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Hidden Meaning of "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain"

Virginia Flaggers, SCV Denied Vendor Booths at Field Day of the Past Event

The local media quickly picked up the story and the backlash has been swift and strong.  Vendors and other groups who support Confederate heritage have withdrawn from the event, and hundreds have pledged to boycott.

One of the many folks upset by the news was a local resident who hosts a swap meet event the same Saturday as the Field Day Event, just a few miles away, hosting over 12,000 visitors.  We received a call from the organizer, who let us know that he would be honored to have us attend their event, and set up a booth near the front entrance to make sure that all who attend know where they stand on the issue.

We are extremely disappointed to announce that the folks at Field Day of the Past are denying the Va Flaggers, The Edumnd Ruffin Fire-Eaters Camp #3000, SCV, the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry and the Sally Tompkins Chapter #2, Virginia Society, Order of the Confederate Rose admittance as vendors in this year's event, and have informed us that we will not be allowed to return.

The reasons have varied greatly over the past 9 months in which we have tried to work this out quietly and peacefully, with everything from the "political nature" of the battle flag to the fact that our stickers were found applied to poles and other objects, to complaints about the large flag we raised at our booth last year, to political stickers on a car parked at one of the sites given as the reason.

The Circle of Life of Navy Captain Huan Nguyen

Roundabout via  Huongtam Nguyentran 
... Its the circle of life
All it moves us all
Through despair and hope
Through faith and love
Till we find our place
On path unwinding
In the circle, the circle of life.

Theme from "The Lion King"

As the news spread about the nomination of Navy Captain Huấn Từ Nguyễn to be rear admiral, some astute studiers of the Vietnam War could not help but notice the captain's history.

At 14, Nguyen arrived in Guam as refugee right after the Fall of Saigon in 1975.  

Seven years before, he was badly injured during the attack by the communist rebels during the surprise Tet Offensive.   Some of the rebels pretended to be civilians and infiltrated key areas in Saigon.   Nguyen's family was captured at their home in the early morning of the fight.  The rebels targeted his family because his dad, Lt. Colonel Tuan Nguyen, was the head of an armored division protecting the city.   His parents along with his 6 siblings and his 80 years old grandma were executed.  He was the only one in his family survived the brutality.  

Photo of every mass shooter in 2019

Via John

Very few of these incidents received more than token media attention.

34 Missing and Feared Dead After Scuba Diving Boat Catches Fire off California Coast

 View image on Twitter 
View image on Twitter

Terrible. We were on the Spirit of Adventure's maiden trip in the late seventies to dive San Clemente Island from San Pedro.  It had private, A/C cabins and was very nice.  Later it sunk somewhere off Hawaii but was recovered.  This boat had all the cabins below and evidently the explosion was from the galley above and they couldn't get out and were only 20 yards from shore in 70 feet of water, Must have been horrific.


The 75-foot boat caught fire in the early morning hours while divers were sleeping below deck.

Almost three dozen divers are missing and feared dead after a 75-foot scuba diving boat caught fire off the coast of California in the early hours of Monday morning.

Ventura County Fire Department said that it had responded to an emergency call at 3:28 a.m. PT Monday to a boat anchored just off Santa Cruz island. They arrived to find the boat engulfed in flames, tweeting a picture of the scene.

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Is Winchester’s Wildcat .22 The New Semi-Auto King?

 Winchester’s new Wildcat .22 could be the perfect 21st century semi-auto.

Winchester’s new Wildcat .22 is a semi-auto rifle chambered for .22 LR. It joins a well-populated segment of the market, but it’s got such innovation that it will change the plinkster market forever. It has a radical new design and an incredibly low price. I’ve shot with extensively and spoken with some of the engineers involved in its design. This is a rifle worth your attention.

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The Photograph that Lost a War

The photograph of Brigadier General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing VC Captain Nguyen Van Lem galvanized antiwar sentiment during the Vietnam War.

Two missing items: 1. Loan told a subordinate to kill the VC but when he hesitated, shot the terrorist himself.  2. Loan was forced to close his restautant in the states because of continued harassment from liberals. (One of my heroes and many hits on both FNC  and NamSouth)
The photograph of Brigadier General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing VC Captain Nguyen Van Lem galvanized antiwar sentiment during the Vietnam War.

On February 1, 1968, Saigon, South Vietnam, was in the opening throes of the Tet Offensive. North Vietnamese commanders called it “The General Offensive and Uprising of Tet Mau Than 1968.” 

Two days prior more than 80,000 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army troops had attacked more than 100 towns including 36 of 44 provincial South Vietnamese capitals. This offensive was the largest military operation to date in the Vietnam War.

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Beto Admits He Will Forcefully Confiscate Firearms If He’s Elected President

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2020 Democrat hopeful Robert “Beto” O’Rourke announced he will enact “red flag laws” and forcefully confiscate AK-47’s and AR-15’s if he’s elected president of the United States.

“And more importantly and politically difficult to say, buy those weapons of war back — mandate that — not voluntarily. Let’s be clear with our fellow Americans. No place for an AK-47 or an AR-15 on the streets of our communities,” Beto said during an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday.

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