Monday, August 11, 2014

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, Eric Holder Dispatches DOJ To Ferguson, Missouri…

Via Susan

Nothing says social justice like the backdrop of a cloud of teargas against the running silhouette of an impoverished lad clutching a freshly looted flat screen TV.

Into the valley in the shadow of plunder rides the DOJ to Ferguson Missouri:


  1. I was a student at NC State U. in the tumultuous late 60's and in the days when WRAL TV had Jessie Helms as it's chief commentator. Some black folks decided to
    protest WRAL by holding up traffic on western Blvd. between WRAL's studio and the NC State campus. They did so by laying down across the 4 lane, heavily traveled road. Traffic backed up for miles. The cops came out and basically stood there looking and waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Well after about 2 hours a trucker caught in the traffic jam decided to walk up the street and see what the hold up was. When he got to the front of the traffic jam and saw the folks laying in the highway he turned around and walked back down to his truck a good ways down the road. In a while he came back again, this time carrying the big stick he used to hit his truck tires to make sure they weren't flat. When he got to the front of the line that time
    he went up to the first person he got to laying on the street, reared back and hit him right up side the head with that stick and started over to the next person. In about 30 seconds the problem was solved and the street was cleared.

    Oh for the good ole days... CH

    1. Oh for the good ole days... CH

      That was good, :)