintained historic site available for guided tours.  Col. Kenan’s grandfather was Revolutionary War Brigadier-General James Kenan, who commanded the Wilmington militia district.

Col. Kenan led the Forty-third North Carolina regiment at Gettysburg where he was severely wounded and captured, and sent to Johnson’s Island prison where he remained until the end of the War. 

He subsequently became mayor of Wilson, North Carolina Attorney General, and Clerk of the North Carolina Supreme Court.  His niece, Mary Lily, married Florida developer Henry Flagler who made a generous donation to Richmond’s “Battle Abbey” museum and Confederate memorial project at Col. Kenan’s request.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
"Documenting Cape Fear People, Places and History"  

Iconic Arms 1st of six-episodes: A history of the AK-47 and a cultural context within games.

NC: Obsessed: 19 of Kay Hagan’s Last 21 Supporter Emails Have Mentioned the Koch Brothers :)

 The hag.

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) has a bit of an unhealthy obsession. By the looks of her supporter emails, it seems she can’t get two people out of her head: the Koch brothers. In fact, 19 of her campaign’s last 21 emails have mentioned those mean old, rich Kochs.

It started with this alarming message in July:
Dear Friend,
Most people pay attention to politics in a Presidential election year. But let me tell you, folks: This year’s midterm elections are just as important as any Presidential year. And I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the Senators up for re-election.
It's clear that the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and the special interests want to get more of their allies elected to Congress. Special interest groups have already spent more than $17 million to defeat me. And to Karl Rove and the Kochs, I’m their top target.
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Jay Dobyns: My Open Letter to Congress on the 6th Anniversary of the Arson of my Home

My name is Jay Dobyns. In January of this year, I retired from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms after twenty-seven years of decorated service.

Today is the six-year anniversary of the arson of my home. My wife and two children were inside when the fire was set. They were lucky to escape and survive, although my home and all of our belongings were destroyed by that criminal act.

Leading up to that conclusive and somewhat predictable event, my family and I had already endured years and dozens of credible and validated death and violence threats issued from violent crime suspects and based on my work as an ATF Agent. Each time those events were summarily dismissed by ATF’s leadership as unworthy of attention.

After investigating the August 10, 2008, arson, two of the nation’s leading arson investigators determined that I was not involved. ATF’s leadership, both nationally and locally, ignored the determinations of their own experts and maliciously pursued me as the sole suspect, implicitly categorizing me as an ATF agent willing to murder his own family by fire. The managers and executives involved were known to be corrupt, despised by ATF agents, and among those who planned and implemented ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious.

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James O’Keefe crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico to the United States disguised as Osama bin Laden.

Ebola bomb: Possible, but not so easy to make

If some worst-case scenarios are to be believed, then terrorist groups could use the recent outbreak of Ebola in Africa to their advantage. By using the Ebola virus as a biological weapon, the story goes, these groups could wreak havoc around the globe.

But the idea that Ebola could be used as a biological weapon should be viewed with heavy skepticism, according to bioterrorism experts. Although deadly, Ebola is notoriously unstable when removed from a human or animal host, making weaponization of the virus unlikely, two experts told Live Science.

That's not the view posited by Peter Walsh, a biological anthropologist at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. The world should be taking the threat of an Ebola bomb very seriously, Walsh said in a recent interview with the British tabloid The Sun. [7 Technologies That Transformed Warfare]

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Black principal racially abused white teacher: Big payday in discrimination lawsuit


A white schoolteacher in Maryland has won a $350,000 discrimination award after his black principal abused him for years due to his race.

Jon Everhart, 65, sued the Prince George’s County school board, claiming Angelique Simpson-Marcus, principal of Largo High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, forced him out of his job because he is Caucasian.

“She called me ‘poor white trash’ and ‘white b—-,’ ” Everhart told the Washington Post.”Her behavior was so outlandish.”

She also reportedly told students the “only reason a white teacher teaches in [Prince George's] County is that they can’t get a job.

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Fired Texas Principal Speaks Out: ‘It Would Be Best to Speak English in Classrooms’


On November 12, 2013, Amy Lacey, the principal of Texas’ Hempstead Middle School, was placed on administrative leave and subsequently fired when she made a simple request to students: speak English.

Now that the gag order has expired, Lacey is speaking out about what happened that day, dispelling rumors that she banned Spanish from the school’s campus.

“I informed students it would be best to speak English in the classrooms to the extent possible, in order to help prepare them for [state] tests,” she wrote in a letter to the Houston Chronicle explaining her side of the story.]

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Shoot One Mile for Just Over One Grand


I just checked on-line. A Savage Model 111 Long Range Hunter Rifle chambered in .300 Win Mag with a 26″ Barrel and equipped with an AccuTrigger, an AccuStock, and an adjustable comb, sells for $863. A Lucid L5 6x-24 50MM Rifle Scope can be found for $327. Yours Truly is no super sniper, military or law enforcement high-speed, low-drag, kind of guy, but I can consistently hit targets out to one mile with this set-up. This means you can too! And if you are a really disciplined shooter, your results should be phenomenal. This changes everything.

'Aunt Jemima' heirs file $2 billion lawsuit against Pepsi and Quaker Oats

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D.W. Hunter, the great grandson of Anna Short Harrington, the woman who became "Aunt Jemima," has filed a class action lawsuit against PepsiCo, The Quaker Oats Company, Pinnacle Foods Group and The Hillshire Brands Company on behalf of all of her great grandchildren. He is seeking $2 billion, plus punitive damages to be determined at trial.

Hunter alleges that the companies conspired to deny that Harrington had been an employee of Quaker Oats, all the while exploiting her image and recipes for profit, while refusing to pay an "equitable fair share of royalties" to her heirs for more than 60 years.

The claims come on the heels of the defendants allegedly receiving a certified death certificate for Harrington that listed Quaker Oats as her employer. Hunter further alleges that the companies have lied while claiming they could find no employment records for Harrington, or images of her, and yet they had her image deposited inside the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, according to the document.
Harrington took on the role of the pre-existing character of Aunt Jemima in 1935.

U.S. Looting, Vandalism After Vigil for Missouri Man Killed by Cop

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Protests broke out overnight on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, with vehicles and businesses damaged and looting reported, following the police shooting of Michael Brown, 18. 

People could be seen carrying hubcaps out of an auto supply store. A shoe store also was looted, with police swarming into the store's parking lot. A QuikTrip convenience store was overrun, with people grabbing items and running out of the store, glass shattered and items strewn about the sidewalk.

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