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Hot Mic: DC Mayor Asks Harry Reid To Unlock Local Funds - Reid Hisses, 'Don't Screw It Up!'

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Because of Harry Reid and Barack Obama's insistence on using Shutdown Theater as a means to put pressure on Republicans, Senate Democrats have refused to take up legislation that would allow the District of Columbia access to its own local funds during the shutdown. But Shut Down Theater turned to embarrassing farce while three major local news stations were filming earlier today.

 Dingy was caught on camera talking down to Mayor Vincent Gray, D-D.C., who accosted him about unlocking the funds after Reid's press conference on Capitol Hill.  While cameras rolled, Reid hissed, “I’m on your side. Don’t screw it up, OK?”

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Hired Goons

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We're Screwed

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Awwwww: NSA data bank hit by mystery power surges

The new $1.4 billion National Security Agency supercomputer facility in Utah has been wracked with unexplainable, repeated electrical surges and explosions that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sensitive computers used to store the vast amounts of data it scoops up on foreign nationals and Americans.

In the past 13 months, there have been some 10 electrical meltdowns at the new 200-acre facility in Bluffdale, Utah, which has been unable to run all of its computers and servers.

The cooling operations apparently fail, resulting in the meltdowns.

But the failures for such a project are not ordinary. They have been described as “a flash of lightning inside a two-foot box,” one source said.

The failures have been described as fiery explosions, melted metal and broken circuits. While efforts are under way to fix the problems, there is no assurance at this point that the fixes will be sufficient, experts believe.

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NC Patriots of ’61 -- Onslow County Men Off to War

“Following Lincoln’s call for volunteers to be used against the Southern States, North Carolina seceded from the Union on May 20, 1861.  In Onslow, as elsewhere in the South, excitement was high and passions were at white heat.

Musters, as the countrywide meetings of the militia were called, were utilized as recruiting days.  On muster day the young men of the county volunteered for duty at once.  Their names were recorded on the Minutes, signed by Sheriff W.D. Humphrey [and certified] This September 3, 1861. 

The County Court lost no time in backing to the limits, its volunteer soldiers. Bonds for $10,000 were ordered sold and a military tax levied.  Volunteers were offered a bonus of $150 and given $5 in pocket change. Volunteers brought whatever guns they had, one being listed as having a pistol and Bowie knife.  Several citizens were appointed to a committee to look after the families of soldiers absent from home.”

Two companies of the Third North Carolina Regiment were from Onslow: the “Onslow Greys” (Company E), and Company G.

Company E was recruited early in 1861 with Marquis L.F. Redd, Captain. He was succeeded by W.T. Ennett, who distinguished himself and was later promoted to major [and commanded] the regiment in early April, 1865.  About the same time Company G was organized under Edward H. Rhodes, Captain, who was killed while leading his men in the battle of Sharpsburg.  

The Fourteenth Volunteers was organized at Weldon on July 18, 1861 and included Company B from Onslow under the command of George T. Duffy.  They marched at once to the Kanawha Valley in western Virginia to reinforce Gen. John B. Floyd’s army, then returned to Murphreysboro where they were reorganized as the Twenty-fourth North Carolina regiment.  With this unit the Onslow men saw action at Seven Days’, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill, Drewry’s Bluff, City Point, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Plymouth, and Petersburg.

The “Onslow Rough and Ready’s” mustered at Jacksonville on September 6, 1861 and moved at once to Camp Mangum, Raleigh under Onslow merchant, Captain Claude Barry.  The unit was organized as Company A, Thirty-fifth North Carolina Regiment  commanded by Captain Simon B. Taylor.  Taylor was born in Lenoir county but resided in Onslow as a merchant. The Thirty-fifth saw action in the Virginia campaigns as well as in eastern North Carolina.

The Forty-first Regiment, Third North Carolina Cavalry, contained two companies of Onslow County soldiers.  Company B organized in 1861 under Captain E.W. Ward and assumed the name “Gatling’s Dragoons” with a full strength of 139 men.  After the capture of New Bern, the duty of Company B was to picket the streams of Onslow County but had skirmishes with the enemy at New Bern and Washington.  Company H, Humphrey Troops was organized in 1862 under Captain J.W. Moore and numbered 99 men.  This unit participated in routing the enemy at Reams Station in 1864. 

