Monday, August 11, 2014

Fired Texas Principal Speaks Out: ‘It Would Be Best to Speak English in Classrooms’


On November 12, 2013, Amy Lacey, the principal of Texas’ Hempstead Middle School, was placed on administrative leave and subsequently fired when she made a simple request to students: speak English.

Now that the gag order has expired, Lacey is speaking out about what happened that day, dispelling rumors that she banned Spanish from the school’s campus.

“I informed students it would be best to speak English in the classrooms to the extent possible, in order to help prepare them for [state] tests,” she wrote in a letter to the Houston Chronicle explaining her side of the story.]

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  1. More proof that this country has gone off the rails insane. This teacher gets fired for doing her job, helping to insure the future of her students, by giving the tool to suceed here in the FUSA, command of the english language. But had this same teacher been caught having sex with some high school students (male or female) then the local teacher union would out there to protect her.

    1. the local teacher union would out there to protect her.

      Good point.