Company K of the Sixty-first North Carolina Regiment was known as “Koonce’s State Guerrillas” with men from Onslow, Jones, Lenoir and Duplin counties. It was led by Onslow law professor, Captain Francis Duval Koonce, and Captain Stephen W. Noble.  The Sixty-first saw action in eastern North Carolina as well as South Carolina, Petersburg, Drewry’s Bluff, Bermuda Hundreds, Cold Harbor, Wilmington, and Bentonville. 

Sources:  The Commonwealth of Onslow, A History, J.P. Brown, 1960; North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865, A Roster

Managing Recoil. Three ways to reduce the kick.

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 AR30 muzzle brake

 The first rubber recoil pads were introduced for English shotguns in the 1870′s. They didn’t become stock equipment on guns until 1970′s. Simple and inexpensive, rubber pads provide only a limited recoil reduction. The next most popular technology is the dynamic muzzle brake.

 Muzzle brakes became common on anti-tank rifles in the early 1940′s. Their adoption by hunters and sports shooters was delayed by the unpleasant side effects of the recoil reduction: massive muzzle blast and noise increase. As the use of hearing protection spread, the noise increase became a manageable problem. Muzzle brakes ultimately became common, enabling relatively light guns in calibers like .50 BMG to be fired without a rigid mount. For sports shooters, the dust signature caused by the muzzle brake gas flow in prone position isn’t as much of a concern as it was for the anti-tank gunners.

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Well, Obamacare is now in effect. The decision by Congress to pass Obamacare into law back in 2010 ranks among the most draconian, most egregious, most horrific actions ever taken by the central government in Washington, D.C. This bill rocks the principles of liberty and constitutional government to the core. It changes fundamental foundations; it repudiates historic values. The same flag may fly on our flagpoles, the same monuments may grace our landscape, and the same National Anthem may be sung during our public ceremonies, but it is not the same America. For all intents and purposes, our nation now more resembles the socialist countries of the old communist East Bloc than it does the constitutional republic of the old land of the free.

I was honored to have been invited to be the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons recently in Denver. It was a very large gathering of physicians from all over the country. And I can tell you that the doctors I spoke with are all very, very concerned about the future of healthcare in the United States. Take a peek at the condition of healthcare in socialist countries throughout the world or take a peek at the condition of healthcare in our VA clinics and hospitals, and you will get a little feel for what healthcare is going to quickly look like in America.

On March 21, 2010, Congress passed, and on March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the dreaded national health care bill into law, and as such, these dates join a list of dates that have contributed to the destruction of a free America. Of course, there are several such dates, but, in my opinion, the following are the most draconian.

April 9, 1865 

“Love Lincoln” Propaganda For Fifth Graders

How do you create Lincoln lovers at the fifth grade level and thereby assure that most of them will continue to believe the pro-Lincoln propaganda that the public school system will continually throw in their faces up through high school and on into the college level? You do it by making Lincoln look like an underdog, because most people, adults as well as kids, will feel automatic sympathy for the underdog. An outfit called Scholastic Teaching Resources has done this for fifth graders in the state of Georgia and, I’m sure, for others around the country.

They publish a one-page summary on Lincoln, to be read before taking a “bubble test” on the content of that one page. The one page is a mélange of partial truths about Lincoln and the slavery issue, which as most of us know, is the reason educators tout as being the cause of the “Civil War.”

They start off by noting that Lincoln was not always considered to be a heroic person (the implication there being that he should have been). The summary states that: “Lincoln was hated in the South because he wanted to free the slaves.” Actually, Lincoln had very little concern for the slaves.

Home intruder shot, killed in north Phoenix

Phoenix police are searching for a suspect after a home invasion ended with a deadly shooting in north Phoenix.

Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said robbers broke into the Autumn Ridge Apartments near 19th Avenue and Thunderbird Road on Wednesday night.

Police said the two armed suspects entered an apartment and one of the intruders was shot to death.

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NC: Preacher & Rocker Bradlee Dean Teaches College Professors a Thing or Two About America’s Heritage

North Carolina flag, rattlesnake
 There's a stubbornness in those hills.

As the nation braced itself before a bitter budget standoff between factions on Capitol Hill recently, the professors of a small college in North Carolina got their own education about certain fundamentals of America.

Preacher and rock musician Bradlee Dean, whose towering 6-foot 5-inch frame dominated the speaker’s area, roused his listeners to a new level of American loyalty.

Some of the teachers at the community college, several hours south of Raleigh, no doubt shifted their feet nervously at being quizzed on American politics by an unlikely tutor. Dean, the long-haired rock musician and preacher, had them squirming for answers to questions that many of them perhaps had not thought about since grammar school.

    “Have you taken the time to read our founding documents — for example, the Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution?”

I'm Shocked! House Caves: Offers Temporary Debt Ceiling Increase

House GOP leadership have emerged from a closed-door meeting of House GOP members, who say they will push for a short-term debt ceiling increase.

"We're going to offer legislation that will offer a temporary increase in the debt ceiling to allow us some time to continue this conversations," said Republican Conference Chairman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).
The claim is made that because Democrats are unwilling to negotiate, it is causing a delay in reopening what little bit of the federal government has been shut down. I'll also note, the House Republicans are doing exactly what Obama and company want and they are giving up any leverage they have in doing this.

College sued for stopping Constitution handout. Case will force school to defend 'free speech zone' in court


One of several college students banned from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on Constitution Day last month has filed a lawsuit.

A student rights organization backing Robert Van Tuinen says Modesto Junior College in California now will have to defend its idea of “free speech zones” in court.

WND reported in late September on a series of confrontations between school officials and students wishing to hand out copies of the Constitution.

Now represented by the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine and backed by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, Van Tuinen has filed a lawsuit.

FIRE President Greg Lukianoff said the school administrators, who were caught on camera intervening, “were so unfamiliar with the basic principles of free speech that they prevented him from passing out the Constitution to his fellow students on Constitution Day.”

“Even in the face of national shock and outrage, the college has failed to reform its absurd ‘free speech zone.’ Now it will have to defend that policy in federal court,” he said.

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North Carolina inn reopens after challenging government shutdown closure

A North Carolina mountain inn on public land has reopened for business after its owner took legal action to protest its closure by the National Park Service last week as part of the partial federal government shutdown.

Bruce O'Connell, whose family has run the Pisgah Inn along the Blue Ridge Parkway since the late 1970s, fought back after being forced to close his 51-room inn at the height of the fall tourism season.

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HSLDA Files Romeike v. Holder with U.S. Supreme Court

Today the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court to hear Romeike v. Holder, the German homeschooling asylum case.

In April 2013, a three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals sustained the Obama administration’s revocation of asylum granted to the family in 2010.

The original immigration judge, Lawrence O. Burman, granted the Romeike family asylum on January 26, 2010, under the Federal Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) because Germany’s national policy of suppressing homeschooling violated their religious faith and because German authorities were improperly motivated to suppress homeschoolers as a social group.

In its ruling against the Romeikes, the Sixth Circuit rejected the judge’s findings, stating that Germany’s harsh treatment of homeschoolers did not amount to persecution, and that the German authorities were not motivated by an improper purpose.

HSLDA Chairman and principal author of the petition, Michael Farris, said that the Court should intervene for the sake of justice.

“The United States should be a place of asylum for those who are persecuted because of their decision to follow their core religious beliefs,” he said. “Parents, not the government, decide first how children are educated. Germany’s notorious persecution of families who homeschool violates their own obligations to uphold human rights standards and must end.”

More @ HSLDA

John Ainsworth – The Face of A Freedom Fighter. Fall 2013 NC PATCON

Senator Moran Circulates Letter to Repudiate the UN Small Arms Treaty

“[GOA’s Larry] Pratt also contends that the U.N. has a terrible track record in protecting human life. He said the horrors in Rwanda are a perfect example of why the U.N. has no business deciding who should and should not have access to guns.” -- WorldNetDaily, June 2013

When you’re dealing with an adversary who hates the 2nd Amendment as much as Barack Obama, you have to fight attacks coming from several different directions.

We know we’ve thrown a lot at you lately. But there’s one other issue we’d like to bring to your attention.
As you know, the Obama administration recently signed the virulently anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

Although purporting to regulate international trade in arms, the treaty empowers anti-gun administrations (such as Barack Obama’s) to institute internal gun control, including gun bans, gun registration, and more.  In fact, the drafters of the treaty made no secret of their goal of imposing measures such as microstamping on countries like the United States. 

GOA’s legislative counsel has done a word-by-word analysis of the treaty, which can be seen here.  If left unchecked, the treaty language will give rise a wide ranging series of gun control restrictions, as mentioned above.

Plus, it is entirely possible that, under the Supreme Court cases of Missouri v. Holland and Reid v. Covert, Obama could implement these restrictions without further legislation.  After all, we’ve already seen the President do an end-around Congress by issuing over 20 executive actions this year.

Gun owners will rightfully counter that the UN -- or the Congress or President for that matter -- has NO AUTHORITY to impose any of these gun restrictions upon us.  And those gun owners would be absolutely correct!

But if the President begins illegally implementing the UN treaty “by executive fiat” -- just as he has done through other executive actions -- then good people will go to jail for resisting these efforts and will have to defend their rights in court for simply exercising rights that were given to them by God.

This is why we have to raise a holy fuss right now, and thankfully, there are efforts underway in the Senate to do just that.

Earlier this year, with our support, an amendment offered by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) to defund the ATT passed the Senate by a vote of 53-46. But that vote never became law.

Now, Senator Moran (R-KS) is circulating a letter calling upon the administration to withdraw its support of the treaty. A copy of that letter can be seen here.

The Moran letter raises six problems with the treaty that should be alarming, even to Senators who are not strongly pro-gun. These include the fact that the ATT was slammed through without consensus … it’s ambiguous … and it can be amended (and made even more restrictive) by the other nations which are parties to the treaty.

ACTION:  Click here to contact your Senators. Ask them to sign the Moran letter in opposition to the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

John Ainsworth at the Fall 2013 NC PATCON – Part 1

Security Cameras – Fall 2013 NC PATCON

Historic Flooding Across Colorado

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Over the past few days, a 4,500-square-mile area across Colorado's Front Range has been hit by devastating floods, leaving at least six dead, forcing thousands to evacuate, and destroying thousands of homes and farms. Record amounts of rainfall generated flash floods that tore up roads and lines of communication, leaving many stranded, and hundreds still listed as missing. Evacuations are still underway as weather conditions have improved slightly. Forecasters predict drier weather by mid-week. Gathered here are recent images of the devastation in Colorado.  

You are the Southerner in 1861. You are marked for death. Right now.

Cleburne Painting

"Well, Govan, if we must die, let us die like men."
Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne

Pat Buchanan writes this week about the visceral disgust of those on either side of our current ideological divide regarding Rightful Liberty and the moral authority to take the fruits of one's labors for the benefit of another, by force if necessary.

It has been recently noted that the last time America was this divided and angry, 700,000 or so of our Countrymen died, at the hands of other Americans.  The population in 1860 was about 31 million people.  The 700,000 dead represent about 2.25% of the population.  Today, 2.25% would be roughly seven million dead.

America was a far more "civilized" people in 1860 than today, and far less-dependent upon technology to feed the country and keep disease and famine at bay.  It was far more "religious".  Many Patriots believe that a return to the core tenets of Christianity will be required for any attempts at Restoration to be effective.

III CQB Grass Mat
10/04/2013 - NC PATCON III CQB Class
0900 - Instructors: Sam & Holly
Class:  Mix of Ages and Gender, 12 participants (this later grew to a larger number by the theory of osmosis and kid curiosity)

Course Requirements:  To teach general knowledge of how to utilize what God has given you to quite effectively achieve an upper hand quickly and survive.  That person may be DHS, .gov, TSA, LEO, Neighbor, Bar Drunk or whatever.  Essentially you control their ass whoopin' or as put in class, "you can begin to go to work".

The Steel Ibeam: NC PATCON - Fall 2013
                                                           III Spider with morning dew :)

First and foremost, the thank you's.

Thank you Brock once again for your hospitality to the Patriot community and allowing us to come together as brothers and sisters to share the fellowship with one another on your beautiful property.  

My gift from Michael Downing

Thank you Michael Downing for the gift as pictured above.  I will proudly use these knives with honor up here in Pennsyltucky.  Truth be told, we still have more pickups in our area with Confederate battle flag stickers, etc than NC does when driving down the highway. ;)

Thank you Sam & Holly for the III CQB class, as well as every sore muscle and bruise.  It was worth it!

Thank you Dan and Anita for taking the time to document the III CQB class.  This will eventually help us short term memory, Honda Odyssey hating, brandy drinking Patriots remember what we just learned.  :)

Thank you to all the speakers, the donators, and of course every single one of you Patriots that made it that day or that camped there.